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Lena Dunham Enters the Celebrity Newsletter Game

The world of celebrity newsletters has become crowded in recent years. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, the oldest and most iconic, has brought us $995 cashmere throws and and “conscious uncoupling.” Plebeians wishing to emulate the lifestyles...Show More Summary

For Hillary Clinton, Feminism and Economic Policy Go Hand in Hand

This presidential cycle, leftier-than-thou liberals wary of Hillary Clinton are at least backing decent human being Bernie Sanders instead of nutty Ralph Nader, the left turn of yore. As Jonathan Allen at Vox explains, the strike against...Show More Summary

Could Scott Walker Steal Female Voters From Hillary Clinton? 

While Donald Trump continues to delight the conservative base with his downward spiral into racist idiocy, someone who is a genuine threat to Hillary Clinton has stepped into the presidential race: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Right now, the narrative in much of the political press is that Walker has a gaffe problem that might hurt him. Show More Summary

Female Tennis Players Are Still Bullied for Looking Strong

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a piece by Ben Rothenberg about the struggle of female tennis players to maintain a positive body image in a society that thinks musculature on women is unfeminine. Rothenberg describes athletes struggling—even going through therapy—just to find peace with the muscles that they use to excel at their sport. Show More Summary

Key & Peele’s Latest Season Has a Feminist Bent

In the past two years, Comedy Central has become a kind of haven for funny women being funny about lot of things, most notably about being women. This past season alone, Amy Schumer has had viral sketches about actresses’ “last fuckable day,” booty anthems, and football rape culture—and that was just in the first episode. Show More Summary

The EACH Woman Act Is Reasonable, Necessary, and Doesn’t Have Much of a Chance

For years, pro-choice advocates have been playing a game of whack-a-mole with anti-abortion legislation popping up in states with GOP-controlled legislatures, from TRAP laws to 20-week abortion bans to the dissemination of anti-choice propaganda. Show More Summary

$1.4 Billion in Birth Control Savings Is Just the Beginning

For American women taking the pill in 2012, it accounted for an average of 44 percent of their out-of-pocket health spending. Now, the average has dropped to 22 percent. For many women, it’s dropped to zero.

The System for Establishing a Father’s Rights Hurts Both Men And Women

Kevin Noble Maillard has written a fascinating piece for The Atlantic about Christopher Emanuel, a South Carolina man who struggled to gain custody of his daughter after her mother gave her up for adoption without telling him about it. Show More Summary

Free IUD Programs Work. Why Are Conservatives Opposed To Them?

Yesterday, the New York Times published a lengthy report on the smashing success of a six-year plan to offer long-acting contraception, such as implants or the IUD, free of charge to any low-income woman or teen who wanted them. Funded...Show More Summary

How Right-Wing Politicians Use Their Wives as Human Shields

Republican would-be presidential candidates are stuck in a precarious position when it comes to gay rights. On one hand, the public at large is increasingly supportive of gay rights. On the other hand, the Republican base is increasingly hysterical about the issue. Show More Summary

Bill O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump’s Scare-Mongering About Immigrants

It's hard to believe anyone could be fooled by Donald Trump's I'm-not-saying-all-Mexicans-are-disease-ridden-rapists-but act. But Bill O'Reilly rallied and launched a defense of Trump on his Monday night show, spinning Trump's rhetoric in ingenious ways. Show More Summary

Michael Eisner’s Comment That Beautiful Women Aren’t Funny Says More About Eisner Than Women

While various women’s soccer teams were disproving stereotypes about female athletes at the World Cup over the weekend, social media was burning up over yet another daft sexist whose ignorance about women doesn’t stop him from speaking authoritatively about their lives. Show More Summary

The Latest Battle for Religious Women: Quran Recitation Apps That Don’t Include Female Voices

When Jerusha Lamptey listens to the Quran, she usually does it through Quran Explorer, one of her favorite apps. Reading from the holy text in the famously hypnotic and mesmerizing chant involves lots of rules—rules that dictate the ways words are pronounced and the rhythm of the recitation. Show More Summary

The Women’s World Cup Is a Blast. Why Are We Still Arguing With Those Who Disagree?

As my colleague Jeremy Stahl makes clear, Tuesday night’s World Cup match between the United States and Germany was a riveting game of soccer. Sports analysts at FiveThirtyEight predicted this would be the greatest women’s soccer matchup...Show More Summary

Why Americans Are Becoming More Open-Minded on Gay Marriage but Not on Abortion

David Leonhardt and Alicia Parlapiano at the New York Times’ Upshot blog have a piece comparing growing support for gay marriage with trends in support for abortion rights, which has remained relatively steady, with occasional ebbs and flows. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Would Rather End Marriage Than Share It With Gay People

While most of the football team’s worth of Republicans running for president have reacted to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision with straightforward rejections, Rand Paul decided to get cute about it. “Perhaps the time has...Show More Summary

Emergency Rooms May Be Overdiagnosing UTIs on a Massive Scale

A new study in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology tracked nearly 300 female patients to find that emergency departments massively overdiagnose urinary tract infections. What’s worse, in many cases ERs fail to diagnose the sexually transmitted infections that are the real culprits behind the symptoms. Show More Summary

Texas Governor Appoints a Homeschooler to Head State Education Board

Last week, Texas governor Greg Abbott nominated member Donna Bahorich as the chair of the Texas Board of Education. Bahorich is one of the quieter members of the board, largely going along with the board's radical right-wing agenda,Show More Summary

A Short History Of Bristol Palin’s Lectures

Bristol Palin's canceled-wedding debacle was just fading from public view when we got hit with another bit of tabloid-y Palin news: Bristol is pregnant again. Likely because of all her work preaching abstinence, she knows what you're thinking and would like you to cut it out. "I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy," Palin wrote in her announcement.

Margaret Atwood Joins the Mix for The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls

Drop what you are doing, female geeks and the men who love them: Margaret Atwood is contributing to a comic book anthology about the love lives of your misunderstood tribe. This is not a drill.

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