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How fast is parallel replication? See it live today

I talked about parallel replication last month. Since then, there has been a considerable interest for this feature. As far as I know, Tungsten's is the only implementation of this much coveted feature, so I can only compare with MySQL native replication.The most compelling question is "how fast is it?"That's a tricky one. Show More Summary

An hidden options file trick

I was listening today to the OurSQL Episode 36: It's Not Our (De)fault! Part 1. As usual, Sheeri and Sarah are very informational and entertaining while explaining the innards of MySQL and their best practices.Being a DBA oriented show, there was an omission in this podcast. Show More Summary

Advanced replication for the masses - Part I - Getting started with Tungsten Replicator

MySQL DBAs and developers: oil your fingers and get ready to experience a new dimension of data replication. I am pleased to announce that Continuent has just released Tungsten Replicator 2.0, an open source data replication engine that can replace MySQL native replication with a set of advanced features.A note about the source code. Show More Summary

Pitfalls of monitoring MySQL table activity with stored routines

A friend of mine needed a quick method to monitor a table that was frequently updated. There were several procedures writing to the table several times per second. He needed a quick way of determining how many updates per second the table was getting. The table has only one row, which includes a counter that is increased at each operation. Show More Summary

Announcing the Open Database Camp - Sardinia, May 2011

I have been traveling to many conferences in the last 10 years, and many times I have been asked to organize an event in my native land, Sardinia. After delaying the inevitable for long time, here I can announce it. The Open Database...Show More Summary

Looking for a hack - Passing comment-like info through the binary log

I am facing an interesting problem. I need to mark somehow a statement in such a way that the comment is preserved through the binary log. I don't have control on how the statement is generated or using which client software. For the...Show More Summary

How to create a private cloud in your laptop

Everybody is moving to cloud architectures, although not all agree on what cloud computing is. In my limited understanding, and for the purpose of my work, cloud computing is a quick and versatile availability of virtual machines. Now, if my purpose was deploying these machines, a private cloud in one host (namely, my laptop) would not make sense. Show More Summary

Testing MySQL 5.5 semi-synchronous replication

A few days ago I saw an article about Semi-Synchronous Replication in MySQL 5.5. It asks questions, and doesn't give answers beyond gut feeling. So I thought that I would do some practical testing of this new feature. Before we go that way, though, let's revisit the theory. How semi-synchronous replication works Figure 1. Show More Summary

Quick start guides: MySQL cluster in 10 minutes

Scared of MySQL Cluster? Don't be. You may want to try the quick start guides that are available in the Cluster downloads page. These guides are a step-by-step instructions set to create a simple cluster in one host. Following the instructions, you will be able to shape up all the cluster components in 10 minutes or less. Show More Summary

Performance gain of MySQL 5.1 InnoDB plugin

You know already that InnoDB in MySQL 5.5 has great improvements in performance and scalability. You will have to wait a few months for that, though, because MySQL 5.5 is not GA yet. But if you need some extra performance in MySQL 5.1, you may want to use the Innodb Plugin instead of the built-in one. Show More Summary

Linux MySQL distros meeting in Brussels

When I saw Shlomi's post on why not to use apt-get or yum for MySQL, I thought immediately that his conclusions are quite reasonable. What you get from the Linux distributions is not the same thing that you find in the official MySQL downloads page. Show More Summary

Multi dimensional cubes in MySQL through Gearman

I gave two presentations about Gearman at the As part of the preparation for these talks, I created several sample applications. One of them, about remote replication administration, I will cover in a separate post. The...Show More Summary

Holiday gift - A deep look at MySQL 5.5 partitioning enhancements

Half a day into my vacation, I managed to finish an article on a topic that has been intriguing me for a while. Since several colleagues were baffled by the semantics of the new enhancements of MySQL 5.5 partitions, after talking atShow More Summary

MySQL Conference 2010 - The call for participation is open

The MySQL Conference 2010, co-sponsored by Sun and O'Reilly, has opened its Call for participation.There is already an impressive lineup of tutorials, and I don't say that only because I am on that list. You will find the usual suspects...Show More Summary

MySQL schema maintenance

At CodeBits I had my first session about MySQL schema maintenance. I covered the basic command line possibilities before coming to the recommended tool, MySQL Workbench.The slides are available at slideshare.Interesting questions:Are...Show More Summary

Poor man's schema comparison

Comparing database schemas is one of those DBA tasks that occurs all the time.If you can afford the luxury of having a GUI, then MySQL Workbench is the tool for you. It will help you compare structures and eventually synchronizing the...Show More Summary

Snow Leopard blues

On Friday afternoon, I went to give a presentation about MySQL advanced features at the Sardegna Ricerche technology park. The presentation included a quick introduction to MySQL Sandbox, something that I have been doing for years, and I thought I could do blindfold, if required. Show More Summary

MySQL Sandbox and Spider at FrOSCon and OpenSQLCamp

FrOSCon and the OpenSQLCamp are about to start. I am packing for Sankt Augustin, where I will attend the fourth edition of FrOSCon and the second OpenSQLCamp. I will have two sessions, Sharding for the masses, about the Spider storage engine and MySQL Sandbox 3, about one of my favorite tools.The program is very rich. Show More Summary

Testing the InnoDB plugin with MySQL snapshots

The cat is out of the bag.MySQL 5.1 will include the InnoDB plugin, and thanks to you can try the new version right away.Here is a step-by-step guide to testing the InnoDB plugin with MySQL snapshot 5.1.39 and MySQL Sandbox.1. Show More Summary

Remote replication setup with Gearman and MySQL Sandbox

A few months ago, Brian Aker invited me to have a look at Gearman, saying that I could find interesting combinations with MySQL Proxy. I did not forget, and I kept thinking about interesting ways of using it. The first idea that I managed to apply is not related to Proxy, but to a practical problem that I have been keeping in reserve for years, i.e. Show More Summary

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