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Your First Drupal 8 Migration - SitePoint PHP

Migrate is one of the most established modules in the Drupal ecosystem. So much so that with Drupal 8, a decision has been made to get some of its functionality ported and added to Drupal core. An important reason was that the traditional upgrade between major releases was replaced with a migration of Drupal 6 […] Continue reading %Your First Drupal 8 Migration%

Model Design: Separation Of Concerns - Brandon Savage

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series of posts about model design. Each week we’ll look at a new aspect of designing models in a modern PHP application. The modern web has largely settled on Model-View-Controller (MVC) as the paradigm of choice. Show More Summary

How to Use Queue To Speedup PHP Processing Tasks Part 2: Processing Queued Tasks - PHP Classes

How to Use Queue To Speedup PHP Processing Tasks Part 2: Processing Queued Tasks By Alexander Skakunov As it was explained in the first part of the article, queues are great to defer the processing long tasks, allowing to provide faster...Show More Summary

Command Bus and Action-Domain-Responder - Paul M. Jones

Over the past few weeks, different people have asked me where a Command Bus goes in an Action-Domain-Responder system. While I’m not a DDD expert, after brushing up on the subject a little, my answer is: “In the Domain.” First, let’s recall the three components in ADR: “Action” is the logic that connects the Domain and Responder. Show More Summary

Testing Effects of Commands With Phake::capture() - Qafoo - PHP

Today I want to share a simple trick for the excellent Mocking library Phake (I wrote about it before) when testing state on APIs that don't return values.

Enhance your WordPress site with a Parallax Theme - PHP Classes

Enhance your WordPress site with a Parallax Theme By Elma Dilaver Gheith Parallax One is a WordPress theme developed for site owners that want to present their site in a way that impresses their users. It uses stunning presentation effects...Show More Summary

Its’ the Booze Talking – User Groups - Voices of the ElePHPant

@ieatkillerbees @Crell @ramsey @EliW @e3BethT @JoePFerguson @trowski2002 @sketchings @jsundquist @mavrck @dragonmantank Show Notes Sculpin GitLab Treehouse Getting Started with Icicle Day Camp 4 Developers: Modern PHP Treeline Design Docker...Show More Summary

Re-Implementing the Range Operator in PHP - SitePoint PHP

In the prequel to this article (hint: make sure you’ve read it first), I showed one way to implement a range operator in PHP. Initial implementations, however, are rarely the best, and so it is the intention of this article to look at...Show More Summary

10 years on LinkedIn - Evert Pot

I just noticed on my LinkedIn account page that I’ve been a member of LinkedIn since February 28, 2006. This is almost exactly 10 years ago, and back when it was invite-only. I figured this is a nice time to reflect on the giant heap...Show More Summary

Implementing the Range Operator in PHP - SitePoint PHP

We sometimes come across some amazing posts in other locations, and with the permissions of their authors, repost them on SitePoint. This is one such instance. In the post below, Thomas Punt implements the range operator in PHP. If you’ve...Show More Summary

PHP 5.6.19 is available - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.6.19. This is a security release in which several security bugs were fixed. All PHP 5.6 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. For source downloads of PHP 5.6.19 please visit our downloads page, Windows binaries can be found on Show More Summary

megasync for Debian 9 Stretch - Rasmus Lerdorf

Like most of my posts here, this is mostly a note to myself so I don't forget how I did it. I Moved to Debian 9 on my desktop box at home and everything works great except I occasionally use and they don't provide a Debian 9 build. Show More Summary

Glide: Easy Dynamic on-Demand Image Resizing - SitePoint PHP

Glide is an image processing library built on top of Intervention. Its purpose is to facilitate on-demand image processing. That’s a fancy way of saying it creates images as they’re requested if they don’t exist. For example, you might have a large, high quality portrait for your user profile. Show More Summary

Using an Event Store in PHP - Nomad PHP

Speaker: Sascha-Oliver Prolic @sasaprolic With CQRS ( Command Query Responsibility Segregation) you use a different model to update data than the model you use to read data. Event Sourcing ensures that all changes to application state are stored as a sequence of events. Show More Summary

PHP Source Code Protection Solutions - PHP Classes

PHP Source Code Protection Solutions By Vallo Reima Many PHP developers need to protect their source code when they distribute it to customers, to minimize the chances of their work being altered or copied without their permissions. Read this article to learn about PHP source code protection solutions in general, and how PackApp package can help protecting your PHP source code.

How object-oriented design helps create better estimates - Brandon Savage

I have a long-standing client who has a complex piece of software that I developed for them some time ago. From time to time they approach me and ask me to make improvements to the software, which I am almost always happy to perform....Show More Summary

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report February 2016 Edition - November 2015 nominees - PHP Classes

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report February 2016 Edition - November 2015 nominees By Manuel Lemos This is the February edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the...Show More Summary

Interview with Christian Wenz - Voices of the ElePHPant

@chwenz The post Interview with Christian Wenz appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

Vortragsfolien PHP7 - Christian Weiske

Ich habe die Folien meines PHP7-Vortrags online gestellt. Nach vielen Verschiebungen hätte ich ihn Ende Februar zum monatlichen PHP UserGroup Leipzig-Treffen gehalten, wäre nicht eine Schulterluxation in letzter Minute dazwischen gekommen.

Building a Hacker News Reader with Lumen - SitePoint PHP

In this tutorial, we’re going to build a reader for Hacker News. We will be using the Hacker News API and the Lumen framework to implement this. The final output looks something like this: If you’re excited, let’s go ahead and jump right into it. Installing and Configuring Lumen The first thing that you need to do is to install Lumen. Show More Summary

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