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Getting to Know and Love Xdebug - SitePoint PHP

It's been 15 years since Xdebug first came out. We think this is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce it to the world, and explain how and why it does what it does. Xdebug is a PHP extension (meaning it needs to be compiled and installed into a PHP installation) which provides the developer with some features for debugging. Show More Summary

Atlas ORM 1.2.0 Released - Paul M. Jones

The 1.2.0 release adds the ability to define WHERE conditions on relationships. (The 1.1.0 release added functionality to ignore foreign key string case when wiring up objects in memory, and 1.0.0 was released pretty quietly a couple...Show More Summary

Symfony 4: Contributing Recipes - Fabien Potencier

Symfony Flex is not Open-Sourced yet, but I can already feel the excitement in he community. I have also received some feedback via Twitter, Slack, and email during the last few days. That makes me really happy! Everybody knows that I like to tease. Show More Summary

A small update about sabre/dav and baikal maintenance. - Evert Pot

Hi there! My name is Evert, and for the past 10 years I’ve probably done around 90-95% of development for the sabre/ packages, and took over Baikal development last year. After this time, it all became a little bit too much for me to maintain hese. Show More Summary

Easy Docker dev environments for PHP with CloudEstuary - Adam Culp

Lately I’ve been messing around with Docker, and specifically with containerizing PHP applications to perform quick services, such as static analysis of PHP code, compatibility of existing PHP code to specific versions of PHP, and performing security checks on PHP libraries included in my projects. Show More Summary

Building a Social Network with Laravel and Stream? Easy! - SitePoint PHP

In the previous post, we saw how to add the follow functionality to a Laravel app. We also looked at how to configure our app to use Stream. This part will focus on: configuring our models in order to make it possible to track activities. he...Show More Summary

Interview with Eric Mann - Voices of the ElePHPant

EricMann Audio Show Notes Tozny Portland PHP User Group The post Interview with Eric Mann appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

PHP 7 Virtual Machine - Nikita Popov

This article aims to provide an overview of the Zend Virtual Machine, as it is found in PHP 7. This is not a comprehensive description, but I try to cover most of the important parts, as well as some of the finer details. This description...Show More Summary

PHP 7.1.4 Released - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.4. Several bugs have been fixed. All PHP 7.1 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. For source downloads of PHP 7.1.4 please visit our downloads page, Windows source and binaries can be found on The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog.

ConFoo Vancouver Call for Papers - Anna Filina

ConFoo is happy to open the call for papers for the Vancouver 2017 edition! Proposals can be submitted until May 8th. Advisors will review all the proposals and publish the list of talks on June 5th. Talks are 35 minutes for the topic and 10 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 45 minutes. Show More Summary

Forget about HTTP when building microservices - Henri Bergius

Microservices — an architectural pattern we recommended in our 2012 International PHP Conference keynote — is pretty popular these days. There are many benefits to consider: Independent development and release lifecycle for each microservice Ensuring...Show More Summary

Symfony 4: Automate your Workflow - Fabien Potencier

Symfony 4's most "innovative" feature is the way it drives the day-to-day application management. No more tedious copy/paste from README files. No more boilerplate code. Automation to the max. On a curated list of Composer packages. Symfony Flex# Symfony 4 is powered by Symfony Flex, a deceptively simple but powerful Composer plugin. Show More Summary

PHP 7.2 as Software Collection - Remi Collet

No version published yet, version 7.2.0-dev is still under development, but I think it is useful to be able to start testing. RPM of this upcoming version of PHP 7.2, are available in remi repository for Fedora 24, 25, 26 and Enterprise...Show More Summary

Real-Time Laravel Notifications and Follows? Sure, with Stream! - SitePoint PHP

With Laravel, it's pretty easy to create newsfeed sites, blogs, or even forums where people post content, comment, or even mark some of these posts as favorite. To spice things up, we can make the app more lively by adding notifications for actions performed by other users. Show More Summary

dynClass as a better PHP stdClass - PHP Classes

dynClass as a better PHP stdClass By Chris Jeffries PHP has a default built-in class for generic objects named stdClass but it is very limited in terms of functionality. Read this article to learn why I have written the dynClass extending the stdClass to provide better dynamic features.

Searching REST API documents with TYPO3's indexed_search - Christian Weiske

Instead of writing our own search, we managed to integrate REST API data into a TYPO3's native indexed_search results. This brings us a mix of website content and REST data in one result list. A TYPO3 v7.6 site at work consists of aShow More Summary

Help! My team is full of junior programmers! - Brandon Savage

Hiring is perhaps the most challenging thing that any manager can ever do. Getting it right is half skill, half luck. Making a good decision on a candidate can be the difference between moving the project forward and setting it back....Show More Summary

Symfony 4: Directory Structure, and Common Practices - Paul M. Jones

Fabien has published his plans for the new Symfony 4 directory structure. Not that it matters much to anyone in Symfony-land, where I have no status that I’m aware of, but I am happy to see the changes described. Having said that, and...Show More Summary

Symfony 4: Directory Structure - Fabien Potencier

Symfony 3 came with a slightly different directory structure than Symfony 2. Symfony 4 will also come with a reworked directory structure. Mostly incremental adjustments to support new features and best practices. The Symfony 3 directory structure introduced...Show More Summary

An Alternative Laravel Package Development Workflow - SitePoint PHP

Every framework gives developers a way to extend the system using packages / extensions. We can generally hook in our logic at any point where we want to provide specific functionality, and Laravel is no exception! Following the article...Show More Summary

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