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‘Top Gun 2? Confirmed; Tom Cruise to Reprise Role of Maverick

Top Gun is without question one of the more iconic movies to have been released in the 1980s. And now, nearly 30 years later, it looks as if there’s going to be a sequel. These days, it’s not uncommon to see movie sequels and reboots with entirely new casts. Show More Summary

This is What Food Additives Look Like Before They’re Added to Food

Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle and maybe lose a few pounds? You could try some complex medical procedures and wild weight loss miracles, or you could go for a more balanced approach, one that includes exercise and better managing your food intake – there are apps to help out with that. Show More Summary

Solar Impulse 2 Passes ‘Point Of No Return’ in Audacious Attempt to Cross the Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 passed the “point of no return” early Monday, about 16 hours into the solar-powered plane’s audacious attempt to cross the Pacific from Japan. No immediate landing is now available to pilot Andre Borschberg as he attempts to reach Hawaii, a 4,908-mile journey across a vast expanse of ocean, which is expected to last 120 hours. Show More Summary

Smart Pool Gadget Monitors for Accidental Drops and Detects Urine

Remember that report that said urine in pools is one of the factors that can lead to red-eye? It turns out there’s a company that’s already working on a smart pool monitor that can both detect human pee in the water and also issue warnings when it registers accidental drops. Show More Summary

New Study Says Google’s Self-Promotion Ruins Search Results for Users

When you search for “maps” on Google, what do you think you’ll see at the top of the results page? How about when you search for “calendar,” “photos” or “music”? From your perspective, it might make sense that Google’s services appear before anyone else’s when searching on Google, but a recent study from two U.S. Show More Summary

Apple Watch isn’t About ‘Need’, it’s About ‘Want’

The Apple Watch has been out in the wild for about two months now and, as with anything, time has seemingly softened the initial run of harsh critiques and over the top glowing reviews that accompanied its release. With the passage of time, we’ve thankfully started to see a greater number of more reasoned takes on Apple’s new wearable. Show More Summary

This Is How Incredible Mario Might Look on Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console

In the past, we’ve featured a few of the most astounding Unreal Engine 4 creations we could find here on BGR, but this frighteningly realistic recreation of Mario is my new personal favorite. Nintendo might not be willing to talk about...Show More Summary

Crazy X-Ray Images: See a Python Digest an Alligator Over the Course of a Week

Pythons are ready to consume anything they can catch, regardless whether it’s a 30 pound porcupine that might kill the snake by piercing its guts, or a dangerous alligator that you’d imagine can put up a fight. That’s right, pythons can apparently swallow an entire alligator and then digest it in about a week. Show More Summary

How To Stream Wimbledon For Free... Legally

As difficult as it is for a New Yorker to admit, Wimbledon is far and away the most important Grand Slam of the year. Tennis fans around the world wait all year long for Wimbledon to roll around and the pros definitely step up their game to levels we don’t see at other Grand Slams. Show More Summary

A Brand New Nexus Phone Might Launch Sooner Than You Think

Google is widely expected to launch two new Nexus handsets this year, including a 5-inch LG Nexus 5 (2015 edition) and a Huawei phablet. Fans of the Nexus line probably expect the phones to launch at some point in the fourth quarter of the year, which is when Google usually releases new Nexus smartphones. Show More Summary

Can Video Games Actually Help Overweight Gamers Lose Weight?

Though often exaggerated in popular culture, the old stereotype about gamers  being overweight isn’t entirely without merit. A 2009 study, for instance, found that gamers do, in fact, tend to be on the heavier side of the scale relative to the population at large. Show More Summary

NBC Just Fired Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump from ‘The Apprentice’

Because the one thing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was missing was a corporate PR disaster, NBC came through on Monday with an unsurprising proclamation. Unhappy with Trump’s incendiary (and offensive) remarks regarding immigrants from Mexico, NBC has announced it will be cutting all business ties with the presidential hopeful. Show More Summary

Samsung’s Supersized Galaxy S6 Edge Detailed in New Leak Ahead of Release

Samsung has a new Galaxy S6 version in the works that will be the fourth one after the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 Active. A new report says the unreleased handset will be bigger than existing versions, just as previous leaks claimed, and it offers several other details as well. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Old Smartphone or Tablet

The easiest thing you can do with your old smartphones and tablets once you get newer models is to either sell them or give them away to family members or friends. But there are also ways to breathe new life into old smart devices around the home, in case you don’t want to get rid of them. Show More Summary

The Huge Leak Diehard Android Fans Have Been Waiting For: OnePlus 2 Pics

The first smartphone released by OnePlus was the biggest surprise of the year in 2014 for diehard Android fans. The OnePlus One featured shockingly impressive specs at an unbeatable price, and it was all packed into a stylish phone that was just begging to be hacked and customized to the user’s liking. Show More Summary

Deal of the day: Last chance to pay what you want for this iOS app designer bundle

Want to make your own iPhone or Android app? We’ve put together an amazing app design bundle that can help you make it a reality. Don’t miss your chance to pay what you want for this bundle, valued at $1,297. This bundle includes courses...Show More Summary

More Signs Suggest the Crazy iPhone Design Change We Want Is in the Works

A couple of reports over the past few weeks have suggested that Apple is already working on completely overhauling the iPhone design, and making a change many fans of the smartphone want. The company is far from being ready to confirm anything, of course, but it’s apparently making all the right moves. Show More Summary

I’m Getting Queasy Just Watching This Insane Amusement Park Ride

Let’s say you’re a fan of amusement parks, but the rides just aren’t creative enough for you. You enjoy the adrenaline of being thrown through the air, you just wish that the ride itself looked more like a project at a science fair. The Swiss ride engineers at abc rides have heard your pleas, and the Tourbillon is their answer. Show More Summary

Video: Celebrate 8 Years of iPhone With This Hilarious Blast From Steve Ballmer’s Past

It’s iPhone day today, so we thought we’d celebrate it with a video from the past that’ll never go out of style. Before you ask, no, it’s not the official iPhone introduction from Macworld 2007. DON’T MISS: We Need This Stunning iPhone 7 Concept to Become a Reality. Show More Summary

Giveaway: Win an Unreleased Axon Smartphone With Specs You Won’t Believe

We’re giving a brand new AXON smartphone, and you’re going to want to check this out! 4K video, Hi-Fi audio, 4GB of RAM, a dual-lens camera, twin microphones, a gorgeous display, crazy battery life, and a sleek and sexy design make this an Android-lover’s dream phone. Show More Summary

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