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Primary keys from experience

From time to time I see articles in defense of natural primary keys against surrogate keys.I don't take an immovable stand on either side, as I have seen good cases for both. In general, I like the idea of a natural primary key, when I see one that it is really natural. Show More Summary

CodeBits - An event of competitive innovation

It was my pleasure and privilege to attend Codebits in 2009. As Roland Bouman says, its talk choice method is based on public voting, and therefore everyone cha have contribute to the schedule.But that is not the main reason for attending this extraordinary event. Show More Summary

Usability improvements in Tungsten Replicator 2.0.4

If you love a software product, you should try to improve it, and not be afraid of criticizing it. This principle has guided me with MySQL (where I have submitted many usability bugs, and discussed interface with developers for years), and it proves true for Tungsten Replicator as well. Show More Summary

Call for disclosure on MySQL Conference 2012

Percona has announced Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012. Kudos for their vision and entrepreneurship. I have seen comments praising their commitment to the community and their willingness to filling a void. I have to dot a few i's and cross some t's on this matter. Show More Summary

Less known facts about MySQL user grants

Reading MySQL security: inconsistencies I remembered a few related experiments that I did several years ago when I was studying for the MySQL certification.The first fact that came to mind is about the clause "WITH GRANT OPTION" can only be given on the full set of options, not on a single grant.For example GRANT INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE on world. Show More Summary

Introducing the Tungsten-toolbox

After the public home for Tungsten Replicator, we needed another place where to host complementary tools. We discussed the pros and cons of hosting these tools in the same place where we publish Tungsten, but in the end we decided that...Show More Summary

What happened to MySQL Forge?

MySQL Forge has been offline for two days now. (2011-06-14)No sign of acknowledgement of this problem from the MySQL team. What is happening?For those not well acquainted with MySQL Forge, here are the facts. The MySQL Forge is a site that was intended to contain all community contributions. Show More Summary

Getting started with Tungsten Replicator and Tungsten Sandbox

We have been busy, at Continuent. In addition to our usual work with high performance replication, we have addressed usability issues, since we know that a hard-to-use problem, no matter how powerful, has low adoption.Thus, is with some...Show More Summary

The price of safe data - Benchmarking semi synchronous replication

Some time ago I wrote about MySQL 5.5 semi-synchronous replication. Since then, I have wanted to benchmark the overhead of semi-synchronous replication with a decent server. Now the occasion presented itself, thanks to some related business...Show More Summary

Open Database Camp 2011 opens today!

The Open Database Camp 2011 opens today with the Welcome Party, starting today at 7pm CEST. The party is open to all the ones who have registered in the Attendees list.By car you have to reach Pula, take Via Nora (Nora Street), thanShow More Summary

Introducing the Flying Clusters, and more than MySQL replication

My Colleague Linas Virbalas has just crossed the boundary between real and virtual and has started a blog, titled Flying Clusters.Linas is a gifted developer who is taking care of the special projects. One of such projects is replication between MySQL and PostgreSQL, which works quite well. Show More Summary

Replication : different points of view

The following quotes are the first sentences in the replication chapter of two similar books. Both are admin cookbooks. One is for PostgreSQL, one for MySQL.Replication isn't magic, though it can be pretty cool. It's even cooler when it works, and that's what this chapter is all about.Replication requires understanding, effort, and patience. Show More Summary

Open Database camp 2011 - Travel logistics, and don't forget the party

The Open Database Camp 2011 is near. In 9 days, the welcome party starts, and then the conference itself gets going.If you are coming earlier than Friday, May 6th, you can either use public transportation or book a private seat with a volunteer in the car pooling page. Show More Summary

Replication metadata in MySQL 5.6.2

The default storage engine is InnoDB, or is it not? When MySQL 5.5 went GA, the biggest piece of news was that the default storage engine is now InnoDB. Good news, and hope for a better future, as InnoDB is the most reliable storageShow More Summary

Pewter for Tungsten - Thanks, MySQL community!

After the opening keynote at the MySQL Conference, there was the usual ceremony of the MySQL community awards. Since Oracle declined to continue in the MySQL AB tradition of awarding the contributions from the community, the community...Show More Summary

How fast is parallel replication? See it live today

I talked about parallel replication last month. Since then, there has been a considerable interest for this feature. As far as I know, Tungsten's is the only implementation of this much coveted feature, so I can only compare with MySQL native replication.The most compelling question is "how fast is it?"That's a tricky one. Show More Summary

An hidden options file trick

I was listening today to the OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1. As usual, Sheeri and Sarah are very informational and entertaining while explaining the innards of MySQL and their best practices.Being a DBA oriented show, there was an omission in this podcast. Show More Summary

Advanced replication for the masses - Part I - Getting started with Tungsten Replicator

MySQL DBAs and developers: oil your fingers and get ready to experience a new dimension of data replication. I am pleased to announce that Continuent has just released Tungsten Replicator 2.0, an open source data replication engine that can replace MySQL native replication with a set of advanced features.A note about the source code. Show More Summary

Pitfalls of monitoring MySQL table activity with stored routines

A friend of mine needed a quick method to monitor a table that was frequently updated. There were several procedures writing to the table several times per second. He needed a quick way of determining how many updates per second the table was getting. The table has only one row, which includes a counter that is increased at each operation. Show More Summary

Announcing the Open Database Camp - Sardinia, May 2011

I have been traveling to many conferences in the last 10 years, and many times I have been asked to organize an event in my native land, Sardinia. After delaying the inevitable for long time, here I can announce it. The Open Database...Show More Summary

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