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HTML/CSS-Only Data Pager Control

After reading these two articles I thought it would be interesting to see if I could this technique to create a HTML/CSS-only (i.e. no background images) data pager control. Here are some screen shots of what I came up with (the second...Show More Summary

.Net Developer Survey - Results

I just closed the survey a few hours ago.  Below is a quick break-down of the results.  I plan on digging into the numbers a little bit further, but at first glance the following responses surprised me … 71.5% of responses indicatedShow More Summary

.Net Developer Survey

So I recently switched jobs (again!).  And during my time off, I had an interesting conversation with a couple of colleague’s about how ‘internet social’ the average developer is and if that has anything to do with their productivity. ...Show More Summary

Is your employer OK with you keeping an up to date profile on

Since leaving college, I have always been pretty good at keeping my resume up to date.  This actually surprises me because I am typically prone to procrastinate on these administrative types of tasks.  But early on in my career I got...Show More Summary

.NET GoogleReader API

I received some emails last night requesting the source for the console app (download here) that I am using to extract my feeds from google reader, so I figured I would write a quick post about it.  Just to be clear, as far as I know...Show More Summary

ASP.NET MVC, GoogleReader's Unofficial API and ==

I had some spare time this past week so I thought it might be a good time to finally take a look at's new mvc framework.  My plan was to start out by building a very simple application that I could add features to slowly over...Show More Summary

Incentives, Cheating Teachers and Suspicious DNK Accounts

Last week Steve Levitt was in Jacksonville and did a lecture of sorts at a local university.  It was really good and like his Freakonomics book, pretty darn thought provoking.  Steve's lecture consisted mostly of him telling really interesting...Show More Summary

iTunes Data Grid Skin

I am playing around with a couple new data grid skins roughly based on what iTunes looks on my Vista box.  Here is how it is looking so far... iTunes on Vista...    My iTunes data grid... Live Demo | Download   Blue and Gray Skins IShow More Summary

Hiring and The Google Background Check

Stephen Wynkoop posted an interesting question regarding social networks last week on  Basically he is curious if people are using social networking sites to help make hiring decisions.  Here is what he had to say... I had...Show More Summary

Updates to my Live Traffic Page

I made a few more modifications to the Live Traffic page I posted about previously.  Here is what I changed... New IP to Location Database I replaced the WIPmainia database with the GeoLite City one that Richard Lawley recommended. Show More Summary

Creating a Live Traffic Page from my PageView/Visit Database

I put a screen on top of the pageview data that I recently started collecting.  Thought I would pass along some of the interesting stuff I encountered while building it... I used the jQuery jTemplate plug-in Dave Ward blogged about to...Show More Summary

v0.2 of my Visit/PageView Cube - Creating a Hierarchy for the Source Dimension

So I am still playing around with building an Analysis Services cube from the pageview data I recently started collecting.  Over this past weekend I added a hierarchy to the Source dimension of my cube that gives me a bit more insight...Show More Summary

v0.1 of my Visit/PageView Analysis Services Cube

So I created a cube using my the visit/pageview that I recently started collecting.  The cube is VERY simple - only 4 dimensions {App, Page, Source, Time} and just a single measure - {Hit}.  I created the cube using the 2005 versions...Show More Summary

Maintaining my own Pageview/Visit Database

I have started maintaining my own pageview/visit database for both (this blog) and (my demo site).   Why? I currently use Google Analytics (GA) and I really like it.  But... You can't (yet) export your...Show More Summary

Dynamic Data Demos Now Available

Last week DiscountASP upgraded to.Net 3.5 SP1 - so I took sometime this weekend to publish demo's for my 5 Dynamic Data posts.  Here is a quick summary of what is out there...    ASP.NET Dynamic Data - Simple 5 Table Northwind Example Very simple DD site based on the 5 core Northwind tables.  Read more... Show More Summary

Dynamic Data - Experimenting with YUI's DataTable and DataSource Controls

I spent a few hours putting together a Dynamic Data web site using the YUI DataTable and DataSource components.  I mostly just did this out of curiosity to see how easy or difficult it would be to use the DD API with other components...Show More Summary

Dynamic Data - Customizing the Delete Confirmation Dialog

I spent some time customizing the delete confirmation dialog in the Dynamic Data site I have been blogging about recently.  Specifically, I looked at... replacing the browsers default confirm dialog with a jquery thickbox displayingShow More Summary

A Dynamic Menu For Your Dynamic Data

So I am still playing around with building a Northwind Dynamic Data web site.  Tonight I thought it would be interesting to see what it would take to create a menu for navigating the tables in the site.  I was particularly interested...Show More Summary

Dynamic Data and Custom Metadata Providers

In my previous post on Dynamic Data, I mentioned that you can use the MetadataType attribute to point Dynamic Data at class that contains additional metadata for your model.  This additional metadata will give you more control over how...Show More Summary

ASP.NET Dynamic Data - Simple 5 Table Northwind Example

I have been anxiously awaiting the Dynamic Data release.  And now that it is here (it was released with VS 2008 and.Net 3.5 SP1) I decided I would start getting a feel for what is has to offer by building a real simple Dynamic Data web...Show More Summary

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