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Word Automation using OpenXML and C# without Word Interop

This article explained How to use Word Automation using OpenXML and C# without Word Interop

Drag and Drop with AJAX Example

At my work it's quite clear to me that a lot of people have difficulty with both AJAX and drag and drop functionality.  In this article, I thought I would provide a realistic and simplistic example of how to accomplish both AJAX and drag and drop together.By the end of this article you will be able

Preventing XSS Attacks in ASP.NET MVC using ValidateInput and AllowHTML

In this blog we will try to understand how we can prevent and fine tune XSS(Cross Site Security) security attacks in ASP.NET MVC.

SQL Tips - Why LEFT JOINS are bad

When you do SQL queries do you find yourself always, or almost always, using left joins?  If you've answered yes to this question, I would suggest to continue to read and understand some downfalls that you might be getting yourself into.Let's start by looking at a standard query that has a left join

MVC Angular JS and WCF Rest Service for Master/Detail HTML Grid

In this article you will learn MVC, AngularJS and WCF Rest Service for Master / Detail HTML Grid

Practical System Design using MEF MVVM RX MOQ Unit Tests in WPF

The project is a simple Temperature Converter WPF Application which will allow user to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The objective however is to demonstrate techniques that are important when building large-scale front-end enterprise software.

Being valuable, Being a swiss knife

A Swiss Knife is a very popular pocket knife, used by several armies -but not only- and generally has a very sharp blade, as well as various tools, such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and many others. These attachments are stowed inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism. When I

Learning Backbone.js Using Question Answers !!!

This article is intended for: Learning basic concepts of Backbone.js Refreshing Backbone.js basic concepts. The person who is preparing for Backbone.js interview. What is Backbone.js? How does it help developers? BackboneJs is a JavaScript framework which allows the developers to make their life eas

Understanding HTTPS Protocol

The post Understanding HTTPS Protocol appeared first on codecompiled.These days we see most of the sites using the HTTPS protocol for serving the webpages.More commonly we can see the HTTPS protocol on the sites which contains confidential information such as theThe post Understanding HTTPS Protoc

A Cancelable WPF/MVVM TreeView for Document Navigation

Selecting treeviewitems based on document states associated with each item.

Gradual Rotation To A Set Angle

Development of an algorithm to gradually change an angular setting and stop it at a particular angle.

Reflection in .NET - Part I

In this series of articles we would be discuss Reflection in.NET

Single Page Application with MVC and SammyJS

How to develop a single page application (SPA) without a framework using MVC and SammyJS

Angular Tutorial - Part 2: Understanding Modules and Controllers

In this article we will try to understand and implement modules and controller in Angular.js

Why Frameworks Are Better

Are you a person who dislikes frameworks?  Or are you a person who loves frameworks?  Or are you even a person who isn't quite sure what a framework is?  The following article will discuss the pros and cons of frameworks and the common downfalls that people fall into.I'm not sure if it's only people

Small Grunt.js examination

A small demo app that showcases how to use Grunt to do a few things

Saving an image in a SQLite database in your Android application

When you start caching data to a local database from your Android application, sooner or later you’ll need to save images in that database too. For example, if you’re storing reports about observations the users make in the field that will be uploaded to the main system later, it can be

Fixing slow drag and drop with scriptaculous

Recently on a project I was working on, I was tasked with fixing drag and drop that was terribly slow.  The drag and drop was implemented with scriptaculous on a calendar system.  When you clicked an event to drag it it took about 5 seconds before the page would actually let you drag it!

Avoid tedious coding with LeMP, Part 1

The Lexical Macro Processor transforms your C# code with a LISP-inspired macro system. Complete with Visual Studio integration and a Linux-compatible editor.

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