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The GOP’s Plan to Slash Medicaid Will Hit Double for Women Who Care for Aging Parents

Republicans in Congress have big plans for Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the House bill would cut $834 billion and 17 percent of enrollees from the program over a decade. The Senate GOP is keeping its billShow More Summary

In Praise of Rough Night’s Hilarious, Empathetic Take on the Emasculated Boyfriend Trope

To the extent that there is one at all, the message of this weekend’s big R-rated bachelorette party comedy Rough Night is that women can behave just as badly as men. They too can do drugs, get rowdy, make messes, and break the law. Which is all well and good: Nobody ever said they couldn’t. Show More Summary

Do Women Like Being Sexually Harassed? Men in New Survey Say Yes.

Almost every woman who’s been catcalled has wondered, to herself or to friends, what men get out of the sport. Do they really think she’s going to stop, take out her earbuds, and hand over her phone number? How many instances of street harassment actually end in dates, sexual encounters, or loving relationships? Or do they just like watching women get uncomfortable?

The Deck Is Stacked Against Every Sexual Assault Victim in America. The Cosby Case Is No Different.

On Saturday, the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ended with a hung jury. We still have not learned how the jurors were split, nor do we know why those who held out for acquittal remained unconvinced beyond a reasonable doubt of Cosby’s guilt. Show More Summary

The Jury in Bill Cosby’s Trial is Deadlocked, Wants to Know What “Reasonable Doubt” Means

Twelve Pennsylvania residents currently have the power to write Bill Cosby into the history books as a convicted sexual assailant. They also have the power to uphold his status as the target of four dozen accusations but the perpetrator of no proven crimes.

Texas, the State With the Country’s Second-Highest Child Marriage Rate, Finally Bans It

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law Thursday that closed a few loopholes allowing child marriage in the state. The new law prohibits marriage people under age 18 unless they are emancipated minors, and therefore legal adults. Since Texas only allows emancipation for minors aged 16 or 17, the state now sets a hard age threshold on marriage at age 16.

Polygamist Fugitive Captured, Disproving Lawyer’s Theory that He Disappeared in the Rapture

When polygamist religious leader Lyle Jeffs vanished from house arrest almost a year ago, there were at least two theories about what happened to him. The FBI said he appeared to have used olive oil to slip free from his GPS-enabled ankle monitor and go on the lam. Show More Summary

Most Major U.S. Employers Fail on Paid Paternity Leave. The ACLU Says That’s Illegal.

Paid family leave is a luxury in the U.S. About 114 million U.S. workers don’t get any at all, and among those that do, a recent survey showed, just 10 percent get paid leave at their full salaries. In some ways, the paid leave landscape...Show More Summary

A New Southern Baptist Bible Changes “Brothers” to “Brothers and Sisters.” That’s a Step in the Right Direction.

Fifteen years ago, the country’s largest Protestant denomination issued a stinging rebuke to a new Bible translation. The Southern Baptist Convention accused an update to the popular New International Version of “erasing gender-specific...Show More Summary

Once Again, a Mass Shooter Has a History of Domestic Violence

Americans who follow news about public shootings in the country will not be surprised by the biography of James T. Hodgkinson, the 66-year-old from Belleville, Illinois, who shot up a D.C.-area baseball practice for congressional staffers on Tuesday morning. Show More Summary

All the HR Suggestions in the World Can’t Change the Soul of Uber 

In February, after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler published a nightmarish account of the sexual harassment and retaliation she experienced at the company, Uber commissioned a law firm to investigate Fowler’s charges and the company’s culture in general. Show More Summary

Kamala Harris Got Shut Down After Asking an Incredibly Important Question. Again.

Last week, when deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein repeatedly refused to answer a question from Sen. Kamala Harris, both Sens. Richard Burr and John McCain essentially shushed her. As my Slate colleague Christina Cauterucci noted...Show More Summary

Sexual Assault Allegations Make the Entire Premise of The Bachelor Seem More Sinister

The premise of The Bachelor and its spinoff shows has always been a bit slimy. The franchise presents as a given that a random sampling of fame-hungry heteros will all fall in love with the same random target. It doesn’t ask viewers to suspend their disbelief so much as revel in it.

Why Ivanka Trump Is So Obsessed With Making Kissy-Faces

After declaring on Monday's Fox & Friends that her time in the White House thus far had been marked by “a level of viciousness that I was not expecting,” Ivanka Trump was hit with some blowback. Huffington Post: “Earth to Ivanka Trump: Your Dad Invented Vicious.” CNN: Those “10 words … blew up Ivanka’s reintroduction tour.”

Right-Wingers and People on Twitter Spent More Time Defending Bill Cosby Than His Lawyer Did

After Norristown, Pennsylvania prosecutors spent a week arguing Andrea Constand’s sexual-assault case against Bill Cosby, Cosby’s defense team got a turn to lay out its case on Monday morning.

The Success of the GOP’s Health-Care Bill May Hinge on Abortion Politics

Senate Republicans are in a tough spot right now. Obamacare repeal in the form of the American Health Care Act is in their hands, and anti-abortion advocates are pushing for its success. In addition to depriving 23 million more Americans...Show More Summary

The U.K. Sets New Records for Representation of Women and LGBTQ People in Parliament

The U.K. elected a record number of women to its House of Commons on Thursday night in an election that cost Prime Minister Theresa May her Conservative majority in the legislature. A total of 207 women will serve in the 650-person body, up from the current 196.

Members of Oregon Faith-Healing Sect Charged With Murder in Death of Infant

Two members of an Oregon sect that believes in faith healing have been charged with murder in the death of their premature infant daughter. Sarah and Travis Mitchell, 24 and 21, have been under investigation since Sarah gave birth to twin girls at her grandparents’ home in March. Show More Summary

Watching the Comey Hearing at a D.C. Bar

Heartburn was the order of the day at Washington, D.C.’s Union Pub on Thursday morning. By 10:30 a.m., patrons were already downing old-fashioneds and steaming bowls of chili, watching televisions in near-silence as the fired director...Show More Summary

James Comey, Bewildered Underling, Is Just Like Us

“Director of the FBI” is not a role that traditionally screams “relatability.” James Comey is a man of high-stakes responsibilities, high-level security clearance, and high-minded rhetoric. But his dramatic testimony on Thursday in front...Show More Summary

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