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8 Lessons about money I learned from my family

This post is sponsored by Harris Bank.  When I was growing up, we had stuffed lions from Harris Bank. We had enough Hubert Harris lions to make whole a zoo.  The lions made sense to me, because I thought of the bank as a warm and fuzzy place. Really, to understand what I’m talking about, I need [...]

My review of Seth Godin’s new book

Installation by Yayo Kusama Seth Godin just published an e-book about education called Stop Stealing Dreams. He talks about how schools suck, but that even though homeschooling appears to be a rational response to terrible schools, homeschooling is inefficient and unrealistic for most parents. When I first saw this, I was stunned. Seth has built a career on telling people [...]

New skills you need to get jobs now

When you see someone who has a career you want, it’s a safe bet that they spent the majority of their career clearly defining themselves and then differentiating themselves from all the other people who defined themselves the same way. Self-knowledge is a huge career tool, but most people find it onerous and try to skip [...]

Divorce is immature and selfish. Don't do it.

Divorce is always on my mind because I got a divorce four years ago. Not that I wanted to. In fact, when I thought we were going to a couples therapist we were actually going to a divorce mediator. And then, when it was clear that we were going to have to get a divorce, [...]

Some advice on taking advice

A while back, someone was interviewing me and asked me if I’ve tried yoga. Right now a zillion people are thinking I’m writing about them. Because so many people, in the middle of an interview, will decide they need to recommend to me that I do yoga. The person tells me that yoga changed their life and [...]

How to improve your life with pharmaceuticals

Phone call. It’s Melissa. “Hi,” she says. “Can I come see you today?” Of course I say yes. I assume she is breaking up with her boyfriend because she’s pretty much agoraphobic except for going to the stable to ride her horse or going to the office for her job. Both of which require only sporadic household [...]

The real value of diversity

I always thought leaving New York City would be good for me because when you live there, the push to get the best of everything is very strong. New Yorkers are maximizers, a term coined by psychologist Barry Schwartz for someone who is always thinking they can do better. These people are generally unhappy. There’s a spectrum, [...]

7 Big relocation mistakes

Last fall I took my kids to Hermosa Beach. It was a big moment for me because the whole time I was playing professional volleyball, in my 20s, I dreamed I would have a family and live in Hermosa. It’s a great beach town with top-notch volleyball. There’s proximity to good career opportunities in the LA area, [...]

What Facebook's IPO means for women

After the Facebook IPO, Sheryl Sandberg will become number two on the list of richest self-made women. She is the COO of Facebook.  For those of you not familiar with her career, there’s a nice summary in the New York Times. But the bottom line is that she is really smart (Harvard), a really hard [...]

How to have faith in yourself

Sunday nights at our house are dinner with me, the kids, the Farmer and the Ex. They are always fun dinners, and I always feel very lucky for that. My six-year-old talked about his new baby cousin, Eva. "She has a terrible name," he said, "for Pig Latin. Its Vaeay. It doesn't work." We all do the [...]

Key to productivity: Choose phone calls carefully

One of the keys to my ability to work 40 hours a week and homeschool two kids is that I have great time management. Which is to say, I say no to just about everything. But learning when to say no is still a work in progress. Here's what I know about saying no to phone [...]

Things I wish I had written

In therapy lately I am learning to identify my feelings. Maybe you’re thinking this is elementary, but did you know that envy is about wanting something you don’t have, but jealousy is the fear of losing something you already have? I am thinking about those two things. I am almost never envious, but I am often [...]

How to manage a career in 2012

I have never been great at picking my own clothes. I’m great at interior design, but I have a blind spot for clothes. So I email Melissa photos of my outfits, and she uses her photographic memory of my closet to edit my outfits. When I sent her this photo, she said: “What is this?” I only [...]

Ideas that will influence 2012

If I look back on my blog, I can see that each year there were one or two ideas that just blew me away and ended up dominating my thinking. For example, 2011 my year to be obsessed with school –  homeschooling and higher ed, 2010 was my year for disillusionment with happiness research, 2009 was when [...]

My New Year’s Resolution: Pay Attention

Somehow, last year, I got too big-picture. It’s not surprising since I’m an ENTJ. I understand my deficit, which is one reason I picked the Farmer, an ISTP-–extremely short-term thinking. At the end of the day, the Farmer walks in the house and talks about his day’s accomplishments, and the weather. I used to tell [...]

Zero tolerance for domestic violence is wrong

It's been four days since I documented my own domestic violence, in almost real-time, between me and the Farmer. The most common response I've heard is some variation of: "Zero tolerance for domestic abuse!" And you know what? I have zero tolerance for things I am not prone to tolerate as well. That’s easy, isn’t it? It’s much harder [...]

Most popular posts of 2011

I think this year was a year of me looking for stuff. Trying to figure stuff out. Maybe trying to figure out what I'm looking for. I was also the year I discovered pictures for my blog, and I even redesigned the whole blog so the photos are more prominent. So it makes sense to me [...]

The psychology of quitting

I am at a hotel. I think I'm dying. I have a bruise from where the Farmer slammed me into our bed post. I took the kids and went to a hotel so I could have time to think. I think I need to move into a hotel for a month. The Farmer told me that he [...]

Shortcuts to Common New Year's Resolutions

One reason I have achieved so much in my own career is that I’ve taken shortcuts. For example, I played professional beach volleyball without learning how to play indoor sixes very well—I can really only play doubles, which is what people play on the sand. But it allowed me to skip a lot of years of [...]

Secret social skills successful people know

When we were at LegoLand I was struck by the high emotional intelligence of the employees. Their job is to make everyone feel like their Lego project is great. (You'd be surprised how many parents are there, swiping the white blocks from little kids at the Lego snowman contest.) High emotional-intelligence jobs are very hard, [...]

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