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“The Gross Spectacle of a Divided Defense”

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: We’re inside the chamber for the high-profile case involving a death row inmate from Louisiana who’s asking for a new trial after his lawyer told the jury his client was guilty, despite the client’s insistence that he was innocent. Show More Summary

More Than Words

The confusing rollout of Donald Trump’s long-awaited and deeply uninteresting fake news awards has raised fresh questions about whether Trump’s persistent demonization of the media has implications for the stability of democracy itself. Show More Summary

Don’t Fear the Clowns

This article is part of a weeklong series on President Trump’s first year in office. If there’s an ongoing, intractable meta-debate that characterizes the Trump era, it’s the one in which the president’s critics accuse one another of...Show More Summary

Axes of Evil

This piece was originally published in Slate on Oct. 21, 2013. Probably if I had watched the commercials first, I would never have undertaken this whole stupid experiment. Axe commercials? Awful. They are the media equivalent of the fragrance itself. Show More Summary

A Female Senator Figured Out One Small Way to Fight Sexual Harassment

Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, revealed this week, without fanfare or drama, a new series of questions she intends to ask every nominee who appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee: Anybody being vetted for federal judgeships...Show More Summary

Husted v. Philip Randolph Institute

A few short months ago in a blockbuster Supreme Court case dealing with partisan political gerrymanders, Chief Justice John Roberts enraged social scientists the world over when he suggested that using a proposed formula to determine...Show More Summary

The President Is Not Fit for Office

Given everything that’s happened since the start of the year, it’s easy to forget that just this past week President Donald Trump was tweeting what appeared to be nuclear threats against North Korea made up of equal parts Freud and a celebration of his own big-boy underpants. Show More Summary

The Right Not to Vote

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: Sometimes the technical stuff is how you get to the crucial stuff. Next week, the Supreme Court will hear a case about Ohio’s voter purge, and the case rests on some sticky statutory interpretation questions. Show More Summary

#MeToo in the Courts

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: The cultural whirlwind of #MeToo has reached the judiciary, reluctantly bringing Dahlia Lithwick into the fray along with it. In a piece for Slate, she detailed her firsthand experiences with Judge Alex Kozinski. Show More Summary

He Made Us All Victims and Accomplices

The first time I met Alex Kozinski was in 1996. I was clerking for the chief judge of the 9 th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and there was an orientation for new clerks in San Francisco. One of my co-clerks and I were introduced to the already legendary, lifetime-tenured young judge at a reception, and we talked for a while. Show More Summary

Probing the Mueller Probe, and Inside the Chamber for Masterpiece Cakeshop

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: The Mueller investigation keeps keeping on as subtweets, speculation, and objections mount. Dahlia Lithwick speaks with Andrew Wright, a former associate counsel to President Barack Obama, about the latest developments. Show More Summary

Axes of Evil

Dahlia Lithwick is not only one of the country’s best legal writers, she’s delightfully game to do something completely ridiculous now and then. I had just started at Slate during the 2013 retreat where Dahlia was undergoing this experiment. Show More Summary

The New Travel Ban Is an Abomination. Why Have We Stopped Caring?

Way, way back in February, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 9 th Circuit heard oral arguments in State of Washington v. Trump, the first iteration of the first appeal of the first attempt at Donald Trump’s travel ban. Show More Summary

The Uneven Playing Field

Remember “when they go low, we go high?” Yep. So do I. I remembered it in the fall of 2016, when Senate Republicans and then-candidate Donald Trump first made it irrevocably clear there would be no hearing for anyone Barack Obama nominated...Show More Summary

Is It Too Late for Robert Mueller to Save Us?

We talk a lot these days about how the United States has sorted itself into two distinct media bubbles, and all the ways in which those bubbles become self-reinforcing and reality-denying. But there is another way in which the perfect epistemic closure that characterizes this moment continues to play out. Show More Summary

Can You Track Me Now?

To make it to oral arguments at the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning, I left Brooklyn, New York, at 5 a.m., briefly got lost at the Fulton Station, boarded a 7 a.m. train at Penn Station, and finally hoofed it to 1 First St. NE in Washington, where for a blessed hour I surrendered my cellphone as is required at argument sessions. Show More Summary

Why the Cake Shop Case Is So Delicious

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: Dahlia Lithwick speaks with Adam Liptak, who covers the Supreme Court for the New York Times, about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. He also provides insight into what a jaw-dropping brief from the solicitor general's office means for relations between the court and the Trump administration. Show More Summary

Be Careful What You Sue For

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court agreed to weigh in on NIFLA v. Becerra, yet another religion-fueled fight over free speech. NIFLA involves a long-simmering dispute surrounding a 2015 California law requiring the state’s more than...Show More Summary

Guns in America and the Travel Ban That Went Unnoticed

To listen to this episode of Amicus, use the player below: In the wake of another mass shooting, Dahlia Lithwick speaks with Adam Skaggs, chief counsel at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, about the Second Amendment. And...Show More Summary

Sneak Attack

At the end of last month, the Trump administration quietly rolled out new restrictions on certain groups of refugees, ostensibly aimed at “protect[ing] people from terrorist attacks and other public-safety threats.” This latest formShow More Summary

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