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ScalaTest 3.0.0-M11 Released

Today we released ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.0-M11, which includes a significant reorganization inspired by feedback from the 3.0.0-M10 release two weeks ago.

ScalaTest 3.0 Preview

The 3.0.0 release of ScalaTest is coming soon. It is a major release with significant new features. In this post, I give a preview of the new features, and ask for feedback.

Moving This Blog to Github Pages

After a lot of (occasional) research and experimentation, I've finally found a new home for this blog, using Jekyll to create a static site served by Github pages.

For the Sake of Simplicity

Fifteen years ago this month a piece of mine appeared in EXE Magazine (RIP) lamenting unnecessary complexity in software. A significant update for the twenty-first century proves to be unnecessary. The message and the examples are the same, so I'm posting it again for posterity, as caution for the next fifteen years, and for the sake of simplicity.

Markdown vs. AsciiDoc

Markdown has a lot of users and tools, but it was pointed out that it's limited and has been forked, while AsciiDoc has an extensible architecture.

Scala Summit in Crested Butte, CO, September 15-19 2014

Come create conversation, generate ideas, hack projects, hike, fish and mountain bike at the second annual Scala Summit! This year we hope to see the leaves change and you'll experience the glorious autumn weather at 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains.


A friend asked if I'd tried Ghost. I know of it, but it's confusing about what it can do.

Announcing Pojomatic 2.0

Pojomatic 2.0 has been released, and uses InvokeDynamic to give performance nearing that of hand-rolled code.

Update: Search for New Programming Blog Platform

I've continued my background task of finding a new home for programming articles. I'm not there yet, but I've made some progress.

Apple's New Swift Language

This is also a trial post on Codrspace, to see how that works as a programming blog platform

Videos of Recent Presentations

On April 24, I spoke at the Craft conference in Budapest. On May 7, I spoke at the SF Scala user group. Here are links to the videos, along with my Reinventing Business presentation from last Summer's OSCON.

Atomic Scala eBook & Downloadable Hands-On Java eSeminar

I've been doing a lot of media production in recent months and the efforts have borne fruit: I've created my first full-fledged eBook (after lots of research) and I've reworked the Hands-On Java eSeminar so it's now a download instead of mailing a CD.

A Hazard of Covariant Return Types and Bridge Methods

A combination of bridge methods, covariant return types and dynamic dispatch can lead to some surprising and unfortunate results.

The Scala Summit in Crested Butte, August 19-21

This is the first iteration of an event we hope to evolve into something like The Java Posse Roundup, but with hiking and mountain biking instead of snow activities. We already have an impressive list of name-brand attendees.

ScalaTest 2.0.M6 Preview

The 2.0.M6 milestone release of ScalaTest is coming soon. It is a major release with many new features. In this post, I give a preview of the new features, and ask for feedback.

Use Uncertainty As a Driver

Uncertainty is normally seen as something you must either suppress or avoid. Of this many people appear, well, certain. That you should embrace it and use it to help determine schedule and design is not immediately obvious.

Simplicity Before Generality, Use Before Reuse

Generality and reusability sound like such good qualities to have in code that is easy to forget not only how hard they are to achieve, but also that without the more modest qualities of simplicity and utility how little value they may hold.

Windows 8 is ... Not So Bad

After a lot of trepidation because of bad press, I've rapidly come to prefer Windows 8 over Windows 7. Because an equivalent-horsepower Mac is 3 times the cost of a Windows 8 machine, I'm moving back to Windows.

"Atomic Scala" Print Book Now Available

After two years of cogitation on Scala, the print version of the book is ready! (The Kindle version might take another month or two...).

Gentle Introduction to Scala: The Seminar

For the last year and a half, Dianne Marsh and I have been working on an introductory Scala book.

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