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The Future of Brand, Tech and Business is Experience

If you’ve never attended the Next Conference in Germany, plan for the next event. It combines elements of SXSW in a festival, city-wide format where people, technology, music and art converge into an experience that’s anything but a conference. Show More Summary

Contrary to Its Name, Digital Transformation is not Digital-First: An Interview with Steve Snyder of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

“To thrive in a digital economy, create a safe and empowered environment for employees to learn and take risks.” Technology may be at the core of digital transformation, but it’s severely limited in its promise if it’s not influenced by human beings. Show More Summary

It’s not the End of Retail, It’s the End of Retail As We Know It

Retail, like every industry, faces digital Darwinism as technology and markets evolve and disrupt. This isn’t new. But what is clear, executives are not prioritizing bold strategies and investments that save them from their “Kodak Moment,” that moment when consumer behaviors and values evolve beyond brand recognition. Show More Summary

Breaking the Digital Fourth Wall Through Experiential Storytelling

The fourth wall is the space that separates a performer or performance from an audience. A character, actor, author or storyteller “breaks the fourth wall” when they address the audience directly.  As an analyst, author, blogger, podcaster and creator, I am by default, in the content business. Show More Summary

Brand Innovation and Customer Experience Design: An Interview with Comcast’s Chris Satchell

The potential for breakthrough innovation is at its greatest when there’s purpose. And in an age of disruptive technology, humanity is becoming a killer app. Often in my research on digital transformation and innovation, I find the most compelling catalyst for finding purpose and accelerating change and improvement is customer experience (CX). Show More Summary

Insights on the Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

I once referred to the consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) as the Internet of Sh!t. My point was that the entire ecosystem of IoT devices was created through technology-centered devices that were limited in scope, breadth and compatibility. Show More Summary

The CX Imperative and The Role You Play in Making Business Personal

Every now and then, I am asked to write the foreword for a great book. And, every now and then, I say yes. The deal is always the same. Once the book is released, I ask that I’m able to publish the foreword in full to share with you here. Show More Summary

Digital Transformation – Rewriting the Rules of Business

We live in an era of digital Darwinism. As customer expectations evolve and move toward personalized experiences and beyond transactions, companies in every industry must focus digital transformation on not only digital, but also people, purpose, and relevance. Show More Summary

Deepening Customer Relationships with Contextual Content

Guest post by Rebecca Lieb and Jaimy Szymanski, Content: The Atomic Particle of Marketing In the “phygital” world that marries our physical and digital presences, content is ubiquitous. Only by offering content through the lens of context can marketers achieve relevancy to today’s uber-connected consumer. Show More Summary

Digital Transformation Must Lead to Business Transformation

Who owns digital transformation within your organization? Is it the C-Suite, marketing, IT, HR? It’s now essential for all stakeholders – no matter their level or role – to become acquainted in the purpose of digital technology if orgs are to succeed in this new economy. Show More Summary

Destination CRM: UX Can Make Your Business Disruption-Proof

User experience design is now a C-level imperative, whether executives get it or not The post Destination CRM: UX Can Make Your Business Disruption-Proof appeared first on Brian Solis.

Is Retail Dying or is it Time for a Renaissance?

Guest post from Michel Lewis (@BizMike), founder of RoomSignal and long-time friend of Brian. Retail is dead. Heard that phrase before? For the last decade we have watched as digital companies like Amazon & Netflix received much of the credit, for putting brands like Borders and Blockbuster out to pasture. Show More Summary

A Real-Time Conversation About AI and the Future of Work

   I recently had one of the most fast-paced, fun and provocative conversations I had in a while. It wasn’t something that happened in IRL. Instead, this real-time conversation took place on Twitter.  Organized by Cognizant and PegaShow More Summary

Why your website sucks and how to better engage with digitally-savvy consumers

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Juliet Stott of Content Magazine about the impact digital has had on marketing, how customer experiences can help marketers differentiate their brands, and why websites in general, suck. It was such a fun and revealing conversation, that I wanted to share it with you here. Show More Summary

It’s Time to Bring Digital Literacy to the C-Suite

I think the next big thing following massive innovation on the CX front is EX…employee experience. But, to do so requires a level of inward empathy not usually found roaming the halls of the C-Suite. This is something though, I believe, will become more pronounced as the move to customer-centricity is more closely linked to employee-centricity. Show More Summary

X Marks the Spot Where the Medium is the Message

Several years ago, I embarked on a crazy journey to reinvent the book to make it a physical metaphor for the purpose of the book. I had no other choice. It was a book about designing meaningful and personal experiences in a digital economy. Show More Summary

Experience Happens: Design What You Want People to Feel

“Experience” is one of those words that is both aspirational while also meaning something uniquely different to each person who uses the word. No matter who you define it, the important thing to remember is that experiences lie in the value of the beholder. Show More Summary

Designing the Experience: My Ongoing Experiments with Book Trailers and Storytelling

I’ve always been fascinated by Hollywood trailers. So much so, that 10 years ago, I was determined to develop a trailer for my next book at the time, Engage!. Since then, I launched every subsequent book with a trailer. You can see a compilation here. Show More Summary

Crossing Over to the Darkside of Digital and Seeing the Light

“Yesterday is not tomorrow; we can’t innovate, we can’t do new things by opening old doors.” Paul Miller spends a lot of time thinking about the future of work. In fact, he wrote a book on the subject, “The Digital Renaissance of Work:...Show More Summary

Innovation is a gift worth getting: Competing for the future starts with challenging business as usual

Every day when you get to the office, there is a surmountable volume of work that greets you. The list is usually pretty long, with calls to return, to do items stacked up, emails overflowing, meetings, marketing and sales planning to fill the pipeline. Show More Summary

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