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A Real-Time Conversation About AI and the Future of Work

   I recently had one of the most fast-paced, fun and provocative conversations I had in a while. It wasn’t something that happened in IRL. Instead, this real-time conversation took place on Twitter.  Organized by Cognizant and PegaShow More Summary

Why your website sucks and how to better engage with digitally-savvy consumers

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Juliet Stott of Content Magazine about the impact digital has had on marketing, how customer experiences can help marketers differentiate their brands, and why websites in general, suck. It was such a fun and revealing conversation, that I wanted to share it with you here. Show More Summary

It’s Time to Bring Digital Literacy to the C-Suite

I think the next big thing following massive innovation on the CX front is EX…employee experience. But, to do so requires a level of inward empathy not usually found roaming the halls of the C-Suite. This is something though, I believe, will become more pronounced as the move to customer-centricity is more closely linked to employee-centricity. Show More Summary

X Marks the Spot Where the Medium is the Message

Several years ago, I embarked on a crazy journey to reinvent the book to make it a physical metaphor for the purpose of the book. I had no other choice. It was a book about designing meaningful and personal experiences in a digital economy. Show More Summary

Experience Happens: Design What You Want People to Feel

“Experience” is one of those words that is both aspirational while also meaning something uniquely different to each person who uses the word. No matter who you define it, the important thing to remember is that experiences lie in the value of the beholder. Show More Summary

Designing the Experience: My Ongoing Experiments with Book Trailers and Storytelling

I’ve always been fascinated by Hollywood trailers. So much so, that 10 years ago, I was determined to develop a trailer for my next book at the time, Engage!. Since then, I launched every subsequent book with a trailer. You can see a compilation here. Show More Summary

Crossing Over to the Darkside of Digital and Seeing the Light

“Yesterday is not tomorrow; we can’t innovate, we can’t do new things by opening old doors.” Paul Miller spends a lot of time thinking about the future of work. In fact, he wrote a book on the subject, “The Digital Renaissance of Work:...Show More Summary

Innovation is a gift worth getting: Competing for the future starts with challenging business as usual

Every day when you get to the office, there is a surmountable volume of work that greets you. The list is usually pretty long, with calls to return, to do items stacked up, emails overflowing, meetings, marketing and sales planning to fill the pipeline. Show More Summary

Boldly Go: The Confluence of Digital Transformation, Innovation, Culture and Experience

There are almost too many technology trends to track these days and it’s only getting more complicated to keep up. At some point, one must focus, dive deeper and learn. This year, I’m centering my research and speaking on a few different...Show More Summary

I was supposed to write about Apple’s new show ‘Planet of the Apps,’ Instead, I wrote about @GaryVee

This post started as a review of the new show on Apple Music, “Planet of the Apps.” I realized the world didn’t need another announcement or review of the show. What I will say is this, any show that aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and also transform them into budding businesses that change the world is important. Show More Summary

The New Kodak Moment = That Moment When You Lose Market Relevance

“You press the button, we do the rest.” These are the touching words of Kodak’s first advertising slogan. Coined by George Eastman, Kodak’s iconic founder in 1892, this tagline almost seems relevant 120 years later. Almost. There was a time in history where uttering those words evoked an emotional sense of nostalgia. Show More Summary

Digital Transformation Needs Change Agents and Leadership Not Just Technology

Over the last year, I partnered with BMC on a new podcast series called “Digital Outliers.” We hand-picked 11 incredible guests working in critical areas of digital transformation and the future of work including IT, humanities and innovation. Show More Summary

Las seis etapas de la transformación digital

el futuro es ahora… La transformación digital es una de las mayores tendencias que impulsan la evolución y modernización de las empresas en todo el mundo. En mis investigaciones, he llegado a definir la transformación digital como la...Show More Summary

From Future Shock to Future Proof: Digital Transformation is not a Prescription, It’s a Mission

When I set out to research digital transformation several years ago, I did so with the belief that there was more to the story than technology, IT and modernization. Yet, the name itself implies that change is focused on or prioritizes all things digital. Show More Summary

Enhancing Customer Experience With Wearable Tech

Guest post by Blake Morgan (@blakemichellem), Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author of the new book, More Is More In X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, author Brian Solis talks about how Disney created itsShow More Summary

Moving Beyond Demographics: Today’s Hyperconnected ‘Generation C’

Several years ago as I was writing The End of Business as Usual, I researched how the customer journey was evolving. Specifically, I studied how traditional touch points compared to digital touch points and more so, how customers were hacking their way to desired outcomes. Show More Summary

Would you make a decision to join or leave a company based on how you work?

Did you know that employees and employee prospects judge the immediate and long-term potential of a company by their reliance on desktop phones? To some it makes total sense. Why would any company have tethered devices to talk to someone else? Don’t we have mobile devices and apps for that? Besides, I’m always on the go. Show More Summary

Innovation Begins with a Shift in Perspective; It’s Personal

The team at Ode Management asked me to introductory video for their audience of event planners, speaker bureaus and agents. The topic was innovation and my mission was to keep it casual and brief, with a target length of two minutes....Show More Summary

Why Disruptive Technology is Hijacking Your Customers

Disruptive technology is not just a commodity anymore; it has become a necessity. I recently met with Rilke Thomsen of Sleeknote to talk about how disruptive technology is shaping customer behaviors, preferences and expectations. Our conversation turned into a short but interesting three-part audio series that I wanted to share with you here. Show More Summary

Customer Experience is Something Designed for and Measured by What Customer’s Actually Experience

Customer experience (CX) is the new black and it is, for all intents and purposes, the catalyst for accelerated and purposeful digital transformation. Often in my research however, I find that customer experience is relegated to enterprise-first approaches to improving customer engagement from an infrastructure perspective. Show More Summary

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