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We might be made of matter that didn’t originate in the Milky Way

Ever wonder what you're made of? Is Earth, and by extension humanity, built of matter that collected here after the big bang, or are our origins much more complicated? Our little Solar System tucked away between the massive arms of the...Show More Summary

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update just got several new features

Microsoft has been working extremely hard to make Windows 10 the most capable and appealing version of its desktop operating system ever, and it's already made some great progress. Once flooded with compatibility issues and bugs, Windows...Show More Summary

True Detective’s new season is getting a big new name

You loved the first True Detective season, and you meh-ed the second one. But that doesn’t mean HBO is ready to throw in the towel. A third season is in the works, and we know now who will make the series great again: Mahershala Ali. There’s absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that Ali is one of the greatest stars of the moment. Show More Summary

Russia tried to use an elaborate Facebook hacking scheme on the French presidential campaign

An anonymous source in the White House believes that if the Russian hack your presidential campaign, you’ll never know it happened — okay, it’s Donald Trump. But it turns out that Russian spies do leave traces when they try to hack your presidential campaign. Show More Summary

NASA launches app to inspire citizen scientists during Solar Eclipse

NASA launched its newest app this week designed to motivate the average person to be a citizen scientist during the upcoming solar eclipse. Space Scientist Elizabeth Macdonald told Fox News the Globe Observer app was designed by a NASA-supported...Show More Summary

If Comcast buys Verizon, we should all give up and go home

The market for home internet in the US is already absurdly non-competitive. Barely 80 percent of Americans have a choice of providers for high-speed internet at home, a figure that means that you're likely living in a regional internet monopoly. But hey, maybe you should count yourself lucky. Show More Summary

Best free iPhone games of the week: July 27th edition

Whether you're looking for a full 3D action RPG, a solitaire city-builder or an epic online space strategy game, we've got you covered with this week's selection of new, free games on the App Store. Hades' Star is the best of the bunch...Show More Summary

Add a hidden backup camera to any car with this $22 license plate frame

Isn’t it always the case that right after you buy a new car, some cool new tech proliferates that you wish you had access to? Such is the case for millions of people who bought their last automobile before back-up cameras exploded in popularity. Show More Summary

Tesla’s Autopilot missed this collision, but luckily the human driver didn’t

Tesla's Autopilot makes driving safer. That was the statistics-based conclusion of an exhaustive NHTSA report, which found that Tesla's self-driving software generally reduced accidents by around 40 percent. But general themes don'tShow More Summary

The battles in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 are going to be bigger than you can imagine

We’re only two episodes into Game of Thrones’ seventh season, and we already saw a major battle involving members of two of the main alliances that are currently scheming for power in Westeros. But that’s hardly going to be the onlyShow More Summary

A giant dead whale appeared in Paris, but it’s not what it seems

The massive, bloated body of a dead whale isn't the kind of thing tourists normally see when they're walking along the Seine river in Paris, but that's exactly what they were treated to this past weekend. The grotesque carcass appears...Show More Summary

Apple just killed off the last good iPod

Remember iPods? Back in the days when compressing CDs down into a little aluminum box was considered impressive, they were all the rage. But then came smartphones, and the MP3 player's 10-year reign as the gadget of teen choice cameShow More Summary

An updated list of every Nintendo Switch game you can purchase and pre-order (includes 12 new games!)

Despite the fact that Nintendo is still nowhere close to being able to build enough new Nintendo Switch consoles to meet demand, millions of people have managed to get their hands on one at this point. If you’re not one of them, your...Show More Summary

Apple is working on super-fast 5G for next-generation iPhones

Apple has received a permit to test millimeter-wave 5G technology in two locations near the company's HQ in California. Apple isn't the first to trial 5G -- it joins a growing list of telecoms and device manufacturers dabbling in next-gen...Show More Summary

Watch a massive star die a fiery, explosive death

Of the many awe-inspiring sights in space, watching a star explode has to be one of the most impressive. When a large star meets the end of its life it goes out with a bang, and the explosions they create are thought to be the brightest events in the entire universe. Show More Summary

Pretty much everyone is convinced that the iPhone 8 will be delayed

At this point, there are so many reports and rumors swirling around regarding the iPhone 8's release date that we occasionally miss one when it hits. Earlier this week, Philip Elmer-DeWitt shared a note from Royal Bank of Canada analyst Amit...Show More Summary

Interview: ‘Frasier’ star Kelsey Grammer talks about starring in Amazon’s new show debuting tomorrow

You won’t ever catch Kelsey Grammer glued to a smartphone to stream a TV show. “I’d rather sit in front of a big ol’ screen in my living room and have a bowl of popcorn and just get immersed in something,” the veteran “Frasier” and “Cheers”...Show More Summary

GameStop’s new Nintendo Switch bundles are shockingly reasonable

If you're still in the market for a Nintendo Switch but refuse to pay over the odds for some $500 that comes with every accessory under the sun, you need to see GameStop's newest bundles. Annoyingly, the retailer still isn't sellingShow More Summary

The most affordable Roomba with Alexa integration is even cheaper today on Amazon

If you want a robot vacuum with built-in support for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, there are a few good choices out there. Roomba is obviously the best option if money isn't a consideration, but money is an issue then some Roombas are priced well out of reach for most people. Show More Summary

Scientists in Oregon take first step towards ‘designer babies’ by editing human embryo DNA

The topic of editing human DNA is one that has led to heated debate within the scientific, research, and medical communities for some time now. The technology exists, but what are the ethical and moral implications of meddling with the...Show More Summary

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