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The Paper Chase

Movies set in the world of journalism don’t usually concern themselves with the dull but supremely important business of actually reporting the news. Fourth-estate-centric films tend to focus on the glamorous or dangerous world events...Show More Summary

Bridge of Spies Is a Cold War Movie With a Message About Guantánamo Bay

Bridge of Spies, a Cold War espionage thriller directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, sometimes comes off as a throwback to another era, both political and cinematic: a time when the ideological fault lines between world...Show More Summary

Crimson Peak

The word gothic has a long and conceptually twisty history in English. The Goths were one of many Germanic peoples who invaded the Roman empire around the third century, and for centuries afterward their name was a synonym for barbaric, warlike, or crude behavior. Show More Summary


There are experiences the mind shies away from imagining too fully. Every few years one of those cases comes to light in which someone—and let’s be honest, it’s pretty much always a woman—has been held captive for years on end by a self-appointed...Show More Summary

The Shark

When I told a colleague I was on my way to see Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle’s biopic about the Apple founder and personal-computing guru, he asked, “Haven’t we figured out who Steve Jobs is yet?” In the four years since his death, three feature-length...Show More Summary

The Cab Ride as Artistic Rebellion

How much do movies matter to you? Director Jafar Panahi was thrown in jail by a harsh theocratic regime that then banned him from movie-making for the next 20 years. Since then he’s made three internationally acclaimed films in less than five years. Show More Summary

Saving Astronaut Watney

A few dozen days (or, as a rotation of the planet is referred to in NASA jargon, “sols”) into his lonely survival ordeal on Mars, the stranded astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) delivers a kind of mission statement into the video log he’s recording for posterity. Show More Summary

The Intern

I admit that the marketing of The Intern made me want to wrap several cashmere sweaters around my head and hide away in a multimillion-dollar brownstone until the movie disappeared from theaters. The two trailers convinced me that this...Show More Summary

Black Mass

Casting Johnny Depp as the fabled Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger didn’t sound, on paper, like the most promising proposition. Depp tends to excel at, and to revel in, playing hyperstylized characters who exist in fanciful filmic...Show More Summary


Sicario opens on a power chord of fear, nausea, and dread that resonates throughout the whole movie. After an introductory screen defining the title—it’s drug-cartel slang for hit man—the seventh feature film from Québécois directorShow More Summary

The Second Mother

For two summers in the early ’90s, I lived in the beautiful, foliage-shaded house of a well-off Brazilian family in Rio de Janeiro, the family of my then-boyfriend. Along with his three younger brothers, he had been brought up in large...Show More Summary

Z for Zachariah

In Z for Zachariah, newly acquainted Ann (Margot Robbie) and John (Chiwetel Ejiofor) sit on the front porch of her old family house, discussing the natural disaster that has decimated most of civilization, save for them. John suggests...Show More Summary

Queen of Earth

If a friendship falls apart in the middle of a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? In Queen of Earth, Elisabeth Moss makes many: As the prickly Catherine, she deploys a collection of clucks, mewls, and barbed giggles, her voice the only bulwark against the collapse. Show More Summary

American Ultra

When Sergio Leone cast Henry Fonda as a villain in Once Upon a Time in the West, the actor was best known for playing humble good guys and soft-spoken sweeties. So Fonda, attempting to look like “a son of a bitch,” arrived on set with brown contacts over his baby blues and a ruffian’s moustache atop his upper lip. Show More Summary


In Grandma’s opening scene, Lily Tomlin’s Elle Reid breaks up with her girlfriend of four months in the cruelest way she can think of: “You’re a footnote,” she tells Olivia (Judy Greer), a minor postscript to the 38-year relationship that ended with the death of Elle’s partner, Vi, or Violet, 18 months earlier. Show More Summary

Tom at the Farm

Québécois filmmaker Xavier Dolan is only 26 years old, but the enfant terrible of Canadian cinema already has five celebrated features under his belt. His latest, a creepy adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard’s 2011 play Tom at the Farm, is Dolan’s extended shout-out to the Master of Suspense. Show More Summary

Straight Outta Compton

The opening track on Eazy-E’s 1988 LP Eazy-Duz-It begins with a spooky baritone voice offering an unexpected challenge to the well-meaning soul who has just placed the cassette tape in his boombox. “Now that you got the album,” the voice...Show More Summary

Mistress America

The opening scene of director Noah Baumbach’s first movie, Kicking and Screaming—released 20 years ago this fall—took place on graduation night as the final moments of university ticked away. Its central characters were confident seniors,...Show More Summary

I Wanna Get Lost in Your Rock ’n’ Roll

The words summer movie suggest an outsize spectacle involving CGI megalizards, sexy ninja warriors, and wanton destruction visited on the skylines of the world’s great cities. But there are other types of movie releases associated with the season, one of my perennial favorites being the Meryl Streep Summer Movie. Show More Summary

The End of the Tour

It would be impossible to disentangle all the threads of truth and fiction that weave together into James Ponsoldt’s The End of the Tour. Indeed, the movie is all about the blurry and ultimately unlocatable boundaries between reporting and storytelling, writing and living, being and pretending to be. Show More Summary

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