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What to Do if You Have the Flu

Flu season is upon us, which means emergency departments all over the globe are dealing with an overwhelming number of patients with flu and flulike symptoms. In a bilateral attempt at self-interest and social good, we, your friendly...Show More Summary

Will Puerto Rico’s Official Death Count From Maria Ever Be Accurate?

This story is republished with permission from the Conversation. “If you don’t get away from those areas, you are going to die.” That phrase concluded Puerto Rico Secretary of Public Safety Héctor Pesquera’s press conference before Hurricane Maria. Three months after the storm, he is one of the fiercest protectors of the official death count. Show More Summary

The New Documentary Heal Makes Important Points About Staying Positive

Several years ago, I had a patient named Howard. Howard had a muscle-wasting disease that confined him to a wheelchair, a wife who was severely ill, and a growing anger and outrage that he wasn’t able to pay for comfort care for either of them. Show More Summary

We’re Letting Meals on Wheels, One of Our Best Senior Programs, Slowly Wither and Die

Five times a week for nearly 20 years, Meals on Wheels program coordinator Leisa Cotten would bring warm meals to the immobile and elderly of Cochise County, in the rural southeast corner of Arizona. But for the past decade, she’s had to switch it up. Show More Summary

It’s Illegal for Hospitals to Not Provide Translation Services. So Why Is Proper Translation Still Scarce?

Do you speak a second language fluently? Sort of fluently? Or maybe you partially remember high school Spanish? Well, show up with the right friend at the wrong hospital and you too can be a medical interpreter: Let them know you can...Show More Summary

A Begrudging Defense of Dog Clothes

Walking through New York City in December is an unparalleled sensory experience—holiday lights, patches of yellow snow, pop-up Christmas tree stands. This week, walking uptown, I eyed a broad-chested pit bull; he was wearing a scarf....Show More Summary

Life Expectancy Is Down, Again, Thanks to Opioids

America is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet, and for the second year in a row, our life expectancy has dropped. The drop was small—just 1.2 months, the same as last year’s—and in the context of the past several decades, appears as more of a stall on an otherwise steadily growing trend line. Show More Summary

One Hasty Study Doesn’t Mean That “Man Flu” Is Real

The notion of a “man flu” has long circulated on the internet, a silly concept with some serious staying power. While it’s been entered into more reputable lexical receptacles since, Urban Dictionary defined it first and best: “The condition...Show More Summary

Smoke From California’s Wildfires Will Only Get Worse Thanks to Ocean Winds

The Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality map of California is pretty scary looking right now: Rapidly disappearing green blobs show the last areas where the air is clear, while yellow, orange, and even red bubbles metastasize just north of Los Angeles, bringing irritants and toxic particles with them. Show More Summary

There Is a Very Useful Test We Could Use to Track Politicians’ Cognitive Decline

On Thursday, when President Donald Trump announced his controversial decision to move the U.S. Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an unusual aspect of his announcement became a focus of the coverage: At the end, when Trump said...Show More Summary

Hurricane Maria’s Actual Death Toll May Be 17 Times Higher Than the Current Official Count

When Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico in September, you could calculate the devastation in many ways. The financial ruin, initial estimates said, was at minimum $30 billion. The time it would take to restore energy to the island was estimated to be between four to six months. Show More Summary

You Don’t Need to Change Your Birth Control Method Due to the New Study on Cancer Risk

For the past several decades, women have been told that modern versions of hormonal birth control contain significantly lower doses of hormones and therefore did not carry the same pitfalls as their predecessors—pitfalls including a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. Show More Summary

Could Pharmacists Help Fix Health Care?

Over the weekend, CVS Health and Aetna formally announced their long-rumored plans to merge. Many have already tried to divine what the merger’s legacy might be, as it’s certainly poised to shake up America’s economy and health care system. Show More Summary

Could Ivana Trump Have Conceived Three Children While She Had an IUD?

Ivana Trump’s recent memoir Raising Trump is a breezy account of her central role in bringing up three of America’s most powerful children. As she tells it, her life was a series of ski trips and interior redesigns packed between working at her husband’s company and raising her kids. Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway Is a Partisan Show Horse

Current news reports suggest that Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, has been assigned the task of “opioid czar,” coordinating a response to America’s most serious public health challenge in decades. It’s not clear exactly...Show More Summary

More and More Americans Are Learning Basic First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

I frequently exchange parenting advice with my sister, an emergency room physician whose kids are younger than mine. My advice tends to be pretty straightforward, like how to help your kids transition to a new school or just the occasional kid-friendly recipe. Show More Summary

Where’s the Outrage Against This Attack on the ACA?

Sasha (not her real name) was on break from college when she saw me for her annual check-up. It’d been a stressful year but a good one: She’d finally selected her major, and her first round of exams had gone well, though she still had...Show More Summary

It’s Not Just Opioids

Deaths from drug overdoses have recently multiplied in the U.S., to the point that overdoses are reducing average life span for several demographic slices of the adult population. Opioid abuse is being blamed as the main killer. Doctors’...Show More Summary

The Power of the Placebo

Every so often, a new study comes along that challenges conventional wisdom in medicine or science. When the conditions are right, these studies can generate a lot of attention in both the popular press and the medical community. InShow More Summary

How to Listen to and Support Victims of Sexual Trauma

Before Sigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis, he was a neurologist whose growing interest in psychiatry led him to study hysteria. “Hysteria” was a catch-all term for a number of symptoms, both physical and mental, believed to only affect women; the term itself derives from the Greek word for uterus. Show More Summary

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