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Parallel Programming with Pthreads in PHP – the Fundamentals - SitePoint PHP

PHP developers seem to rarely utilise parallelism. The appeal of the simplicity of synchronous, single-threaded programming certainly is high, but sometimes the usage of a little concurrency can bring some worthwhile performance improvements. In...Show More Summary

Pieces of Auth - Nomad PHP

June 2017 Presented By Chris Cornutt June 22, 2017 20:00 CDT The post Pieces of Auth appeared first on Nomad PHP.

Interview with Sherrie Rhode - Voices of the ElePHPant

@sherrierohde Audio Show Notes Magento Imagine Big Dam Run Los Angeles Magento User Group The post Interview with Sherrie Rhode appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Faster PHP Social Login with a PHP OpenID Connect PHP OAuth Library - PHP Classes

Faster PHP Social Login with a PHP OpenID Connect PHP OAuth Library By Manuel Lemos Many applications use OAuth authenticate users using their information retrieved from social network accounts with their permission. However, each social network requires an additional API call to retrieve those user details. Show More Summary

How to Perform Extract Service Refactoring When You Don't Have Tests - Qafoo - PHP

When you are refactoring in a legacy codebase, the goal is often to reduce complexity or separate concerns from classes, methods and functions that do too much work themselves. Primary candidates for refactoring are often controller classes or use-case oriented service classes (such as a UserService ). Show More Summary

Sourcehunt – Build a Medium Exporter + Cool New Libs! - SitePoint PHP

It's time for our monthly hunt for new open source libraries to use and contribute to! If you're new to Sourcehunt, it's our monthly post for promoting open source projects that seem interesting or promising and could use help in terms...Show More Summary

GuvScale - Autoscaling for Heroku worker dynos - Henri Bergius

I’m happy to announce that GuvScale — our service for autoscaling Heroku background worker dynos — is now available in a public beta. If you’re using RabbitMQ for distributing work to background dynos hosted by Heroku, GuvScale can monitor...Show More Summary

Sculpin and Docker - Stefan Koopmanschap

I've been running this blog on Sculpin for quite a while now, and I'm quite happy with how that works. We've been in a process of migrating some of our websites off a standard VPS towards a setup with Docker, Gitlab CI and Rancher. I've now migrated some websites, which is relatively easy, but most of those sites were dynamic PHP websites. Show More Summary

My Laravel Package Building Workflow - SitePoint PHP

Packages are a really important part of the Laravel experience (just like with any other framework). Whatever we need to do, there’s probably already a package for it out there; ready for a composer require to bring some magic in. Some weeks ago, I had an idea for a new one. I work for AdEspresso, […] Continue reading %My Laravel Package Building Workflow%

Transforming PHP - Nomad PHP

June 2017 Presented by Christopher Pitt (@assertchris) Date: DATE Time: 20:00 CEST 19:00 BST, 13:00 CDT, 11:00 PDT Not sure of the time in your area? Check it on If you use other languages, you’ve probably found features that you wish PHP had. Perhaps you miss that bit of C# class accessor syntax. Or … The post Transforming PHP appeared first on Nomad PHP.

PHP 7.1.3 Released - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP 7.1.3 Release AnnouncementThe PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.3. Several bugs have been fixed. All PHP 7.1 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. For source downloads of PHP 7.1.3 please visit our downloads page, Windows source and binaries can be found on Show More Summary

Macros-like in PHP 7.2 using Arrow Functions - 5 Minutes Lately in PHP podcast episode 81 - PHP Classes

Macros-like in PHP 7.2 using Arrow Functions - 5 Minutes Lately in PHP podcast episode 81 By Manuel Lemos One of the features proposed for PHP 7.2 or next PHP version is the arrow functions. This is somewhat similar to the macros that...Show More Summary

The Symfony Trademark - Fabien Potencier

This blog post has been written after some concerns expressed on Twitter and Reddit about how SensioLabs manages the Symfony trademark. If you want to read the details about the Grafikart issue, scroll to the end; reading the whole post...Show More Summary

The Android Elephant – Laravel on your Android Phone? - SitePoint PHP

It was not that long ago that Christopher Pitt wrote an excellent article about writing and running PHP code on an iPad. After reading it, I thought to myself "It would be really cool to do the same on Android": being able to write and edit code on the fly, for example while traveling, and not having to take the laptop everywhere. Show More Summary

Making money with open source, etc. - Matthias Noback

So, here's a bit of a personal blog post for once. Symfony trademark policy I saw this tweet: Suite à une mise en demeure, j’ai retiré les tutoriels qui concernent Symfony du Site. Il n’y aura pas de futures vidéos sur le Framework.Show More Summary

Crash Course: Continuous Deployment with Semaphore CI - SitePoint PHP

Software is playing an ever bigger role in how companies compete across a broad range of industries. Large organizations are finding that their current approaches to managing software are limiting their ability to respond as quickly as business requires. Show More Summary

Microservices for everyone - The introduction - Matthias Noback

I'm happy to share with you the first chapter of my new book, Microservices for everyone. I'm still in the process of writing it and intend to release parts of it during the next weeks. If you're interested, sign up on the book's landing...Show More Summary

The DrupalDay 2017 in Rome - Liip

This year was the 6th edition of the DrupalDay Italy, the main event to attend for Italian-speaking drupalists. Previous editions took place in other main Italian cities like Milan, Bologna and Naples. This time Rome had the privilege...Show More Summary

Christhian Vigh and France Won the 2016 PHP Innovation Award Edition - PHP Classes

Christhian Vigh and France Won the 2016 PHP Innovation Award Edition By Manuel Lemos The results of the PHP Programming Innovation Award edition of 2016 were announced and the winner is Christian Vigh from France. Collectively France...Show More Summary

After 10 years, I'm stopping my work on sabre/dav - Evert Pot

Almost 10 years ago in 2007, I started a project called sabre/dav. I originally was looking to scratch an itch and solve a real problem we had in our company. A lot of people ended up being pretty excited about it. In 2010 I got to a point...Show More Summary

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