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Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2016

The next iPhone is rumored to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack. A few Android manufacturers have already done that. A debate is raging about the need for the standard headphone port on phones. It’s understandable, especially when you put Bluetooth headphones into the mix. Show More Summary

How to Turn Cortana On/Off After the Anniversary Update

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 brought a lot of cool features and improvements, such as the ability to sync notifications between your phone and your PC, but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. A lot of users experienced all kinds of Anniversary Update issues and some of the new features weren’t welcome by everyone. Show More Summary

Windows 10 Insiders: You Might Want to Drop Out Now

Microsoft has provided a way for those who like to stay on the cutting edge to get new versions of Windows 10 before they’re released to the public — through the Insider Program. In the Settings menu of Windows 10, you can opt-in to the program and decide if you want frequent updates or only get them when they’re nearly stable. Show More Summary

Free Up Space on iOS by Clearing the Google Maps Cache

If you find yourself constantly running out of space on your iPhone and can’t bring yourself to delete the apps or music that you use on a daily basis, there are a few tricks you can use to free up some of that precious space on your phone. Show More Summary

5 No-Installation Apps to Copy-Paste or Transfer Files Quickly

We have all faced this situation before. Your friend or colleague has some files you need, but you don’t have a USB drive. It’s a large file too. So what if I told you there’s a simple way to transfer those files wirelessly without installing...Show More Summary

The Best Deals Available Right Now From Amazon Canada

Right now, you can get some pretty solid deals on a pro-level drone, a Chromebook, Bluetooth headphones, and much more. Not from Canada? No worries, check out the Deals section of MakeUseOf for Amazon discounts from your area! 3DR Solo...Show More Summary

7 iPhone Apps To Monitor Your Sleep & Help Improve It

These days, the fad among the leaders of tech startups is to boast “I don’t have time to sleep, I’m too busy working!” But it has been pointed out by many that this type of thinking is detrimental and self-destructive. If you don’t sleep, you are setting yourself up for a serious fall someplace down the line, and your productivity can take a hit too. Show More Summary

These 3 Discounted Course Bundles Will Teach You to be IT Career Ready

A career in IT can be one of the best places to put your technical skills to use. Almost every company needs a knowledgeable IT person to manage their computer systems, network, and security. That knowledgeable person can be you, but first, you’ll need that knowledge part locked down. Show More Summary

United States Cedes Control of the Internet, Gawker Is Shutting Down… [Tech News Digest]

The U.S. Government cedes control of the internet, Gawker calls it a day, Twitter tries to get better, Amazon launches a Product Hunt section, and how to play Pac-Man with a dog. ICANN Takes Control of the Internet The U.S. Government...Show More Summary

10 Weirdest Raspberry Pi Projects

There’s a mad scientist within each of us, and the Raspberry Pi lets your inner loon come out and play. It’s capable of being used in a million different ways, like teaching kids to how to code or making wearable tech. But sometimes, things get weird. Show More Summary

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070057

Ah, Windows Update Error 0x80070057. What a fine error this is, of a dignified vintage, well-known to Windows users across the ages. Irritant to sysadmins across the land, this error has been plaguing our systems since at least Windows XP, arriving as an accompaniment to a number of system errors. Show More Summary

Drinking the Kool Aid: 8 Reasons People Love Their Macs

When it comes to companies that have dedicated (some might say “rabid”) fans, Apple has to be near the top of the list. You can argue for Mac, Windows, or Linux machines until you’re blue in the face, but there’s no denying that people who love Macs really love Macs. Show More Summary

8 Tips for Making the Most Money When Selling Your Old Toys

Maybe you’ve got a bedroom like The 40 Year Old Virgin‘s, or perhaps you’re a box hoarder, keeping trinkets from your childhood (or later...) in a box, affording it occasional glances. Sometimes, you might even take the lid off. But just lately, you’ve realized that perhaps the time has come to stop the hoarding. Show More Summary

Pay What You Want For Premium Training in Web, Mobile, and Game Development

There are many career paths that involve code and design, so it makes sense for aspiring developers to get a broad education. The Complete Developer Bundle offers just that, with four courses on web, mobile and game design. Right now, you can pay what you like for the courses via MakeUseOf Deals. Show More Summary

How to Use the Windows Performance Monitor Like a Power User

Do you feel like your PC is sluggish and unresponsive? It could be due to any number of factors — too many apps running at once, old or weak hardware, hidden malware on your system, etc. — and the hard part is pinpointing which ones apply to you. Show More Summary

Friday Deals: University & Back To School Essentials [UK]

If you just found out that you are heading to University in the autumn, then congratulations! But before you head off into adulthood you’re going to need to stock up on some essentials. There are some greats deals off all you need to get you started from Laptops, backpacks, flash drives, wireless keyboards and mice, all the way to the humble pen. Show More Summary

8 Baby Body Sensors That Are All the Rage

Parents want to keep their babies as safe and healthy as possible, and thanks to new developments in wearable technologies this is easier than ever. Simple sensors that connect with smartphones, computers, or other household technologies can give nervous new parents the ability to monitor their baby’s health, safety, and well-being 24 hours a day. Show More Summary

Acer Switch Alpha 12 Hybrid Tablet Review and Giveaway

Looking for a better priced Surface Pro 4? The $600 Acer Switch Alpha 12 offers 90% of a Surface Pro, at almost half the cost. While Acer’s brand doesn’t portend quality, their latest 2-in-1 hybrid offers every bit the refinement of a Surface. Show More Summary

How to Find the Perfect Music to Listen to While Gaming

Although there might be something nostalgic in listening to the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack piped through a 16-bit cartridge, video game soundtracks have moved on. These days, big-budget game developers sign deals with some of the world’s most well-known musicians; it’s not uncommon for bands to produce songs exclusively for a new release. Show More Summary

See How Many Years of Life You’re Losing to Addictions

We always hear about how addictions can shorten your lifespan, but that kind of talk has always been a bit too abstract for me. I know in the back of my mind that addictions are bad, but it’s hard to take it seriously. Which is why the Addiction Calculator by Omnicalculator is so eye-opening. Show More Summary

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