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Love Notes

By Leo Babauta I’m a bit of a neat freak — I like things decluttered and clean. And so when people in my house leave things around (which happens when you have lots of kids, naturally), I catch myself getting a little frustrated. “Why can’t they clean up after themselves?” I’ll catch myself thinking. I […]

Flavorless: My Month of Food Boringness

By Leo Babauta For the month of May, I’ve decided to take my Year of Living Without challenge to a new level: I’m going to go without food reward. Basically, I’ll be eating the same very bland foods over and over again, with no variety. That means I’ll eat the same three unseasoned foods every […]

The Letting Go Ebook, Free

By Leo Babauta Today marks 41 years of wonderful life that I’ve lived, and as a birthday present to all of you, I’m publishing a free ebook: The One Skill: How Mastering the Art of Letting Go Will Change Your Life. Last year I started a tradition of giving people gifts on my birthday, to […]

The Miracle of the Self-Compassion Habit

By [Leo Babauta]( Let’s hypothesize that there’s a substance that’s been irritating you and causing problems in all areas of your life: it causes you to be unhappy, to be stressed, to procrastinate, to be distracted, to be angry with people, to be dissatisfied with your life, to be overweight and unhealthy, to not exercise […]

How I Tackle a Big Writing Project

By Leo Babauta Writing something big is one of the things people tend to procrastinate on the most. It doesn’t matter what the writing project might be: writing a novel, a non-fiction book, a long article, a thesis paper, a bunch of pages for a website. Whatever it is, the writer will find a way […]

The Habit Action List

By Leo Babauta There are a ton of people who read self-improvement blogs and books, but never but them into action. They engage in what’s sometimes called “self-improvement porn”. I’ve done this myself in the past — it was a form of fantasizing about how I was going to make my life better, get my […]

The Reality of This Moment

By Leo Babauta As you sit here reading this, pause and expand your awareness beyond your computer/phone … what is the reality of this moment? You’re reading, and there are a bunch of other tasks you want to do on your computer, yes … but there’s also your body. How does that feel? There’s the […]

Confidence in Your Business

By Leo Babauta The urgent desire for a successful business, and the fear of losing business, drives many a good person to do sleazy things. I’m not talking about casino owners or pimps or politicians or corporations. I’m talking about good small business owners who become marketers. Let’s say you have a blog, and you […]

10 Ways to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

By Leo Babauta Life would be grand if we only did what our fleeting hearts wanted to do, each moment of the day. Unfortunately, the laundry, taxes and difficult conversations would never get done. The best books would never be written. All the achievements of humankind would be imagined, not realized. So what should we […]

On Making It Though Tough Journeys

By Leo Babauta A reader wrote to me about a very tough journey he and his wife are setting out upon, and asked for some words of advice or motivation though this tough time. Difficult times can be a test of our souls, and as such can be some of the most instructive times possible. […]

The Hard Stuff Often Matters Most

By Leo Babauta I’ve tried a lot of types of exercise, but by far the most effective exercise in terms of results for time spent is heavy barbell lifts. For 10-15 minutes of lifting a barbell laden with weights, I get a better physique, improved health, more strength and muscle, less bodyfat. I’ve spent hours […]

What to Think About During Exercise

By Leo Babauta A reader wrote to me and said he gets bored during running, which makes him want to just stop running. And so he asked for suggestions for what to think about while running or exercising in general. Such a great question: if you’re bored, why would you want to do it? Why […]

You’ll Be OK

By Leo Babauta You’re walking down the street, and you’re worried about being late for meeting someone. You’re anxious about what they might think of you. You pass some people and worry a bit about what they think of you, without realizing you’re doing it. You’re worried about some things at work, and all the […]

The Most Important Two Minutes of Your Life

By Leo Babauta Two minutes here and there rarely matter very much over the course of a day, a week, a lifetime. But there are two minutes you could spend, right now, that would have a huge impact on your life. I’ll save you the suspense: it’s two-minute meditation. And it’s extremely simple: take two […]

A Call for Compassion for the Defenseless

By Leo Babauta We don’t like to think that our way of living is wrong, that our beliefs are untrue, that we participate in cruelty or injustice. We want to think of ourselves as good people. I know because I reacted with anger and defensiveness the first time I heard criticisms of the sweatshop clothing […]

The Cure for Your Distraction Syndrome

By Leo Babauta I absolutely adore the Internet, but there’s no doubt it has made us more distracted than ever. I can see this in myself, and in watching everyone else around me: constant use of laptops, switching between browser tabs, checking things on iPhones, typing in a message here and there … we all […]

You’re Not Worse Than Other People

By Leo Babauta I was talking to a loved one yesterday about her fears, and several times made the comment, “Everyone has these fears. Everyone.” And this is true. The fears and problems you have are not unique to you. We all have them, usually secretly, oftentimes even hidden from ourselves. We think we’re alone […]

Being Mindful of Your Stress

By Leo Babauta Yesterday I had to drive somewhere, which I don’t do much anymore, and it was a fascinating experience. I kept checking in on my body, and finding myself clenched, as if ready for an attack. My entire torso would be tensed, my neck and shoulders were scrunched up, my face was tight. […]

What if You Didn’t Have to Worry About Yourself?

By Leo Babauta Have you ever had people annoy you at work? Or maybe family members whose little habits bothered you? Have you been frustrated by a store clerk or waiter, or maybe another driver? What about frustration with your kid, or spouse? How can we become more tolerant, find calm in the middle of […]

The Universe of a Single Task

By Leo Babauta In the neverending rush of our day, what does one little task matter? It is everything. We speed through each task as if it’s nothing, looking already to the next task, until we collapse at the end of the day, exhausted. Having spent a day cranking through nothings. That’s one approach, and […]

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