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Leaked! Zoolander 2 trailer shows up online

On Friday evening, the highly anticipated trailer to Zoolander 2 leaked online. Slated for release in February 2016, the sequel will thankfully feature all of the usual suspects from the first film, including Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Billy Zane, and Will Ferrell. Show More Summary

The pay TV scam that’s hiding in plain sight

Services like Netflix are driving U.S. households to cut the cord at an unprecedented rate, and studies suggest that impressive rate won’t be slowing anytime soon. The unbreakable bundles, poor customer service and high cost of pay TV...Show More Summary

Fed-up customers are hammering ISPs with FCC complaints about data caps

You know what people really don’t like? Data caps. They don’t like them on their mobile phones and they really, really don’t like them on their home Internet services. This hasn’t stopped Comcast and other wireline ISPs from trying to...Show More Summary

How Trevor Noah plans to shake up The Daily Show

Comedy Central’s nighttime lineup is in the midst of a transformation. First Stephen Colbert left for the bright lights of CBS, and now Jon Stewart, longtime host of The Daily Show, will officially sign off the air on August 6 after an impressive 16 seasons run. Show More Summary

The latest Google Maps update lets you customize your map like never before

If you’ve updated Google Maps on your Android device recently, you might have noticed a new feature that Google added to its mobile app. You can now edit the names of locations on the map, save them to your personal Google account and search for them the next time you’re out and about. Show More Summary

Watch: The only alarm you won’t be able to snooze

Having trouble waking up in the morning? There are countless alarm apps that will make sure you wake up on time for work… provided, of course, that you don’t keep hitting snooze and then dozing off again. There is, however, an alternative:...Show More Summary

Watch the hilarious cable-bashing Sling TV ad Comcast doesn’t want you to see

Dish’s Sling TV is one of the many options that cord cutters have at their disposal to get their TV fix without paying through the nose for a pricey cable package. It’s also competing for customers with cable companies such as Comcast, who are among the most hated companies in the United States. Show More Summary

Watch out: A dangerous Windows 10 scam is being circulated online

The Windows 10 rollout has been relatively smooth, but there are plenty of users who never received the Get Windows 10 app and are still waiting in line for their turn to update. Unfortunately, scammers have seen how desperate Windows users are for the update, which is why it should come as no surprise that a phishing campaign has been discovered. Show More Summary

The future is here: New face recognition technology can work in the dark

It’s kind of crazy how quickly face detection and recognition technology managed to push its way into the mainstream. Over the past few years we’ve seen face recognition technology reach desktop photo software like iPhoto and even mass market smartphones from the likes of Samsung. Show More Summary

Giant Windwheel houses 72 apartments, makes its own energy, and can power 1,000 homes

You probably have no idea what the picture above actually depicts. For your information, it’s a concept of a Windwheel building that will house 72 apartments and a hotel. But more interestingly, it’s a modern windwheel that’ll be able to generate enough power to sustain life inside it and power an additional of 1,000 homes. Show More Summary

Leaked NSA slides: Chinese hackers have been wreaking havoc on corporate America

NBC News this week obtained leaked slides from a February 2014 NSA presentation which highlight in specific detail the extent to which China has successfully hacked U.S. corporations and individuals. As indicated by the map above, each...Show More Summary

What it was like to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Last night, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi took to the Windows blog to announce that over 14 million devices were already running Windows 10. Making the OS free is proving to be a smart move for Microsoft, and millions more are sure to join the early adopters in the coming days and weeks, but plenty of users are understandably cautious about updating. Show More Summary

Video: 1,000 Italians banded together to convince the Foo Fighters to play their small town

It might not work every time, but a new video shows you one way to convince your favorite band or artist — in this case, the Foo Fighters — to come and perform in your town, even if it’s a small community. How did they do it? 1,000 musicians...Show More Summary

9 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale right now for free

It’s Friday, and you all know what that means… one last list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free before the week comes to an end. We’ve had a great run this week, and we’re finishing on a high note with nine solid paid iOS apps on sale for free. Show More Summary

Tom Cruise: New ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie starts shooting next summer

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible movies are always fun to watch. They might not win the Oscar for the best motion picture, but they’re packed with action, special effects and incredible stunts, including some crazy performances from the actual star of the show — check out one of Cruise’s stunts for Rogue Nation. Show More Summary

I disabled Flash on my computer and I haven’t enjoyed the web this much in years

For the past several months, I’ve been unable to surf the web on my MacBook Air without having it sound like a rocket ship taking off. While things weren’t quite that bad on my Windows 8.1 desktop PC, I still had to deal with my fair share of slow loading times and Shockwave crashes that would regularly drive me up the wall. Show More Summary

Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out

Windows 10 is amazing. Windows 10 is fantastic. Windows 10 is glorious. Windows 10 is faster, smoother and more user-friendly than any Windows operating system that has come before it. Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been,...Show More Summary

Tesla Model S gets torched by a McLaren 650S in a drag race… and it’s not even close

When it comes to raw acceleration relative to price, you’d be hard pressed to come up with a car as impressive as the Tesla Model S P85D. With a push of a button, Tesla’s upper-tier model can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds flat. Show More Summary

Windows 10 is already on 14 million PCs, and the rush to upgrade is far from over

Windows 10 is probably the most exciting Windows update we’ve seen in years. A massive number of Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have already upgraded to Windows 10, and the upgrade wave is far from over. DON’T MISS: How to skip the queue and...Show More Summary

WSJ: How Google wants to fix its broken Glass

Google has admitted its beta Glass launch was a mistake, but that doesn’t mean the company is giving up on the project. Google has stopped selling Explorer versions earlier this year, putting former Apple iPod creator and Nest founder Tony Fadell in charge of the project. Show More Summary

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