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Our Corporate Tax System Is a Mess. Republicans Might Just Make It Worse.

At the moment, Republicans still insist that they want to pass a tax reform bill by the end of the year. Not just a tax cut, mind you, but a full-fledged reform package that will clear out the countless deductions, loopholes, and special-interest...Show More Summary

Harvey Is an Equal-Opportunity Disaster. The Poor Won't Be Left Behind Until the Recovery.

One of the bewildering things about Hurricane Harvey, for observers and especially for Houstonians themselves, has been the lack of a comprehensive sense of the extent of the flooding. We don’t quite know, quite yet, who has been hit the worst. Storm surges come from the sea; a swollen river envelops a downtown along a predictable route. Show More Summary

Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed a Rule Designed to Protect Cities From Flood Risks

Ten days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to speed up the pipeline for federal infrastructure projects. One component of that Aug. 15 order? Eliminating an Obama-era...Show More Summary

Flashback: 20 Texas GOP Representatives and Both Senators Voted Against the Sandy Relief Act

Hurricane Harvey is on pace to produce the greatest single-storm rainfall in the United States in at least a century, and may wind up being one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history. To make matters worse, since much ofShow More Summary

The U.S. Might Not Have Enough Construction Workers to Rebuild Houston After Harvey

The disaster that is Tropical Storm Harvey is still ongoing. It will be some time before the waters recede and the effect on Houston can be fully assessed. But it is already clear the damage to property will be immense. Tens of thousands of structures were impacted by floodwaters. Show More Summary

What Happened to the Two Reservoirs That Were Supposed to Protect Downtown Houston?

If you look at a satellite image of Harris County, Texas, where subdivisions cascading west into the Katy Prairie have helped make the Houston area the country’s fastest growing metropolitan region since 1980, you can see two large green splotches on either side of the Katy Freeway. Show More Summary

The Housing Industry Still Hasn’t Realized It’s Building Too Many Homes for Rich People

It's possible to get rich if your business only caters to rich people. But it's hard to have a massive and really successful industry in the United States today if you only cater to rich people. There are only so many people in the country with good credit and lots of cash sitting around. Show More Summary

The Last Place in America Without an Obamacare Insurer Lined Up for Next Year Just Got One

As of now, every county in the United States now has at least one health insurer lined up to offer coverage on its Affordable Care Act exchange next year. CareSource, a nonprofit health insurer, announced Thursday morning that it would...Show More Summary

Letting People Buy Into Medicaid Is the Hot New Democratic Health Care Idea

With Obamacare repeal defeated for the time being, Democrats have begun looking ahead and crafting plans to expand health coverage to the millions of Americans who still remain uninsured. On Tuesday, Vox previewed one such proposal from Sen. Show More Summary

Amazon’s Hit Clothing Brand for Kids Is a Crime Against Taste and Childhood

In the past year, Amazon has quietly slipped into the apparel manufacturing business, with goods ranging from lingerie to men’s dress shoes. These private-label brands have innocuous names like Paris Sunday and Goodthreads, and they haven’t made huge splashes in their respective markets—except for one. Show More Summary

Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries Are Innovating Government Like a Fork Innovates Soup

It has been nearly five months since Donald Trump formed the Office of American Innovation, an initiative led by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to make the federal government run more like a business. Aside from the presence of Kushner,...Show More Summary

Trump Said Obamacare Would Collapse On Its Own. It Looks Like He Was Wrong.

Republicans have spent the better part of a year claiming that Obamacare was finally unraveling just the way they always predicted it would. For proof, they often pointed to parts of the country where carriers had decided to pull out...Show More Summary

Craigslist Posters Are Already Trying to Sell Their Used Eclipse Glasses as Collectors’ Items

For many of us, tracking down the correct eyewear was hassle enough leading up to Monday’s total eclipse. But what about unloading them now that it’s over? Just hours after the eclipse, people are looking to make some quick cash by selling their “gently used” protective glasses. Show More Summary

Steve Bannon May Be Leaving the White House, But His Worst Ideas Will Live On

Steve Bannon was supposed to be the brains behind the Trump presidency—the “populist” ideologue who personified the the White House's xenophobic, race-baiting, protectionist tendencies. Saturday Night Live literally depicted him as the...Show More Summary

We've Sentenced Puerto Rico to a Greece-Like Economic Catastrophe

Chances are you haven't thought much lately about the economic tragedy that's unfolding in Puerto Rico. Not with nukes in North Korea and neo-Nazis and Obamacare repeal to dwell on. But today at the New York Times, Mark Weisbrot of the...Show More Summary

This Startup Will Let You Go to the Movies Anytime for $10 a Month. It's Probably Doomed.

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, Americans have gotten used to thinking about home entertainment as a $10-per-month, all-you-can-binge buffet. Now, a company run by one of Netflix's co-founders wants to bring aShow More Summary

Donald Trump's Plot to Blow Up Obamacare Would Backfire Spectacularly, Says the CBO

If Donald Trump tries to go nuclear on Obamacare, the effort might just fizzle. For what feels like eons now, the president has been publicly hinting that he might cut off important subsidies to insurers that keep the Affordable Care Act's exchanges up and running as intended. Show More Summary

CEOs Are Running Out of Reasons Not to Bail on Trump

CEOs of large public companies have faced something of a conundrum in the age of Trump. On the one hand, here was a historically unpopular president who lost the popular vote, who is actively hostile to many of the values to which their...Show More Summary

New Fidget Spinner Safety Guidelines Prove We Can’t Have Nice Things

Along with “decline of civilization,” add “danger” to the list of reasons fidget spinners are bad for the youth: Two recent incidents reveal the mindfulness tool and classroom distraction can burst into flames and explode. Michelle Carr...Show More Summary

Snapchat Is Doing Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

On Snap Inc.’s second earnings call as a public company, CEO Evan Spiegel started with the good news. Users visited Snapchat more frequently last quarter, and spent more time on it “than ever before,” Spiegel said Thursday. It’s theShow More Summary

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