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Multiple Births Should No Longer Imply IVF

There are few celebrities more adept at controlling their image than Beyoncé. She tells us only what she wants to tell us through the elusive mediums of music and photography. This power was in play during her announcement that she was...Show More Summary

Is Your Doctor Listening?

The following is an excerpt from Danielle Ofri’s new book, What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear, out Tuesday. Doctor-patient communication is a two-way highway of information, with each person endeavoring to convey information to the other. Show More Summary

Should Doctors Treat Trump Anxiety?

“Just one tablet, doctor. I just need you to prescribe one tablet to calm me down.” As a primary care doctor, I frequently get requests for sedatives from my patients. Because of the side effects—including addiction—I use these medications...Show More Summary

Presidential Health Has Always Been a Well-Kept Secret

President-elect Donald Trump is 70 years old, which makes him the oldest incoming president by a few months. What does this mean for his health? According to his private physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump has normal blood pressure and no extensive medical history. Show More Summary

What Will the Trump Administration Mean for People With Disabilities?

As a disabled person, I am terrified of the incoming Trump administration. When I say that, people tend to assume that it’s because our president-elect famously mocked a disabled journalist at a rally (and, implausibly, continues to deny what we all saw happen). Show More Summary

Patients’ Rights Should Be a Bipartisan Issue

Every day, doctors treat patients’ medical problems. But our work extends beyond what we do in the exam room or on the operating table. As a primary care doctor to a 63-year-old woman who recently suffered a crippling stroke, for example, I spent hours calling her landlord and city agencies to delay an impending eviction. Show More Summary

The Cheaper, Generic “EpiPen” Is Great

EpiPens, devices commonly used to deliver the epinephrine necessary to keep airways open during severe allergic reactions, particularly in children, are ridiculously overpriced. Outrage over the prices was widely reported this summer...Show More Summary

Zealots Like RFK Jr. Have Already Made Vaccines Less Safe

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., political scion–turned–anti-vaccine alarmist, emerged from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday claiming that Trump had offered him a position leading a vaccine safety commission. This is a terrible...Show More Summary

John Bailar’s Righteous Attack on the “War on Cancer”

When then-President Richard Nixon launched the “war on cancer” in 1971, there was no more admirable cause to support. The dreaded disease was the second leading cause of death that year for Americans, after heart disease, and has maintained that spot for decades. Show More Summary

Donald Trump and RFK Jr. Are Vaccine-Skeptical Soulmates

President-elect Donald Trump met with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Tuesday morning, a sit-down that might at first seem odd: One, after all, is a Democratic scion and environmental lawyer, while the other is about to be the world’s only climate change–denying head of state. Show More Summary

American Children Deserve a Better Death

In America, we tend not to die well. The U.S. ranked ninth out of 80 countries on the Economist’s Quality of Death Index for 2015. Buoyed by the high quality of end-of-life care, we lag behind other developed nations in terms of affordability...Show More Summary

Is a Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest?

Carrie Fisher died Tuesday following a weekend in which her health was the topic of several major news stories. For most doctors following this story, the details of the case reflected only one thing: No one seemed to know what a heart...Show More Summary

Advocacy From the Edge

Carrie Fisher, who died on Tuesday, has been rightly celebrated for her artistic career. She’s also been recognized as an advocate for mental illness, and she often intertwined the two. Afflicted with bipolar disorder, she educated the public about the condition as if she were on a mission. Show More Summary

You Don’t Need to Actively Avoid BPA

This story was originally published on the Conversation and is republished here with permission. Those making the traditional green-bean casserole over the holidays might see a label on their can of green beans or mushroom soup thatShow More Summary

Life Expectancy Is, Overall, Increasing

This story has been republished from A Place for Mom with permission. Don’t believe the hype. Life expectancy isn’t plummeting. What is life expectancy? Life expectancy is the expected number of years of life remaining at a particular age. Show More Summary

Is the Opioid Crisis Partly to Blame for President Trump?

One of the darkest theories about President-elect Donald Trump’s electoral upset is the idea that the opioid epidemic ripping across middle America played a significant role in the outcome of this election. There seems to be a correlation between places that went heavily for Trump and areas struck hard by the opioid crisis. Show More Summary

E-Cigarettes Might Be the Best Addiction to Have

On Jan. 11, 1964, Dr. Luther Terry released the first report of the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health. The report concluded that there was not merely an association between smoking and cancer, but a causal relationship. It was a watershed moment. Show More Summary

The FDA Should Approve Drugs Based on Evidence, Not Emotions

On Dec. 7, the New York Times ran an inspiring, dangerous story about Celine Ryan, a 50-year-old whose advanced colon cancer was successfully treated with experimental immunotherapy. Inspiring, because researchers repeatedly rejected...Show More Summary

Trump Isn’t an Anti-Vaxxer. He’s a Slow Vaxxer.

Anti-vaxxers think they finally have a friend in the White House. Donald Trump has voiced concerns about vaccines for at least a decade, and, in August, he reportedly attended a fundraiser with disgraced and delicensed doctor Andrew Wakefield, whose discredited research helped launch the anti-vaccination panic. But Trump isn’t quite an anti-vaxxer. Show More Summary

We Know How to Treat Opioid Addiction

When I was 22 years old, I was treated for an addiction to opioids. In the five years since, I wake up each morning and scan my news filters to read about some of the 78 people who die each day from overdose. Which depressed Rust Belt city was hit today? The opioid crisis is one of few in public health that, despite all efforts, continues to worsen. Show More Summary

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