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Innovation Begins with a Shift in Perspective; It’s Personal

The team at Ode Management asked me to introductory video for their audience of event planners, speaker bureaus and agents. The topic was innovation and my mission was to keep it casual and brief, with a target length of two minutes....Show More Summary

Why Disruptive Technology is Hijacking Your Customers

Disruptive technology is not just a commodity anymore; it has become a necessity. I recently met with Rilke Thomsen of Sleeknote to talk about how disruptive technology is shaping customer behaviors, preferences and expectations. Our conversation turned into a short but interesting three-part audio series that I wanted to share with you here. Show More Summary

Customer Experience is Something Designed for and Measured by What Customer’s Actually Experience

Customer experience (CX) is the new black and it is, for all intents and purposes, the catalyst for accelerated and purposeful digital transformation. Often in my research however, I find that customer experience is relegated to enterprise-first approaches to improving customer engagement from an infrastructure perspective. Show More Summary

Why the future of corporate marketing may hang on the personal brand

Guest post by Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer) I hate the term “personal branding.” And yet, personal branding may be the salvation of corporate marketing. Allow me to explain today why both statements are true! For the past few years...Show More Summary

Why tech companies are uniting to fight Trump’s immigration ban

In February 2017, My good friend Matt Kapko of CIO asked a few tech pundits, “Why tech companies are uniting to fight Trump’s immigration ban?” The result was published here. A group of 127 technology companies, including Apple, Facebook,...Show More Summary

10 Things Modern Digital Commerce Players are Doing To Thrive and Survive

The future of commerce is already unfolding. Even though everyone says, “yes we know things are changing,” I don’t believe that executives have shifted their thinking or belief system to change how they make decisions to compete differently. Show More Summary

Customer Experience is the New Marketing and Customer Experiences are the New Brand

My friends Rob Cottingham, Gerard Francis Corbett and I have had some fun lately. One way to gain perspective on our modern reality is to do so through humor. So when a several big brands in the beverage, transportation, banking andShow More Summary

Facebook is Becoming a Social Operating System for Human Beings and Robots

At f8 2017, Facebook aims to become your social network for reality, augmented reality and virtual reality…really. In the heart of Silicon Valley, Facebook once again hosted its highly-anticipated developer conference, which, for the record, appeals to anyone who follows, designs for, or uses the world’s largest social network. Show More Summary

Culture is Either the Roadblock or Highway to Innovation – We Need Leadership not Management

After studying customer experience, digital transformation and innovation for so many years, I’ve found that the next big thing in business (r)evolution is culture. The other most interesting thing I’ve learned is that while businesses are readying or investing in change, the definition of meaningful culture is elusive or inconsequential. Show More Summary

Dear Startups: Disrupt Yourself To Disrupt The Industry

Here’s something you may not know about me…Before I focused on studying digital transformation, innovation, culture and digital anthropology, I used to exclusively work with enterprise tech companies and startups going back to the (gasp) early 90s. Show More Summary

Uber’s Very Bad Horrible String of Events

Uber is en route to a massive IPO. As the company gets closer to its destination, its once 5-star rating is rapidly diminishing. As a result, the company’s president, Jeff Jones, opened the Uber door and jumped out after only six months on the job. Show More Summary

Is Your Marketing Strategy Aimed at the Present or the Future?

If you’ve designed your marketing strategy around what your market expects today, you may want to revisit it. Why? Your market will expect something different in the future. And that future is starting to arrive now. When I’m not deep...Show More Summary

Customer Experience Versus Just Experience: Why the difference is key to brand relevance

Customer experience aka CX is one of the most important trends changing business today. And, experts believe that it represents the next big competitive advantage for companies that invest in it. But what is customer experience exactly?...Show More Summary

Techonomics: Disruptive Technologies and The Effect on Business and Humanity

My friend Jason Middleton hosts a fascinating program on KGO 810 in San Francisco/Silicon Valley…Techonomics. On the show, he interviews some of the most interesting minds in tech to explore the latest trends and what’s on the horizon. Show More Summary

What Makes You a Thought Leader?

That was the question I was recently asked by my friend Vivienne Neale. I wasn’t sure how to reply. After all, we all have our “thought leaders” whom we follow. Me, I always wanted to be part of a community where doing meaningful things made belonging matter. Show More Summary

Executives Don’t Live the Brand the Way Customers Do and This is Why CX is Shorted

The one thing about CRM is that it often has very little to do with “customers” or “relationships” and more to do with the “management” of dated perspectives, systems and processes. So many executives these days are chasing technology...Show More Summary

The Key to Creativity and Innovation is Empathy

Growing up in Los Angeles and living in Silicon Valley for 20-plus years has plugged me into a unique network of creativity and innovation. Although many would say that I technically live in a bubble, I have practiced the art of participation and observation to earn a balanced perspective when it comes to ideation and design. Show More Summary

Digital Darwinism: Evolve with Your Customers or Regress Toward Irrelevance

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Unite host by Satmetrix in New Orleans. Customer experience, IT and management executives from around the world met in the “Big Easy” to learn from one another, share experiences and envision a new future for customer engagement. Show More Summary

What is Influence 2.0 and why is it important in the future of CX?

Before social media, before modern digital marketing and before DCX and digital transformation, I spent much of the late 90s and early 2000s studying and experimenting with online influence. In February of 1999, I opened a lab to test...Show More Summary

The definition of Digital Transformation

The definition of digital transformation is the realignment of, or new investment in, technology, business models, and processes to drive new value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy. Show More Summary

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