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Trump Blames Shooting on “Mental Health,” a Policy Area He Is Also Actively Undermining

On Sunday morning, a man opened fire on a congregation at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. According to the most recent count, the gunman killed at least 26 people. The attack, which is the 378 th mass shooting in 2017, was met online with a mixture of sadness and cynicism. Show More Summary

Stock Photos Are Terrible at Depicting Illness, Mental or Physical

Stock photos are ubiquitous—and infamous. The concepts are often laugh-out-loud absurd. The models are disproportionately white, not to mention atypically young, beautiful, and able-bodied. Outdated gender norms seem to be readily reinforced. Show More Summary

Therapy Is Great, but I Still Need Medication

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment with a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy—CBT as it’s known to professionals and those of us who have way too much contact with the mental health care system. After months...Show More Summary

The Wait Can Kill You

Jane Doe, the 17-year-old girl held in federal custody, underwent her termination of pregnancy on Wednesday, at approximately 16 weeks of gestation, four weeks after requesting the procedure. Four weeks is 28 days—less than a full calendar month, but as long as one cycle of the moon, at least one and maybe two paychecks. Show More Summary

Where Are the Opioid Recovery Activists?

Twenty-one months ago, presidential hopefuls from both parties descended on New Hampshire ahead of its primary, hearing in town halls and debates the same thing again and again: Save us. These voters cared little about plans for tax reform or the threat of ISIS. Show More Summary

Trump Wants to Bring Back “Just Say No” to Fix the Opioid Epidemic

In an effort to fulfill a long-standing promise, President Trump officially declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency on Thursday. In his wide-ranging speech announcing the effort, Trump acknowledged that solving the problem,...Show More Summary

If Trump Wants to Understand the Opioid Epidemic, He Needs to Watch Some Reality TV

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump announced his “plan” to tackle the opioid epidemic. The solution, he suggested, is to spend more money telling people not to use drugs. To bolster this fresh and innovative idea, he told the storyShow More Summary

In Puerto Rico, Surgery by Flashlight Is Just the Beginning

On Friday, former Puerto Rican Gov. Alejandro García Padilla tweeted a photo from inside a hospital, in which scrubbed-up doctors leaned over an operating table performing surgery lit only by a flashlight. “This is what POTUS calls a 10!” García Padilla wrote in the English version of his post. Show More Summary

We Have to Ration Health Care

When Sen. Bernie Sanders makes his argument for single-payer health care, he often leans on the phrase cost-effective to describe his fix for America’s health care crisis. It came up four times in a recent op-ed he penned for Fortune magazine about the potential benefits of Medicare for all for small businesses; when he and Sen. Show More Summary

The Data Is Clear: Access to Contraception Improves Health and Saves Money

I am a physician. I went to medical school to help women become mothers and help parents form families. Now, the women I serve are uninsured and underinsured urban women who struggle with domestic violence, drug addiction, rape and assault, and chronic pain. Show More Summary

If Harvey Weinstein Were Serious About Getting Help, He Wouldn’t Call Himself a Sex Addict

Harvey Weinstein set off on his private jet to Europe on Tuesday night, where he intends to enter a rehab facility for sex addictions, according to TMZ. The escape, which came after mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault...Show More Summary

DeVos-Backed Neurofeedback Company Has Escaped Government Scrutiny

This story originally appeared on Spectrum and has been republished here with permission. On the website of the company Neurocore, an illustration of an anthropomorphized human brain, complete with hopeful eyes and a wide smile, is pumping iron. Show More Summary

The Fight for the Right to Eat Seal Blubber

One afternoon in 2014, May Bernhardt, an 87-year-old Inupiat Eskimo with stringy gray hair, toothlessly chewed a banana. The fruit was perfectly ripe and a good source of fiber and potassium, but she hated it. Bernhardt lives in a nursing...Show More Summary

Why Do We Keep Resurrecting the Cautionary Medical Tale?

Want to listen to this article out loud? Hear it on Slate Voice. When the first Flatliners movie came out in 1990, it received mixed reviews. Critics praised the novelty of its premise—a group of medical students repeatedly kill and revive themselves as a means of understanding and overcoming death—but lamented its heavy-handed delivery. Show More Summary

Hospitals Aren’t Fully Prepared for Mass Shootings, and It’s the Gun Lobby’s Fault

An emergency department after a mass casualty incident is the quintessence of the Mike Tyson rule: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. On Sunday night, Las Vegas was more than punched in the mouth—after experiencing the new deadliest mass shooting in U.S. Show More Summary

We Don’t Want to Know What Will Kill Us

Want to listen to this article out loud? Hear it on Slate Voice. When, in 1996, French nun Mariannick Caniou found out she didn’t have Huntington’s disease, the lethal, degenerative genetic disorder, she fell into a depression. Throughout her life, she had been convinced that she would develop the illness that had killed her mother and grandmother. Show More Summary

Can You Cure Autism?

This story originally appeared on Spectrum and has been republished here with permission. From the moment her 18-month-old son Sam was diagnosed with autism, Elizabeth B., or Liz, found it difficult to accept. When Sam failed to make...Show More Summary

The Trump Administration Is Quietly Undermining the ACA’s Plan to Innovate Health Care

In March, when former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz infamously remarked that Americans should forgo waiting in line for the new iPhone and instead invest in their own health care, his statement was widely derided as financially illiterate and, more bluntly, offensive. Show More Summary

Big Pharma’s Attempt to Ghostwrite for Stat Ended Badly—but Not Badly Enough

The ghosts struck again last week. This time it was in Boston. There’s no question that it was them. Once you’ve seen enough of these shadowy figures, you can spot them from a distance. You learn to smell the faint aroma of tobacco that...Show More Summary

A New Strategy to Undermine Big Pharma’s Price Gouging Actually Worked

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration announced its approval of the drug benznidazole, which is used to treat a parasitic disease that afflicts about 300,000 Americans and that, left untreated, can lead to heart failure. It sounds like a routine case of government agencies doing routine work—a relief during the Trump administration. Show More Summary

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