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Shiny Side Up

It feels as though disc-based media have always been with us, but the 1990s were when researchers first began harvesting these iridescent creatures from the wild in earnest, pressing data upon them to create the beast known as CD-ROM. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: The Telltale Snippet

True! nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. Show More Summary


Every year, Initrode Global was faced with further and further budget shortages in their IT department. This wasn't because the company was doing poorly—on the contrary, the company overall was doing quite well, hitting record sales every quarter. Show More Summary

Error'd: Preparing for the Future

George B. wrote, "Wait, so is it done...or not done?"   George B. (different George, but is in good company) is seeing nearly the same thing with Crash Plan Pro where the backup is done...maybe.   "I swear, that's the last time that I'm flying with Icarus Airlines" Allison V. Show More Summary

It's Called Abstraction, and It's a Good Thing

Steven worked for a company that sold “big iron” to big companies, for big bucks. These companies didn’t just want the machines, though, they wanted support. They wanted lots of support. With so many systems, processing so many transactions,...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: All the Rest Have Thirty One…

Aleksei received a bunch of notifications from their CI system, announcing a build failure. This was interesting, because no code had changed recently, so what was triggering the failure? private BillingRun CreateTestBillingRun(int billingRunGroupId,...Show More Summary

Budget Cuts

Xavier was the head of a 100+ person development team. Like many enterprise teams, they had to support a variety of vendor-specific platforms, each with their own vendor-specific development environment and its own licensing costs. All the licensing costs were budgeted for at year’s end, when Xavier would submit the costs to the CTO. Show More Summary

Coded Smorgasbord: If It's Stupid and It Works

On a certain level, if code works, it can only be so wrong. For today, we have a series of code blocks that work… mostly. Despite that, each one leaves you scratching your head, wondering how, exactly this happened. Lisa works at a web dev firm that just picked up a web app from a client. Show More Summary

Error'd: Whatever Happened to January 2nd?

"Skype for Business is trying to tell me something...but I'm not sure exactly what," writes Jeremy W.   "I was looking for a tactile switch. And yes, I absolutely do want an operating switch," writes Michael B.   Chris D. wrote, "While...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: I Take Exception

We've all seen code that ignores errors. Weve all seen code that simply rethrows an exception. We've all seen code that wraps one exception for another. The submitter, Mr. O, took exception to this exceptionally exceptional exception...Show More Summary

CodeSOD: How To Creat Socket?

JR earned a bit of a reputation as the developer who could solve anything. Like most reputations, this was worse than it sounded, and it meant he got the weird heisenbugs. The weirdest and the worst heisenbugs came from Gerry, a developer...Show More Summary

For Want of a CR…

A few years ago I was hired as an architect to help design some massive changes to a melange of existing systems so a northern foreign bank could meet some new regulatory requirements. As a development team, they gave me one junior developer with almost a year of experience. Show More Summary


Adam recently tried to claim a rebate for a purchase. Rebate websites, of course, are awful. The vendor doesn’t really want you to claim the rebate, after all, so even if they don’t actively try and make it user hostile, they’re also not going to go out of their way to make the experience pleasant. In Adam’s case, it just didn’t work. Show More Summary

Error'd: The Biggest Loser

"I don't know what's more surprising - losing $2,000,000 or that Yahoo! thought I had $2,000,000 to lose," writes Bruce W.   "Autodesk sent out an email about my account's password being changed recently. Now it's up to me to guess which $productName it is!" wrote Tom G.   Kurt C. Show More Summary

We Sell Bonds!

We Sell Bonds! The quaint, brick-faced downtown office building was exactly the sort of place Alexis wanted her first real programming job to be. She took a moment to just soak in the big picture. The building's façade oozed history, and culture. Show More Summary

CodeSOD: The Pythonic Wheel Reinvention

Starting with Java, a robust built-in class library is practically a default feature of modern programming languages. Why struggle with OS-specific behaviors, or with writing your own code, or managing a third party library to handle...Show More Summary

Representative Line: As the Clock Terns

“Hydranix” can’t provide much detail about today’s code, because they’re under a “strict NDA”. All they could tell us was that it’s C++, and it’s part of a “mission critical” front end package. Honestly, I think this line speaks forShow More Summary

Representative Line: The Mystery of the SmallInt

PT didn’t provide very much information about today’s Representative Line. Clearly bits and bytes was not something studied in this SQL stored procedure author. Additionally, Source control versions are managed with comments. OVER 90...Show More Summary


Joe P. wrote, When I tried to buy a coffee at the airport with my contactless VISA card, it apparently thought my name was '%s'."   "Instead of outsourcing to Eastern Europe or the Asian subcontinent, companies should be hiring from Malta. Show More Summary

The More Things Change: Fortran Edition

Technology improves over time. Storage capacity increases. Spinning platters are replaced with memory chips. CPUs and memory get faster. Moore's Law. Compilers and languages get better. More language features become available. But do...Show More Summary

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