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Requirements Eng for Traditional and Big Data Business Intelligence

Comparing Requirements Engineering for Traditional and BigData Business Intelligence

SMACK Part 2 - Nobody can ice-skate uphill

Hello all, firstly let me apologize. Its been about 2 months since I updated this blog and that has been for a variety of reasons.I have a now 11-month-old son, and he claims 95% of my day. The other 5% claimed by sleep.I recently was made an ALM

[RPi Series] Advanced 7 Segment Display Driver with a 4511 IC

Source code available on Github Background In my first post of this series I discussed a very simple way of driving a 7 segment display directly through the Raspberry Pi 2.  Whilst this does word, in practice it has a number of caveats and limitations.  Firstly the current through each LED is limite

Algorithm : Calc Convex Hull & Draw HTML5 Canvas (Part 3 of N)

We learn how to generate random points (easy) and we enable functionality which allows the user to grab any point on the grid and move it around in real-time (see animated gif).

Binding a Text to Multiple Sources

This article presents a way to display a message in a single control with several sources in a priority order

Route-friendly localization of ASP.NET MVC 5

Creating of user-friendly configurable internationalization mechanism in ASP.NET MVC application

Comparing Requirements Engineering for Traditional and Big

Comparing Requirements Engineering for Traditional and BigData Business Intelligence

Providing different forms for different users in SharePoint Online

If you want to create different forms to different types of users in Forms Designer for SharePoint Online, you have two options: use permission settings or use SharePoint groups. We’ll look at both options in this article.Suppose we have two types of users on our SharePoint website: managers and reg

Using SqlBulkCopy with IDataReader for Hi Perf Inserts

Two flavors of IDataReader implementations used together with SqlBulkCopy to insert static and dynamic data structures into SQL Server table.

Parsing Wikipedia XML dump

Parser for Wikipedia pages from XML dump is presented. Extraction of biographical data and categories with their parents is shown as an example.

Moving from React + Redux to Angular 2

I'm going to share my experiences of experimenting in Angular 2, as someone who needs a pretty compelling reason to move away from React/Redux!

Vash - A GDI+ Flash-Like Vector Animation Program

There are those who think I am crazy, and this just might be the proof.

Tools which will make developers life easier

Introduction Today, the world has grown so much and has been so friendly for the developers, thousands of tools floating in the market for free, but we need to realize and have them in our bucket whenever required. I will be discussing few important tools, which are handy and work out for every deve

Algorithm : Calc Convex Hull & Draw HTML5 Canvas (Part 2 of N)

Adding more methods (select points, draw triangles, etc) which allow us to do some specialized drawing on the HTML5 Canvas so we can investigate the Calc Convex Hull algorithm.

CRUD, Paging, Sorting, Searching with AngularJS in MVC

This article starts with creating the project in MVC with using the bootstrap classes to give better look to the UI and controls used on UI.

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