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Solving replication problems with Tungsten replicator

On Monday afternoon, Neal Armitage and I will be speaking at Percona Live in London. It will be a three hours tutorial about Tungsten replicator. The contents of this tutorial are mostly new. We have released recently a new and easier...Show More Summary

MySQL 5.6.8 - Broken compatibility ahead

Users are safer MySQL 5.6.8 was announced a few days ago. You can download it from the MySQL downloads page This is the second release candidate of MySQL 5.6, and it is strange. My understanding of a release candidate is something that is stable, its features committed long time ago, and the release will just attempt to fix bugs. Show More Summary

Tungsten Replicator 2.0.6 released - Multi-Master replication made easy and more

Tungsten Replicator version 2.0.6 was released today. You can get both the binaries and the source code at the project's downloads page. This release contains many bug fixes, and various improvements. All of them are listed in the Release Notes. Show More Summary

Overwhelming response from the MySQL community in Barcelona

Within hours of my post about meeting the MySQL community in Barcelona, we got several offers to help, and within one day, an event was created and agreed upon. Thanks! Today the event was posted at Evenbrite. It will take place on Tuesday, November 13th, at 7pm. Show More Summary

MySQL community in Barcelona - Let's meet in November

My company, Continuent, will have an engineering meeting in Barcelona, Spain, from November 11th to 16th. We are meeting because, as we all work from home, we need to get in touch face-to-face at least a few times a year, and every time we try choosing a nice, inspiring place where we can both work and relax. Show More Summary

Tungsten Replicator cookbook. Advanced replication topologies made easy

I have been asked many times to provide an easy way of deploying fan-in and star schema replication schemas. So far, I have been delayed by more pressing duties. Now the time has come. Since we are about to release a new version of Tungsten Replicator, I made the effort of putting together the steps for an easy deployment. Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox updated with minimal support for MySQL 5.6.7

One of the surprises of MySQL 5.6 was that the table was missing. How did I realize it? Because make_sandbox, the basic installation brick of MySQL Sandbox failed to complete. What happened is that MySQL Sandbox, before claiming success, checks if some key elements are available. Show More Summary

My speaking engagements - Q4 2012

After a long pause in the speaking game, I am back. It's since April that I haven't been on stage, and it is now time to resume my public duties. I will speak at MySQL Connect in San Francisco, just at the start of Oracle Open World, with a talk on MySQL High Availability: Power and Usability. Show More Summary

New strength for Continuent

It is public news now that Continuent has three new hires. I am particularly pleased with the news, as we are improving the team in three different directions: Services and management, with Ronald Bradford, with whom we have crossedShow More Summary

MySQL 5.6 replication gotchas (and bugs)

There has been a lot of talk about MySQL 5.6 replication improvements. With few exceptions, what I have seen was either marketing messages or hearsay. This means that few people have really tried out the new features to see whether they meet the users needs. Show More Summary

Is Oracle really killing MySQL?

There are plenty of "Oracle-is-killing-MySQL" headlines in the tech world: Oracle Makes More Moves To Kill Open Source MySQL Oracle now destroying MySQL Is MySQL Slowly Turning Closed Source? Is Oracle really consciously and willingly killing MySQL? I don't think so. Show More Summary

The hidden mistake

There are mistakes that drive you crazy when you try to understand what went wrong. One of the most annoying and hard to catch was this, apparently harmless line: tungsten-sandbox -m 5.5.24 --topology all-masters -n 2 -p 7300 -l 12300...Show More Summary

How to run a flawless technical demo

Why demos? For as long as I can remember in my public speaking activities, I have always planned my presentations with some sort of live demo in it. I am always surprised when a conference venue asks me to provide my slides in advance, to be loaded in an anonymous computer with no chance of demos. Show More Summary

A few hacks to simulate mysqldump --ignore-database

A few days ago, Ronald Bradford asked for a mysqldump –ignore-database option. As a workaround, he proposes: mysqldump --databases `mysql --skip-column-names \ -e "SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(schema_name SEPARATOR ' ') \ FROM information_schema.schemata...Show More Summary

Some lessons from MySQL Conference 2012

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012 is over. Together with the SkySQL solutions day, it has kept me occupied for 4 full days, from early morning to late at night. I have to say that I am pleased. The quality of the organization was very high, with a very good lineup of speakers and an excellent technical support. Show More Summary

21st century presentation technology at Percona Live

After 15 years of slide show technology, I thought that we need to change the way we do presentations. And since I am advocating radical changes, I will eat my own dog food and be the first to present a MySQL session using 3D technology. Show More Summary

April talks at Percona and SkySQL events

The second week of April will be quite a busy one Tuesday, April 10 April 10th is Tutorial day at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo. On that day, I will present a classic: MySQL Replication 101. This is a topic traditionally presented by a MySQL engineer. Show More Summary

Lightning Talks at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012

Several months ago I suggested having lightning talks at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012, and I also offered to help. Then I forgot about that for a while, until I saw the announcement that there was a call for Lightning Talks. Show More Summary

MySQL 5.6 too verbose when creating data directory

When I install a MySQL package using MySQL Sandbox, if everything goes smoothly, I get an informative message on standard output, and I keep working. This is OK $HOME/opt/mysql/5.5.15/scripts/mysql_install_db --no-defaults \ --user=$USER...Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox at the OTN MySQL Developers day in Paris, March 21st

On March 21st I will be in Paris, to attend the OTN MySQL Developers Day.Oracle is organizing these events all over the world, and although the majority are in the US, some of them are touching the good old European continent.Previous events were an all-Oracle show. Show More Summary

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