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Better Things

Better Things, a new comedy—actually funny!—from FX starting Thursday night, opens on a weeping child. Duke Fox (Olivia Edward), age 6, is standing in a mall, wailing. Her mother, Sam, played by Pamela Adlon, the star and co-creator (with Louis C.K.) of Better Things, is slumped next to her on a bench, staring at her phone. Show More Summary


About eight years ago, I saw Donald Glover do a short stand-up set as at weekly comedy showcase when he was still a precocious writer on 30 Rock. I am going to manhandle the bit, which killed, but it was about how often and easily little kids throw up, youth being one vomit after another. Show More Summary

Queen Sugar

If it were up to me, I would be watching the fourth episode of Queen Sugar right now. I am not because OWN, the channel on which Queen Sugar premieres Tuesday night, only sent the first three episodes, and I finished them already and then watched them again already, and watching them for a third time seems a bit much. Show More Summary

How The Get Down Botches Hip-Hop History

Netflix’s The Get Down, which dropped Part 1 of its oddly bifurcated first season on Friday, is many things: garish, cacophonous, tonally bonkers, frequently ridiculous, and occasionally thrilling. It is, in fewer words, a Baz Luhrmann production. Show More Summary

I Love Dick

When Amazon first started making original series, it had a gimmick: The internet’s very own big-box store would put the first episodes of potential series online so viewers could vote on which ones would become full-fledged series. The...Show More Summary

The Wine Show

The Wine Show is like a dream the internet had, made into television. Its setup is a Mad Lib of wonderful things. In it, English actor Matthew Goode, a period-drama head-turner with an Adam’s apple that has the panache of an ascot, teams...Show More Summary

The Get Down

Baz Luhrmann is a maximalist. He wants the budget to be enormous, the sets to be splendid, the cast to be gargantuan, the music to be cacophonous, the feelings to be magnificent. He first made his name directing the cheeky romance Strictly...Show More Summary

HBO’s Vice Principals Is Shocking

HBO’s Vice Principals is a harrowing look inside the psyches of two mediocre white men who react to marginalization and humiliation with violence. It is ostensibly a comedy. Created by Jody Hill and Danny McBride, the pair responsible...Show More Summary

Stranger Things

On Netflix right now you can watch E.T., Jurassic Park and its (first) sequel, among other Spielberg films. When you have finished with those, starting Friday, you can watch Stranger Things, a new series that is an homage to and pastiche of all things Spielberg—and a bulwark against a time when Netflix no longer has streaming rights to E.T. Show More Summary

Making a Prisoner

We are in the midst of a national crisis about policing, and so perhaps it is not surprising that, in our off hours, we have turned into detectives. We scour the evidence in true-crime offerings like Serial, Making a Murderer, and everything O.J., hoping to determine what really happened, to catalog all the mistakes that could have been avoided. Show More Summary

Why TV Shows Are Darker Than They’ve Ever Been

Inside the world of television criticism, there’s been a roiling debate since at least The Sopranos: Has TV gotten too dark? Is it too too violent? Too intense? Are there too many male antiheroes? Not enough female ones? Are we simply...Show More Summary


In BrainDead—a satirical B-movie of a TV show from Robert and Michelle King, the creators of The Good Wife—space bugs (the show’s term) are taking over politicians’ minds. “Taking over” is perhaps too polite. These little critters, who...Show More Summary

Friend-Zone TV

Watching a television show with any regularity bears a resemblance to being friends with it. You start seeing a new show, hit it off and one thing leads to another. You become pals. The show makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it distracts you, it engages you, it makes you think, it passes the time. Show More Summary

O.J.: Made in America

Twenty years after a California jury declared O.J. Simpson not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman after a trial that changed the way people watch TV, the two best things on American television this year have been FX’s The People v. Show More Summary

“The First Black Suitor! We’re Gonna Make History!”

This summer, an idiotic bozo obsessed with bogus notions of masculinity is duking it out with a competent, amoral bitch for control of a lucrative kingdom. They are Chet (Craig Bierko) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer), two of the supporting players on Lifetime’s brilliant and bitter UnReal. Show More Summary


The miniseries Roots originally aired for eight consecutive nights in 1977 because executives at ABC were convinced the chronicle of an enslaved black American family would flop, and they wanted to burn through it as quickly as possible. Show More Summary

Julian Fellowes Presents Downton Abbey II

Downton Abbey just finished its six-season run two months ago, but if you have been fiending for British accents, period costumes, poorly managed hereditary estates, class tensions, love stories revolving around a young woman named Mary, and the nostalgic eye of Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, here comes Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne. Show More Summary


AMC has had tremendous earthly success adapting comic books into television shows. The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, has been dinged by critics but has nonetheless infected the brains of a huge audience; the show has been a massive hit for the network. Show More Summary

Lady Dynamite

Maria Bamford has long been a comedian’s comedian, perpetually on the verge of breaking out, as she does comedy about living on the verge of breaking down. Her new Netflix show, Lady Dynamite, aspires to break the rules of the stand-up...Show More Summary

The Euro Thriller, Tinkered With and Tailored to Our Time

The European Union may be in a state of perpetual simmering crisis, but the Euro thriller, a particularly debonair and moody subset of the genre, is booming. These dark and stylish miniseries are multilingual and peripatetic, with plots featuring vast commercial conspiracies, corrupt spy agencies, and the reverberations of past violence. Show More Summary

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