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My wish list for OpenSQLCamp, Boston 2010

On Friday, October 15 th, the third OpenSQLCamp in North America will start at 6pm with a social event and then continue with more technical stuff over the week end. Compared to the overcrowded Oracle Open World with its 45,000 attendees, this event may look like a desert. Show More Summary

A funny recipe.

According to a recent book about MySQL, this is the recipe to convert an IP address into an integer, with the purpose of using it as server-ID. Take for example Using a calculator (!!!), convert each of the four numbers to...Show More Summary

Book review : SQL Antipatterns

SQL Antipatterns, by Bill Karwin I remember that when I finished reading The Lord Of The Rings, I felt a pang of disappointment. "What? Already finished? What am I going to read now? What can give me the same pleasure and sense of accomplishment...Show More Summary

OpenSQLCamp EU 2010 - Vote your favorite sessions

The deadline for the OpenSQLCamp CfP is over. Now it's time to submit your votes. As we did last year, the procedure is public and transparent. After seeing the list of submitted sessions, you can then vote via mailing list, or via Twitter. But, please, hurry! We need to finalize the schedule at the end of this week. Thanks!

More on the open core : the pragmatic view

I joined the number of those who have a public opinion on the open core debate. Roberto Galoppini has graciously accepted to host a post on this topic in his Commercial Open Source Software blog. Please read it directly from there: Open to the core - The pragmatic freedom Enjoy!

Speaking in the US - San Francisco User Group - Community Summit - OSCON

On July 15th and 16th I will be in San Francisco for a few meetings, and it will be my pleasure to meet the San Francisco MySQL User Group, where I will talk about MySQL Sandbox. From there, I will continue to Portland, to attend the Community Leadership Forum and, of course OSCON, where I will have three talks: two in the main event, and one at the Intel booth.

OpenSQLCamp EU 2010 - Last days to submit a talk

There is still time and hope if you want to present at the OpenSQLCamp 2010, European edition. The Call for Participation is open until July 11th. Thanks for the ones who have submitted proposals. A few caveats: if your proposal does not include a description, it will not be accepted. Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox embraces Python and meets Cluster

If you have tried Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes, you may have realized that it is really quick and easy. However, it leaves some typing to be done. Users of MySQL Sandbox have a horror of repetitive typing, and this got me thinking. Show More Summary

Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes

Scared of MySQL Cluster? Don't be. You may want to try the quick start guides that are available in the Cluster downloads page. These guides are a step-by-step instructions set to create a simple cluster in one host. Following the instructions, you will be able to shape up all the cluster components in 10 minutes or less. Show More Summary

Welcome googleCL

I am writing this blog post with Vim, my favorite editor, instead of using the online editor offered by blogger. And I am uploading this post to my Blogger account using Google CL a tool that lets you use Google services from the command line. I am a command line geek, and as soon as I saw the announcement, I installed it in my laptop. Show More Summary

Free software and business in Sardinia

On June 10th and 11th I attended two interesting workshops, both related to the Italian Free Software conference, and both organized by private institutions that have expanded their boundaries and created two quite lively international events. The first event was held near Pula, in an innovation laboratory encased in a beautiful forest. Show More Summary

Performance gain of MySQL 5.1 InnoDB plugin

You know already that InnoDB in MySQL 5.5 has great improvements in performance and scalability. You will have to wait a few months for that, though, because MySQL 5.5 is not GA yet. But if you need some extra performance in MySQL 5.1, you may want to use the Innodb Plugin instead of the built-in one. Show More Summary

OpenSQLCamp EU 2010 - Call for participation

The European OpenSQLCamp 2010 will take place in parallel to the Free and Open Source Conference 2010 (FrOSCon) on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd August at the Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in St. Augustin, Germany. St. Augustin is located...Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox now with plugins, more tests, instrumentation

The latest release of MySQL Sandbox, 3.0.12, has integrated plugin installation features, as mentioned in my previous post. Not only that. This version has also more tests, fixes a couple of bugs, and introduces basic instrumentation. Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox meets plugins

I saw it coming.In the past year I have been working more and more with plugins. The InnoDB plugins, the semi-synchronous replication plugins, the Gearman UDFs, the Spider plugins, and every time I found myself doing a long installation...Show More Summary

LOAD DATA: a tricky replication issue

When you are importing large amounts of data from other sources LOAD DATA is a common method of inserting data into a table.It is one of the old commands implemented in MySQL. As such it is very fast, and it has been optimized for both MyISAM and InnoDB. Show More Summary

Sometimes, even a command line guy likes a GUI

As everyone knows, I am a command line guy. I am very much comfortable with the shell prompt and the command line SQL client. I do most of my work that way, and I am very much productive.However, there comes a time when even for a command...Show More Summary

World map, shaped by MySQL downloads

A few years ago, during the MySQL Conference opening keynote, two world maps of MySQL downloads were displayed. With the lights down, they made an impression.Oddly enough, to the best of my knowledge, the downloads map has not been drawn again since then. Show More Summary

Two quick performance tips with MySQL 5.1 partitions

While I was researching for my partitions tutorial, I came across two hidden problems, which may happen often, but are somehow difficult to detect and even more difficult to fix, unless you know what's going on, and why. I presented both cases during my tutorial, but there were no pictures to convey the mechanics of the problem. Show More Summary

Exchanging partitions with tables

While I was presenting my partitioning tutorial at the latest MySQL Conference, I announced a new feature that was, as far as I knew, still in the planning stage. Mattias Jonsson, one of the partitions developers, was in attendance, and corrected me, explaining that the feature was actually available in a prototype. Show More Summary

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