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Show Enthusiasm and Appreciation while Networking for an Internship

I recently connected a college junior with a new business associate who is also a local employer. This particular young lady, Julie, is the daughter of my good friend Barbara.  The most important thing I try to do as a connector is find a great match. You may be the connector ( like me) or […]

Show Some Style on Your Next Marketing Interview

A very good friend of mine has been in the marketing industry for nearly 15 years. Recently, she’s been looking around for new opportunities, and is hoping that 2014 is the year that she’ll land a challenging new gig. As she prepares for interviews, she reached out to me with this question: How should I […]

Computer Tablet Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Job Interviews

Finding the right career and searching for the perfect job is ever-evolving, and new technology is keeping pace with that process. Tablet computers are the latest trend for employment seekers who want to impress with digital portfolios tailor-made for interviewers. Armed with a tablet and schooled in proper etiquette, you too can enhance your interview […]

How Much Importance Should Be Placed on a Job Candidate’s Educational History?

Most of us have been told throughout our lives that getting a good education from a respectable college or university is essential for success in getting hired and forging ahead in our preferred job industry. But in the 21st century, does that advice still hold up? Surprisingly, the answer is yes and no. In fact, […]

Dress Right for Your Interview

When you know you look great, your confidence soars. So it makes sense to take the time to dress carefully for your important interviews.  Your appearance is a big component of your interviewer’s first impression of you so it’s worth the effort to make sure you are looking wonderful.  In general this means you should […]

Payroll Specialists: Bone Up on These Software Programs Before Applying for That Job

Those in the market for a position as a payroll specialist must be prepared to stand out from the competition if they want to get a job. When companies hire for their accounting department, they look for candidates who possess the education, experience, and know-how to jump into the job without the need for extensive […]

Students: Start your Networking Engine!

If you are a college student, I suspect that you are starting to think about your next internship position.  While most students go straight for the internet, I urge you to consider using the best sources possible to help you land your coveted next position. The internet has it’s place but use it wisely. The […]

Niche Job Boards Can be Nice

I am not normally a fan of job boards because I gravitate towards networking and relationship building to find opportunities of any kind. My tool of choice is LinkedIn. However, the fact remains that there are times when you may need to use a job board in your search. Not all companies, recruiters or hiring […]

Do People Hire Job Seekers Whom They Like?

To answer the first question, yes; hiring managers tend to give job offers to those whom they get along with…this is all other things being equal. When you think about it, the proposition is logical as the potential boss is going to have to manage that particular employee meaning they are going to be spending […]

Unleash the Power of an Informational Interview

Finding an internship or first job can be a challenging experience. Your best sources of employment leads are usually your own university or your own personal network. Colleges and universities are organized to help you through Career Services, Internship Centers, and academic departments. If you want to work geographically far from your university, you will […]

Keeping Track of What This Job Search is Costing You

It’s a heavy burden. Do you want to lighten it? Image Courtesy of: Renjith Krishnan/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net Did you know that some of the expenses you incur while searching for your next job are tax deductible? It’s true! Here’s how it works. Via the IRS website (but translated into “regular-people speak”): You can only deduct expenses that […]

Maternity Leave: What You Need to Know if You Get Pregnant

Any job seekers who happen to be pregnant need to completely understand maternity leave in order to successfully navigate the hiring process. Once you are clear on a mother’s rights in your locale, you will no longer need to worry about the challenges of employment during a time when your mind is focused on making […]

Employers Wish List of Qualities for Entry Level Hires

The news is chock full of stories about employers bemoaning the experience level and skills of college graduates. Additionally, many companies have downgraded their corporate training budgets and programs for new hires. This has been happening over the past five years.  College students are often caught in this experience gap, unless they have had some […]

10 Pointers for Improving Your Digital Reputation Before You Jump into the Job Search

In a tight job market, you need every advantage you can get. You must find a way to separate yourself from your job-seeking colleagues. The more active you are online, whether it’s social media, blogging, or simply leaving comments on other sites, the more information potential employers can find about you. By putting together various […]

Personality Tests & More Hoops You May Have to Jump Through to Land That Job

In addition to the job interview, some employers (whether they’re big names such as business executive Charles Phillips Oracle or new entrepreneurs) are now requiring personality tests, IQ tests, and EQ tests before making a hiring decision. While it may seem like a formality, it’s not unheard of to be turned down based on the […]

10 Tips for Writing Your First Resume

Whether you’re an accountant, engineer, programmer, lawyer or administrative assistant, if you’re looking for employment, there’s one thing you have in common with virtually every other job seeker: You’ve got to write a resume. For those new to the job hunt, that can pose a challenge. You may never have written a resume before. Or […]

Career Fair for Success

Did you just notice a flyer for a career or internship fair at your school? Your college or university may have a fair on campus or in a nearby city with other schools. A career or internship fair is a great way to make valuable connections with employers! Here are five pointers for your Career […]

4 Reasons You Should Set Up an Online Portfolio

Whether you’re a construction manager or an orthopedic surgeon, a blogger or an interior decorator, an online portfolio will help you in your job hunt. There is a common misconception that portfolios are exclusively for artistic people who work in design-related industries. A portfolio is merely a method of consolidating examples of your work and […]

Should You Disclose Your Pregnancy During an Interview?

Having job interviews while you are pregnant presents a difficult dilemma. Should you disclose the fact that you are pregnant during the interview, or should you wait until the baby’s been born and you’re knee-deep in disposable diapers? It’s a situation that comes up fairly often, and there is no one correct answer for every […]

What stage of change are you in your job search?

I am a certified solution-focused career specialist and have received motivational interviewing training in the last eight months.   MI is used in the mental health, addictions, and social services fields. It facilitates a way of people...Show More Summary

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