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Bernie Sanders Means Well, But He’s Out of Step With Young Feminists on One Crucial Issue

Bernie Sanders has shown himself this week to be somewhat out of step with an important progressive constituency: young feminists. On Monday night, at the Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum hosted by Fusion, he said:

New York Uber Driver Refuses to Take Woman in Labor to Hospital, Charges Her $13

In New York, car services are prohibited by law from denying someone a ride to the hospital when they’re about to give birth. But last November, a New York City Uber driver left a woman in labor, her husband, and their birthing coach on the sidewalk, citing concerns for the cleanliness of his vehicle.

Stress, Hormones, and Discrimination: Why Women Are More Depressed Than Men

Women who suffer from depression outnumber their male counterparts nearly two to one. They’re twice as likely to have generalized anxiety disorder, a panic disorder, or a specific phobia, too. But scientific research on these conditions and the stress that often exacerbates them has long revolved around men.

Today’s Parents Aren’t Wusses—They’re Struggling

That American parents have all turned into ineffectual disciplinarians and chronic child pleasers is a perennial critique. There’s been a bevy of books in recent years devoted to chronicling the wet noodlization of today’s moms and dads and the subsequent special unicornization of their kids. Show More Summary

An App Just Told Me I'm Really Ugly by Switzerland's Standards, and You Can Too

The Internet’s abiding narcissism has an addictive new outlet:, a site that rates people on an attractiveness scale based on their uploaded photos. TechCrunch reports that Swiss dating app Blinq launched the site last week, and it drew more than two million unique views in its first two days. Show More Summary

The Story Behind El Chapo’s Psychedelic Button-Down Shirts

The notorious Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo’s interview with Sean Penn raised a number of important questions: How did Penn get access to the drug lord in hiding? Did the rambling Rolling Stone piece that resulted conform to journalistic ethics? And where does El Chapo get those hideous shirts?

Why Hillary Clinton’s Call-Out of the Hyde Amendment Is So Important

As she accepted Planned Parenthood’s first-ever presidential primary endorsement at a New Hampshire rally on Sunday, Hillary Clinton recited a list of economic and social barriers that prevent women from obtaining abortions. She sai...

David Bowie’s Marriage to Iman Both Compounded His Glamour and Made Him (a Tiny Bit) More Relatable 

In late 1990, not long after word had emerged that the world’s most fearless and imaginative pop icon was dating one of the world’s most glamorous supermodels, the mononymous gossip columnist Suzy reported, “David Bowie and Iman are still in the throes of whatever. Show More Summary

Why David Bowie’s Androgyny Was a Rare, Precious Gift

Scholars of David Bowie’s famed androgyny can trace its roots at least as far back as his teens. In 1964, the then-17-year-old spoke to BBC’s Tonight on behalf of an organization he founded, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men. Show More Summary

An Important New Tool in the Crackdown Against Campus Sexual Assault

The U.S. Department of Education desperately needs more resources to continue its crackdown on campus sexual assault. That’s one of the most salient messages from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s new Title IX Investigation Tracker, a tool that went live on Sunday. Show More Summary

More Doulas Can Help Lower the Cost of Childbirth. There’s Just One Problem.

A new report from Choices in Childbirth and Childbirth Connection, a program of the National Partnership for Women & Families, argues that increased access to doulas would help drive down the cost of childbirth in the United States.Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Endorsed Hillary Clinton. This Speech is One Reason Why.

Planned Parenthood’s political arm made its first-ever presidential primary endorsement on Thursday, pledging its ample financial and advocacy backing to vocal supporter Hillary Clinton.

You Can Have a Demanding Career Without Ruining Your Relationship (At Least If You’re German)

Long work hours don’t have to doom a romantic relationship, conclude the authors of a new article published in last month’s Human Relations. Swiss and German researchers surveyed 285 German couples composed of two working partners, at least one of whom was an academic, about their relationship satisfaction and life priorities. Show More Summary

There is Absolutely No Need for a Bluetooth Pregnancy-Test App

Intrepid developers have created apps that determine consent to sexual activity and “smart” menstrual cups that record the volume and color of the wearer’s flow. This week, the pregnancy-detection industry got into the reproductive app game, too. Show More Summary

A New App Claims to Translate Your Baby’s Cries

My standard advice for expecting parents is to remind them that while newborns are difficult, they aren’t particularly complicated. Healthy babies generally require just four tasks: feeding, burping, diaper changing, and soothing. While cycling through them is likely to leave new parents emotionally and physically bankrupt, their intellectual reserves remain untapped.

The Head of the DNC Says Young Women Are “Complacent.” She’s Not Totally Wrong.

I spent a lot of 2008 arguing with women like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who couldn’t fathom why younger women weren’t more excited about Hillary Clinton. In a just-published New York Times Magazine interview, Wasserman Schultz was asked whether she sees a generational divide in Clinton support. Show More Summary

An OB-GYN Reviews Ben and Candy Carson’s Insane Story of Their Son’s Home Birth 

This week’s release of Candy Carson’s memoir, A Doctor in the House: My Life with Ben Carson, garners a whole new level of respect for the neurosurgeon’s acclaimed medical skills. As first spotted by Gawker, the book depicts the almost...Show More Summary

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Are Pregnant with a Real-Life Spy Baby

Did you know Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were dating? We did not know Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were dating. The two leads on FX’s Cold-War spy drama The Americans have been a confirmed couple since 2014, but their love evaded our intelligence-gathering missions until this news broke on Wednesday: A real-life Americans baby is in the works.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Our Mole-iest Sex Symbol of All Time

In the February issue of Glamour, Jennifer Lawrence stands up for a few of the causes we’ve come to expect of our celebrity feminist role models: Planned Parenthood, women in Hollywood, victims of Larry David’s heinous ghosting. But she’s also representing an arguably more disenfranchised populace: mole-havers everywhere. Show More Summary

Abortion-Rights Advocates May Have Finally Found a Way to Regulate “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”

Abortion-rights advocates may finally have found a way to regulate Crisis Pregnancy Centers in a way that passes First Amendment muster. The Ninth Circuit has decided to let California’s Reproductive FACT (Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency) Act go into effect on the first of the year, despite a pending appeal. Show More Summary

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