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5 Tips for gaining self-confidence

I think I am finally going to have a reality TV show. I have had maybe ten production companies tell me they want to do some kind of TV show with me. And all ten have backed out at various stages of making the show. So I have learned that dealing with TV people is like dealing with...

Essential advice for new college grads

One of the things I love most about the advice-to-grads motif is that you learn a lot about the advice giver from the advice. When you force yourself to give short, smart advice, you end up focusing on the stuff that matters most to you. Sheryl Sandberg, for example, gives amazing graduation speeches, but she...

How to decide when to work for free

High performers work for free.  The difference between working for free because you’re a loser and working for free because you’re a high performer is what you get from the deal. People often ask me how to become a writer. The answer is to write for free. You won’t get paid for years. I wrote for...

5 Reasons you should specialize right now

We are in a drought. Not a metaphorical drought. That’s for city people. We are in a drought that is crop failure. I have read a lot about the dust bowl during the depression. My favorite book is a children’s book. And, let me just say that I mostly read children’s books. It makes sense, because...

We are in the age of personal responsibility

When I moved to the farmhouse, I first replaced myself with a new CEO for my company, and then started reading enough about interior design to get a degree in the subject, if I believed in graduate degrees. I became enthralled with Steampunk as a way to blend the rustic nature of my surroundings with my...

Attention to problems matters more than solutions to problems

Fortune magazine has started reporting about family in corporate life. We all know corporate jobs are messed up. Fortune magazine is a monument to how messed up corporate life really is. In November, Fortune wrote that the company that Sheryl Sandberg, a working mom, runs, has employees “on lockdown” and their kids come to the office...

How to choose a career if your interests are wide

I’ve spent the last five years learning about farming. At first I couldn’t even tell the difference between a hay field and an oat field. Now I can tell when a planting is late. I have learned enough about cattle to sort them for breeding. I don’t do as good a job as the Farmer of...

What we can learn from the lies people tell

I love watching people lie. I know that I probably have the same feelings the liars do, the feeling of being stuck. I like to think about what I do when I have that feelings, how people cope with it, and how much pain we can handle before we become our worst selves. Lately, I’ve been...

How to make amends for bad behavior

Photo by Roz Joseph c. 1970 It used to be that the reason people hated me was because I offended them. Poor social skills. I’m sure you can imagine, but if you can’t, here’s the post about how I spoke at a women in business blogging event and I offended everyone by telling them that their...

How to travel for business if you travel a lot

In the airport a fight attendant said to my six-year-old son, “Where are you going today?” He said, “California.” She said, “You’re a lucky boy!” He said, “Actually, I’m really tired of going to airports with my mom.” This is because I’ve been taking him on all my business trips. And he is learning something important about business travel: [...]

How to take ownership of what you really want

The novel Fifty Shades of Grey is selling faster than a Harry Potter book right now. The book is about sexual domination in a contemporary setting, including the career woman who has everything, including a hot, successful boyfriend. The big news is that we have enough data to show that the majority of women buying Fifty [...]

Your biggest barrier to starting your own business

Last month I gave a speech at the Natural Products Expo in California, and I took my son with me. Everyone’s an entrepreneur in my family, and my son’s first thought was that this would be a good way to expand his egg business. He knows the eggs he gets from our chicken coop garner [...]

Five tactics for finding a spouse

Sheryl Sandberg has said that the most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry. I have to agree with this statement. Here’s why: If you marry someone with a big career and you want to have a big career you have to find that rare mate who can treat you as an equal, even when [...]

The myth of career passion and how it derails you

You do not need to have a life full of passion. What is that life, anyway? You probably don’t even know what passion is. But if you really thought about what you were aiming for when you talk about passion and careers, eventually you’d get to the idea of engagement. This is not a controversial thought: that [...]

When to leave grad school off your resume

I have been railing against grad school for a long time, and  I’m starting to believe that you should leave grad school off your resume if you are not working in the field you studied. Here are five reasons why putting grad school on your resume makes you look bad. (And at the end of this [...]

How I decide where to focus my energy

Melissa’s in China, which means I have to wake up at four in the morning to talk, which means we have no phone calls, and her emails are unsatisfyingly delayed. I miss her. She is with Steven, who I think is buying her a ring. Going to China with Steven was a good idea because men love [...]

Savor success. Forget failure.

My son already has experience taking care of an animal and selling it. Last year, his 4-H project was pigs. He showed them, then he sold them, and we even went to the carcass show, which is where fifty people go into a meat freezer with a agriculture professor and find out why one kid’s [...]

How to recognize poor executive function

Executive function means being able to see the big picture and sort through details to arrive at a good decision. You probably have met more than a few people with very poor executive function. This person is probably very smart but seemingly incompetent in one area—often at work, or in daily life skills, or both. [...]

8 Lessons about money I learned from my family

This post is sponsored by Harris Bank.  When I was growing up, we had stuffed lions from Harris Bank. We had enough Hubert Harris lions to make whole a zoo.  The lions made sense to me, because I thought of the bank as a warm and fuzzy place. Really, to understand what I’m talking about, I need [...]

My review of Seth Godin’s new book

Installation by Yayo Kusama Seth Godin just published an e-book about education called Stop Stealing Dreams. He talks about how schools suck, but that even though homeschooling appears to be a rational response to terrible schools, homeschooling is inefficient and unrealistic for most parents. When I first saw this, I was stunned. Seth has built a career on telling people [...]

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