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YouTube Bans Firearms Channels

Those who follow firearms, shooting, and tactical channels on YouTube know about the travails of Hickok45 on YouTube.  Venerable and old school, Hickok45 tests and comments on firearms manufacturers send him.  Sometimes he shoots his own firearms, but always, he shoots, comments and often provides history and mechanical commentary on the machines he is using.  […]

Denver City Council Bans Bump Stocks, Shocked To Find That No One Turns Theirs In In January, the Denver City Council approved a ban on the possession of bump stocks and police have told people they need to turn them in. More than two months later, police have not received a single one. Denverite reports police told gun owners that if they “are in possession of a bump stock, and would like […]

VISA Refuses To Cut Ties With Rifle Manufacturers

Breitbart: Their announcement comes after an anti-Second Amendment campaign resulted in over dozen companies cutting ties with the NRA. It also follows a New York Times’ suggestion that Visa and Mastercard could circumvent Congress and restrict “assault weapon” sales by refusing business with “assault weapon” manufacturers and/or dealers. Show More Summary

Vox Writer Dylan Matthews Advocates Civil War

Vox: Realistically, a gun control plan that has any hope of getting us down to European levels of violence is going to mean taking a huge number of guns away from a huge number of gun owners. Other countries have done exactly that. Australia, for example, enacted a mandatory gun buyback that achieved that goal, […]

An Open Letter To Marty Daniel And Daniel Defense

Dear Marty, I see that you weighed in with support for the “fix-NICS” bill.  I was sad to see this, so I wrote you a note that went something like this (in abbreviated form). Sir, I feel that this will be a huge mistake and I wish there was a way to undo this.  Unfortunately, […]

Nine Year Old North Carolina Girl Attacked By Coyote

Via reader Fred Tippens, Yahoo: A 9-nine-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote outside of her home in North Carolina. On Thursday evening, the animal approached Madilyn Fowler on her porch, leaving her with minor injuries, including scratches on her bottom, back and face, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. “The coyote had been attempting to attack […]

Private Ships Of War And The American Maritime Tradition

JMW: Privately owned warships are so deeply at the heart of American maritime tradition that a reference to them is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. With their own contract crews who rushed to the fight for independence during the American Revolution and in defense of the nation during the War of 1812, the private warships […]

John Robb: The Social Network War On Guns

Via WRSA, John Robb has written an interesting entry on the social network war on guns. When it comes to politics, it should be of no surprise to anyone that we’re in uncharted, nonlinear territory now. Weaponized social networks have seized control of the political process from the traditional political parties and their media gatekeepers.  […]

Eight Times Law-Abiding Citizens Saved Lives With An AR-15

Via Codrea, this from Daily Signal. 1. Harris County, Texas (2013) A 15-year-old boy saved both his life and the life of his 12-year-old sister by fending off a pair of home invaders with his father’s AR-15. 2. Rochester, New York (2013) Two armed burglars retreated from a college student’s apartment after coming face-to-face with […]

Pima Sheriff Claims “Only Ones” Status To Nix Arming Teachers

David Codrea quotes: “The Sheriff says he and Governor Ducey feel it’s not practical to arm teachers because they’d have to become as well trained as deputies.” Yawn.  Good grief.  It’s just putting rounds on a silhouette.  I’m more interested in the myth-telling the Sheriff wants to do.  They just won’t stop with this notion […]

Arrests In Animal Ritual Sacrifice In Texas

mySA: A gruesome scene unfolded Friday night as Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies discovered dead and dismembered animals in a West Bexar County home after receiving calls that animals were being sacrificed. Deputies responded to an animal cruelty call in the 11400 block of Bronze Sand Road about 7 p.m. When deputies arrived, they saw more […]

U.S. Navy Wants Atheist Chaplains

FRC: If there aren’t atheists in foxholes, why should we put them in the Chaplain Corps? Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) can’t imagine. Like most leaders, he’s astounded that the Navy is even considering letting someone who doesn’t believe in God join the chaplaincy. Three years ago, the idea was so absurd that even Obama’s military […]

What Were The Ages Of The Soldiers In The Battle Of King’s Mountain?

This transcript (which was bot-generated, so it’s not fit for human consumption unless you’re patient and forgiving), is interesting and informative. So a little research battle kings mountain which you may be familiar with just west of here over in Cleveland county. Was one of the turning ports in the American revolution. And in researching […]

He’s Disarmed Without Being Convicted Of Anything

David Codrea: If there is “clear, convincing, admissible evidence” that a supposedly “restrained” party is a danger, how is it responsible to allow such a menace access to the rest of us until such time as it can be established that he is no longer a threat? Does anyone think he couldn’t kill with something […]

Are White, Racist Men Stockpiling Guns?

Scientific American: Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. has tripled, while imports have doubled. This doesn’t mean more households have guns than ever before—that percentage has stayed fairly steady for decades. Rather, more guns are being stockpiled by a small number of individuals. Three percent of […]

Baltimore Police Academy Legal Instructor: Recruits Hit The Streets With Poor Understanding Of The Law

The Baltimore Sun: A third of Baltimore Police recruits set to leave the academy and hit the streets lack a basic understanding of the laws governing constitutional policing and are being pushed through by the department nonetheless, according to the academy’s head of legal instruction. “We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the […]

John Walsh Wants You On A Mental Illness Registry Even If You’re Only A “Would-Be” Gun Owner

TMZ: The host of “America’s Most Wanted,” who also helped create a national registry for sex offenders, says the same system is needed for mentally ill people looking to buy guns. We got John Walsh Saturday at LAX and asked what he made of Florida’s new gun law — in which the age limit to […]

Trump Administration Takes Action On Gun Control

Newsweek: The Trump administration took its first steps to ban bump stocks on guns through regulatory action Saturday morning. The Department of Justice submitted notice of proposed regulation to clarify the meaning of “machinegun” in...Show More Summary

Senator Cornyn Has Enough Votes For NICS Bill

The Texas Tribune: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has enough support to pass his “Fix NICS” gun control bill without the possibility of a filibuster, his office said Friday morning. It’s not yet clear when the bill might get a vote, but a staff member said there are now 62 sponsors of the bill — […]

3-Gun & Tactical Rifle Scopes

In the interest of following up George’s question on rifle scopes, I currently use a Vortex Strike Eagle (although I don’t currently shoot 3-Gun).  It’s a second focal plane scope, and it’s price point is very reasonable.  I am interested in the newer Vortex Viper, but it’s price point is higher. Here is a video […]

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