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How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter (And Is It Worth It?)

Twitter has a built-in social hierarchy. There are those with blue tick marks next to their name, and those without blue ticks. The blue tick denotes a verified account, meaning this is a real person and is whoever their description says it is. Show More Summary

5 Tips for Optimizing Audio File Sizes

Everyone should, at some point or another, learn how audio files work. This knowledge may seem trivial or unimportant, but it can really come in handy — such as when recording music, creating a podcast, or optimizing your music library. Show More Summary

15 Fantastic Chrome Extensions to Make Your Daily Tasks Easier

What are the little things you do every day? Have you paid attention to them lately, or are they lost in mind-numbness of routine? Maybe, a Chrome extension can change the way you do it. And why not. Those little snippets of code can pack quite a punch. Show More Summary

Monday Deals: Huge Discounts on Smart Home Security, Home Networking, and Accessories (UK)

How better to start your week off than a roundup of some of the best deals Amazon has to offer. There are huge savings on smart home products, battery packs, and home networking so if you’re in the market for some new tech it’s worth checking out. Show More Summary

How to Sell Your iPad & What You Should Be Charging

Recent data suggests that traditional tablets are declining in sales, but 2-in-1 hybrids are doing much better. If your iPad is little more than a paperweight on your coffee table, or if you’re planning to buy a new one and replace your laptop with the iPad Pro, you might want to sell it. Show More Summary

Watch and Play With Your Pets Remotely, with Petcube (Giveaway)

What does your dog or cat get up to when you’re at work? Bridging the gap between a webcam and interactive toy, Petcube lets you spy on, talk to, and play with your companion animals while you’re away from home. The camera connects to...Show More Summary

What’s the Best Movie Showtimes App for Android?

It’s Friday night and you’re in the mood to go out to the movies. How do you look up nearby theaters or find showtimes? Well, if you have one of these popular apps, it only takes a couple taps. You might be familiar with IMDb, Fandango, or Flixster — but today, we’re putting them all to the test. Show More Summary

27 Useful GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts to Know by Heart

For some, choosing between GIMP and Photoshop is a tough decision to make. For others, like me, the choice is rather straightforward: GIMP is 100% free and can do a lot of what Photoshop can do. It does what I need, and that’s enough. Show More Summary

How to Rescue Windows 10 When It Won’t Boot Up

As annoying as it is, sometimes your computer won’t boot or has other issues that prevent you from troubleshooting because you can’t even get into the system. We’ve discussed how to get into Safe Mode on Windows 10, but you can’t really do that if Windows won’t boot. Show More Summary

How to Batch Rename Files & Folders in Windows in a Snap

Do you have a lot of files or folders that you need to rename? You could manually go through and right-click on every single file and rename them. Or, you could download a handy tool called ContextReplace and bulk rename files and folders in a matter of seconds! First, head to GitHub and download and install the free app. Show More Summary

How to Track Downloads in Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box

When it comes to tracking downloads in cloud storage services like  Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, most of these services don’t offer a straightforward or free way to know how many times your files are being downloaded. Using an analytics...Show More Summary

Take a Chill Pill – How to be a More Relaxed Traveler

For some people, traveling is one of their favorite things to do. The idea of hopping on a plane and venturing to some far away location is a dream come true. I’m not one of those people. For me, everything about the experience is unpleasant. Show More Summary

5 Mind-Blowing Web Sites That Will Make You Go Wow

The sheer amazement of a magic trick that fools you or a seemingly futuristic technology is a feeling that stays with you forever. You can’t wait to show it to others, marvelling all over again. The internet is filled with people from all walks of life. Show More Summary

5 Habit Changing Flowcharts You Can Make in a Few Minutes

Flowcharts are powerful tools. You can use them to streamline your work and your life or to make important life decisions. But, did you know you can even use them to create or remove habits in your life? The first step in making or breaking a habit in life is making the decision to do so. Show More Summary

These Virtual Reality Desktops Could Save You Money and Space

Virtual Reality (VR) does more than immerse users in artificial worlds – it makes desktop monitors obsolete. From instantiating multiple virtual screens to providing artificial office environments, VR headsets pave the way to the future. Show More Summary

Install Gentoo the Easy Way With Sabayon

Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Fedora, OpenSUSE… the list of user friendly distros can feel like a never-ending story. They all provide preconfigured desktop environments and easy to use settings managers, making it tricky to decide which distribution is right for you. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Firewall

You’ve heard of firewalls, but what are they really for? Do they stop viruses? Can you manage without one? Actually, there’s a good chance that you are using a firewall right now — if your computer is running a modern operating system, there will be one built in, or else your security suite features a firewall. Show More Summary

Save on Smartphone Battery Backups and DC TV Shows on Blu-ray [Canada]

Whether you’re looking to keep your phone charged while on the go (the Pokemon Go, that is), or you want to stay cool inside and watch some TV, we’ve found deals for you. Smartphone Battery Backups Looking for a smartphone battery backup...Show More Summary

Big Savings on Movies & TV Shows, Amazon Echo, and More [US]

What better way is there to start the weekend than by getting some deals? Movies & TV Shows Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series ($38.99, 56% Off) Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] Condition: NewPrice: $38.99 Buy Now at For the complete series on Blu-ray, this is the cheapest you’ll ever find it. Show More Summary

5 False Computer Speed Tweaks Revealed & What to Do Instead

You’ve had your computer for some time now and it’s been a match made in paradise. That is, until you noticed that your computer no longer runs like it used to. What took a couple of seconds to load now takes a couple of minutes, and you need a change. Show More Summary

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