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random_bytes() in PHP 5.6 and 5.5 - Rob Allen

Last week, I needed some random data and using the power of the PHP manual, came across random_bytes which does exactly what I need. However, it's PHP7 only. As I target both Linux and Windows, I needed to do a bit more work to get it...Show More Summary

Writing PHP Git Hooks with Static Review - SitePoint PHP

If you’ve been using Git for more than a short length of time, you’ll hopefully have heard of Git hooks. If not, Git hooks, as Andrew Udvare introduced here on SitePoint back in August of last year, are scripts which run, based on certain...Show More Summary

WeCamp Day 5 - Stefan Koopmanschap

I still owe you one day, so here it is. This blogpost came a bit late because as day 5 ended we still needed to get the island back into its regular state, get speakers back to the airport etc. Enough excuses… here’s day 5. The last day of WeCamp 2015 was an exciting day. Show More Summary

Calculating Periodical Events in PHP Part 1: The Problem Challenges - PHP Classes

Calculating Periodical Events in PHP Part 1: The Problem Challenges By Dan Thanh Sometimes it is necessary to calculate the days of periodical events, like for instance sweepstakes, contests, regular publications, etc.. In general, it is an easy problem to solve. Show More Summary

WeCamp Day 4 - Stefan Koopmanschap

In terms of working, day 4 was actually only half a day. But since the last day of WeCamp would also just be half a day, some work had to be done. The team focussed on finishing their MVP and ended up actually finishing this as well!...Show More Summary

What to Learn First In PHP - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Tessa Mero @TessaMero Are you interested in learning how to use PHP? In this presentation, you will gain the tools necessary to get started with programming. PHP is one of the easier programming languages to learn and I will show you all the basics you need to know to start writing code. I will …

Logging with Monolog: From Devtools to Slack - SitePoint PHP

Logging is an important part of the app development/maintenance cycle. It’s not just about the data you log, but also about how you do it. In this article, we are going to explore the Monolog package and see how it can help us take advantage...Show More Summary

Call varnishstat remotely using Go - Thijs Feryn

Varnish is one of my favorite pieces of technology. It’s a reverse caching proxy that makes slow websites go fast. It

WeCamp Day 3 - Stefan Koopmanschap

Day 3 brought change. As I mentioned yesterday some of the personal goals that were set during the individual conversations with my team members affected the work we were doing. This meant, for instance, that Jasper took a more leading...Show More Summary

Voice controlled PHP apps with - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial we’ll be looking into, an API that lets us build apps which understand natural language, much like Siri. It can accept either text or speech as input, which it then parses and returns a JSON string that can be...Show More Summary

WeCamp Day 2 - Stefan Koopmanschap

Yesterday was day 2 of WeCamp and it was an interesting day. While gathering requirements in day 1 we created two spikes, topics to research to find out if we could actually do what we assumed we could. So in the morning, two peopleShow More Summary

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report August 2015 Edition - May 2015 nominees - PHP Classes

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report August 2015 Edition - May 2015 nominees By Manuel Lemos This is the August edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding...Show More Summary

WeCamp Day 1 - Stefan Koopmanschap

As we just started day 2 of WeCamp I’m reflecting back on the first day of the event. As I am being a coach this year, things are very different from last year for me. I’m hoping to have enough time to publish some notes and obversations every day. Being a coach Getting a team of random people to coach is an interesting exercise. Show More Summary

Review: Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & html5 - PHP Classes

Title Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & html5 Reviewer Jose Gomez Category PHP books Publisher O'Reilly Author Robin Nixon Summary This book describes the integration process of programming languages and tools in both sides (client and server) to create dynamic web contents. Show More Summary

Fixing Broken UTF-8 - David Sklar

When working on the i18n bits of Learning PHP 7, I had a problem. My example showing how plain string functions such as strtolower() and strtoupper() mangle multibyte UTF-8 characters was making the book formatting/rendering pipeline barf. Show More Summary

Slim-Csrf with Slim 3 - Rob Allen

In addition to the core Slim framework, we also ship a number of add-ons that are useful for specific types of problems. One of these is Slim-Csrf which provides CSRF protection. This is middleware that sets a token in the session for every request that you can then set as an hidden input field on a form. Show More Summary

Interview with Josh Butts - Cal Evans

@jimbojsb Show Notes Austin PHP User Group Nomad PHP Talk: Scaling PHP Applications With Redis The post Interview with Josh Butts appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

The Benefits of Using Git in Your Software Projects Part 2: Collaboration, Web Platforms and Migration - PHP Classes

The Benefits of Using Git in Your Software Projects Part 2: Collaboration, Web Platforms and Migration By Nicola Pietroluongo Nowadays working with a version control application like Git is mandatory for all software developers, even...Show More Summary

Watch: Fundamental PHP Arrays and Array Functions in PHP - SitePoint PHP

In this screencast I'll walk you through 5 useful functions PHP provides to manipulate and extract data from arrays. Loading the player... Continue reading %Watch: Fundamental PHP Arrays and Array Functions in PHP%

Re-introducing PDO – the Right Way to Access Databases in PHP - SitePoint PHP

PDO is the acronym of PHP Data Objects. As the name implies, this extension gives you the ability to interact with your database through objects. Why not mysql and mysqli ? The very valid question people ask when confronted by a newShow More Summary

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