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The First Hour: Creating Powerful Mornings

By Leo Babauta As your day starts, it’s easy to get lost in the habit of checking messages, replying to email, checking the news and your favorite blogs. It’s easy to fritter your day away doing a thousand small harmless actions … but the essential actions get put off. The antidote, I’ve found, is putting […]

The Ideal vs. the Reality of Changing Your Life

“Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality.” ~Ram Dass By Leo Babauta If only life went exactly as we imagine it would go … things would be so much easier! Unfortunately, in my dozens and dozens of habit changes, I’ve never once had a change go exactly as I’d envisioned. The reality is […]

Procrastination is a Practice Ground for Life Mastery

By Leo Babauta There isn’t a person among us who doesn’t procrastinate — put off your work for the day, distract yourself, put off pursuing your dreams, put off putting your work out in the world for fear of being judged. But here’s the thing: most people think that this procrastination is a problem. Most […]

The Action Habit: Put Everything Into the First Step

By Leo Babauta The things that stop us from taking action are all-too-familiar: Feeling overwhelmed Fear Not knowing where to start A habit of procrastinating and doing easier things It’s easy to get into a mode of inaction, but building the Action Habit can be a lot more difficult. The reason is that the feedback […]

How to Train Yourself to Stay Focused

By Leo Babauta It’s a common problem these days: switching between browser tabs and apps on your phone, checking social media and messages and email, thinking about the million things you have to do but putting them off … Anything but staying focused on one task at a time. And it’s hard to break out […]

The Amazing Self-Confidence Habit

By Leo Babauta How often has a lack of self-confidence, or a feeling of inadequacy, stopped us from doing something awesome? I would guess that for lots of us, this feeling of inadequacy stopped us from: Putting ourselves into uncomfortable social situations were we might make new friends or start dating Starting a new business, […]

Single-Minded Devotion to a Task

By Leo Babauta I’m going to share a secret to productivity, happiness and mindfulness that you can practice right now, and every day: Devote yourself single-mindedly to anything you do. And by that, I mean anything. For example, you can single-mindedly focus on: Writing Washing a dish Talking to someone Reading an online article Listening […]

Starting, Over and Over Again

By Leo Babauta There’s a hope that when we start creating a new habit that we’ll master it and never have to worry about it again, or when we start a new project that it’ll go perfectly. Unfortunately, life never goes according to our plans. We travel, and eating and exercise habits go out the […]

The Destructive Habit of Evaluating Everything We Do

By Leo Babauta You’re going through your day, and it’s like you’re a newspaper critic, constantly looking for things to praise and criticize. Did a workout? Amazing job Leo! Spent too much time on Youtube? Bad Leo! Body is looking flabby as you walk past the mirror? You absolute slob. Everything we do becomes something […]

How to Get Back on Track with Motivation & Habits

By Leo Babauta It happens to all of us: you are going strong with a project, with learning something new, with a new habit or two … and things go sideways. You get derailed. This is a critical junction. If you let yourself quit, all your time and effort up until now has been for […]

The Eternal Dilemma: Revenge or Forgiveness?

By Leo Babauta It’s easy to get upset at someone who has hurt you — but what’s the best way to get them back? What kind of revenge, served cold perhaps, can you dream up? I recently had someone write to me about this: “Recently one of my family members hurt me badly. They believe […]

New Course: The Magic of Forming New Relationships

By Leo Babauta It can be really difficult when you aren’t good at talking to people, at making friends, or at dating. It can stress you out, get you down, make your life harder. I consider myself an introvert, but I’ve made a concerted effort in my life to get better at making friends and […]

Becoming Strong & Healthy as a Vegan

By Leo Babauta As a vegan for the last five years (and veg for a decade), I’ve learned a bit about being healthy and strong on plants. For those who would like to learn about it, I’m offering this guide (as a non-expert fellow learner). I had a reader write to me about becoming vegetarian, […]

The Secret to Interpersonal Happiness

By Leo Babauta As much as we desire being connected to others — good friendships, a wonderful romantic relationship, close family members — this connection always comes at a cost. We get frustrated by other people. You know it’s true. You might be really good friends with someone, but then they get angry at you […]

The 4 Keys to Learning Anything

By Leo Babauta I’ve been studying how to learn, as I try to teach myself new skills … and absolutely love learning new things. But I keep running up against a few key problems: Becoming overwhelmed. The more you learn, the more you see there is to learn. The beginner doesn’t know how much there […]

The Mindfulness of Pure Experience

By Leo Babauta Dropping any story or narrative in your head about what’s happening right now … what are the sensations you’re feeling at this moment? What are you smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing, seeing? What colors, textures, qualities of light can you perceive? What does it feel like where your body makes contact with your […]

5 Ways to Simplify Today

By Leo Babauta Living a life of simplicity can be a beautiful thing. But simplifying itself can seem like an overwhelming process. So I recommend simplicity in your simplifying. Instead of trying to simplify your whole life, tossing out all your clutter and paring your schedule to just meditation and writing your novel … how […]

My New Course: Living the Simple Life

By Leo Babauta I started simplifying my life in 2005, about 12 years ago, and since then I’ve not only learned a lot about it, but have written books on simplicity as well. It’s been one of the best changes I’ve made in my life. Simplicity has brought less stress, more peace, better finances, more […]

Conquer Your Day with Mini-Missions

By Leo Babauta You haven’t been very productive lately, admit it. You’ve been watching too many videos, cruising your favorite social media, haven’t exercised in too long … you’re slipping, my friend. I’ve got the fix for you. Mini-missions. Here’s how it works: You set yourself a few mini-missions for the day. For example: 1) […]

The Clean-as-You-Go Principle

By Leo Babauta I’m not obsessive about neatness, but I’ve learned ways of keeping my house neat and clean in a simple, stress-free way. I call it the “Clean-as-You-Go Principle.” That’s pretty self-explanatory, but of course I can’t resist going into the details. And also, I’ve found this principle to be great for other areas […]

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