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Gobbledygook: How to Navigate the New Laptop Regulations

Yesterday Homeland Security blinked and balked. Instead of banning cabin laptops on flights coming from Europe altogether, as it had been threatening for months, DHS came out with vague regulations which nobody yet understands. In March, DHS completely banned laptops and tablets from ten airports, on all flights entering the … Continue reading ?

Republican Health Care Plan Revealed

The general consensus is that it's merely the House bill with some provisions re-stated in order to seem less cruel. Continue reading ?

War not enough of a ratings grabber to be of note

... a snowball has started rolling down a steep (if not slippery) slope and we happen to be aboard... Continue reading ?

‘You’re A Nation’? or ‘Urination’?

Stripping health care, environmental protections, labor and workplace safety regulations, etc. etc. turns us into a NON-manufacturing, raw materials exporting third world nation. Destroying our science and censoring scientific information returns us to the Dark Ages. Continue reading ?

The Evil Genius Laptop Ban Put on Hold for Now

05/30/2017 03:55 pm ET | Updated 1 day ago The incredibly stupid laptop ban on flights coming from Europe was put “on hold,” Politico reported on Tuesday afternoon. The article quoted a European official as saying, “Both sides have agreed to intensify technical talks and try and find a common … Continue reading ?

The Vipers Get The Vapors

This is their M.O.: Attack and never defend. Use Scientology's "Dead Agenting" techniques on all critics. Consider the truth a mere inconvenience. Continue reading ?

Max Bialystock and Donald Trump

Only problem is, as with The Producers, nobody had any contingencies for what would happen if it became a hit. Continue reading ?

Homophobic Hypocrisy in Attempted Assassination of Colbert

Homophobes Try to Take Down Colbert for 'Homophic' Slurs: In the Annals of Hypocrisy, few acts have been so low or so cynical. Continue reading ?

The One Trick Pony’s One Hundred Daze

I fear for a country whose "leader" is so easy to bait and so entranced by his own reflection in the mirror. Continue reading ?

Four and Score

One gets the sense that this Administration is hell-bent on turning the clock back to the 1950s, but time will tell. Continue reading ?

Fissures of Men

The childish pettiness of this orgy of chaos known as the Trump Administration is, frankly, at the limits of credulity... Continue reading ?

In case you doubted your President was a bully….

When it comes to “acting Presidential,” definitions and expectations are left open to interpretation. Me? I prefer my President to not be an embarrassment. I’d like to think a President would be someone possessed of maturity and an air of gravitas. He should understand his every word, thought, and deed … Continue reading ?

Unions – Action or Reaction? – Misunderstood by millions.

In my previous post (Unions – My Epiphany) I described my journey to questioning Union Member’s attitudes, and wondered if they were innate or created by management. Many years passed, while I was working under management in a growing company, IBM, and I was busy building networks, getting married having … Continue reading ?

The GOP’s Dilemma: Family Values or Presidential Filth?

As a principled DC resident, I have a new Sunday normal: up early; feed, walk, and play with the dog; brunch; march. Years from now, when the history books come out, I want to be the funny old guy in the coffee house regaling the college kids with my 2017 … Continue reading ?

Sometimes, you just need to stand up to a bully

(cross-posted from What Would Jack Do?) Portland mayor @tedwheeler responds to @POTUS immigration orders, saying "We will not be complicit in the deportation of our neighbors." — Conrad Wilson (@conradjwilson) January 25, 2017 "… the City of Portland will remain a welcoming, safe place for all people regardless of immigration … Continue reading ?

Unions – Part 1 – My Epiphnay

I’m English, and was educated at a Public School, a boarding School, in the UK while my parents were expats in Africa. My parents, both from Norfolk, owned two houses in rural Norfolk over this period, in small villages. Consequently, my experience with people in England was limited to a … Continue reading ?

A Spectacle of Power: Why Conservatives Love Torture

It was perhaps inevitable that the Trump administration would move to adopt torture as policy. The love of power drives the use of torture. It is not too strong to use the word “love” to describe the attitude of conservative regimes to torture. Torture is all about the abuse of … Continue reading ?

Lakoff’s Lightning Bolt: WE are the Moral Majority

Cognitive linguist George Lakoff was right in highlighting the importance of language in political discourse. His 1996 groundbreaking book, Moral Politics, rings as true today as it did in the swirl surrounding Bill Clinton’s scandals twenty years ago. Language matters. Lakoff, in a nutshell, drew distinctions between how Conservatives and … Continue reading ?

The Phoniness of Republican Moderation

Three days into the new administration, here is all you need to know about whether Republicans will indeed stand up to Donald Trump: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 11-10 along party lines to recommend Rex Tillerson’s confirmation as secretary of state. The 11 included Marco Rubio, the former and … Continue reading ?

Day 1’s Most Symbolic Moment

  Amid the pomp and pageantry of an inauguration day, one clear signal emerged, and all the new president had to do with it was when he chose his running-mate. And it was chilling. We know the chief justice swears in the president, and John Roberts performed that duty for … Continue reading ?

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