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Create a dynamic menu in PHP - Web Development Blog » PHP Scripts

The creation of a dynamic menu with a nested un-ordered list without using any JavaScript code is sometimes a problem because the script needs to “remember” the values, sub values and also the query string from previous clicked links. In this tutorial I will explain how to create a dynamic navigation menu using PHP and MySQ. […]

What a Year! Help Us Make 2016 Even Better! - SitePoint PHP

It’s been a wild ride here at the PHP channel. The peer review program took full swing and produced results so good they resonated across other channels. Our average traffic has continued to gradually rise, and reader engagement is up,...Show More Summary

A Year of Running - Derick Rethans

A Year of Running London, UK Thursday, December 31st 2015, 12:15 GMT Today is the last day of the year. Champagne has been acquired, and I am gearing up to see The Force Awakens tonight. These are the times that we look back on the past year. Show More Summary

Protecting your application with PropAuth (Property-based Policy evaluation) - blog.phpdev

Library: PropAuth (Property-based policy evaluation) I’ve been working on a library for a while now that kind of distills down some of the ideas of property-based authorization (like XACML) and makes it a bit more accessible to the average developer. Show More Summary

Parsing Atom with sabre/xml - Evert Pot

Today sabre/xml 1.3 was released and it brings a few new features to make it even easier to parse many XML documents. 1.3 in particular brings a new value objects feature that makes it extremely straightforward to map specific XML elements...Show More Summary

Atlas: a persistence-model data mapper - Paul M. Jones

Atlas is a data mapper implementation for your persistence model (not your domain model). As such, Atlas uses the term “record” to indicate that its objects are not domain entities. Note that an Atlas record is a passive record, not an active record; it is disconnected from the database. Show More Summary

Symfony CMF status update and PHPCR ODM 1.3 release - Symfony CMF

Progress has not been as steady as we had hoped this year. Behind the scenes we have added several weaks and improvements to the various Bundles and components and are working on Symfony 2.8 and 3.0 support. Its not yet entirely clear...Show More Summary

PHP Tutorial to Create Animated GIF from Online Video - PHP Classes

PHP Tutorial to Create Animated GIF from Online Video By Dave Smith Many users like to publish their videos online in many sites but some sites only allow them to publish pictures. In that case an alternative solution to publishing videos...Show More Summary

Add values to arrays in PHP - Web Development Blog » PHP Scripts

Like in other programming and scripting languages, PHP arrays are used to store data used in your application or script. The most common case is using arrays as a kind of memory for values inside a script. You can add values to different types of arrays: Simple arrayThe most simple array type is the array […]

Interview with J.T. Grimes - Voices of the ElePHPant

@JT_Grimes Show Notes Nomad PHP The post Interview with J.T. Grimes appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Coding to Interface - Sarfraz Ahmed

One of the nicest things you can add to your programming skills is coding to interface. One of the five principles of S.O.L.I.D is Dependency inversion principle which states: In object-oriented programming, the dependency inversion principle refers to a specific form of decoupling software modules. Show More Summary

Using Composer with shared hosting - Rob Allen

I can't use Composer because I'm using shared hosting and don't have SSH I've seen this sentiment a few times now, so this seems like a good time to printout that you do not need SSH access to your server in order to use Composer. In...Show More Summary

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report December 2015 Edition - September 2015 nominees - PHP Classes

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report December 2015 Edition - September 2015 nominees By Manuel Lemos This is the December edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment onShow More Summary

Property Based testing : QuickCheck and co - Liip

Around the same time last year, I made a presentation of php-quickcheck to my colleagues. This nifty library allows you to quickly test your functions with thousands of generated inputs to easily find bugs in your software by using a...Show More Summary

USB Lamp tweaks. - Ken Guest

My wife got me a cheeky webmail notifier (an USB lamp that changes colour) as a part of my over-generous Christmas present. After a little diversion to Christian’s write-up, I downloaded the  usblamp project from GitHub and made a few...Show More Summary

Anyone can code - Larry Garfield

One of Pixar's best movies is the 2007 "Ratatouille", the story of a rat named Remy who teams up with an unskilled nobody human to become a gourmet chef. Toward the climax of the film (spoiler alert!), the uber-critic Anton Ego visits...Show More Summary

Sourcehunt PHP Xmas 2015: Give the Gift of Pull Requests! - SitePoint PHP

Before we round the year up, there’s one more issue of Sourcehunt to publish, as a small Xmas gift to all the underrepresented open source projects out there. Let’s get everyone some more contributors, shall we? mindplay-dk/unbox [8 ?] There’s no shortage of container-interop compatible container implementations. Show More Summary

Finding a DNS registrar - Evert Pot

A few years ago I started the process of migrating my domainnames from GoDaddy o Hover. But Hover does not support the so-called ALIAS records and has made a lot of empty promises regarding when that would happen. So it's time to look for a new registrar. Show More Summary

Interview with Marco Pivetta - Voices of the ElePHPant

@Ocramius Roave The Doctrine Project Frankfurt PHP User Group @phpugffm The post Interview with Marco Pivetta appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Relying on A Dev-Master Dependency in Composer - Lorna Mitchell

I recently tweeted this: If your project installation instructions recommend requiring dev-master in composer, I may need to reconsider my choice of package — Lorna Mitchell (@lornajane) December 2, 2015 I got a few responses askingShow More Summary

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