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Counterinsurgency And Stability Operations In Baltimore

Via reader David Dietz, news from Baltimore: Five days ago, Det. Sean Suiter, a married father of five and an 18-year veteran with the Baltimore Police, was patrolling the streets of West Baltimore around 5pm last Wednesday when he saw suspicious activity. Suiter approached a man and was shot point blank in the head, in […]

If You Can’t Trust Mental Illness Or Domestic Abuse As A Predictor Of Violence, What Is The Gun Controller To Do?

NBC News: Experts say it is difficult to know what to do in those situations, but Dr. James Fox, an expert on gun violence and author of “Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder,” said it’s dangerous to assume that the mentally ill tend to commit these shootings. “There’s not really a correlation,” said Fox, […]

Financial Woes For Remington Remington Outdoor, the second-largest U.S. gunmaker has suffered a “rapid” and “sharp” deterioration in sales and a similar drop in profits since January, and faces “continued softness in consumer demand for firearms,” credit analysts at Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings said in a report today. S&P as a result has cut the company’s corporate credit rating […]

It Is A Privilege That We Allow Individuals To Hold Onto Something That Causes Harm And Death

News From Boston: BOSTON – Allowing the use of silencers and the attorney general’s authority to regulate firearms were hot topics at a Public Safety Committee hearing Thursday that saw lawmakers and gun rights advocates tangle over the Second Amendment. More than 100 people piled into a Statehouse hearing room for the hearing on more […]

The Red State Of South Carolina Has Its Share Of Gun Controllers Too

The Hill: The mayor of Columbia, S.C., is planning to propose a ban on bump stocks and trigger cranks on guns in the city. “I believe in responsible gun ownership, and I believe in common sense,” Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin (D) said in a statement, according to ABC News. “That’s why I’ve decided to do what […]

Detroit Police Department, Or Reno 911!?

News from Detroit: DETROIT (WJBK) – An internal investigation has been launched at the Detroit Police Department after two different precincts got into a turf war as they converged on an east side neighborhood. Neighbors who live on Andover on Detroit’s east side will be the first to tell you this area is known for […]

Somebody’s Got A New Fully Automatic SBR

News from Arizona: A Sahuarita motorcycle officer was been disciplined after losing a SWAT rifle while on patrol in May. The fully automatic rifle with a 10-inch barrel has not been recovered. The officer was on a call in Madera Highlands about noon May 25 when a fellow officer noticed the rifle rack on his […]

Senators Said To Be “Close” To Deal On New Gun Control

The Hill: Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said on Wednesday that senators are nearing a bipartisan deal on gun legislation following a number of high-profile mass shootings. Big news: super close to a bipartisan breakthrough on gun legislation. Show More Summary

Uranium One, Shep Smith And Jonah Goldberg

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle going on over the accusations of treason against the purveyors of the deal that sent ownership of Uranium to Vladimir Putin.  Jonah Goldberg is up first. My real objection is to the way people on late-night shout shows and talk radio blithely and irresponsibly throw around claims that […]

What To Look For When Buying A Suppressor

Shooting Illustrated: In general, you want to start off with the largest diameter suppressor you think you’ll need. You can shoot 9 mm through a.45 ACP can, albeit with a slight increase in noise due to the larger opening, but you cannot shoot.45 ACP through a 9 mm can. Also, in general, shorter […]

In Texas, Many Believe Carrying Guns With Them Will Prevent The Next Massacre

NPR is stunned, befuddled and aghast. Those who live around Sutherland Springs, Texas, may still be questioning why a gunman shot up a Baptist church during Sunday worship. But they’re not at all confused about how citizens should respond. Many believe the best way to stop the next massacre is to pack a pistol everywhere […]

Mass Shootings In Gun-Free Nations

Dave Kopel: The global history of mass shootings demonstrates that the vast majority of these crimes are perpetrated in places where citizen firearms ownership is close to nil. While people can argue about cause and effect, the facts are indisputable. This might seem surprising to people who read a recent article in the New York Times claiming […]

Dallas SWAT Officer Shoots Himself In The Leg During Drug Raid

Dallas News: A Dallas SWAT officer accidentally shot himself in the leg Saturday morning during a drug raid in east Oak Cliff, police said. The officer, a 10-year veteran of the SWAT unit, and several other officers were executing a narcotics search warrant about 11:20 a.m. at an apartment in the 3800 block of Bonnie View […]

Comment Of The Week: The Conversation Gun Controllers Need To Have With Their Wives

Fred Tippens: Men cowering in their bathtub or not having the means to return fire is a sickness on their soul, the cure for which is Christ Jesus. If a man refuses to go armed he admits to a Holy God and all of mankind that he is unfit for his duties in a fallen […]

Why The AR-15 Was Never Meant To Be In Civilians’ Hands

The Atlantic: During the Vietnam war era, as a newly graduated mechanical engineer, I was hired by Colt’s Firearms, the original manufacturer of the M-16, and tasked with M-16 related assignments during my employment. There was no commercially available civilian version of the AR-15 prior to the U.S. Military’s decision to make it the default […]

New Evidence And Questions Surrounding The Las Vegas Shooting

I’m going to offer up these links (via reader B Bauch) with just a little bit of commentary.  The reader can judge for himself the content of the links.  As for the first one, it’s a highly useful link and video until it gets to the ads. If you come to me telling me things […]

Fake Evangelicals On Guns In Church Churches are, indeed, families — some large, some small. In fact, Baptists and other evangelicals often refer to their congregations as a “family of God.” As with all families, there is good and bad to church-family life. Just as in any home, relationships in God’s house often experience tension, stress, grudges, offenses and even, […]

Major Newspapers Confirm No Gun Laws Will Ever Be Enough For Them

Codrea: “But even then, assault weapons like the one Kelley used will remain for sale in this country, and that’s the fundamental problem. Civilians have no legitimate reason to own military-style firearms …” … But it’s interesting The Times admits they even disagree with the Heller opinion that you can have a gun in your […]

From Hymns To Gunfire In A Country Church In Texas

The Washington Post continues with things we learn about the shooting in Sutherland Spring, Texas. They ran outside, and that’s when they saw him: Kelley, dressed in all black, carrying a long rifle and standing across the street, beneath the tall, blue sign that reads “First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.” A few houses away, […]

Properly Understanding The Concept Of Risk And Gun Carry

Tom Nichols writing at L.A. Times: Every disaster brings out human irrationality. When there’s a plane crash, we fear flying; when a rare disease emerges, we fear we will be infected. And when there’s a mass shooting in a church, we think we should bring more guns into churches. Or at least some people think […]

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