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The First Openly Gay Miss America Contestant Will Compete This Year. How Should We Feel?

This September’s Miss America competition will mark an important milestone for the 95-year-old institution: Erin O’Flaherty, who was crowned Miss Missouri on Saturday, will be the first openly gay contestant to compete for the crown...

A New Study Suggests Disney Princess Culture Is Bad for Girls but Potentially Good for Boys

A new study has found an association between engagement with Disney princess culture and body image issues in young girls, confirming what many parents have long suspected. Girls and boys who consumed more princess media and played with...Show More Summary

New York City Council Approves Free Tampons and Pads in Schools, Prisons, and Shelters

The New York City Council unanimously decided on Tuesday to fund the provision of menstrual supplies in all city public schools, prisons, and homeless shelters. Once Mayor Bill DeBlasio signs the bill package, which he is expected to do, women and girls with some of the greatest barriers to adequate menstrual hygiene will have access to free pads and tampons.

This Bill Would Finally Put More Changing Tables in Men’s Restrooms   

Over the past few years, daddy blogs have become more and more popular as fathers chronicle the unique obstacles they face. One of the greatest, and perhaps the most fixable, of all their problems is the struggle to locate restrooms with changing tables. Show More Summary

Rep. Steve King Tries, Fails to Unite America by Keeping Harriet Tubman Off the $20 Bill

America has cleared the second major hurdle in its quest to get a woman on U.S. paper currency. First, earlier this year, Hamilton fans looked like they might derail the effort to put a woman on the $10 for the sake of the “ten-dollar...Show More Summary

Pope Francis Marriage Shocker!

Pope Francis is a remarkable religious leader in part because he acts more like a jazz soloist than a marching-band leader. Instead of guiding his followers through practiced routines based on a shared score, he riffs alone and then traipses backwards, making up his own melodies and repeating old themes in new keys. Show More Summary

The New York Times Should Not Be Belittling Women With “Mom Hair”

Shortly after my son was born three and a half years ago, an incredibly beautiful stay-at-home-mother approached me at the gym to encourage me to push myself harder. “People will tell you to take it easy on yourself,” she told me. “Don’t listen!” I was both taken aback and perplexed. Show More Summary

GQ’s Profile of Hope Hicks Tells Us a Lot About Trump’s View of Women

Sam Nunberg, a former political adviser to Donald Trump, once told the campaign’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, “You’re like my Peggy, like I’m Don Draper.” As reporter Olivia Nuzzi points out this week in a revealing GQ profile of Hicks,...Show More Summary

Stone the Crows, Take a Dekko at the Celebrity Bun Fight Over Brexit!

Lor, love a duck! It’s the biggest bun fight in donkey’s years. On Thursday, U.K. primary schools and comprehensives will be full of blokes and bints voting in the Brexit referendum. It’s handbags at dawn for the two camps. Leave says Remain has been telling porkies about dosh. Show More Summary

Being a “Good Dad” Still Means Something Different from Being a “Good Mom”

In honor of Father’s Day, journalist Joshua Kendall wrote a paean to President Obama’s parenting skills, arguing that fatherhood may be “a key component of his legacy.” Writing in the Washington Post, he points to Obama’s commitmentShow More Summary

Science Just Doesn’t Know How to Measure the Magic of Cranberry Pills, But We Do

Wherever there are women, there are likely to be cranberry pills—squirreled away in a bedroom drawer, or passed hand-to-hand under the table at a café. Many believe that cranberry juices and, especially, high-concentration cranberryShow More Summary

A City in Japan Is Paying for Egg-Freezing to Encourage Women to Have Babies

As its birth rate falls below the replacement rate, Japan is searching for ways to encourage its residents to make more babies. Urayasu, a suburb of Tokyo that’s home to about 160,000 people, is trying out a pilot program that will pay 80 percent of the cost of egg-freezing for any woman who wants to give it a go.

The First Citywide Program to Get Black Women on PrEP Is Coming to Washington, D.C.

It’s been two years since Truvada, a drug that prevents HIV infection, got an enthusiastic seal of approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Those two public-health juggernauts primarily recommended the daily pill, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, for intravenous drug users and men who have sex with men.

Harvard Business Review Says Most Millennial Men Aren’t Feminists. This Is a Surprise?

If you learned everything you know about millennials from articles about college students protesting sexist and racist curricula and demanding trigger warnings, you might think that we’re a woke bunch. Indeed, some self-proclaimed experts...Show More Summary

You Will Never Unsee This Wondrously Strange Fake Japanese Advertisement for Donald Trump

Mike Diva is, per his Facebook page, a “MAKER OF VIDEOS/MUSIC/MEMES/DREAMS” and he has bequeathed the pre-apocalyptic world its eighth wonder, a dizzying, sorbet-hued phantasmagoria that gestures toward the coming end times. It is called...Show More Summary

Surprise, Surprise: American Parents Are the Least Happy Parents in the Western World

For her 2015 book All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, Jennifer Senior expanded her popular New York magazine article looking at why parents tend to be unhappier than non-parents. She chronicles the shift in parenthood...Show More Summary

Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Taylor Swift’s Dalliance With Tom Hiddleston?

The world is reeling from the news that Taylor Swift lured a man to Rhode Island to make out with her on a rock. Though Swift has lured other men to other rocks in her day, this conquest was special, because the man in question was Tom...Show More Summary

Study: Teen Birth Rates Rose in Schools That Gave Out Free Condoms With No Instruction

A new data analysis of in-school condom distribution programs from the 1990s has added new complexity to our understanding of teen pregnancy prevention. Most previous studies have shown that access to free contraception decreases teen birth rates, but this is the first robust study of condom-only programs. Show More Summary

Upscale Sex Toy Brand Enlists Charlie Sheen to Promote Its Dubious New Condoms

Upmarket sex toy manufacturer Lelo has come out with a new line of latex condoms, Hex, declaring that it has made the first innovation in male barrier methods in 70 years. (Join the club.) The brand is off to an inauspicious start: It’s...Show More Summary

A Lot Fewer American Women Are Choosing to Give Birth Early, Thanks to Obamacare

In 2010, 17 percent of babies in the United States were born by way of early elective deliveries, which are medically unnecessary induced or C-section deliveries done between weeks 37 and 39. Such deliveries carry serious risks. Babies...Show More Summary

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