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Kieron Gillen On His Magical World of Music Comics

Kieron Gillen was a music journalist before he stepped away from the hustle to start writing comics. He’s been extraordinarily successful in his new career, working on major titles like The Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, and Marvel’s extremely popular Star Wars: Darth Vader. Show More Summary


Just in time for May the 4th Be With You, we decided to hit the internet real hard and dig up some of the worst Star Wars costumes ever hobbled together from across the galaxy. Some of these are down right BAD, borderline embarrassing even, but it’s downright impressive the lengths fans will go through […] The post WORST STAR WARS COSTUMES EVER appeared first on IHEARTCOMIX.

ANNOUNCING: Mad Decent Block Party 2016

Mad Decent‘s infamous annual Block Party is back, and will be making its L.A. appearance on Saturday, October 1st at the Los Angeles Center Studios. The line-up is still hush-hush, but we’ll keep you updated with the all the latest developments...Show More Summary

Exclusive Video: Party Nails Explains Herself With Actual Party Nails

Photo: Lindsay Byrnes for Galore For most people, the eyes are the windows to the soul. For L.A. pop newcomer Elana Belle Caroll of Party Nails, it’s her nails. This is a realization she had after witnessing the vaguely hilarious existential...Show More Summary

Tracks of the Week: Scrub Yrself Clean

Full disclosure: nothing’s really scary about this week’s songs, except for the fact that I haven’t done a Tracks of the Week in like three weeks. Or has it been 33? Well, I guess Stormzy’s contribution is kind of scary because he looks...Show More Summary

The Official @BoyTweetsWorldx Coachella Party Recap 2016

Last year, I almost died jumping off a train attempting to get into Coachella parties, a cataclysm to a less-lit-than-usual weekend. As a Purple Heart veteran living with crippling PTSD since surviving the accident, this time aroundShow More Summary

How I Got Hooked On Hearthstone, the Digital Card Game (And Why You Should Too)

Collectible card games have a stigma. Which is weird, because It seems like few things really do anymore—being a geek is cool, online dating is pretty much a rite of passage, and like, holy shit brogrammers are a thing. But even when...Show More Summary

I’m 93% Sure That When Prince Died, His Sex Appeal Reincarnated in Black Atlass

Photo: Seth Fluker, i-D When Prince left us last week, his passing left an achingly large hole in the world of hyper-sexual male crooners with a penchant for letting their creativity spill over into multiple mediums. I know that sounds...Show More Summary

If You Dig Mac DeMarco, You’ll Be All Over These 5 Up-and-Comers

The first time I heard Mac DeMarco, it left me feeling the same way I felt the first time I ate pizza-flavored Pringles; dazed on the couch in my underwear, covered in crumbs, wondering “Why the fuck is this so good, and where the fuck...Show More Summary


We weren’t sure if we could do it, but we definitely outdid ourselves with our second #PARTYSTREAM! This time around, Ghastly hosted the night and brought his crew of DJ-ing ghouls along with him to help make this our best 4/20 yet.Show More Summary

Just Say No to Drugs With Club Cheval’s “Young, Rich and Radical” Video

If you were to make a snap judgment about the meaning of Club Cheval‘s track “Young, Rich and Radical,” no one would fault you for assuming it’s about partying. Just the title alone conjures images of picturesque cocaine mountains and purple drank rivers. Show More Summary

How to Sneak Into Concerts, Festivals and Parties Without an Invite

I have this friend. Whenever I see her, she tells me she did some crazy thing. Like held Beyonce’s purse while she puked at a Grammy party. Or was “backstage at Coachella” when “the craziest thing happened.” My personal favorite story...Show More Summary


asfdfasfas The post test appeared first on IHEARTCOMIX.

Videos of the Week: 25 Dabs In a Row

This week in videos, everything is funny. I don’t know if it’s because the spirit of 4/20 has seeped into the internet or because the spring weather has made collective mankind giddy with the prospect of springtime mating rituals, but either way, all the videos this week made me crack a half-dead smile. Show More Summary


Guess what, mongrels; our second #PARTYSTREAM is this Wednesday! Yes, that is 4/20, thank you for asking. A concoction of our two passions, music and geek culture, Party Stream will bring you original sets from a variety of artists, coupled with live gaming and tons of surprise moments that you won’t want to miss. Show More Summary

5 Festival Totems That’ll Definitely Be Blocking Your View at Coachella This Year

Tur Though there are many ways to enjoy a festival of Coachella’s monstrous proportion, many can agree that something like this is best experienced alongside the company of ride-or-die homies that constitute one’s own unique squad. Yes,...Show More Summary

Hofflepomp! Grimes to Headline Wizard World Concert Series

Last night, amidst a swirling whirlwind of fairy dust and 20-sided dice, I was bespoken to of great news from a mystical voice beyond the-… Alright, that’s enough. Wizard World is the world’s most hardcore fantasy convention. They make...Show More Summary

In Which I Talk to Dinner About Spirituality and Also Try to Have Sex With Him

There were 18.8 people in the room and he had no band, but Dinner was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It might have been the way he pulled off this unblinking, poker-faced dance routine, complete with props, that looked like he...Show More Summary

Songs of the Week: Under Pressure

There are times in the office when I feel really stressed out. Usually it’s around lunch time because my mind is preoccupied with what I should eat. Just kidding. I always know what I want to eat. Nonetheless, I’m sure that every one of you guys feel that intense pressure during work too. Show More Summary


Sundance NEXT FEST is back! The weekend-long summer festival known for celebrating the renegade spirit of individual artists is returning for its fourth appearance in LA August 12-14 at the Theater at the Ace Hotel. This year, we’llShow More Summary

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