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Red Sox 5, Oreos 9: This is Starting to Feel Like the Same Old, Same Old…

OK, so now the fracking cookies are like 7-0 to start the season, and the Sox have once again, claimed their place at the under.500 mark, and 4 games behind the cookies in the AL East (who have to lose SOMETIME), and Of course, with That Clay Person on the mound, I suppose it’s […]

Red Sox 0, Toronto 3: Happy Fenway Opening Day!

While I would have liked the Sox to win yesterday’s contest as they had won the first two of the series, including an amazing come from behind win on Friday, complete with a Grand Slam from Brock-Star (His 1st of his career), as long as they win more than they lose, that is always a […]

Red Sox 6, Cleveland 7: Yep, That was all Clay’s Fault…

Yeah, I get it. It takes 25 players to win or lose, and its each players job to pick up their teammates, blah blah blah…But holy hell, does That Clay Person REALLY need to suck immediately? Literally, as he gave up 4 runs in the 1st fracking inning. Really? Who does that? Clay Buchholz apparently. […]

Red Sox 6, Cleveland 2: Only 161 to go!

So the Sox got off to a magnificent start, albeit it a day late, and honestly, if I were to script an Opening Day, I doubt I could have done better. David Price was certainly worth the money the Sox spent on him yesterday, going 6 strong, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits while […]

April 4, 2016: Happy Opening Day!

Yes, I know, there were 4 contests yesterday, so that was the “official” opening day. However, I consider the first day the Red Sox play (which is today) to be the only Opening Day that matters. And from what I have seen around the horn, there are many other baseball fans who feel the same […]

Red Sox 4, Pirates 4, Red Sox 3, Rays 4: What’s with all the 4’s?

I know it’s Spring Training, and they are Split Squad games to boot, but even so, tie scores aggravate me. Every contest needs a winner…Probably why I am not a soccer fan…. So we are at 4 days and counting until Opening Day, with David Price getting the start on Monday afternoon against Cleveland, like […]

Red Sox 3, Oreos 5: Holy Buckets! Less than a week!

I have no idea why I was convinced Opening Day was Friday, April 1st. Wishful thinking? Or maybe it’s because I have done nothing but WRITE for more than 6 weeks straight as part of my Master’s Degree Finals…So I guess it’s not that unexpected that I am a little bit crispy… So, anyway, It’s […]

Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 3, In 10…Holy Buckets! It’s Baseball!

I know, I know, I’m about a week late and $52 short, but I am in final exam mode for my Master’s degree, and until that is done, the boys of summer are taking a back seat to the endless scholarly writing… Also I have been keeping up with the day to day, even if […]

February 8, 2016: 10…More…Days…

Pitchers and Catchers report next Thursday the 18, with the first workout the next day. The reaming players need to be in camp the following Tuesday the 23th, with the first workout for everyone being the next day (the 24th) I wonder if anyone will be late this year, although that really hasn’t been too […]

January 27, 2016: 22 Days…

Some random thoughts as I take a break before my last class of graduate school, celebrate my daughter’s birthday, and wonder why NE Pennsylvania never seems to get those really big snowstorms we got when I was a kid… And actually, this off-season really hasn’t been all that bad. Dave Dombrowski has picked up some […]

January 7, 2016: ZERO Votes for Mike Lowell?

And NOMAR leaves the ballot after two years because he did not get the prerequisite 5%?  Holy Buckets! While I know neither was probably going to get in, the fact that they were out so soon, is just shocking to me. But it looks like Schill may have what it takes to get there, if […]

December 8, 2015: And Dave is Still Not Done…

Despite stating last week that the bigs deals were pretty much done, Dave Dombrowski wasted no time at Day 1 of the Winter Meetings in Nashville shoring up the Red Sox bullpen, and adding a left-hander started. Doing a deal with the Mariners sent lukewarm starter Wade Miley (in 2015, he went 11-11 with a […]

December 3, 2015: Hot Stove Burning Bright…

So Dave Dombrowski made another AMAZING deal this week, signing DAVID PRICE to a 7-year deal worth $217 million. With an opt out clause after year 3. And he is 30 years old. And if Ben hadn’t tried to low-ball Jon Lester, the Sox would have likely not had to make this deal. But they […]

November 18, 2015: Happy Birthday David Ortiz!

Today, The Large Father turned 40–and after the 2016 campaign, he will retire from baseball… Wait. WHAT??? Yep. Ken Rosenthal from Fox sports broke the news yesterday, and Big Papi confirmed it with a video this morning. After 20 years in MLB, he will hang up hit hat. The gift baskets we keep sending to […]

November 16, 2015: MLB takes on golf and poker with the Player’s Trust

2015 was undoubtedly a difficult year for Boston Red Sox. The team faced many struggles and ended the season helpless at the bottom of the division despite the impressive efforts of Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and Jackie Bradley, Jr. Despite the relative disappointments of the season, baseball fans can still look ahead to a few […]

November 6, 2015: 104, 114, 116 and 149…

So the 2015 Campaign is over, with the KC Royals beating the Mets in 5 games to become World Series Champions. While it was not the World Series I would have like to have seen, the outcome was acceptable, cause the thought of the Mets winning, kinda made me queasy. While I do not actively […]

October 29, 2015: A Mets/Royals World Series…

Yawn… Yes, I had my heart set on a Cubs/Blue Jay World Series, and I really have no huge issue with each team, except for the fact that I think the owners of the Mets are some of the most classless individuals in baseball…Which is why if I have an opinion on who to root […]

October 16, 2015: Holy Buckets! The Cubs won the Division Series!

With a 100 wins in the regular season, and the best record in baseball for the 2015 campaign, I think everyone expected the Cardinals to advance to the NLCS over the Cubs, who, despite their impressive 97-65 record, are still, you know…the CUBS… But this is baseball, and we all know anything can happen, especially […]

October 12, 2015: 9 Things…

Thankful this (mostly) lost season is over as I juggle a toddler in pre-school, abnormal psych, and a tooth in need of a root canal… 1. So we are a week into the postseason, and the World Series matchup I would most like to see if the Cubs and Toronto. Anyone versus the Cubs would […]

Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 5: I don’t even know WHAT to say anymore…

While the last couple weeks have certainly been more palatable, and chances are good they will not end up dead last in the AL East for the 2nd time in as many years, that also wrecks their draft order, as dead last gets you a better spot. And while I certainly don’t want them to […]

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