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ACLs in Object-Oriented Applications - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Brandon Savage @brandonsavage Access control is a universal problem, but figuring out where to put your ACLs can be incredibly challenging. Exactly who is responsible for access control? Where do you check permissions? WhatShow More Summary

MLAPHP Boot Camp! - Paul M. Jones

You may have seen my introductory talk on steps toward modernizing a legacy application at Nashville PHP or at php[world]. That was the presentation that formed the first few chapters of Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP. The MLAPHP book has been a great help to a lot of people. Show More Summary

Red Hat provides PHP 5.6 for RHEL (and CentOS) - Remi Collet

Announcement : Red Hat Software Collections 2 – now generally available And for CentOS : Software Collections 2.0 available Stability addicts can keep quiet, PHP 5.3.3 is still the standard version provided with RHEL-6, and 5.4.16 with RHEL-7 RHSCL 1.x users can also keep quiet, the php54 and php55 collections are still there. Show More Summary

Interview with Ben Ramsey - Cal Evans

@ramsey Show Notes VirtPHP Nashville PHP The post Interview with Ben Ramsey appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Review: Solving The N+1 Problem In PHP - PHP Classes

Title Solving The N+1 Problem In PHP Reviewer Samuel Adeshina Category PHP books Publisher Leanpub Author Paul M. Jones Summary The N + 1 problem is not very well known among PHP developers or even among developers of database applications written in other languages. Show More Summary

Nette Framework: First Impressions - SitePoint PHP

SitePoint’s PHP channel conducted its annual survey on the most popular framework of 2015 and the results were discussed here. We saw some familiar names: Laravel, Symfony2, Phalcon, Silex, Slim, etc. But wait, what is this: Nette? According...Show More Summary

Get Useful PHP Packages Recommendations Faster - PHP Classes

Get Useful PHP Packages Recommendations Faster By Manuel Lemos Since last year the PHP Classes site has a section for users to request recommendations for packages that address their specific needs. The recommendations section has been growing a lot lately but until recently authors could not recommend packages that were not approved in the site. Show More Summary

Deploying PHP apps to DigitalOcean with - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to deploy a PHP application with [Dploy](, a tool that’s free (and full-featured) for a single application, which makes for a perfect test case on whether or not it’s worth paying for. Show More Summary

Introduction to Chain of Responsibility - SitePoint PHP

In this article, we’ll explain and demonstrate the Chain of Responsibility pattern. The Chain of Responsibility is a behavioral design pattern that processes a request through a series of processor (handlers/receivers) objects. The request is sent from one handler object to another and processed by one (pure implementation) or all of the handlers. Show More Summary

The Judge - Stefan Koopmanschap

Sometimes it feels like we are in a constant courtroom: We, all of us, constantly judge other people. And I mean, constantly. The person you see on TV, the person that walks by you on the street, the person that comes to your door when you get a delivery. Show More Summary

Internal value representation in PHP 7 - Part 2 - Nikita Popov

In the first part of this article, high level changes in the internal value representation between PHP 5 and PHP 7 were discussed. As a reminder, the main difference was that zvals are no longer individually allocated and don’t store a reference count themselves. Show More Summary

Understanding what is wrong with meritocracy (part one) - Lukas Smith

Being fair is very important to me. I have however not really devoted my life to determining what the definition of fairness is, I mostly rely on my gut feeling here, like I assume most people do. In that sense I also accept that fairness, how most people apply it, is based on social conventions and personal experience. Show More Summary

OWASP Top 10 - Nomad PHP

September 2015 - US Presented By Ilia Alshanetsky September 17, 2015 20:00 CDT The post OWASP Top 10 appeared first on Nomad PHP.

ZF2 Service Manager:From Zero to Epic - Nomad PHP

September 2015 - EU Presented By Gary Hockin September 17, 2015 20:00 CEST The post ZF2 Service Manager:From Zero to Epic appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Compartmentalization in the PHP community - Matthias Noback

The PHP community I'm a proud member of the PHP community. Recently I've come to realize though that "the PHP community" is a very complicated thing, and in fact, not even one thing. I consider it part of my "job" to keep track of what's...Show More Summary

Simplify Your PHP Applications Testing Using LXC in Your Development Environment - PHP Classes

Simplify Your PHP Applications Testing Using LXC in Your Development Environment By Alex Lushpai LXC is a lightweight virtualization technology that runs on top of Linux to create application testing environments without having to install...Show More Summary

Composer: Missing Distributions For Explict References - Ben Ramsey

This came as a bit of a surprise to me today, so I wanted to post it here to help others, in case you run into similar problems. For applications I control that are not distributed to the public, I like to hard-lock my Composer dependencies to a specific version. Show More Summary

Popular Users per Language and Region with Silex and Github - SitePoint PHP

The Github API V3 is a very powerful set of API endpoints that you can use to retrieve useful information about your repositories, activities, and events. Not only that, it allows you to access public information on others. The factShow More Summary

The case for maintainable code - Brandon Savage

Developers and their employers are often at odds over matters like clean or beautiful code and with good reason: neither ships a product or increases sales. Most end users don’t care what the code looks like, as long as the product works and meets their needs. Show More Summary

20 Years and 9 Days of PHP - Jordi Boggiano

Here is my (slightly late) take on Ben Ramsey's call for stories on how people got started with PHP (although at this point I feel he just did this to get his blog to rank number one on all PHP related searches). I can't retrace exactly when it was that I got started playing with PHP, but I guess I was around 18. Show More Summary

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