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Bitcoin Use-Cases: IPFS and the Real, Viable, Plan to Replace the World Wide Web

Back in 2013 I predicted an internet that was no longer client-server oriented like the current, “HTTP” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)-based internet, but an entirely peer-to-peer internet that no longer has the need of large government and central entities owning your data on the internet. Show More Summary

3 Tips For Social Media Content That Promotes Sales

As we take another step into the digital age, more and more tasks are being completed online. Less and less are going to the businesses themselves to open accounts or make purchases. Businesses with a focus on traditional marketing are losing money on outdated practices that can’t be tracked or produce leads. Show More Summary

Top Methods Used By Social Media Marketers To Find Influencers

This report was the result of data from 100 US-based marketing professionals being surveyed. According to the report, the number one method marketers use for reaching out to influencers is by contacting them directly.  For how otherShow More Summary

What Social Media Platform Would Work Best For Your Business?

With so many social media platforms to choose from, and likely a limited budget, its vital that one invests their time and what money they have into the most effective platform. Let’s explore the top 6 social media channels and, based...Show More Summary

Social Media Marketing Isn’t Dead, Here’s Why

Concern about whether or not social media is working has been on the rise ever since recent reports revealed that Snapchat was losing subscribers and that Twitter wasn’t keeping its conversation appeal. On top of this, only 19% of B2B buyers said that social media played a part in their conversion. Show More Summary

Top 4 Components of the Ultimate B2B Social Media Strategy

PSA to all the naysayers who claim that social media can’t yield a profit in the B2B Community: You aren’t executing the right strategy. That, or you aren’t deploying it over the right channels with the engaging content you need. The...Show More Summary

6 Social Media Marketing Aspects to Remember If You Want Success

The top two rewards that come from effective social media use are increased exposure and traffic (to your website), as cited in the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. For these benefits, here are a few things you need to focus...Show More Summary

The 7 Most Lethal Mistakes Made In Social Media Marketing

Although social media is an invaluable marketing tool, it is still very misunderstood. These misunderstandings can lead to some very costly mistakes- for both your budget and your brand as a whole. Honestly, most of these mistakes could...Show More Summary

The Top 7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Getting The Credit it Deserves

When you get down to it, social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing platforms in today’s world, and we have the statistics to prove it! Over 50% of small businesses are increasing their social media spend this year. Show More Summary

8 Components of Social Media Marketing to Master When Utilizing It for Profit

Social media marketing isn’t just for branding and PR anymore. Through ads, promotions, and other means, marketers are finding ways to make a profit off the various platforms. Although social platforms such as Facebook may be tryingShow More Summary

DJ Khaled the “Snapchat King” Explains How to Win At Social Media

According to DJ Khaled, the key is to be yourself and have a positive message! “Being authentic always wins,” Khaled said to CNBC. “When people see somebody that is just real, they love it. It ain’t no act. It ain’t no fake,” He says. Show More Summary

4 Ways to Balance Relationship Building & Selling On Social Media

You wouldn’t have your brand on social media if you didn’t think the ROI would benefit your brand. However, is this best done through selling or engaging on social media? The answer is both. You need to build trust, and a relationship...Show More Summary

5 Things You Need For A Meaningful Social Media Presence

Just as every business is unique, each marketing strategy should be modeled specifically for the brand its meant to serve. Targeting different audiences and trying different tactics are almost always bound to yield a different result for each business. Show More Summary

3 Things To Try Before “Giving Up” On Social Media Marketing

Despite being one of the most cost-effective and successful marketing platforms in the modern world, a lot of social media accounts out there are “dead”. In other words, the brand did not get the ROI they had hoped for and have resorted back to more traditional (even outdated) forms of marketing. Show More Summary

There’s A Natural Need For Approval On Social Media, Here’s How to Utilize It For Your Strategy

Humans have a natural need for approval, and this is most evident on social media. People don’t spend hours on these social networks posting both personal and public status updates, pictures, videos, etc. for the heck of it. They do it for the attention! They want to appear happier, healthier, wealthier, funnier, smarter, etc. Show More Summary

3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Although Google has always been reserved about how its search ranking algorithm works, there is no doubt that it takes social media into account! One example of how this is in top-ranking websites. These websites always have a strong social media presence. Show More Summary

3 Ways to Use Facebook Live For Marketing

Right now, live video is the King of Content. There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a video of current events happening right before your eyes right as they happen! Anyone who markets knows that this is a feature that can’t be taken...Show More Summary

B2B Marketing With Social Media

Social media has had a huge effect on businesses, and continues to do so. Why? Because businesses and their marketers can not only find, but target their potential customers for very little cost! Thus, its obvious why B2C (Business 2...Show More Summary

3 Tips to Utilize Social Media Locally

Although social media gives you the opportunity to market on a global scale, there is also a great deal of value in keeping a focus on your local audience (meaning, those who are within proximity of your business). Did you know thatShow More Summary

5 Steps to Take For A Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

When it comes to marketing, strategy is everything- and a good strategy is only the result of goal setting, thorough research, and calculated risks (especially when it comes to your budget). Here are the steps you need to take for an...Show More Summary

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