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Understand X11 graphics context functions by samples

This tip shall help to select the desired GCFunction for fill operations.

MultiItemSelect Behaviour in DataGrid

Attached behavior to select multi item in DataGrid to Bind in XAML

Capturing Audio and Replay it Using Direct Sound in VB

The following article describes how to capture audio and then replayit using Microsoft Direct Sound DLL.

Learning Custom Directives In AngularJS: A Practical Approach

In this article, we will see what directives are and then I will try to explain how to build custom directives

How to replace a web page's default hourglass with a fancy one

A simple way to add a fancy-pants custom "hourglass" to your page with a (very) little HTML and Javascript

Master Chef (Part 1) ASP.NET Core MVC with Fluent NHibernate and AngularJS

In this article, I want to show how to build a Single Page Application – MasterChef with ASP.NET Core MVC, Fluent Hibernate, and Angular JS.

Use SQL Server to Manage Completely DB Backups on Mirrored Databases

Use SQL Server to manage completely databases backups, network copy and deletion using only stored procedures

Concept on Creating Graphics Elements in WPF

I have had two projects that I have worked on that required a lot of graphics. In general there has been minimal interaction between the user and the graphics, so the implementation has been very straight forward.

Understand Functions in JavaScript

Code Morning! Function is not a bizarre word to software developers. If your day to day activities involve even a little bit of coding, you must be ending up creating/modifying one or more functions before logging off for the day. A function in a nutshell is nothing but a set …

Integration tests with Travis CI

Do you write integration tests? What about unit tests? I believe that more people say “Yes” to the second question than to the first. Which is kinda weird – for many applications, it really isn’t that hard to write integration tests. It might not even be necessary to setup yo

Downloading File from External Server Using Credential in ASP.NET MVC

This article explains how to download files from external server network path using server credential in ASP.NET MVC.

Effect of Allocation Unit Size on HDD Transfer Speed

The effect of the disk drive allocation unit size on data transfer speed.

Internet of Things Security from the Ground Up

This article explores how the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite provides a secure and private Internet of Things cloud solution.

Simple radial gradient implementation with XAML sample application for X11 (but without the need for any external library)

How to calculate a radial gradient and draw the output on a System.Drawing.Bitmap. And how to use this bitmap as a tile pixmap to fill any path.

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