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Benchmarking: Can AppServer Beat Symfony’s Performance? - SitePoint PHP

After the release of the first part of our Appserver series, it was clear through the ensuing discussions on both SitePoint and Reddit that we had touched a nerve for a good number of PHP channel's devoted readers. I also quickly realized this new (for PHP) technology had a good number of serious doubters. Show More Summary

How PHP 7.1 May Eliminate Frameworks BootStrap Overhead - Lately in PHP podcast episode 71 - PHP Classes

How PHP 7.1 May Eliminate Frameworks BootStrap Overhead - Lately in PHP podcast episode 71 By Manuel Lemos One of the greatest performance killers of applications that use large frameworks or libraries the overhead of bootstrap processes...Show More Summary

PHP XMPP bot for SemanticScuttle - Christian Weiske

I'm storing bookmarks in a SemanticScuttle instance on my home server, to which I only have access via VPN. Since I don't want to run my bookmarking instance on a public server, bookmarking interesting things at work involved sending...Show More Summary

AIDAprima Bordportal ist live - Christian Weiske

Bevor ich Ende letzten Jahres zu Mogic gewechselt bin leitete ich bei netresearch zwei Jahre lang die Umsetzung des Bordportals für die AIDAprima. Das von Mitsubishi Heavy Industries für AIDA in Rostock neu gebaute Schiff hatte sichShow More Summary

When To Abstract - Qafoo - PHP

One of the most difficult challenges in a developers life is finding the "right" abstraction, or at least the best one given the current circumstances. The core problem is that abstraction is a bet on the future development of the software and we know that future is volatile. The circumstances will change, so will the view on the best abstraction change.

Notable PHP package: Corcel (Laravel + WordPress) - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: Corcel (Laravel + WordPress) By Manuel Lemos WordPress is certainly one of the most popular and successful PHP based projects that was ever created apart of the PHP language itself, but great part of it is not even...Show More Summary

How to Contribute to PHP Development Writing phpt Tests - PHP Classes

How to Contribute to PHP Development Writing phpt Tests By marcosptf The main PHP development comes with test suite that evolved over the years to test all sorts of aspects of the PHP features. The definition of the tests are written...Show More Summary

Interview with Amanda Folson - Voices of the ElePHPant

@AmbassadorAwsum Show Notes PagerDuty East Bay PHP User Group The post Interview with Amanda Folson appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Programmatic Expressive - Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Enrico just returned from phpDay, where he spoke about Expressive and the upcoming Zend Framework 3. One piece of feedback he brought back had to do with how people perceive they should be building Expressive applications: many think,...Show More Summary

ConFoo Vancouver: Call for Papers - Anna Filina

We are happy to open the call for papers of ConFoo Vancouver 2016! If you are interested in speaking about web development and related topics, please submit until June 6th. We will cover travel and hotel for the speakers who require it. ConFoo Vancouver will be held on December 5-7, 2016. Show More Summary

Localization Demystified: Php-Intl for Everyone - SitePoint PHP

Most applications perform locale aware operations like working with texts, dates, timezones, etc. The PHP Intl extension provides a good API for accessing the widely known ICU library's functions. [author_more] Installation The extension is installed by default on PHP 5.3 and above. Show More Summary

Get the Coding Job You Want - PHP Classes

Get the Coding Job You Want By Manuel Lemos Evolving in your career as software developer often means seeking a better job than you have now. Read this article to learn about 3 important tips that will help you in the journey to get the coding job you want.

How to use Mailgun with MyMail the newsletter plugin for WordPress? - PHP Scripts – Web Development Blog

Like most of you I use MailChimp to publish newsletters and for the management of my mailing list. If the number of subscribers becomes bigger it’s often more lucrative to use a WordPress plugin like MyMail together with a transactional mail service provider. In the past was MyMail and Mandrill an inexpensive combination, but since Mandrill has become a […]

Filtering the PSR-7 body in middleware - Rob Allen

Sometimes, there's a requirement to alter the data in the Response's body after it has been created by your controller action. For example, we may want to ensure that our brand name is consistently capitalised. One way to do this isShow More Summary

Mastering OAuth 2.0 Published - Ben Ramsey

I’ve published my first article in php[architect] magazine since 2009! It’s only fitting that it’s an article on OAuth 2.0, since one of the last articles I published in their magazine was on OAuth 1.0. I’m proud and excited to finally...Show More Summary

Why PHP-FIG matters - Evert Pot

The PHP-FIG is currently going through some growing pains. I recently resigned as a voting rep, and after some juvenile controversy Lavarel, Doctrine and Propel have as well. Since its inception 8 years ago, the groups greatest problem has been to properly organize itself. Show More Summary

We’re Building a Marvel Catalog Reader! Avengers, Assemble! - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at the Marvel API, a tool provided by Marvel for developers to get access to the 70-plus years of Marvel comics data. First, we'll walk through the steps in which one can acquire the keys needed to make requests to the API. Show More Summary

Notable PHP package: PHP Photo Wall Gallery - PHP Classes

Notable PHP package: PHP Photo Wall Gallery By Manuel Lemos Photo walls are useful for Web sites that need to show many images at once in a Web page. This class can generate photo wall images composed from groups of other images that...Show More Summary

How Can the ELK Stack Be Used to Monitor PHP Apps? - SitePoint PHP

This article was peer reviewed by Christopher Thomas, Younes Rafie, and Scott Molinari. Thanks to all of SitePoint’s peer reviewers for making SitePoint content the best it can be! When things go south with our applications -- as they...Show More Summary

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