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The Scales Have Tipped on Fish and Pregnancy

When I was pregnant two years ago, I spent a lot of time on food—both eating it and Googling it. There was so much to consider: nutrition and cravings on one hand, foodborne illnesses, potential toxins, and the risk of heartburn on the other. Show More Summary

Thanks to Genetic Testing, Everyone Could Soon Have a Pre-Existing Condition

As currently written, the American Health Care Act allows states to opt out of the popular Obamacare provision that bans insurers from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. Twenty-seven percent of adult Americans...Show More Summary

Traveling Abroad? Born Before 1989? You May Need a New Measles Vaccination.

Measles was once a common scourge of childhood, but in 2000, health experts declared that the disease was no longer circulating in the United States—homegrown cases had been eliminated. So when an Ohio outbreak afflicted 383 people, almost all of them unvaccinated, in 2014, public health detectives looked for its source. Show More Summary

Willie Parker’s Moral Argument for Choice Made Me a Better Doctor

Dr. Willie Parker’s new book, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice, has been everywhere recently—on The Daily Show, on the back of Time magazine, and at a book party with Gloria Steinem. But I think the most important place his words...Show More Summary

Female Genital Mutilation Isn’t a Muslim Issue. It’s a Medical Issue.

Last week, news emerged that an emergency medicine physician from Michigan had been charged with performing female genital mutilation. Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who practices at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, has been accused of doing the procedure on two 7-year-old girls at a medical clinic in Livonia, Michigan, this past February. Show More Summary

Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Highlights a Huge Gap in Correctional Health

During my residency training, I worked in the hospital responsible for evaluating and treating emergencies in male patients transferred from Rikers Island, New York’s largest jail complex. Shaped like Maui, but far from paradise, Rikers had a population of more than 10,000. Show More Summary

This Dramatic Graph Shows How the Pro-Vaccine Movement Can Win

The remarkable graph above tells an even more remarkable story: Evidence-based public health laws, fueled by grassroots activism, can save lives. What you’re looking at is how many incoming kindergartners in California received exemptions from being vaccinated over the past 30-plus years. Show More Summary

Treating Gun Violence as an Epidemic Could Help Us Stanch It

Epidemic is traditionally defined as an outbreak of an infectious disease at a particular place and time. The Ebola epidemic. The AIDS epidemic. The word epidemic has been more liberally applied in medicine these days, and we comfortably talk about the epidemic of obesity and its bedfellow, the epidemic of diabetes. Show More Summary

Emergency Doctors Are Breaking Tradition to Oppose the AHCA Compromise

We emergency doctors are moderates by nature. In fact, a report last year found we are the most politically centrist of any medical specialty: Of those giving party affiliations, 51 percent of emergency doctors identify as Republican. Why is this? I like to say that it’s because emergency doctors touch all segments of society on a daily basis. Show More Summary

Match Game

Friday marks another iteration of the National Resident Matching Program—“the Match”—perhaps the best-known bottleneck for aspiring U.S. physicians. Every year, this complex computerized algorithm assigns senior medical students to the next phase of their clinical training. Show More Summary

Stop Saying Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill

Donald Trump’s mental health has been a favorite topic since well before he officially took office. In the weeks since the inauguration, though, the debate over whether we should invoke the 25 th Amendment to declare him mentally ill and incapable of performing the job has reached an almost fevered pitch. Show More Summary

Gaps in Health Coverage Can Be Deadly

Recently I was seeing a patient who had been out of his diabetes medications for almost six months. His sugar was in the toxic range, and now we were scrambling to ameliorate some of the damage. His clinical case was a mess, with a host of complications that didn’t have to be. Show More Summary

Health Care Has “Never Events.” Law Enforcement Should, Too.

There are some things that should never happen in medicine. A surgeon should never operate on the wrong body part. A patient should never get a lethal dose of a medication because a doctor’s handwriting is illegible. We call these mistakes...Show More Summary

What Is Your Name? Where Are We? Who Is President? Oh God.

As an emergency doctor, one thing I cannot take for granted is whether or not a patient is fully oriented. To assess this, I ask four basic questions: What is your name? Where are we? What is the date? Who is the president of the United...Show More Summary

Stressed Out New Parents: Please Relax

Like most new parents, I was bombarded with advice when I had my first child. Relatives, friends, parenting books, and the ever-present internet (on your phone! While nursing!) all chimed in with conflicting shoulds and shouldn’ts for...Show More Summary

Confessions of a Washington Swamp Creature

Like so many other things, the revolving-door process in Washington has been spoiled by Donald Trump. You know the revolving door—the trick where lifers in government, those pasty drones with sunken chests and droopy clothes, leave their cubicles after a few decades for sunshine and high(er)-paying jobs in industry. Show More Summary

We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans

Helena, Montana, does not often make global headlines, but in 2003 the small capital city became known for briefly achieving one of the most astounding public health triumphs ever recorded. In June of the previous year, Helena had implemented a comprehensive smoking ban in its workplaces, bars, restaurants, and casinos. Show More Summary

IUDs Are Not the Answer to Trump and the GOP

Are you feeling uncertain about what the future will bring? Yeah, me too. Are you a person with female reproductive capabilities? Yeah, me too. Feelings of uncertainty around health care—and particularly women’s health care—are at an all-time high. Show More Summary

Multiple Births Should No Longer Imply IVF

There are few celebrities more adept at controlling their image than Beyoncé. She tells us only what she wants to tell us through the elusive mediums of music and photography. This power was in play during her announcement that she was...Show More Summary

Is Your Doctor Listening?

The following is an excerpt from Danielle Ofri’s new book, What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear, out Tuesday. Doctor-patient communication is a two-way highway of information, with each person endeavoring to convey information to the other. Show More Summary

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