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Brio, the Hottest Magazine for Teen Girls Who Fear Acne and the Almighty, Is Back!

From 1990 to 2009, the conservative evangelical organization Focus on the Family published a magazine for teen girls called Brio. For several years in the early ‘90s, I was a Brio subscriber, thanks to a gift subscription whose origins are now lost to time. Show More Summary

In Three Months, the Number of Parents Apprehended With Kids at the Mexican Border Fell 93 Percent

The Trump administration is boasting of an immigration-policy success after the Department of Homeland Security reported a 93 percent decrease in parents apprehended with children trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. In December, border patrol agents apprehended 16,000 parents and children, Reuters reports. Show More Summary

This Week in Women’s Rights: Abortion Bans, Equal Pay, and GPS Tracking for Domestic Abusers.

Donald Trump signed a law on Thursday that will make it easier for states to direct federal family-planning funding away from Planned Parenthood centers and other health clinics that provide abortion care. The legislation was a reversal...Show More Summary

Equal Pay Legislation Banning Salary History Questions Is Absolutely Based in Data

There’s a hot trend sweeping the field of equal-pay legislation right now, and business leaders aren’t happy about it. Last summer, Massachusetts passed the country’s first law that prohibits employers from asking job applicants for their current salaries or salary histories. Show More Summary

Bless Dianne Bentley, Who Undid Her Cheating Governor Husband With His Exceedingly Boring Sexts

There are several losers in the extramarital affair that brought down Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, starting with the man himself, who ended up resigning on Monday and pleading guilty to two misdemeanor crimes. There’s also his paramour, Rebekah Mason, who resigned from her job when news of the affair first broke last year. Show More Summary

Trump’s Support for “Beautiful Babies” Is Tremendous

“It was a slow and brutal death for so many,” Donald Trump said last week from Florida as he announced the American attack on a Syrian airbase in retaliation for the Assad regime’s reported use of chemical weapons on a rebel town. “Even...Show More Summary

The “Charging Bull” Sculptor Is Right. “Fearless Girl” Should Go.

Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue has weathered more than her fair share of mischief since she was erected the night before International Women’s Day. Just two days after her arrival in the Big Apple, she got humped by a man in a suit miming child rape. Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Modeling Agency Is Closing—Not That That Has Anything to Do With Donald Trump

The New York company Trump Model Management is shutting down, a piece of news that has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Sure, the agency still bears the vestigial name of its model-connoisseur founder. And yes, the president’s financial...Show More Summary

How a Hospital’s Design Could Affect Your Chances of Getting a C-Section

When pregnant women choose hospitals for their deliveries, they’re more often swayed by a particular obstetrician or midwife than by a hospital’s quality metrics, according to research published earlier this year in Birth Issues in Perinatal Care. Show More Summary

White House Waits So Long to Plan Easter Egg Roll, Only Deplorables Remain to Fill Baskets

We can’t blame the Trump administration for everything. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated,” as President Trump said in February. Same for all the vacancies in the federal government—who could have predicted those would come up?

The San Bernardino Gunman Had a History of Domestic Abuse, Like Most U.S. Mass Shooters

Monday’s elementary-school shooting in San Bernardino, California, left an 8-year-old student and a 53-year-old teacher dead and a 9-year-old student injured. Police say the gunman, 53-year-old Cedric Anderson, shot and killed himself after his shooting spree. Show More Summary

Janelle Monáe Proposes a Sex Strike, Which Would Inevitably Be an Administrative Nightmare

In the May issue of Marie Claire, Janelle Monáe floats the idea of a sex strike. “People have to start respecting the vagina. Until every man is fighting for our rights, we should consider stopping having sex,” she told the magazine...

Rep. Maxine Waters Learns What “Throwing Shade” Is, Is Giddy About Her Internet Fame

When Donald Trump and BFF Bill O’Reilly do things that make progressives angry, there’s little we can do about it. The election is over. We’ve already never watched The O’Reilly Factor, so there’s no way to boycott it. We can tweet and write blogs about them, but the chances of them reading our missives are slim.

Why Do Movie Villains Have So Many Dermatological Issues?

In the real world, a prominent facial scar can cause embarrassment and social anxiety. In the movies, it’s enough to drive a man to murder. This discrepancy is the focus of a new investigation published in JAMA Dermatology last week....Show More Summary

This Cruel New U.K. Policy Punishes Women for Having More Than Two Children

An exception to a rule often illuminates the rule’s essence. Take the rape exception to abortion restrictions. If abortion is what opponents say it is—the killing of a human being—then it’s not clear why the circumstances of conception should affect its legality. Show More Summary

New Mexico Will Stop Shaming and Forcing Labor Out of Children Without Lunch Money

New Mexico schools will no longer be able to shame students who don’t have lunch money or force them to do chores to pay their parents’ lunch debts, thanks to legislation signed by Gov. Susana Martinez on Thursday. Previously, schools...Show More Summary

This Week in Women's Rights: Unconsitutional Abortion Bans, Medicaid Refusals, and a New Name for the St. Louis Zoo

This week, as Donald Trump prepared to order airstrikes on Syria, he cut all U.S. funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), funding that was providing half the budget for the only maternity ward in a massive Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, where UNFPA has delivered more than 7,000 babies of Syrian women without a single maternal death.

In Cities with “Nuisance Laws,” Victims of Domestic Violence Face Eviction for Calling 911

In the city of Maplewood, Missouri, calling 911 to report violence in your home can get you evicted for being a “nuisance.” Rosetta Watson, a survivor of domestic abuse, learned this the hard way after she called police multiple times between September 2011 and February 2012 to report her former boyfriend. Show More Summary

More Unmarried Americans Than Ever Are Cohabiting

The ranks of American cohabiters are climbing, according to an analysis of census data and the Current Population Survey from the Pew Research Center. In 2016, 18 million adults were living with an unmarried partner, a steep 29 percent increase from the 14 million who cohabited in 2007.

How U.S. Funding Cuts to the U.N. Population Fund Will Hurt Women in Guatemala and Beyond

On Monday, the State Department informed the Senate that the Trump administration would cut all U.S. funding to UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, which received about $69 million from the U.S. last year and more than $75 million in 2015. Show More Summary

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