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How Ruby Manages Memory and Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection and the Ruby Heap is a presentation given by Joe Damato and Aman Gupta at the recent LA Ruby Conference. You only get the slides for now (all 70 of them!), but they're very detailed and can almost work as a standalone concise e-book on Ruby's garbage collection system.

Net::HTTP Cheat Sheet

Norwegian Rubyist August Lilleaas has been busy putting together a ton of examples of using the Net::HTTP Ruby library that comes with most Ruby distributions. I asked him if it'd be okay to put some of them directly on Ruby Inside for reference purposes and he said "No problem!"

Rails 3.0’s ActiveModel: How To Give Ruby Classes Some ActiveRecord Magic

One of the biggest benefits of bringing Merb creator Yehuda Katz on board to work on Rails 3.0 has been his relentless pursuit of extracting out all of Rails' magical abilities from their monolithic encasings and into separate, manageable chunks. Show More Summary

7 Top Ruby and Rails Jobs for January 2010

Looking for a Ruby or Rails job? There are still some good ones out there. They're getting posted daily on but we've got 6 special ones of our own that have come in via the Ruby Inside jobs board. Jobs this month come from the United Kingdom and the US (Portland, Chicago, Birmingham and Santa Barbara) and are, as usual, Rails heavy.

Cramp: Asychronous Event-Driven Ruby Web App Framework

Cramp (GitHub repo)is a new, asychronous evented Web app framework by Pratik Naik of 37signals (and the Rails core team). It's built around Ruby's EventMachine library and was designed to use event-driven I/O throughout - making it ideal for situations where you need to handle a large number of open connections (such as Comet systems or streaming APIs.)

CoffeeScript: A New Language With A Pure Ruby Compiler

CoffeeScript (GitHub repo) is a new programming language with a pure Ruby compiler. Creator Jeremy Ashkenas calls it "JavaScript's less ostentatious kid brother" - mostly because it compiles into JavaScript and shares most of the same constructs, but with a different, tighter syntax.

Rackamole: Rack-Based Monitoring For Your Ruby Web Apps

Rackamole (GitHub repo) is a Rack application that lets you to monitor the interactions between users and your own Rack-based application (e.g. any Rails or Sinatra app). As well as pumping out information to the console or a log file, there's a Web interface called Wackamole to give you the skinny on your app activity.

Holiday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others’ Languages

Overt humor isn't usually Ruby Inside's thing, but it's the holiday season, so there's nothing wrong with kicking up your heels and having a little fun. Don't worry - this won't become a habit. Promise! After the fold, check out a chart showing how programming language fanboys (Ruby's included) see each other's respective languages.

Friendly: Easy Schemaless “NoSQL” Data Storage with MySQL in Ruby

Friendly is a new Ruby ORM (a la ActiveRecord) that lets you easily use NoSQL ideas on regular database engines, such as MySQL. Developer James Golick has written a blog post introducing Friendly that goes into detail on how it works - with code examples. Effectively you get schema-less, document-like storage (with indexes!) but based around MySQL.

9 New Ruby Libraries To Check Out

I love checking out new Ruby libraries, and recently many new ones have passed my eyes. The most prominent releases get their own post on Ruby Inside, but often there are less significant libraries that I'd struggle to write 100 words about yet still contribute to Ruby's lifeblood. This post aims to round up a selection of my recent discoveries.

Ruby 1.9.1-p376 Released: Fixes A Heap Overflow Vulnerability And More

Uh oh, it's upgrade time again. Today, the official Ruby 1.9 maintainer (Yuki Sonoda, a.k.a. Yugui) announced a heap overflow vulnerability in Ruby 1.9.1 and, subsequently, the release of Ruby 1.9.1-p376 (patch level 376). As the current production level release of Ruby, this is a crucial upgrade - unless you're still using Ruby 1.8.x, which isn't affected at all.

Racksh: A Rails-Console-A-Like for Rack-Based Ruby Apps

Have you ever yearned for something like Rails's script/console or Merb's merb -i in your other Rack based apps? If so, then Marcin Kulik's racksh, inspired by Heroku's console, might be for you....

5 Top Ruby and Rails Jobs for November 2009

Looking for a Ruby or Rails job in this economy? They're still there! They seem to be getting posted daily on but we've got 5 of our own that have come in via the Ruby Inside jobs board....

Torquebox: An All-In-One Java/JBoss Powered Ruby Webapp Platform

In the past two years we've seen a number of changes in the world of Ruby webapp deployment, but have you heard of Torquebox? Built upon the Red Hat Inc. JBoss middleware, Torquebox is an enterprise-grade application server that provides scale-oriented services to your Ruby webapps, including turn-key clustering. Show More Summary

Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #29

Welcome to the latest installment in the series of compilation posts summarizing some of my latest findings in the world of all things Ruby. Let's tackle those links.....

Thinking Functionally In Ruby – A Great Presentation by Tom Stuart

Thinking Functionally in Ruby is a talk that British Ruby developer Tom Stuart gave at a recent London Ruby Users Group meeting. In it he covers what functional programming is, why it's a "pretty neat idea," and how to adopt functional programming principles in Ruby. Show More Summary

Muhammed Ali’s Free Ruby 1.9.x Web Servers E-Book

Egyptian Ruby developer Muhammed Ali (of MySQLPlus fame) has released the first draft of a "Ruby 1.9.x Web Servers" booklet. It looks at how different HTTP daemons and server libraries (Thin, Passenger, WEBrick and Mongrel) perform in Ruby 1.9.1. Show More Summary

What I’ve Earned and Learned From Writing A Popular(ish) Ruby Book

A few days ago I received the latest in a long line of royalty statements for my book, Beginning Ruby (as published by Apress). Long time readers might recall that Ruby Inside was started principally to promote the book, but turned into so much more that the book took a back seat. Show More Summary

Mustache: Logic-Free Views For Your Ruby Web Apps

Mustache (or GitHub repo) is a new templating library from Chris Wanstrath (a.k.a. defunkt of GitHub fame) that provides a way to render views in your chosen Ruby web framework. Influenced by ctemplate, Mustache helps to keep your MVC layers separate by actively preventing the inclusion of application logic in your views.

Ruby IDE RubyMine 2.0 Beta Released

RubyMine is a Ruby and Rails IDE (for Windows, OS X, and Linux) by JetBrains, the guys behind the popular Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA. We've previously posted about how much people seem to like RubyMine, and it looks like things will get even better, as they've just released the beta of RubyMine 2.0. Show More Summary

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