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Using GDELT 2 with PHP to Analyze the World! - SitePoint PHP

Are you interested in political world events? Do you want to play with one of the world's largest databases? If you answered either of those questions with a yes, keep reading - this will interest you! This article follows up on theShow More Summary

24PullRequests 2016 - Stefan Koopmanschap

Last year I already wrote about different initiatives in the period leading up to Christmas. In one of my talks this year, Level Up Your Team I've been discussing many ways of learning, and for this year I want to highlight one of the...Show More Summary

PHP version 7.1.0 is released! - Remi Collet

RC6 was GOLD, so version 7.1.0 GA is just released, at planed date. A great thanks to all developers who have contributed to this new major and long awaiting version of PHP and thanks to all testers of the RC versions who have allowed...Show More Summary

PHP 7.1.0 Released - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.0. This release is the first point release in the 7.x series.PHP 7.1.0 comes with numerous improvements and new features such asNullable typesVoid return typeIterable...Show More Summary

Sending PHP Event Messages to Remote Logstash on Windows - SitePoint PHP

By opening this article you've endeavored yourself to expanding your knowledge of PHP applications as part of event-based distributed systems. You'll be given a quick intro into what we are referring to when we say event messages, what...Show More Summary

PHP ssh2.sftp opendir/readdir fix - Paul M. Jones

This bug related to the PECL ssh2 extension bit us yesterday, so this post is a public service announcement that will (hopefully) save you from writing your own workaround like I almost did. Problem:...Show More Summary

10 Things I Hate About Your API - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Amanda Folson @AmbassadorAwsum You’ve built an API, launched it, and people aren’t excited about it. Why might that be? Many people release APIs for public consumption without any regard for developer experience. This creates a developer ecosystem that invites failure or worse — it can encourage people to seek alternatives. Show More Summary

Analyzing Site Attacks with the PHP Web Application Firewall Proxy - PHP Classes

Analyzing Site Attacks with the PHP Web Application Firewall Proxy By Roman Shneer PHP Web Application Firewall is a package than can block malicious requests by acting as a proxy script. It uses a white list to let Webmasters determine...Show More Summary

Conserving On The Wrong Resource - Paul M. Jones

(This is a blog post I’ve had in a “write-me!” folder for years; I am now publishing it in its unfinished form to get it off my mind.) Programmers are acutely aware of their limited resources: CPU, memory, storage, request-per-second, screen space, line length, and so on. Show More Summary

Interview with Sara Golemon and Elizabeth Smith - Voices of the ElePHPant

Sara Golemon: @SaraMG Elizabeth Smith: @auroraeosrose Recorded at Zendcon 2016 The post Interview with Sara Golemon and Elizabeth Smith appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Using Traits With PHPUnit - Qafoo - PHP

As we already wrote that "Code Reuse By Inheritance" has lots of problems and we consider it a code smell. You should always aim to use Dependency Injection, most likely Constructor Injection. But with test cases in PHPUnit we cannot do this because we have no control about how and when our test cases are created. Show More Summary

Event Sourcing in a Pinch - SitePoint PHP

Let's talk about Event Sourcing. Perhaps you've heard of it, but haven't found the time to attend a conference talk or read one of the older, larger books which describe it. It's one of those topics I wish I'd known about sooner, and today I'm going to describe it to you in a way that I understand it. Most of this code can be found on Github. Show More Summary

PHP Authentication: Lessons Learned - Nomad PHP

February 2017 - EU Presented By Brian Retterer February 16, 2017 20:00 CET The post PHP Authentication: Lessons Learned appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Solving conflicts in composer.lock - Rafael Dohms

We have all been there: CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in composer.lock Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result. Don’t panic, breathe, let’s walk through this. Since I joined Usabilla, I have been working once more in a large team. Show More Summary

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report November 2016 Edition - August 2016 nominees - PHP Classes

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report November 2016 Edition - August 2016 nominees By Manuel Lemos This is the November edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the...Show More Summary

How to Properly Deploy Web Apps via SFTP with Git - SitePoint PHP

Uploading files is an integral aspect of any deployment process, and the underlying implementation can vary depending on the type of your server. You can easily upload your files to an SFTP server using an open source desktop client like Filezilla. Show More Summary

What Would You Pay to Make 27% of the Web More Secure? - SitePoint PHP

It’s Open Source Week at SitePoint! All week we’re publishing articles focused on everything Open Source, Free Software and Community, so keep checking the OSW tag for the latest updates. Scott Arciszewski, known on Twitter as CiPHPerCoder, is to security what Chris Hartjes is to unit testing. Show More Summary

Pay the Price for Open Source - SitePoint PHP

Gather 'round kiddies, Uncle Cal has a history lesson to share. Back when the world was young Back in the early days of Open Source - when Dinosaurs roamed the earth and Rasmus was a young man - there were two types of open source projects...Show More Summary

Faster PHP Debugging using Session Replay - Lately in PHP podcast episode 77 - PHP Classes

Faster PHP Debugging using Session Replay - Lately in PHP podcast episode 77 By Manuel Lemos One of the greatest time consuming problems of current PHP debuggers is to step over some code that leads to some unexpected results, but if...Show More Summary

PHPChunkit – PHPUnit test runner with test chunking capabilities. - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Jonathan Wage @jwage PHPChunkit is a library that sits on top of PHPUnit and adds additional functionality to make it easier to work with large unit and functional test suites. The primary feature is test chunking and database...Show More Summary

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