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Fake Facebook Profiles - Anna Filina

If you participate in Facebook groups, you have probably seen requests to join. About half of the people who try to join my group are fake profiles. I block them. But how can I be sure which ones are fake? It’s really easy. I look at a number of elements. Date joined Fake profiles would probably show up as having joined less than a month ago. Show More Summary

On-Premise Deployment with Docker - Michael Spector

There was a request to make an on-premise installation package for one of Web services I work on, so I've started to think what would be the correct format of doing that. There's no problem to package everything as.rpm or as.deb, but...Show More Summary

CMS Content Organization Structures: Trees vs Facets vs Tags - SitePoint PHP

This article discusses the state of trees as a content organization structure in modern CMS as opposed to other approaches. For several years I have been interested in content repositories as a key aspect of modern CMS. With “modern”,...Show More Summary

A Secure Wrapper For Downloading HTTPS Resources Using file_get_contents() - Pádraic Brady

Today, I’ve released v1.0.0 of the padraic/humbug_get_contents package on Packagist. With the release of PHP 5.6, there was a significant security improvement in how PHP handled SSL/TLS protections, namely that it enabled a secure set of default options. Show More Summary

SSL, Composer and PHP 5.6 - Stefan Koopmanschap

A quick technical note: I ran into the same issue as Rob Allen did. Using his solution I came to understand the problem, but contrary to Rob, I was using an Ubuntu system in a Vagrant-box. The solution is the same, the path is different. Show More Summary

phorkie 0.5 supports paste embedding - Christian Weiske

I've just released my self-hosted git-based pastebin software phorkie in version 0.5.0. It brings compatibility with ElasticSearch 1.3, single file editing, automatic login and paste embedding via JavaScript and oEmbed. Single file editing Automatic...Show More Summary

The best way to improve team productivity - Brandon Savage

Green field projects are certainly rare, but they hold a certain appeal over developers. The ability to ignore all the mistakes of the past, and instead focus on new architecture, new ideas and new methodologies is enticing. And yet,...Show More Summary

Working with CodeIgniter HMVC Framework, Smarty Template and Doctrine ORM all together - PHP Classes

Working with CodeIgniter HMVC Framework, Smarty Template and Doctrine ORM all together By Tariqul Islam This is a tutorial to show how to combine CodeIgniter HMVC Framework with Smarty Template and Doctrine ORM. Read this article toShow More Summary

Interview with Code Climate - Cal Evans

Twitter Jeff Rafter @jeffrafter Bryan Helmkamp @brynary David Calavera @calavera Beth Tucker Long @e3BethT Show Notes Code Climate Madison PHP

What's a link? - Evert Pot

When you ask a developer, what is a "link", they may quickly answer "a URL" or "a URI", but this is not the whole truth. A URL is only an address that you can find to build a resource. A "link" connects one resource to another. My goal...Show More Summary

FluentDOM 5.2 - Thomas Weinert

FluentDOM 5.2 is released and here some new features: FluentDOM::load() The new static FluentDOM::load() function allows to use the loaders to get a FluentDOM\Document instance. $json = FluentDOM :: load ( $json, 'text/json' ); echoShow More Summary

Effective PDF Generation in Drupal - SitePoint PHP

A few months ago I had a client requirement for PDF generation, in this case to generate certificates that could be viewed online or printed. I spent some time looking into the best Drupal options available and picked up some advice along the way on how best to accomplish these aims. Show More Summary

ZCE Preparation Pack - Lorna Mitchell

tl;dr version: the ZCE Preparation Pack is now available from Leanpub costing $30. I've been running a preparation course for the Zend Certified Engineer exam for many years now.  Once upon a time it was possible...Show More Summary

RAML, the RESTful API Modeling Language - SitePoint PHP

In a recent article I introduced Slate, a static site generator specifically designed for writing API documentation. This time around, I’m going to look at something which in many ways is even better. But first, if you’ll indulge meShow More Summary

ClassManager – You shall not pass - Piotr Pasich

Hi! First of all I’d like to ask you a question – what’s your name? My name is Piotr and that is derived from the Greek ?????? (Petros) meaning “stone”.  Next to me is sitting my friend – Michael. Michael is from the Hebrew name ???????? (Mikha’el) meaning “who is like God?” (after this article […]

Developer Security Outreach - blog.phpdev

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to try to bring the security and development communities together, most specifically for PHP (see these two posts for more on that). PHP has a long standing reputation for being an insecure language that it’s had to overcome. Show More Summary

purpose of framework benchmarking speed - Michael Kimsal

I’ve followed the techempower benchmarks, and every now and then I check out benchmarks of various projects (usually PHP) to see what the relative state of things are. Inevitably, someone points out that “these aren’t testing anything ‘real world’ – they’re useless!”. Show More Summary

Introducing CockpitCMS – a CMS for Developers - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, we will see how to use Cockpit CMS to setup a CMS backend and to use the API interface provided by Cockpit to build a customized functional frontend. Not quite like other “heavy weight”, or “fully fledged” CMS’, Cockpit is light weight and “bare”. Show More Summary

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