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What’s the Most Loving Thing You Can Do?

By Leo Babauta The question I’ve been asking myself lately, before I do anything, is a deceptively simple one: “What’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation?“ Now, that might sound corny to some of you, might seem irrelevant to most of you. But give me one minute of your time to […]

Habit Guide Ebook, Habit Mastery Video Course, and Mindfulness Seminar Available

By Leo Babauta I told you guys earlier about the Kickstarter campaign for my Habit Zen app, but today I wanted to share three special rewards that I included in that campaign: a habit guide ebook, my new Habit Mastery video course, and a one-day mindfulness seminar with me in San Francisco. These are three […]

Developing a More Flexible Mind

By Leo Babauta It’s my belief that a flexible mind helps us to deal with chaos, loss, big life changes, small frustrations, and all that life throws our way. A flexible mind leads to more peace. You’re not as stuck in your ways, and can adapt to change. You don’t always think you’re right but […]

Not Doing All the Things We Want to Do

By Leo Babauta I think we’ve all been there: we’ve signed up for the gym, signed up for a class, bought an ebook … and then not used it. We’ve had hopes of learning to draw, to program, to play a musical instrument … and then promptly failed to do so. We’ve had the best […]

Dealing with the Sweat-Inducing Fear of Launching a Major Project

By Leo Babauta Last week, I launched my new app, Habit Zen, on Kickstarter. Immediately the fears started surging through my body. What if people hate this? What if no one funds it? What if I publicly flop in front of a million people? And what if it gets funded, but I do a horrible […]

Help Me by Funding My Habit App on Kickstarter!

By Leo Babauta I’m creating a habit app, and I need your help. It’s just a web app for now, and it’s already in its beta testing phase. It’s called Habit Zen, and (eventually) it will be the first app to really help people overcome resistance and stick to habits. But although I’ve put about […]

The Mindfulness of Social Photo Sharing

By Leo Babauta This week I took a jaunt into the wilderness, and came across such jaw-dropping scenery that my first instinct was to take a picture and share it with everyone I knew. Then I realized I didn’t have Internet in the Sierra Nevadas, so I just stared at it instead. And wondered. I’m […]

The Unprocrastination Challenge for September

By Leo Babauta This is the month you are going to kick procrastination’s butt. And no, you can’t read this article later! We are all victims of procrastination. It chases us around daily, causing us to run from the tasks we really want to get done, run to distraction and busywork and email and … […]

Self-Help List

By Leo Babauta Say thank you to everything and everyone, even to your grief and those who frustrate you. Ask how you want to use this gift of a day. See this moment as the most important moment in the world, and don’t wait to be happy. Do every task out of love for someone […]

Short Read: The Zen Habits Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness (ebook)

By Leo Babauta I’m happy to share with you a new “short read” ebook that I’ve written: the Zen Habits Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness. I’ve written this for absolute or near beginners, who would like to bring mindfulness into their lives … or who are struggling with: Procrastination Creating better habits Frustration, disappointment, feeling stuck […]

An Overlooked Factor in Creating Positive Change

By Leo Babauta I’ve created more positive changes in the last 11 years than I can count: from health and fitness to mindfulness and happiness; from productivity and finance to clutter and relationships. There are lots of factors that are incredibly important in creating any positive change: starting small, taking small steps all along the […]

A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination & Finding Focus

By Leo Babauta We all procrastinate. The question is how (or even whether) we overcome the tendency to procrastinate, and if we can find focus. This matters — our lives are brief and limited, and while we don’t need to be productivity robots, running in fear of difficult tasks to distractions and comfort is not the […]

To Those Who Are Struggling

By Leo Babauta On Twitter I met a struggling soul who shared a lack of friends, family, motivation, self-esteem and confidence. I feel for him because I know what it’s like to struggle, to feel down and even depressed, to have no motivation. I have suffered from confidence problems, many times. So I’m writing this […]

Removing Ourselves From the Center of Everything

By Leo Babauta When we go about our day, we tell ourselves a story about what’s happening … and at the center of that narrative is a single person. Ourselves. When I talk to myself about how so-and-so is inconsiderate or treated me badly, when I tell myself that it’s OK to procrastinate because I’m […]

The Love of a Long Walk

By Leo Babauta Yesterday afternoon, I set off on a long walk. I’d been having an off day, tired from lots of activities and unmotivated and my mind fixated on one thing … so I decided to walk. I put some snacks, a book, and some water in a backpack, put on some running shorts, […]

Mental Badassery: Becoming Aware of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

By Leo Babauta There’s a hidden mechanism that creates unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment. Barely anyone is aware of this hidden mechanism, even though it’s happening all the time, in all of us. It’s the stories we tell ourselves. We do it all day long: we tell ourselves a story […]

8 Experiments in Motivation

By Leo Babauta I was talking to a 19-year-old recently and he has been struggling with motivation. His problem goes like this: he gets excited about starting a project or plan, and is very motivated at the start … but after a few days, that feeling dies down, and he starts procrastinating. He really does […]

My Personal Fat-Loss Plan

By Leo Babauta I think I’m not the only one among us who wants to lose fat. I’m embarking on a 2-month fat-loss plan, and I thought I’d share it with you in case you’re interested. Some background: when I started this blog, almost 10 years ago, I was overweight but had already made a […]

A Mindful Shift of Focus

By Leo Babauta Throughout the day, we get frustrated, irritated, angry. We are frustrated in traffic, when a loved one doesn’t behave the way we like, when someone tells us we’re wrong, when technology doesn’t work the way we want, when dinner is ruined, among many other daily stresses. These frustrations can build up into […]

The Minimalist Way to Declutter

By Leo Babauta One of the best things I’ve done to change my life — along with meditation, exercise, and eating healthier — is to get rid of most of my clutter. I downsized, and became a minimalist. It helped me find space in my life, figure out what was important and focus on that, […]

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