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Ten things you might not know about me (

Introducing What started off as a bit of fun on a long New Year’s day weekend, has launched as … a place to share (up to) ten things about yourself that your friends and co-workers might not know. It’s in part inspired by the recent viral hit but also an old blogging [...]

Nokia World: Very quick hands-on impressions of Nokia’s three new smartphones

Yesterday was a really fun day spent at Nokia World, the Finnish handset maker’s annual shindig. Conveniently, this year it was held in my home city of London and I got to cover the event for TechCrunch Europe. On day one, Nokia unveiled three new smartphones running Symbian^3, the C6, C7 and E7, which I [...]

Kindle vs iPad: The case for the dedicated e-Reader

Over at TechCrunch I’ve penned an op/ed piece on why I’m in love with the Kindle. Or more specifically, why the dedicated e-Reader still has a role to play in the context of Apple’s iPad and competing multifunctional tablet computers, such as the plethora of Android-powered devices that are about to hit the market. I’m [...]

We’re back in action, just

As some of you may have noticed, last100 has been dormant of late and even off-line for a few weeks. The truth is that other blogging and work commitments have kept me very busy recently but more serious, the site was hacked. Badly. Malware was installed through a back door exploit and I had to [...]

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note

I’m not entirely sure who the Samsung Galaxy Note is aimed at, but as somebody who gets to observe from the sidelines, this is one fun, functional and loveable device — although it comes at an out of contract price of around £450 upwards, give or take. The biggest talking point of the Galaxy Note is its [...]

Nokia World: How do you own the platform when you don’t own the platform?

Nokia World, London - Having jumped off of a burning platform and into Redmond’s arms – a story that I (partially) broke on TechCrunch back in February this year – Nokia this morning finally took the wraps off its much anticipated entry into the Windows Phone world with two new devices: The flagship Lumia 800 [...]

Review: Nokia E6 (a must have upgrade)

On paper at least, Nokia’s E6 smartphone could have been designed just for me. It keeps most of the design cues and form-factor first seen on the E71 and its successor the E72 – easy one handed operation, great physical QWERTY keyboard, rock solid build (well, the E71 at least), superb call quality, free turn-by-turn [...]

Review: Nokia N8 and the Symbian 3 verdict

Announced back in July, Nokia’s new flagship N8 smartphone began shipping on the last day of September to those that had pre-ordered the device (it’s now available on most UK networks). As did the first review units sent out with almost military provision to chosen technology bloggers, this writer included. Having already declared “Nokia is [...]

Quick review: Amazon Kindle 3 e-reader

This morning I took (early) delivery of Amazon’s new Kindle 3 – I opted for the WiFi only version – a device that claims 50% better contrast than any other e-reader, a 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6? size reading area, and a 20% increase in the speed of page turns. These are, [...]

Vodafone does a 180 as its 360 handsets are canned – I'm not surprised

The hardware business is a tough one. And in the smartphone space an incredibly crowded, expensive and competitive one. It’s perhaps noble then that Vodafone tried but ultimately failed with its bespoke Vodafone 360 handsets, which were based on the … Continue reading ?

I emailed Steve Jobs and got a reply (or why I don't own an iPad)

The weekend before last I fired off an email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and to my surprise, I actually got a reply (OK, I wasn’t that surprised as Steve has been replying to a lot of emails lately). I … Continue reading ?

ZNF: Samsung Galaxy S review, iPhone 4 antenna fix, Sonos on Android, 3 iPad games

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny…? Resolving the iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Dave Zatz: Late last week, Steve Jobs cut his Hawaiian vacation short so that he could respond to iPhone 4 reception concerns with a press conference. The takeaway seems to be that most smartphones suffer degraded network performance when [...]

Internet TV: 10 UK on-demand and live video offerings compared

Last time we surveyed the UK’s live and on-demand Internet TV landscape (back in July 07), it was a bare-bones affair. The BBC’s iPlayer was Windows-only and hadn’t yet launched out of private beta, while rival broadcaster offerings were lacking content and, like the iPlayer itself, crippled by DRM and the need to install additional [...]

I emailed Steve Jobs and got a reply (or why I don’t own an iPad)

The weekend before last I fired off an email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and to my surprise, I actually got a reply (OK, I wasn’t that surprised as Steve has been replying to a lot of replies lately). I then decided to run the story of his reply and my initial email over at [...]

3 throws its iPad hat in the ring

While 3UK’s CEO practically ruled out bidding to sell Apple’s iPad direct, with the mobile operator’s strength firmly rooted in data, it always seemed likely that they would offer up tariffs targeted at the device. And that’s precisely what’s happened. Announced today but available on the 28th of May (Friday) when the iPad officially launches this side [...]

About bloody time, Google TV is finally here [video]

At Google’s developer conference I/O, the search giant finally unveiled its much anticipated Google TV, an Internet-connected set-top box or TV set powered by Android and the Chrome browser, with an app marketplace open to third-party developers. It’s designed to bring Internet content to the living room (“TV meets web. Web meets TV” is the slogan) [...]

The Gadget Show Live: Forget iPad, supersize your iPhone says Elonex

“What is an iPad? An iPad is basically a big iPhone”, argued Nick Smith, Elonex CEO at last week’s The Gadget Show Live. “Err, it’s a bit more than that”, I replied, before politely indulging in a product pitch for the company’s iDock XL, a portable 10inch screen that houses an iPhone (or iPod touch) and [...]

HTC Legend is my new Hero

The new HTC Legend I’m a massive fan of HTC’s Hero smartphone, my favorite Android device to date. That is until this afternoon when I took loan of the HTC Legend, which is essentially a revamped Hero, uni-body-style aluminum casing included. Doesn’t it look fitting next to a Macbook? I’ve only played with device for about an hour [...]

iPad reviews are in – PC Mag sums up Apple’s device in 4,000 words [video]

It was just the other day that I was mocking a recent claim by PC Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff that what made the publication different from competing tech sites and blogs was its testing ‘labs’ used to conduct product reviews. “Who needs a lab?”, I scoffed. I get to review plenty of gear where my lounge, bedroom [...]

Zatz Not Funny: Netflix on Wii, video on the iPad, SlingPlayer mobile, TiVo Premiere

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny… First impressions of Netflix Wii video streaming Dave Zatz: Marcus Penn took his brand spanking new Netflix Instant Streaming disc for a spin on the Wii… All in all, this seems like a decent upgrade for dual Wii/Netflix customers the low, low price of zero [...]

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