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Starter Project - Angular 2.0 + TypeScript + WebPack + Bootstrap

As Angular 2.0 is finally in Beta (¡Yeah!), it is playtime now. In my opinion, the best starter project to use (Feb 2016 ;-) is Angular2 Webpack Starter by AngularClass. Unfortunately, it does not come with Bootstrap support out of the box. Show More Summary

Learn How to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps With Our 2016 Webinar Series is the best mobile app development platform out there. Get the most out of it with our webinars. We’ve put together six so far to kick off the new year. The first two cover the most used frameworks on the platform. The next webinar delves into our service for making enterprise assets like SQL databases into REST services. Show More Summary

Cargo Tracker Java EE 7 Blue Prints Now Running on WebLogic

For those unaware the Cargo Tracker project exists to serve as a blue print for developing decently designed Java EE 7 applications, principally utilizing Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The project has long run on GlassFish 4 and Java SE 7. Show More Summary

Couchbase Weekly Feb 8, 2016

Learn what’s latest in the Couchbase Community. Let us know if we missed anything at @couchbasedev, @couchbase or #Couchbase. Couchbase Mobile 1.2 released delivering enterprise grade administration, security, performance, and scalability. Show More Summary

Enable Docker Remote API on Docker Machine on Mac OS X

Docker daemon provides a Remote REST API. This API is used by the Client to communicate with the engine. This API can be also be invoked by by other tools, such as curl or Chrome Postman REST Client. If you are creating Docker daemons using Docker Machine on OSX Mavericks, then getting this API to work is a bit tricky. Show More Summary

What Does Agile Mean to You?

Over on Techwell, my monthly column is Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference. I wrote the article because I am tired of people saying “Agile/Scrum” as if Scrum was the only way to do agile. I use iterations, kanban, and the XP technical practices when I work with teams. Show More Summary

Some Interesting Real World CDI Usage Statistics

The good folks over at Genuitec developing MyEclipse recently asked the Twittersphere about real world CDI usage. They ran a week-long Twitter survey asking the simple question - "Do you use CDI in your Java EE applications?". The results of the survey were pretty interesting and certainly worth sharing. Show More Summary

Docker 1.10, Machine 0.6.0, Compose 1.6.0 – better volumes and networking

Docker 1.10 is now released! Read about all the new features in Docker 1.10. A quick summary: New Compose file format Much better networking Much better security Swarm becomes 1.1, with Mesos integration Read Docker 1.10 release notes. Lets...Show More Summary

Deploy Docker to Amazon Cloud using Tutum

Have you felt the need to run Docker containers on Amazon? Amazon Container Service requires extensive setup and manual work. This is meant for programmers who have plenty of time and willing to debug through multiple steps. For mundane...Show More Summary

Value of Burndown and Burnup Charts

I met a team recently who was concerned about their velocity. They were always “too late” according to their manager. I asked them what they measured and how. They measured the burndown for each iteration. They calculated the number of points they could claim for each story. Show More Summary

Couchbase Weekly Feb 1, 2016

Learn what’s latest in the Couchbase Community. Let us know if we missed anything at @couchbasedev, @couchbase or #Couchbase. February 4: Couchbase Day Santa Monica Press Releases Couchbase Supports @WalmartLab’s Release of OneOps Cloud...Show More Summary

Hibernate Community Newsletter 3/2016

Starting this year, we are hosting a series of articles focused on the Hibernate community. We share blog posts, forum and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant to our users. Articles Eugen Paraschiv wrote a very detailed...Show More Summary

NetBeans Plugin for Couchbase Part 2 – Coffee on Couchbase

This is part 2 (part 1) of Coffee on Couchbase series where we will build a NetBeans plugin for Couchbase. This multi-part webinar series is a discussion with Geertjan Wielenga (@GeertjanW) and Eben Haber (@ebenhaber). As part of this...Show More Summary

EJB3 @Lock Annotation for CDI Beans

The EJB 3 @Lock annotation is pretty unique, interesting and useful. It provides an elegant declarative way of controlling concurrency for beans that can be shared across multiple threads such as singletons. As of Java EE 7 the annotation is only available to EJB 3 @Singleton session beans. Show More Summary

Influential Agile Leader, Boston and London, 2016

Is your agile transition proceeding well? Or, is it stuck in places—maybe the teams aren’t improving, maybe the people are multitasking, maybe you are tired and don’t know how you’ll find the energy to continue. You are the kind of person...Show More Summary

Java EE @ Oredev

Oredev 2015 was held on 3-6 November in Malmo Sweden. This was my third time at the largest IT conference in the Scania region. The conference is rooted in.NET and development process/methodology but has been trying hard to beef up it's Java content. Show More Summary

Friends with Java 9 - Hibernate Validator 5.2.3.Final is out

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Hibernate Validator 5.2.3.Final! Wait, didn’t we already do another Hibernate Validator release earlier this month? That’s right, indeed we pushed out the first Alpha of the 5.3 family a couple...Show More Summary

Migrating from Tomcat to Java EE and TomEE at Dassault Systemes

One of the most important things to do at this stage of the life-cycle of Java EE is highlight successful adoption stories at a regular cadence. We have been doing just that for a long time through our adoption stories blog, this humble blog as well as JavaOne. Show More Summary

New England Software Symposium - Mar 18 - 20, 2016

No Fluff Just Stuff is pleased to announce the New England Software Symposium, Mar 18 - 20, 2016. Catch these Featured Sessions

AngularBeans: Java EE 7/CDI Integration with AngularJS

In the highly volatile world of JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS has managed to maintain a lead at least for now. The good news for Java EE developers is that Java EE generally and Java EE 7 in particular works extremely well as a back-end for frameworks like AngularJS. Show More Summary

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