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Change Your Story to Change Your Life

By Leo Babauta Whenever we undertake a new change in our lives — whether it’s starting a new job or business, or changing a new habit — we tell ourselves a story about it. We’re the hero of our story. Unfortunately, it’s not usually a very good story — it involves the hero not believing […]

How to Want Very Little

By Leo Babauta There’s a part of today’s consumerist world that drives us to want more, buy more, act on our impulses, hoard, spend to solve our problems, create comfort through shopping, seek thrills through travel, do more, be more. What would happen if we broke from our addiction to wanting and buying more? What […]

A Healthy Way to Aspire to a Better Life

By Leo Babauta I have a friend who is unhappy with his life — being in debt, lonely, with a job he doesn’t like, in a town he doesn’t like. I asked him what ideals he has about life that his current life isn’t meeting. He reflected for awhile, and said he wants to find […]

The Most Important Moment

By Leo Babauta Something I forget a lot, and have to remind myself about a lot: I’m not on my way somewhere. This moment isn’t just a stepping stone to get to another place. It’s the destination. I’m already here. I’m not on my way to a more important moment. This current moment is the […]

Living Lightly with the One-Bag Lifestyle

By Leo Babauta I’ve been on a handful of long trips this year and in recent years, and on all those trips, I lived out of a small bag. I loved living so lightly, but every time I came home, it felt weird: all of a sudden I had about 10x more stuff. It didn’t […]

Overcoming the 10 Biggest Obstacles to Creating

By Leo Babauta Every day I struggle with the resistance to writing, and every day I lose the struggle. And then I win. I lose more often than I win, but I win every day. And that’s what matters. Because we can’t get rid of the resistance to create — whether that’s creating art, starting […]

Avoid the Tendency to Think Your Way is the True Way

By Leo Babauta One thing I’ve been noticing in myself over the last few months, and I see other people doing it all the time, is thinking that my way is the right way to do things. I bet you do it too. We all do it — if we’re not worried that we’re doing […]

The Underrated, Essential Art of Coping

By Leo Babauta You might think that when someone says, “I’m coping,” that it’s not such a big deal. You’d be wrong. The skill of coping is highly underrated, and our inability to cope with difficult feelings can lead to major problems, including health problems, financial ruin, work procrastination, even death. Not such an insignificant […]

Redesigning Your Life’s Interface

By Leo Babauta If you’ve ever tried to use a smart phone, or a website, you’re using a user interface. If done well, this interface has been designed to help you do what you want: check your messages, read an article, find information, get stuff done. Our lives have interfaces too. We just don’t often […]

Habit Relapse: What To Do If You Fall From Your Diet or Good Habits

By Leo Babauta A few people have written me recently about falling off their good habits: a relapse after months of healthy eating, or getting derailed from good habits they’ve been forming like exercise or writing. It’s discouraging to fall off your diet or good habits, and you an get to a point where you […]

Letting Go of the Need for Control

By Leo Babauta One of the (many) things I struggle with in life is wanting to feel in control of how things will turn out — control of a trip that I’m on, of a project I’m working on, of how my kids will turn out. Often, it’s not such a helpful way to be. […]

The Transformative Power of the Gratitude Habit

By Leo Babauta There’s a small habit that I practice, that can turn difficult situations into much better ones — and it won’t surprise you. It’s the habit of gratitude. This is such a simple habit, and it’s one that we often forget to practice. But when we do, it can transform our entire perspective, […]

A Guide for All of Us: Getting Good at Storytelling & Other Superhuman Social Skills

By Leo Babauta Let’s face it: most of us aren’t amazing social ninjas, good at working any social situation, let alone comfortable telling a captivating story in front of a crowd. It would be great if there were a manual that taught us the key social skills for being good at parties, talking to strangers, […]

The Truth About Your Uncertain Life Path & Purpose

By Leo Babauta If you’re in your 20s or even 30s, you might feel a lot of uncertainty all the time — you aren’t sure what your life purpose is, or your uncertain about what path you should take in life. This is normal. We all want to know what our driving ambitions should be […]

I’m Returning to Single-Tasking

By Leo Babauta I have a confession to make: despite writing books on the subject, along with numerous posts, I haven’t been single-tasking lately. I’ve returned to multi-tasking and distraction. I’d like to blame my smart phone (I long for the days of my sweet dumb phone), but in all honesty I constantly switch browser […]

Scott Dinsmore, I Miss You Deeply

By Leo Babauta Scott Dinsmore, creator of Live Your Legend, died in a freak accident on Mt. Kilimanjaro a couple days ago. He was one of my best friends in the world. I’m still in shock — at the suddenness of his death, the senselessness of it, the incredible loss of all he had to give, […]

The Gentle Art of Trying Something & Sucking at It

By Leo Babauta I was out for a run this morning when I contemplated how some people hate running, while I love it. Then I remembered: I didn’t love it when I started, because I sucked at it. Running, like anything, sucks when you first start. And then it becomes better, once you get decent […]

How Not to Do It All

By Leo Babauta We all want to do so much: take on every request that people email us, complete our neverending list of tasks and projects, help everyone, travel everywhere, learn a ton of new skills, read every book and watch every good film, be the perfect partner and parent and friend … And yet, […]

A Guide to Dealing with Frustration & Disappointment in Yourself

By Leo Babauta One of the most common things I see in people who write to me is something we all share: disappointment in ourselves. We all feel this, because we constantly fail to live up to our standards: We aren’t as disciplined as we’d like. We don’t stick to habits we’re trying to create. […]

The Daybreak: Make an Important Goal Happen with a Morning Habit

By Leo Babauta The sun begins to come up, and the first rays of light begin to shine upon this fresh day. What do you do with this time? The most important thing. If you have a project you want to happen (let’s say you want to write a book), this is the time to […]

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