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New Year's Cleanup for VAT validator client for VIES service by European Commission - Michelangelo van Dam

It's a new year and that's always good to clean up things and improve code. This is exactly what I did to make it easier for you to use the VIES service. VIES is the VAT Information Exchange System provided by the European Commission to allow its members to validate VAT registration numbers of companies registered within the European Union. Show More Summary

Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP: Review - SitePoint PHP

Chances are you’ve come across some horrible legacy code once or twice in your lifetime as a PHP developer. Heck, if you’ve worked with WordPress to any degree, I’m sure you have. I myself have had the satisfying task of modernizingShow More Summary

Resource Discovery with Puli - Bernhard Schussek

Two days ago, I announced Puli’s first beta release. If you haven’t heard about Puli before, I recommend you to read that blog post as well as the Puli at a Glance guide in Puli’s documentation. Today, I would like to show you how Puli’s...Show More Summary

Lies, Damned Lies and Code Coverage: Towards Mutation Testing - Pádraic Brady

My Code Coverage is 150%! I spent the vast majority of 2014 not contributing to open source, so I kicked off 2015 by making Humbug available on Github. About Humbug Humbug is a Mutation Testing framework for PHP. Essentially, it injects...Show More Summary

Interview with Liz Smith - Cal Evans

Twitter: @auroraeosrose Show Notes Dreaming of Dawn Nomad PHP

femfreq: cynixy: THIS. This is what it’s like when you realize... - Maggie Nelson

femfreq: cynixy: THIS. This is what it’s like when you realize how deeply sexism and misogyny are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. And once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. It’s everywhere.   I used to compare societal sexism to those Magic Eye pictures from the eighties. Show More Summary

Maggie Nelson: Software Engineer - Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson: Software Engineer: Many people picture a software engineer or developer as the math geek writing line after line of code in a dark corner with big headphones on. That’s only part of the story. As a 10-year industry veteran working in Silicon Valley, Maggie Nelson says that her job is all about problem solving — and socializing. Show More Summary

Do your objects talk to strangers? - Brandon Savage

Good parents teach their children from a young age not to talk to complete strangers, and to tell mom and dad if anyone approaches or tries to talk to them. It makes good sense; children are innocent and will generally believe anything an adult tells them. We do this to protect them. In object-oriented programming, […]

Collecting events and the event dispatching command bus - Matthias Noback

It was quite a ride so far. We have seen commands, command buses, events and event buses. We distilled some more knowledge about them while formulating answers to some interesting questions from readers. Why you should not dispatch events...Show More Summary

Do You Need an API? - SitePoint PHP

API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’ and as the name implies, creating one is a technical process. This article will talk very little about how to create an API as there are a myriad of methods to undertake that. This article...Show More Summary

Puli 1.0 Beta Released - Bernhard Schussek

Today marks the end of a month of very intense development of the Puli library. On December 3 rd, 2014 the first alpha version of most of the Puli components and extensions was released. Today, a little more than a month later, I amShow More Summary

Adding Products to Your eBay Store with the Trading API - SitePoint PHP

In this third and final part of our eBay Trading API series, we’ll be building the product adding functionality into our application. Creating new Products Now that we’re done with the store settings, we can begin with writing the code for the controller that would handle the creation of products. Show More Summary

Nemein has a new home - Henri Bergius

When I left to sail across the Atlantic in late November, there was excitement in the air. Nemein — the software company I started in 2001 with Henri Hovi and Johannes Hentunen, and left later to build an AI-driven web publishing tool...Show More Summary

Some questions about the command bus - Matthias Noback

So far we've had three posts in this series about commands, events and their corresponding buses and handlers: A wave of command buses Responsibilities of the command bus From commands to events Now I'd like to take the time to answer some of the very interesting questions that by readers. The difference between commands and events Robert asked: [...]Show More Summary

Configuring Your Store’s Settings with the eBay Trading API - SitePoint PHP

In part 1, we explained the different parts of eBay’s developer dashboard and configured our test application. We also created our database. Now we’re ready to create a project. In this part, we’ll focus on store settings. In part 3, we’ll add new products to our store. Continue reading %Configuring Your Store’s Settings with the eBay Trading API%

From commands to events - Matthias Noback

In the previous posts we looked at commands and he command bus. Commands are simple objects which express a user's intention to change something. Internally, the command object is handed over to the command bus, which performs the change that has been requested. Show More Summary

On HTTP, Middleware, and PSR-7 - Matthew Weier O'Phinney

As I've surveyed the successes and failures of ZF1 and ZF2, I've started considering how we can address usability: how do we make the framework more approachable? One concept I've been researching a ton lately is middleware. Middleware...Show More Summary

Responsibilities of the command bus - Matthias Noback

In the previous post we looked at commands and how you can use them to separate technical aspects of the input, from the actual behavior of your application. Commands are simple objects, handed over to the command bus, which performs...Show More Summary

Developing PHP Extensions with C++ and PHP-CPP: Advanced - SitePoint PHP

In my earlier articles, I have introduced the PHP-CPP lib to create an extension for PHP using C++ (first article and second article). In the latter, I demonstrated a bit of the OO side of writing a PHP extension with a Complex class...Show More Summary

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