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NBA Playoffs Open Mic.

My favorite team won its first playoff game in 6 years last night. So yeah, I'm pretty happy today to put it lightly. Here's the highlights, not that you care unless you live in DC or have family members named Wall, Beal, Ariza, Gortat...Show More Summary Tuesday Open Mic.

I'm on the road (again) so new postage might be infrequent. Bills gotta get paid and whatnot.Anyways, here's your blank slate. Fill it with something. Question: What's on your mind today? Drop some links, start a convo.

Is Jay-Z A Five Percenter?!? Of Course Not.

I'm no Jay-Z fan, much less a Jay-Z apologist. Real talk, while I don't deny the man's got some lyrical ability, I've always found his ascent to the top of the hip-hop food chain a little bewildering. He just sorta happened to be in the right place at the right time (RIP Biggie) and took the ball and ran with it. Show More Summary

NYC Cops And Firemen Go To A Fight. A Hockey Match Breaks Out.

New York City's finest convened on Long Island for a charity hockey game this past weekend. The result... less than fine.A large brawl broke out during an annual charity hockey match between New York City police and firefighters on Long Island. Show More Summary Friday Open Mic.

No need to lie. I meant to put this up Monday, and just totally forgot. It's been that kinda week. Anyways, here's your blank slate. Fill it with something. Question: What's on your mind today? Drop some links, start a convo.

Woman Told To Leave Planet Fitness Because She's Too Fit.

Although I visit the gym as often as my schedule allows, I'm not by any means a "lunk". I'm simply a 40 year old man trying to stave off Father Time (and to a lesser degree, genetics) and live as fruitful and healthy a life as reasonable possible. Show More Summary

The Real March Madness: Just Pay The Damn Kids Already!!!

Like many of you, I spent an unhealthy amount of time parked in front of the TV/tablet the past week watching NCAA Basketball. A uniquely American institution, the games highlight the athleticism, love of the game, and dedication of hundreds of "student athletes", superimposed against the seedy underbelly of betting a wagering. Show More Summary

Disillusioned Obama Supporter Hilarious Burns T-Shirt In Protest.

"Youth is wasted on the young". It's an adage that's typically blabbed by over the hill guys like me, but it's not without validity. When you're young, you have outlandishly idealistic ideas about how the world should operate, and scant experience in how it actually does. Show More Summary

Would You Publicly Whip Your Teenaged Daughter With A Belt For Twerking On Facebook?!?

My daughter turns two in a couple of months. She looks and sounds every bit of 3 already. She speaks in full, intelligible sentences, is over the 100th percentile in height and weight, and already has perfected the art of selective listening. Show More Summary Monday Open Mic.

Snow day. It was 70 and sunny Saturday, here in DC. 5 inches of snow to shovel today. Dang, it was all good just a week ago.Anyways, here's your blank slate. Fill it with something. Question: What's on your mind today? Drop some links, start a convo.

Grand Theft Auto: Denver.

Back in the Vice City days, I used to love playing Grand Theft Auto for hours on end. Of course, I had one child then. I now have three. You can probably surmise that my GTA days are long since over, given the massive amount of homework...Show More Summary

WorkPlace 101: NFL Player Retires At Age 26.

Aside from the obvious perils (ie: permanent brain/body damage), playing a professional sport has to be the dream job of 90% of American Men. Think about it: you get paid exhorbitant sums of money to play a children's sport for a few hours a day. Show More Summary

What Really Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370?!?

I'm no conspiracy theorist, as those of you who follow this site already know. I try to deal with known entities, my Tin Foil Hat is somewhere in the garage. But the more I hear about this flight that just disappeared somewhere overShow More Summary

Kill A Black Kid. Become A Folk Hero.

I wish the destardly George Zimmerman was somewhere in an Ocala prison practicing soap-holding. But alas, the state of Florida's horrible prosecutors ensured this man would spend the rest of his life tormenting us, which lead to perhaps...Show More Summary

The NFL Wants To Ban The N-Word?!? Ngga Please.

No need to rehash my feelings on the word nigger here. If you've read the blog long enough, you already know my stance. If not, get familiar. For those of you too lazy to do the homework, I find the word ignorant, try (and on occasions fail) to not use it, and think white people shouldn't say it under any circumstances. Show More Summary

Why I Both Love, And Hate Allen Iverson.

Surefire first ballot Hall Of Famer Allen Iverson had his jersey retired by the Sixers last night, an event which overshadowed some record setting by my Wizards as they rolled on the home team. Iverson was in rare form as he gave an impassioned speech thanking the team's fans for years of support. Show More Summary

What's Up With This Commercial?

Okay, I've seen this commercial a million times now and I still don't fully comprehend what's going on. The woman appears to be leaving a (her?) suburban home sometime late at night, dressed to the nines. She then inexplicably drives into downtown Los Angeles, which everyone knows is full of nothing but bums at 2am. Show More Summary

Why "Urban" Radio Sucks.

About 12-13 years ago, I abandoned black radio for good. By "black radio", I mean the terrestrial "Hot/Kiss/Power/Where Hip-Hop & R&B Live!" format that permenates the airwaves in every major US city. I still occasionally listen to "Adult...Show More Summary Newsbriefs 2.24.14

It's been a long time. I already know. But hey, mortgages and Montessori school tuition don't pay themselves, and this blog's meager ad revenue doesn't pay for either. Ya'll know the drill. Anyways, I'm back (for now), so here's theShow More Summary

No. Michael Sam Is Not Rosa Parks.

It's Black History Month, which is a nice way of saying it's time when those of us with kids have to do help them with school projects. My 5 year old had the task of creating a presentation on Rosa Parks, which means we've spent quite a bit of time learning about the civil rights pioneer. Show More Summary

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