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12 Interesting Upcoming Ruby and Rails Events (That Aren’t Sold Out)

Wanted to go to JRubyConf or RubyConf this year? Tough - they're sold out already. Luckily, though, there are some interesting upcoming events that you can still get in to - some online, some in multiple cities, some held in youth centers, some…

Learnivore: Ruby Focused Screencast Aggregator

Learnivore is a new(ish) site by French Rubyist Thibaut Barrère that aims to aggregate all of the best screencasts in any easy to navigate, searchable manner. Learnivore is worth following (you can even follow it on Twitter) because unlike blog posts, screencasts…

How To Create Your Own Programming Language (Using Ruby and/or Java)

Create Your Own Programming Language is a interesting new information product and community by Marc-André Cournoyer (of Thin fame) that promises to teach you how to create a simple programming language. The official site is well worth checking out, even if you don't…

Coulda: A Cucumber-like DSL for BDD

Evan Light has recently pushed his Coulda project to Github - it's a test framework based on Test::Unit, inspired by Cucumber, Shoulda and Thor. Coulda works like Cucumber in that it's a Domain Specific Language for capturing the behaviour expected by your code, as part…

Review of The Merb Way by Foy Savas

I've been reading the Merb Way by Foy Savas (Addison Wesley).  I was a little sceptical about this book at first, because of the recent marriage of the Merb and Rails core teams and the announcement that the Merb codebase would be…...

Ruby5: A Twice-Weekly 5 Minute Ruby News Podcast

Ruby5 is a new twice weekly podcast dedicated to Ruby and Rails news. It's headed by Gregg Pollack (formerly of the RailsEnvy podcast which Jason Seifer has now taken over) and Nathan Bibler. They aim to cover several bits of Ruby a...

Why’s “Try Ruby” (Web Version of irb) Back Online

Try Ruby was a Web site by Why The Lucky Stiff that provided a Web-based version of irb (the interactive ruby prompt) and a 15 minute tutorial for people to learn and play with Ruby. With Why's disappearance, however, the site went down...Show More Summary

CouchRest: CouchDB, Close to the Metal

I have been contemplating the use of document-stores in my Ruby apps for a few months (you might remember my MongoMapper post from back in June), and I've been following developments in the No-SQL movement. George Palmer's presentation...Show More Summary

Ruby Version Manager: Easily Use Multiple Ruby Versions At Once

Ruby Version Manager GitHub repo (a.k.a. RVM) makes it ridiculously easy to install and switch between multiple Ruby versions on OS X and Linux. Over the last 24 hours, I've been playing with RVM and talking to creator Wayne Seguin and...Show More Summary

“Why The Lucky Stiff” Is Missing

Long-time Rubyist and the community's own resident crazy genius, whytheluckystiff (a.k.a. _why) seems to have gone missing. Not only has he deleted his Twitter account (@_why) but his Github repositories and all of his great Ruby related...Show More Summary

Bowline: An MVC Framework for GUI Apps in Ruby

Bowline is a new MVC GUI framework for developing cross-platform desktop applications using Ruby, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The author, Alex MacCaw, aims to make building a desktop app as simple as creating a Rails site. Unlike pureShow More Summary

Backgrounded: A Simple Wrapper for Ruby Background Tasks

Like Ryan Sonnek, I've dabbled with a few different ways to run background processes in my Ruby apps, even resorting to knocking together my own (far from perfect) solution. As Ryan says on his blog, many popular libraries have complicated...Show More Summary

Patron: A Simpler Ruby HTTP Client for Ruby

Until recently, I had been using the Curb library for making HTTP requests with Ruby, and I must say I was fairly happy with it. Phillip Toland, on the other hand, wasn't satisfied with Curb's API and the fact that it is tricky to modify (being implemented mainly in C). Show More Summary

Siren: a JSONQuery interpreter for Ruby

Siren is a JSON and JSONQuery interpreter for Ruby by James Coglan. Before I dive into talking about Siren, a little bit of background: JSON is a lightweight, human-friendly data interchange format, for which there is already good Ruby support in the form of the json gem. Show More Summary

Build Safer Ruby Daemons with RobustThread

When running a Ruby daemon which executes code in a loop, if the process is killed while something is happening then problems can occur if the code doesn't handle all the exceptions properly or if the loop isn't broken cleanly. RobustThread...Show More Summary

Publish Your Ruby Documentation on Github with

This post is by Matt Sears of Littlelines. is simple web service that uses YARD (a documentation generation tool for Rubyists) to generate documentation for Ruby libraries hosted on Github. If you’re not familiar with YARD, it allows you to add metadata to Ruby documentation similar to other languages such as Java and Objective-C. Show More Summary

Generate Ruby Profiling Charts With Perftools

   Ilya Grigorik has written an interesting article called Profiling Ruby with Google's Perftools about using a port of Google's Perftools (perftools.rb) to build graphs showing the results of profiling sessions on your Ruby code. As...Show More Summary

Writing An Interpreter In 15 Minutes With Ruby

At the London Ruby User Group's regular meetup yesterday, James Coglan gave a talk on how to implement a Scheme interpreter in 15 minutes. He recorded a video of the coding in progress beforehand so he could focus on the narration so unfortunately the video (available in a higher resolution here from Vimeo) is without sound. Show More Summary

The Ruby Toolbox: See The Most Popular Ruby Libraries By Usage

The Ruby Toolbox gives Ruby developers a categorized overview of 100 or so different libraries ranked on how commonly used they are. It's not perfect as it only pays attention to projects hosted on Github and the ranking system is based...Show More Summary

Typhoeus: A High Speed, Parallel HTTP Library for Ruby

Paul Dix, of Feedzirra fame, strikes again! This time with Typhoeus (Github repo), a high-speed, parallel HTTP request library for Ruby. At first glance, you could be forgiven for wondering what the point is when we already have John...Show More Summary

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