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Refactored again: poor man's MySQL replicator monitor

I saw that both Haidong Ji and Geert VanderKelen have proposed a Python monitor for MySQL replication, calling it the "poor man's version".See Poor man’s MySQL replication monitoring and Geert's Refactored: Poor man’s MySQL replication...Show More Summary

Make your voice heard. Tell Oracle and the MySQL Council what bugs you

The MySQL Council has not being idle. We have addressed the bugs database concerns, and we are continuing our dialog.To do a better job, we would like to hear more from the community. Unlike other established user groups, MySQL does not have a world wide organization for its users. Show More Summary

Open Database camp 2011 - Opportunities for sponsors, culture, and more

The Open Database Camp 2011 is barely one month away. Sponsorship Many thanks to all the sponsors! We very much appreciate your support.Speaking of what, here is some important information for sponsors: The venue owners, Sardegna Ricerche,...Show More Summary

MySQL replication for demanding users

I have been working with MySQL replication for quite a while. I have dealt with simple replication setups and I have experimented with complex ones. Five years ago I wrote an article about advanced MySQL replication, which was mostly...Show More Summary

How fast is parallel replication? See it live today

I talked about parallel replication last month. Since then, there has been a considerable interest for this feature. As far as I know, Tungsten's is the only implementation of this much coveted feature, so I can only compare with MySQL native replication.The most compelling question is "how fast is it?"That's a tricky one. Show More Summary

Quick benchmarking trick

I have been doing quite a lot of benchmarking recently.I needed to find a safe way of measuring the time spend by the database doing a long task, like catching up on a huge backlog of accumulated replication updates. The problem with measuring this event is that I can record when it starts, but I can't easily detect when it finishes. Show More Summary

A cool terminal tip for Mac users

If you use a Mac, and you are dealing with many similar tasks at once, like examining many database servers in different terminals, you may like this one.I have been using iTerm 2 for a while, and my handling of parallel tasks has improved a lot. Show More Summary

Replication and sandbox talks on the road - San Francisco, Santa Clara, Orlando

In a few weeks, I will be on the road, for an intense set of presentations in the USA. San Francisco, April 7th I will start the tour at the San Francisco MySQL User Group. On April 7, at 6pm I will talk about Advanced MySQL replication for the masses. Show More Summary

The MySQL Council addresses the public bug database issue

When I announced the MySQL Council, I said that among its roles there is that of being a bridge between the MySQL community and Oracle.It has come the time where we put this role to good use. Recently, there have been some concerns about the MySQL bugs database, which could be summarized in Mark Callaghan's post Where have the bugs gone?. Show More Summary

implementing table quotas in MySQL

I have just seen Limiting table disk quota in MySQL by Shlomi Noach, and I could not resist.You can actually implement a disk quota using an updatable view with the CHECK OPTION.Instead of giving the user access to the table, you give access to the view, and you will get a genuine MySQL error when the limit is reached. Show More Summary

Advanced replication for the masses - Part III - Replication topologies

After part I: the basics, and part II: parallel apply, we deal now with some more mundane topic, or how to deploy replication services in a way that they fit our business, covering from the basic master/slave to the most advanced multi-source scheme. Show More Summary

An hidden options file trick

I was listening today to the OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1. As usual, Sheeri and Sarah are very informational and entertaining while explaining the innards of MySQL and their best practices.Being a DBA oriented show, there was an omission in this podcast. Show More Summary

beware of the log

The MySQL general log is one of my favorite features for a quick debug. I especially like the ability of starting and stopping it on demand, which was introduced in MySQL 5.1.However, using the general log has its drawbacks.Today I was...Show More Summary

Advanced replication for the masses - Part II - Parallel replication

I hope you liked the first part of this series of lessons. And I really hope that you have followed the instructions and got your little replication cluster up and working. If you haven't done that, thinking that you would spare your energies for more juicy matters, I have news for you. Show More Summary

Advanced replication for the masses - Part I - Getting started with Tungsten Replicator

MySQL DBAs and developers: oil your fingers and get ready to experience a new dimension of data replication. I am pleased to announce that Continuent has just released Tungsten Replicator 2.0, an open source data replication engine that can replace MySQL native replication with a set of advanced features.A note about the source code. Show More Summary

How to detect if a MySQL server is an active replication slave

Sometimes you know for sure. And sometimes you wonder: Is this server part of a replication system? And, most specifically, is it an active slave?The completeness of the answer depends on how much visibility you have on the server.If...Show More Summary

Webinar: Percona and Continuent on backup and replication with huge data

On Thursday, February 10, at 10am PST, there is a free webinar about Managing Big Data with Percona Server, XtraBackup and Tungsten. Quoting from the announcement:Big data is a big problem for growing SaaS businesses and large web applications. Show More Summary

Evolution of MySQL metadata

I was looking at the latest MySQL versions, and I happened to notice that there has been a great increment in the number of metadata tables, both in the information_schema and performance_schema databases. So I made a simple count of both schemas in the various versions, and draw a graph. Show More Summary

Open Database Camp - Accommodation and Sponsoring

The Open Database Camp 2011 is shaping up nicely.The logistics is being defined and local and international volunteers are showing up for help. (Thanks, folks!)If you want to start booking, there is a list of hotels in the Accommodation...Show More Summary

A first look at delayed replication in MySQL 5.6

If you like fresh features, you should not miss this one. MySQL 5.6.2 includes, among other improvements, the implementation of Time delayed replication, a feature that lets you tell the slave not to apply changes from the master immediately, but to wait N seconds. Show More Summary

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