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LeBron James’ Trouble With Heat

Thursday night, the San Antonio Spurs knocked off a hamstrung Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Faulty circuitry in the Spurs home arena caused the air conditioning to go out and LeBron James’ legs to give out, too. He limped...Show More Summary

Mellow, Paranoid, Happy, or Mean

Maureen Dowd, a 62-year-old Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist for the New York Times, had a bad marijuana trip earlier this year. As part of her research into the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado, she ate a few tooShow More Summary

Guns Kill Children

Caroline Starks was 2 years old. Her 5-year-old brother was playing nearby with his birthday present: a.22-caliber Crickett rifle. His mother stepped outside for a moment, certain the gun wasn’t loaded. She was wrong. Caroline wasShow More Summary

“Did All the Girls PT?”

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a serious problem in Alaska. Babies born there, particularly Native American babies, suffer the syndrome at much higher rates than infants in the lower 48. Since the first epidemiological data emerged in the...Show More Summary

It’s Nobody’s Fault

Male fertility is a new epidemic, at least if you’ve seen the news coverage. This burgeoning crisis seems to be related to the effects of age, inspiring headlines such as: “Men Also Suffer Age-Related Infertility,” “Too Old to...Show More Summary

The Shortest Route to God

The World Health Organization is worried about this year’s Hajj. Beginning in early October, more than 2 million people will voluntarily gather in the home country of a novel and untreatable virus called MERS that has already infected nearly 700 people and killed more than 200. Show More Summary

A Public Health Crisis at the Border

Diseases that are endemic to other countries are not always the same ones that we face in the United States. This is a medical observation, not a political one, and it is the reason immigrants who enter this country legally face rigorous...Show More Summary

Your Brain on Psilocybin

This article originally appeared in The Conversation. Psychedelic drugs alter consciousness in a profound and novel way that increases the breadth and fluency of cognition. However, until recently, we were unable to offer an explanation...Show More Summary

Doctors Could Use a Little Hypochondria

Here is a partial list of conditions I have read about in the past few days: tinnitus, intermittent explosive disorder, Morgellons disease, high metabolism, low metabolism, and rabies. And here is a partial list of conditions I subsequently...Show More Summary

“Would You Like to Become Pregnant in the Next Year?”

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case may keep access to contraception out of reach for many women. In sharp contrast, a new program in Oregon puts reproductive health care front and center for all women. The Oregon...Show More Summary

Sorry You Were Tricked Into a C-Section

There are two general ways to have a baby. I mean, there are variations—forceps! hypnobirthing! epidural!—and those are almost infinite. But in general, the baby either comes out through the vagina, or it comes out through the abdomen. Show More Summary

The Persistent Danger of Poxes

Like a plot twist in a bad Syfy network movie, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Tuesday that vials labeled “variola”—aka smallpox—were discovered in an unused storage room in a Food and Drug Administration laboratory. Show More Summary

Is Siberia a Safe Place for Smallpox?

On July 1, a researcher cleaning out a cold storage room at the Food and Drug Administration came across a stash of six vials of smallpox virus stored inside a cardboard box. Considering that the World Health Assembly deems smallpoxShow More Summary

Why Does Your Body Do These Strange Things?

Your body is weird. Admit it: You make strange sounds, feel misplaced shooting pains, or have secretions coming from places that shouldn’t be secreting. I’ll tell you one of mine so you don’t feel like you’re alone in being a freak: After prolonged exercise, my left ear pops and stays that way for around 30 minutes. Show More Summary

What Scares Bug Experts?

If your wife is a researcher in medical entomology, you’ll often hear odd tidbits related to mosquito-borne diseases. For instance, did you know how cute malaria parasites can look under a microscope? I didn’t either, until I met Cassandra Urquhart. Show More Summary

Autism Linked to Common Genes

Few topics in science are as divisive as autism. The disorder affects roughly one in 68 children, and more children than ever are receiving the diagnosis. In 6- to 17-year-old children, autism diagnoses increased by almost 1 percentage point between 2007 and 2012. Show More Summary

Rx: 50 mg Nature, Ad Lib

In January, a 13-year-old patient named Kelssi came to Dr. Robert Zarr’s office at Unity Health Care, a community health center in Washington, D.C. Kelssi had struggled with her weight for as long as Zarr had known her and was now obese. Show More Summary

The Bloodshed State

Earlier this year, a Lake Worth, Florida, resident left his loaded gun sitting out on a table by the front door while he dressed for work. He heard a loud noise and ran into the hallway, where he discovered his daughter lying in a pool of blood with a bullet hole through her head. Show More Summary

The Fishy Origins of the Fish Oil Craze

In the 1970s, a pair of Danish researchers ventured north of the Arctic Circle and into medical lore. Studying a scattered Inuit population, they concluded that eating plenty of fish and other marine animals protected this group from heart disease. Show More Summary

Can My Keyboard Spread Ebola?

West Africans have been battling the spread of Ebola for the past few months, in the worst epidemic of the disease ever seen. Then, last week, two U.S. aid workers were infected, and the American media exploded with Ebola news. KentShow More Summary

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