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Hilarious Insults Famous Writers Said to Each Other

In today’s modern era, smack talk is common. Anonymity on the Internet has allowed people to insult each other with ease. While playing online video games, people are often really terrible to each other because they are just a nickname, not an actual person. Show More Summary

10 Intriguing Ideas to Help Apple Find Its Mojo

In terms of money, Apple is on top of the world right now, pulling in more cold, hard cash from punters than ever before. But money isn’t the be-all and end-all, even for companies who live and die by the amount of profit they make.Show More Summary

Is RSS Dead? A Look At The Numbers

RSS has taken some big hits recently. Of course, people have been announcing the death of RSS pretty much since it came into existence, but when Google Reader bit the dust on July 1st, 2013, many were ready to place a wreath at the headstone and walk away. Show More Summary

Are You Spamming Your Email Contacts? How to Find Out & Fix the Problem

Everybody hates spam. At best, it’s irritating and wastes a few seconds of your time; more severe cases can approach phishing and pose a danger to anyone who interacts with the illegitimate messages. We’ve all probably gotten an email...Show More Summary

4 Everyday Things That Were Unbelievably Nerdy in the 80s

Acclaimed horror author Stephen King once wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” If you’re in a certain age group, and you’ve witnessed the last few decades of the evolution of everything geeky and nerdy, then you know that what King wrote is most certainly true. Show More Summary

How To Kickstart Your New Social Media Accounts

Ah, the smell of a new social media account. Take a moment to pop the bubblewrap and kick the tyres. Everything looks good? Excellent. Now we have to rev it up and get the motor purring. Getting your social media accounts started and ticking along is no easy task. Show More Summary

Awesome Amazon Shopping Extensions for Chrome

Frequent Amazon shoppers know that tools which can enhance your shopping experience are valuable. Luckily, Chrome has Amazon extensions that can help you find good deals, check prices, and add items to your wish lists easily. Amazon Lightning Deal Watcher If you enjoy checking those Amazon Lightning Deals regularly, then is the extension for you. Show More Summary

How Much Does a Smart Home Really Cost?

A smart home could change your life. Not only can it free up time in your day that could be better spent elsewhere, but it can help regulate your routine so you aren’t burdened by having to remember or lose track of what needs to be done. Show More Summary

Fitbit Surge Review and Giveaway

Wearable fitness trackers can enhance fitness. But only if you work out. Don’t expect a health tracker to act like a personal trainer; they only log biometric data that users can apply to their exercises. There is therefore a singleShow More Summary

Adblock Everywhere: The Raspberry Pi-Hole Way

Turn a cheap Raspberry Pi into a network-wide ad blocker. If you’re tired of AdBlock Plus slowing your browser down, this DNS-based option is a great alternative that works on any device. Unlike other solutions, this filters the webShow More Summary

Prepare for Apple Watch Hard Sell, Facebook Does Timehop, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Apple Watch fashionistas, Facebook On This Day, Google Pony Express, an online drum machine, Catstacam trumps Instagram, and an online relationship with a difference. The Apple Watch is Fashionable If you plan to venture into an Apple Store later this year, you should prepare to be offered fashion advice, at least as far as your choice of watch goes. Show More Summary

Make a PowerPoint Presentation That Doesn’t Put Your Audience to Sleep

PowerPoint presentations, when done right, can be an engaging way to provide an audience with information. When done poorly, however, they can quickly put the audience to sleep. Like anything, there’s a fine line between a good PowerPoint...Show More Summary

Life as a Vlogger: What’s It Like? We Asked 10 YouTubers

You probably know about the YouTube giants – PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, the Vlogbrothers – but what about all of the smaller vloggers who make up a huge amount of the content produced on YouTube? Smaller channels often don’t make their living creating content, which means that YouTube is something they do in addition to a job or school. Show More Summary

Do You Really Need to Eject Your Flash Drive (or Device) Before Removing It?

It’s well known that USB flash drives are supposed to be ejected before removing them. Your computer will often display a scary warning if you fail to safely eject the drive. But do you really still need to do this? What happens if you don’t? Let’s take a look. Show More Summary

Get Ready for Apple Watch with These 5 Sites

Excited about the Apple Watch? Here are the best sites where you can find out more about it. Preview the apps, design a custom watch band, or update your iPhone app so it works with the device. Whether you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch, or want to learn more before committing, the following five sites are essential to check out. Show More Summary

The John Oliver Effect: How Last Week Tonight is Changing Entertainment

Almost every Monday a comedic political rant goes viral on YouTube. John Oliver, The British comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, hones in on a single target and, joke-by-joke, takes it apart in videos that can be up to 15 minutes long. Show More Summary

Save Your Time With 10 Underused Google Features

Google’s email service was born on April Fool’s Day. Today, it’s no joke. We can’t do a day without it. Trivia about Gmail may not be useful for productivity, but I bet you will jump at a tip that shows you how to delegate your email to an assistant or spouse. Show More Summary

Can Google Use an Algorithm to Determine Truth?

What is truth? In the near future, Google might address this question in a new search algorithm. Though the search engine’s focus is usually on things like domain authority, updates, and social activity, Google has begun researching whether its algorithm could include truth as a ranking factor. Show More Summary

Enter To Win a 50-Inch LG TV and Soundbar – Ends Wednesday

In the market for a new TV? How’d you like to take a 50-inch LG home for free? What if there was a free soundbar, too?  Well, you’re in luck, because we’re giving you the chance to win a 1080p TV from LG, and a Bluetooth soundbar toShow More Summary

Schedule & Browse Time Machine Backups With These Powerful Tools

Take control of your Mac’s Time Machine — from custom backup times to finding out where those 2 GB of new files are, the right apps can give you power and knowledge Apple’s own tools just don’t provide. Apple’s Time Machine is pretty...Show More Summary

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