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Another game for Congress to play

Steny Hoyer, the House Democratic whip, stood in his conference room at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon and argued that our problems could be solved if only lawmakers would play more games. “It’s so very important,” he said, standing...Show More Summary

Web giants launch lobbying group

Internet titans Facebook, Google, Amazon and Yahoo on Wednesday launched a new lobbying association to counter efforts by federal regulators to saddle their industry with new rules. The Internet Association, led by Capitol Hill veteran...Show More Summary

A friend of feds last hearing; Akaka retiring

With a nod to his home state, Sen. Daniel K. Akaka opens every hearing with “Aloha.” Wednesday’s session was a time for those attending the packed hearing he chaired to tell him: “A hui hou.” Until next time. Read full article >>

Before Romney’s 47%, there was Nixon’s

Some people find certain numbers to be of great significance. For example, the Chinese find the number 8 to be very lucky. Americans find 13 to be very unlucky. The big number this week is 47, as in the 47 percent of irresponsible, freeloading voters that Mitt Romney decided months ago he can’t and won’t try to win over. Read full article >>

Vet jobs bill fails in Senate; caught in Hill battle

Legislation to put veterans to work preserving and restoring national parks and other federal, state and local lands was defeated Wednesday afternoon when Senate Republicans successfully blocked the bill’s advance with a budgetary point of order. Read full article >>

Gates: Sequestration will take adults to handle

“My hope is that following the presidential election, whatever adults remain in the two political parties will make the compromises necessary to put this country back in order.” Those were the words of former defense secretary Robert M. Show More Summary


Another Republican senator distanced himself from Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan added a “redistribution” jab to his stump speech.  The economy will dominate the first debate. Romney said that he and Obama both care.  Read full article >...

Newt Gingrich to raise money for Todd Akin

Make sure to sign up to receive “Afternoon Fix” every day in your e-mail inbox by 5(ish) p.m.! EARLIER ON THE FIX: Romney’s ’47 percent’ comment and the importance of the echo chamber Senate Democratic candidates look strong in recent polling Read full article >>

Scott Brown is still backing Mitt Romney

The Hill reports that Sen. Scott Brown dodged when asked if he still supports Mitt Romney. But the Massachusetts Republican’s campaign is clear. Here’s spokeswoman Alleigh Marré:  Sen Brown was one of the 1st to support Romney for Pres...Show More Summary

Romney’s ’47 percent’ comment and the importance of the echo chamber

Mitt Romney’s comment suggesting that the 47 percent of Americans who support President Obama are dependent upon government has consumed the political media over the past couple days. Among the people who matter, though (hint: actual voters), the response has been more of a collective shoulder shrug. Read full article >>

Justice IG critical of ATF in gun operation

Federal agents and prosecutors in Phoenix ignored public safety concerns and were primarily responsible for the botched effort to infiltrate weapons-smuggling rings in the operation dubbed “Fast and Furious,” according to a report released Wednesday by the Justice Department’s inspector general. Read full article >>

Senate Democratic candidates look strong in recent polling

The latest Marquette Law School poll of the Wisconsin Senate race shows Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) leading former governor Tommy Thompson (R), 50 percent to 41 percent, a sharp turnabout from a mid-August survey that showed the Republican ahead by the same margin. Read full article >>

How party ID became partisan — and why it shouldn’t be

After the release of any — and every — swing state or national poll these days, the Fix Twitter feed and email inbox immediately fill up with messages that are some variation on this: “Party ID skewed! D+8!” Read full article >>

The 36 percent vs. the 20 percent

Mitt Romney’s comments on the “47 percent” did not go over well, a new poll suggests.  A one-night USA Today/Gallup poll found 36 percent of registered voters are less likely to vote for the GOP candidate after hearing his remarks, while 20 percent are more likely. Forty-three percent say the comments won’t make a difference.  Read full article >>

Romney: We both care about poor and middle class

At an open-press fundraiser in Atlanta, Ga. Wednesday, Mitt Romney defended himself against Democratic attacks by saying that both he and President Obama care about poor and middle-class Americans. What matters, he argued, is their plans to help those people.  Read full article >>

Democrats well-positioned for fall campaign stretch run in Virginia

Virginia is both a key presidential battleground and the site of an ultra-competitive Senate race that could well decide which party wins the upper chamber majority. In both contests, Democrats appear to hold the high ground with just under seven weeks to go until Election Day. Read full article >>

Dean Heller distances himself from Mitt Romney

Sen. Dean Heller (R), locked in a tight race for reelection against Rep. Shelley Berkeley in Nevada, told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday that he and his party’s presidential nominee have a “very different view of the world,” when it comes to competing for the votes of those who do not pay income tax or receive government assistance. Read full article >>

Paul Ryan jabs Obama on ‘redistribution’

At Paul Ryan campaign events in the two-and-a-half weeks since the GOP convention, the shifting signage has been a reflection of the campaign’s ever-changing focus. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just as the Democratic convention was kicking off, the message was: “Are You Better Off?” Read full article >>

One or two minutes missing from leaked Romney video

There is a “one-to-two-minute” gap in the videos Mother Jones posted on Tuesday that were originally billed Mitt Romney’s full remarks from a Florida fundraiser in May.  The gap begins right after Romney’s controversial remarks on the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal income tax. Show More Summary

Arnold Schwarzenegger releases book trailer

It’s no Expendables 2, but the trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memoir probably has more action than your average book preview: Read full article >>

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