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A Tale of Two Pelosis

There is superficial argument: but really there is only conditioning -- albeit conditioning that screws with the amygdala's simplistic fight or flight reptile messaging system Continue reading ?

The Politics of Animal Cruelty

  by Walter Brasch   Pennsylvanians can still butcher, braise, and broil their pet cats and dogs because a murky mixture of politics has left a critical bill on the table in the state senate. Residents may also continue to use cats,Show More Summary

Hillary Letter to Saul Alinsky Proof of Something or Other

to truly appreciate Goldfarb as a smear-monger, watch this video, from when Goldfarb was John McCain's internet media manager, and a "national campaign spokesman" Continue reading ?

What Can Progressive America Learn From today’s Independence Day Referendum of the Scottish Nation

(Cross posted by author from the Daily Kos) BBC Poll Written by an American expat living in the European Union on the eve of the election referendum on the independence of Scotland and the birth of a new nation. The American media has...Show More Summary

Some Wisconsin Skullduggery You Might Have Missed

If prosecutors lose before the appeals panel, they risk being held personally liable for violating the free speech rights of the Wisconsin Club for Growth and one of its directors, Eric O'Keefe.... Continue reading ?

The Fall GOP Strategy Becomes Clear

You know keepaway? One of the oldest games in humankind, where two naked killer apes toss a valued object back and forth with one in the middle desperately trying to get the valued object. Continue reading ?

Labor Daze, A Dickensian Contrast

On this, Labor Day, we remember that the only "check and balance" to unrequited greed a la WalMart, IS the Union movement. But that generations of propaganda and attacks have all but crushed the labor movement in the United States of America.... Continue reading ?

A Win for Arthur T. Demoulas and Market Basket

Market Basket Newburyport, MA Last night when the news broke here in Massachusetts that the workers and former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas had prevailed and deal was finally signed for Arthur T. Demoulas to by the beleaguered Market Basket company from his rival cousin, Arthur S. Show More Summary

Black Man on Golf Course Offends GOPs AND MoDo

Anyone else mortally offended that there's a Black man on the golf course who isn't a caddy?... from one has-been hack... who seems to hate everyone and everything these days... Maureen Dowd of the NY Times... Continue reading ?

A Steep Hillary To Climb, or, Because She’s There …

... compare Nixon's little after-school operation for date-expired juvenile delinquents with the Faux Nooz/Talk Radio/Publishing trifecta of American Haters™ and you might understand WHY I'm worried. Continue reading ?

Railroad ‘Bomb Trains’: Speeding to Disaster

  by Walter Brasch   It’s 3 p.m., and you’re cruising down a rural road, doing about 50. A quarter mile away is a sign, with flashing yellow lights, alerting you to slow down to 15. It’s a school zone. But, you don’t see any children. Show More Summary

Politicians, Cops and the Black Commuity

A year ago I wrote an article Where is the Justice for the Black Boy in America. In the article I wrote “America has a fear of the black boy, an individual who they have no relationship with and no desire to understand.” The fact they...Show More Summary

House Committee: No Benghazi Scandal

  by Walter Brasch   The House Select Committee on Intelligence, following almost a two-year intense investigation, unanimously determined there is no basis for what has become known as the Benghazi Scandal. The Committee consists of 12 Republicans and 9 Democrats. Show More Summary

Snowden and Espionage and Treason, Oh, my!

Because, again, Snowden is more concerned with embarrassing the USA in the eyes of the world, and debilitating or destroying our cyber-security if, say, Vladimir Putin wanted to launch a cyber-attack and cyber-war against the USA. Edward...Show More Summary

Have We No Decency?

Robin Williams, beloved comedian and actor died yesterday. He committed suicide. His untimely death, like all suicides, is tragic and heartbreaking and fans around the world are mourning his loss. Robin Williams put his all into the characters he played. Show More Summary

RIP Robin Williams

A great comedic genius who filled the world with so much laughter died today, but the world is a far better place for all that he gave us. RIP Robin Williams, found dead in his Marin County home today of an apparent suicide. Like many...Show More Summary

An Open Letter to Katrina vanden Heuvel, et al

Like Microsoft, American magazines have so come to see themselves as indispensable that they cannot conceive of why so much consumer rage is aimed at their exploitive, ripoff approach to consumers... “Auto-renew” is not a convenience. It is a license to steal, and makes keeping your checkbook balanced an impossible task. Continue reading ?

Africa for Africans Capitalism Defeating Communism

President Obama just concluded a conference of African Heads of State. The conference was the first in our Nation’s history, which is a sad commentary in America’s relationship with Africa. I believe the conference needed to happen, even if only for historical purposes. Show More Summary

Market Basket’s Only Solution

In an editorial in the Boston Globe today, the Globe’s editorial board says that the only solution for Market Basket is “bringing back deposed CEO Arthur T. Demoulas to lead the employees in rebuilding the firm.” The Globe is right on this. Show More Summary

Market Basket Saga Continues As Workers Defy Back to Work Order

Living in a community where there are two Market Basket grocery stores within a short drive, I have been fascinated and inspired by the courage and commitment of the employees to stand up against corporate greed and demand the return of the former CEO, Arthur T. Show More Summary

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