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Low latency html5 WebSocket Server to stream live and computed data to browser grid

This is a simple HTML5 WebSocket service that streams live, real-time data to browser grid control. This service is capable of automatically computing math expressions on the fly (dynamically at runtime)

Simple Demo to Check Status of API Server

In this tip, we will create a small utility using C# which tells us whether our API server is up or down.

SQL Server Dapper

Helper class to mitigate working with Dapper against SQL Server database

Html5 Data Grid and Websocket service to stream live data to browser that can perform math computation on-the-fly

This is a smart data grid based on HTML5 websocket that can stream live data to browser. Also, this grid is capable of automatically add computed columns on the fly

Extended (inherited) versions of list and combo box controls

Extended versions of ListBox and ComboBox controls which allow images, font, and color for individual items

Customizing PDF generated using jQuery DataTables plugin

This article shows how to customize PDF created with the jQuery DataTables plug-in.

A generic Collection to DataTable Mapper

A high performance extension for creating a DataTable from a Generic collection.

Simple usage of bitmaps in WPF XAML

Usage of non vector graphics in WPF application is too complicaed by default, I will show how it can be simple and convinient.

Integrate Azure IoT Backend for Application

This article show how to integrate Arduino, RaspberryPi, Azure EventHubs, WorkRole, WebService, WCF with Restful API to build a simple IoT information service backend connect by Universal App.

Table Sorting and Paging in an ASP.NET MVC

A simple implementation of table sorting and paging in an ASP.NET MVC application.

R language S4Object Serialization to .NET Object

I want to developed a simple wrapper operation to do the hybrid programming data conversion job automatically. This makes my laboratory scientific research job happy! B-)

Introduction to PayPal for C# - ASP.NET developers

An overview that presents all PayPal integration options, targeted especially at C# developers.

The Best Module System for AngularJS Applications

I was working on a small and simple application built with AngularJS the other day. As with most applications like this, I start with a single JavaScript file caled app.js and no module system.In the past I've used RequireJS with AngularJS. It's an awful mistake. It leads to a big jump in complexity

TinyMCE image insert plugin with ASP.NET WebApi2

How to add image on TinyMCE with ASP.NET? This article shows plugin communicating with.NET WebApi2 to insert images.

Modifying a JWT in a Node/Express Application

I've been writing a couple of web services lately that use Auth0 for identity management. It's a great platform that makes working with different identity providers a breeze.One thing that I couldn't work out how to do at first was to quickly build a new JWT1 from an existing token. I wanted to tak

JavaScript Calculator

Simplest JavaScript calculator grew up to show the depths of JavaScript

Design interactive 3D Worlds with i3DML

This article introduces i3DML project and demonstrates how XML and JavaScript can help you build interactive 3D Worlds.

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