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Family Gatherings: The Ultimate Mindfulness Training Ground

By Leo Babauta This is the time of year when many families come together, for extended gatherings or just a get-together or three. And as wonderful as that may be, it can be a trying time for many, for lots of reasons: old conflicts coming up, painful emotional patterns, people criticizing you, lots of people […]

Letter to an 18-year-old on the Career Path Less Traveled

By Leo Babauta Recently an 18-year-old who is finishing school wrote to me, asking for advice on choosing a career without enough life and work experience to make an intelligent decision. He said, “Should I take the road less traveled, which may be risky and fearful, or choose a college course that interests me to […]

A Method to Find Balance

By Leo Babauta Despite the insipid title of this post, work-life balance is a bit of a myth. Sure, we work too much, don’t have time for all the other things we want to do, are always tired, eat convenience food or comfort food rather than nutritious or nourishing food, never have time for solitude […]

16 Surprising Lessons from My First 50-Mile Ultramarathon

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’ ~Nelson Mandela By Leo Babauta On Saturday, I did what I thought I couldn’t do. I ran a 50-mile ultramarathon. Now, I’m certainly not the first to run a race like this — thousands of other stronger, tougher runners have done it. I’m not even one of the […]

The Simple Fitness Habit Holiday Challenge

By Leo Babauta Today I’m announcing the relaunch of my Simple Fitness Habit program, with two big things I’m excited about: The SFH Holiday Challenge, and My new ebook on sticking to habits: Discipline, Solved I’ll go into more details of both new things below, but first I should tell you what Simple Fitness Habit […]

Struggles with My Morning Internet Fast

And a New Month Without Refined Carbs By Leo Babauta In my 5th month in the Year of Living Without, I tried going without computers or Internet in the morning. It was more of a struggle than I’d anticipated. My thinking with this month was that I’d be able to get more writing and reading […]

Surrender, Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship

By Leo Babauta Running a business often is about sales, revenue, marketing, and the bottom line. But it can have soul too. In my new Habits of Entrepreneurs video interview series, I’ve recently published two fantastic interviews with entrepreneurs who do things differently. And they’re incredibly successful at doing things this way. Let me introduce […]

How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating, & Love Letting Go

‘People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh By Leo Babauta The end of procrastination is the art of letting go. I’ve been a lifelong procrastinator, at least until recent years. I would put things off until […]

Finding Focus

By Leo Babauta Do you ever have one of those days when you just can’t seem to find focus? When you fritter away your time on nothingnesses, distractions, wandering without really doing something important? Or one of those weeks? I have those days regularly. I can find myself “working” for several hours, but at the […]

When You Run Out of Ideas

By Leo Babauta I had a friend ask me if I ever run out of ideas of things to write about, because my blog gives the impression that I don’t. Well, I do. I often have lots of ideas, but there are many times when I have none. I thought it would be useful to […]

The Necessary Art of Subtraction

By Leo Babauta The tendency of our lives, businesses, art, is to keep adding: more furniture, clothes, gadgets, tasks, appointments, features to websites and apps, words to our writing. Continual addition isn’t sustainable or desirable: Too many things to do means we’re always busy, with no time for rest, stillness, contemplation, creativity, time with loved […]

Jealousy & Suffering

By Leo Babauta Most of us deal with jealousy in some form, and when it comes up, it’s never pretty. It might be jealousy when your girlfriend seems interested in someone else, or when one of your best friends becomes close with someone else, or when your parents give a lot of attention to your […]

How Creativity Works, & How to Do It

By Leo Babauta I’m continually trying to create new things, from new blog posts, to books and courses and novels, to new ventures. And as I create these things, I’ve been watching my creation process, hoping to learn about how it works. For most creators, I think it’s just this Black Box of Creativity, where […]

Self-Discipline in 5 Sentences

By Leo Babauta Have a powerful reason — when things get difficult, “because it sounds nice” or “to look good” aren’t going to cut it. Start tiny, with a simple but unbreakable promise to yourself to do one small thing every single day. Watch your urges, and learn not to act on childish whims. Listen […]

Make It Your Job

By Leo Babauta When you’re feeling resentful or angry about something, it’s worth stopping to consider why. This morning, I woke up to a dirty kitchen, and as I do most mornings, I started cleaning it up. Washing dishes, wiping counters, putting dishes away, and so on. I do this a lot. And I found […]

Developing Selfless Compassion

‘So if we love someone, we should train in being able to listen. By listening with calm and understanding, we can ease the suffering of another person.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh By Leo Babauta While the idea of being more compassionate is appealing to many people, what stands in the way is that we get irritated […]

Lyrical Learning, & Why We Learn Habits Wrong

By Leo Babauta When we learn song lyrics, we don’t just look at the written lyrics and know them, nor can we listen to a song just once and immediately sing it. Learning the lyrics of a song is a process that often goes something like this: Listen to the song, maybe look at the […]

A Month Without Sugar

By Leo Babauta Life seems sweeter without sweets. Or at least, just as sweet. If you’d suggested that I’d prefer a life that was pretty much devoid of sweet desserts a year ago, I would have laughed in scorn. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, mostly centered on chocolate but I also love pies and […]

Why I Read (+ a Dozen Book Recommendations)

By Leo Babauta In the quiet morning hours, or as I fade off to sleep at night, I cuddle up with a good novel. This book is my world, my quiet time away from the din and discordance of the everyday world, but it’s also a way to explore the world in imaginative new ways. […]

12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools

By Leo Babauta The focus of my life in recent months has been living mindfully, and while I don’t always remember to do that, I have learned a few things worth sharing. The first is a mindful life is worth the effort. It’s a life where we awaken from the dream state we’re most often […]

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