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Game day after a long hiatus

Having recently and successfully launched our elder son into society (egads, I feel old) we are all of a sudden finding ourselves in the bewildering, unheard of position of having free weekends (as in, no soccer games). So, we've kickstarted our gaming hobby again and hosted the first of what we hope are regular, monthly game days. Show More Summary

Wiled Gaming in San Antonio

If you frequent the Chit Chat forum at Geekdo (BGG), you must know Amy and Jeff Wiles as they are very active there. Myself, I'm a lurker, but Ed practically lived on the forum during his year of unemployment. I love having lots of "virtual" friends, but I love it even more if I get a chance to meet them in person and put faces to names and avatars. Show More Summary

Goa head and wake me when it's over

Last night I played Goa and was so bored by about the second turn that I was fiddling with my phone and checking Facebook updates. Not a good sign. The irony of it was that I was the one who suggested the game. There were murmuringsShow More Summary

It's been Ages

Soccer practice started this week and it was my turn to take Kevin, so I missed our weekly gaming group. However, last week I was able to go and miraculously got to play an "older" game - Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, while...Show More Summary

A New Year (thank goodness)

Well, I can't let Ed take over this blog completely with his Descent reports, so I better get with it and post something. My blogging dropped off significantly this past year. Frankly, it's been a pretty bad year, both personally and for gaming. Show More Summary

Descent Campaign 2 - Session 5

So, way back in the Dark Ages of 2009, I was reporting the progress of our second Descent: Road to Legend campaign. I seem to have "forgotten" to update the blog with our progress. Yeah, that seems like a good excuse. Anyway, I haveShow More Summary

Witch of Salem review

Witch of Salem is a cooperative game for 2 - 4 players that is based on stories by Wolfgang Hohlbein set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft's mythos. The designer is Michael Rieneck and it is published in an English edition by Mayfair Games. Show More Summary

Roll Through the Ages and more Tales

Well, we didn't get to go to game night this past week. Ed had to take our eldest to soccer practice and I got to shopping. Yay. This full-time job gig is taking some getting used to. Oh Free Time, how I miss thee! Last week, though, I got to play Tales of Arabian Nights again. Show More Summary

July Gaming

Once again, my gaming blog has been neglected but this time I have a real excuse, and one that doesn't involve World of Warcraft. I've been working part-time at my local library for the past six months and have now accepted a full-time position. Show More Summary

Game Awards

What's the world coming to when you can neither complain about the Spiel des Jahres winner nor poke fun at the Origins winners??? While I had a slight leaning towards Pandemic, I'm still thrilled that Dominion took the SdJ. It's innovative and fresh and very addicting. Show More Summary

It's a Small World after all

Ha! Can't get that song out of your head now, can you?? As I mentioned in my previous post, Ed and I were lucky to be invited to spend Memorial Day weekend playing games with three other couples. We stayed in condos on Lake Palestine near Tyler, in the piney woods of northeast Texas. Show More Summary

2009 Spiel des Jahres Nominees

Ed and I spent a fabulous gaming weekend with three other couples over the long Memorial Day weekend. I played two of five newly announced Spiel des Jahres nominees there, so I thought I'd do a quick post about them. I'll write more about the weekend and the rest of the games I played in the next post. Show More Summary

Game Day Report part 1: Monsters Menace America

Every time we go to Gulf Games, one of my kids latches on to some game that they play there and as good gamer parents, we are obligated to obtain a copy for them once we get home. My kids know that this is one purchasing area where no...Show More Summary

Gamer's Notebook

I always feel flattered but very self-conscious when my blog gets linked somewhere else or somebody I don't even know mentions that they read it. It's even worse when somebody as respected in the hobby as Mike Siggins calls attention to it in his column. Show More Summary

Oldies that definitely aren't moldy

Today was a day of golden oldies in which I discovered an old gem that definitely reinforces the idea that one should not judge a game by its box. And I mean a box with really, REALLY hideous art, the kind drawn by a nerdy teenager.Show More Summary

Would you like a little game with that wine?

I was hoping that our planned D&D session on Friday night would inspire me to get back to writing that D&D vs. Descent article I mentioned, but our evening of dungeon delving has been postponed. Arrgh! It looks like we won't be able to corral our Descent players for a session anytime soon, either. Show More Summary

In which I descibe a gaming mid-life crisis

Yep, it's me. I'm back! I've been suffering a bit of burnout for the past few months. Not just with blogging and writing reviews, but with the Eurogames that I've been obsessed with for the past eight or so years. What happened? I'm not entirely sure but the never ending procession of new games started feeling the same to me. Show More Summary

Descent Campaign 2 - Session 4

Previous session reports: Session 1 / Session 2 / Session 3 Week 9: A quick recap of our cast: Overlord Conquest: 35 total / 35 unspent Upgrades: Snipers. Party Conquest: 28 Money: 2250 Upgrades: Bazaar, Enchanted Boat Nanok of the Blade: 22 XP. Show More Summary

Descent Campaign 2 - Session 3

Catching up with our Road to Legend campaign, our third session was played this past weekend. The report is below. Previous session reports: Session 1 Session 2 Week 9: Our story picks up as the heroes are in the Flametail River dungeon after level 1. Show More Summary

Descent Campaign 2 - Session 2

Over the holidays our Descent group got together for a little dungeon delving. Took a bit to get this report done, but better late then never. Previous session reports: Session 1 Week 7: The heroes had just arrived in Dawnsmoor with Nanok hurting from their last encounter. Show More Summary

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