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Dynamic Generic Factory

Dynamic, one class fits all factory with no need for specific implementations.

Best Text Editor Component for .NET WPF Developers

Overview of The Solutions Available… For those software professionals creating desktop applications for distribution and\or sale there situations where there is a requirement to present edited text to the user or allow the user of an application to enter text as they would source-code in one of the

Dock panel for Angular.js

It sounds unbelievable, but modern HTML applications seem to lack proper support for dock panels. So, I created one for Angular.js. See the code in Plunker My solution is based on ngDock by Dardino, with a number of changes: – added support for hiding and showing the docked panels: existing ng

How to populate a Select Element with data from a JSON file in a Meteor app

Populating Select Elements' Options Values with "lookup" data stored in your settings.json file in your Meteor apps

manifold.JS with Crosswalk, a simpler dev experience for Android

manifold.JS is a new open source framework that that can take a website and create an app for Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox, simplifying the creation of hosted apps across platforms.

Get server side data-time with C++

This tips will be help you how to get server side date-time

13 steps to make TDD actually work

Why TDD doesn't work for you?This is one of those situations where being brutally with yourself will help.  Test Driven Development (TDD) does not work because you are not doing it.  It is as simple as that.  You gave up on TDD because it was it was sounded good but it was hard.What is TDD?At its co

How to Select All Text in a TextBox on focus?

Introduction This is small tip, yet very useful when you want to select all text inside a TextBox. Background This was a requirement for which I researched a lot and tested on multiple browsers and devices. Let me share the problem and solution below. Problem When profile page is shown for a user, t

The Virtual Inheritance and Funny Tricks

The virtual inheritance helps to solve certain class design problems even if they are unrelated to the "deadly diamond of death"

Simplest Practical Usage of MongoDB Data in a Meteor App

How to insert values into a MongoDB, and then read them out into a select element in a Meteor app in seven easy steps

AngularJS RibbonBar

AngularJS RibbonBar written with HTML & CSS (and a little JQuery)

Asm.js and WebGL for Unity and Unreal Engine

With the advent of WebGL and asm.js, developers can now harness much of the power of their computing device from within the browser and access markets previously unavailable.

Ask Your Database for that Unique ID

Get your database to generate unique running IDs for your application.

Diagnosing a Windows Service timeout with PerfView

Today I would like to share with you an interesting (I hope) diagnostics case in one of our system services. The IngestService (that is its name) was not starting properly for the first time – it was being killed because of exceeding the default 30s timeout. But the second try was always succe

Using a Chart with multiple lines from a Collection

Sometimes, a chart can make data a lot easier to understand - but why does the Chart control make it so difficult to display multiple lines from a collection of objects?

Three cases for MVVM view code-behind

Three cases that establish why you need to consider code-behind for views in MVVM.

TCP Client/Server Framework for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java Clients

This article provides an introduction to the open source client/server DotNetOpenServer SDK project for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java enabled platforms such as Unix and Linux.

Quickstart with Kaliko CMS using ASP.NET MVC

A crash course in how to develop with the free and open source content management system Kaliko CMS.

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