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The Household Chore Gap Between Men and Women Is Slowly Shrinking

If the household chore gap was merely a matter of men learning how to properly clean a cast-iron pan, it would be relatively easy to remedy. Instead, this gap is largely the product of the hard-to-shake, and deeply embedded, belief that women are responsible for domestic realm. Show More Summary

On Humans of New York, Hillary Clinton Recalls Sexist Taunts From Her College Days

Hillary Clinton may have trouble swiping her MetroCard, but she can place a decisive checkmark next to at least one item on her True New Yorker bucket list: appearing on Humans of New York.

The Subtle Misogyny in Matt Lauer’s Interview With Hillary Clinton Was Appalling

Let’s talk about the misogyny in the traveling carnival that is the presidential race, shall we? I don’t mean the obvious strain of the disease, the DTs. Donald Trump sickness is a well-known contagion by now, a virus that attacks the especially vulnerable: aging, white men who never went to college. Show More Summary

No, Donald Trump, Military Sexual Assault Is Not Caused By Gender Integration

On Wednesday night, at NBC’s televised presidential candidate forum, Donald Trump doubled down on his theory that gender integration is at fault for the U.S. military’s ongoing sexual-assault crisis.

Donald Trump Is Pitting a Ton of Spouses Against Each Other

There’s a phenomenon in election polling that Democratic pollster Celinda Lake calls the “sure, honey” factor. In a previous election cycle, her firm, Lake Research Partners, found that 72 percent of men were confident that their female partners would vote for the same candidate they would. Show More Summary

Pediatricians Are Increasingly Dismissing Anti-Vaxxer Patients

More pediatricians are dismissing patients from their practices when parents refuse to vaccinate children, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics in August.

The U.S. Is One Step Closer to a Federal Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights

Sexual-assault survivors will soon have a federal bill of rights if Barack Obama signs a piece of legislation that has already passed through both chambers of Congress. The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday...Show More Summary

Rachel Cusk’s Latest Book Review Is a Lesson in How Not to Write About Infertility

Ideally, a book review offers both a summary of its subject’s contents and some insight into the book’s themes and what purpose it might serve for readers. Rachel Cusk’s recent cover story for the New York Times Book Review on two new...Show More Summary

Women Ask For Raises As Much As Men But Are 25 Percent Less Likely to Get Them

In the Lean In era, women are taught that negotiating our pay and asking for periodic raises are some of the best ways we can avoid falling into the gender wage gap. But just as women are often penalized for demanding more money in salary negotiations while men emerge unscathed, women are less likely to get that raise than their male peers.

Believe It or Not, Donald Trump Handled Childbirth in a Somewhat Sweet Way

One of the loudest and most unavoidable narratives in the 2016 election cycle has been the claim that neither candidate understands the everyman, that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are exceedingly disconnected from what that an average American experiences on a day-to-day basis. Show More Summary

The Jokes About Rob Lowe’s 16-Year-Old Sex Partner at His Comedy Central Roast Were Kind of Gross

Comedy Central roasts are machines designed to dole out pellets of delicious outrage to viewers and online pontificators. The celebrity roastee sits on the couch, comedians and random B-listers dish out titillating insults, and viewers...Show More Summary

The Armed Protests Outside Brock Turner’s Home Are Dangerously Counterproductive

Brock Turner was released from the Santa Clara County jail in California on Friday after serving just three months of his six-month sentence for felony sexual assault, as predicted. As he walked out the doors of the jail, 21-year-old Turner was met with angry chants, protest signs, and at least one disgusted law enforcement official. Show More Summary

Phyllis Schlafly Is Doomed to Represent the Feminism She Railed Against

In 1967, the conservative operative Phyllis Schlafly ran for president of the National Federation of Republican Women. A highly skilled organizer, she’d been unanimously elected as vice president three years earlier. Yet as Donald T....Show More Summary

When It Comes to Zika, “The Risk Doesn’t Disappear With Delivery”

For families in Zika-infected areas, the birth of an apparently healthy baby does not signal an end to worry, according to the latest scientific evidence from Brazil.

Thank Contraception, Not Abstinence, for the Drop in U.S. Teen Pregnancies

The United States' teen pregnancy rate, the very highest among the world’s 20 nations with complete statistics, has been falling since the 1990s. Since 2007, it has dropped precipitously, but teens didn’t report a significant change in their sexual activity. What could possibly be behind this welcome decline in adolescent fertility?

North Carolina Kicks Sex Offenders Out of Libraries, Parks, and Fairs

A new sex offender law took effect in North Carolina on Thursday, restricting offenders’ freedom of movement and association by barring them from libraries, recreational parks, pools, and fairs. The law is designed to replace a previous measure that a federal court ruled unconstitutional in April. Show More Summary

Lena Dunham’s Interview With Amy Schumer Is a Lovefest, but It Produced One Amazing Quote

When one celebrity interviews another celebrity, the result is usually a mutual lovefest. But occasionally, since both parties’ defenses are down, you get a really amazing quote. Such is the case with a conversation between Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer in Lenny, Dunham’s newsletter, this week. Show More Summary

College Students Who Were Bullied as Kids Are at Higher Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress

The damaging effects of childhood bullying can persist into young adulthood, causing lasting psychological trauma akin to that of childhood physical and sexual abuse. According to a new study of undergraduate students, those who were bullied as children were significantly more likely to have mental health troubles than their unbullied peers.

Birth of a Nation’s Gabrielle Union Pens Powerful Op-Ed About Nate Parker’s Alleged Sexual Assault

Nate Parker’s slave rebellion epic Birth of a Nation became engulfed in controversy this summer when Variety reported that Parker had been tried (and acquitted) of sexual assault in college. (His Birth of a Nation co-writer Jean Celestin...Show More Summary

Elie Tahari’s New Ad Campaign Imagines a Female President Showing Off Her Cleavage

The U.S. has never elected a female president before, so it’s hard to imagine what a woman’s presidency might look like. Will she wear an American flag barrette instead of a pin? Will she wear a pencil skirt and running shoes into the...Show More Summary

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