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We´re now on Twitter

@AnthroDotNet Please feel free to follow, and more importantly to read and add feedback, where deemed desirable or necessary. The … Continue reading ?

Say Hello to Australopithecus deyiremeda, A Newly Discovered 3.4 Million Year Old Hominid

A study published in Nature today announces the 2011 discovery of Australopithecus deyiremeda a hominid that lived between 3.3 and 3.5 … Continue reading ?

3.3 Million Year Old Stone Tools Predate Homo By 500,000 Years

149 stone flakes, hammers and anvils, found off at the Lomekwi 3 site on the shores of Lake Turkana, appears … Continue reading ?

A Neandertal Ancestor for a Early European

At last week’s Biology of Genomes meeting in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, Qiaomei Fu, a palaeogenomicist at Harvard Medical … Continue reading ?

Megafloods and the Collapse of Cahokia

My first understanding of Cahokia and pre-Columbian cities of the Americas came from the book 1491. Between 1050 and 1200 … Continue reading ?

Were Protoaurignacian’s Modern Humans or Neandertals?

Many cultures existed in Europe about 40-45,000 years ago. About 42,000 years ago, in southern Europe, the Protoaurignacian developed and … Continue reading ?

Ancient Human Footprints Along Ileret, Kenya Lakeside

In the late 2000s, 22 footprints were found near Ileret, Kenya. These prints are beleive to be 1.5 million years … Continue reading ?

Neandertal Post-Mortem Modification

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology has for the first time analysed the fragments of three … Continue reading ?

One of Lucy’s Vertebrae is a Baboon’s?

Well this is kind of embarrassing but inconsequential… Gary Sawyer and Mike Smith at the AMNH began a reconstruction of … Continue reading ?

Two Ancient Human Fossils from Tam Pa Ling, Laos

A human skull found in 2009 and a jaw discovered in late 2010 from cave site known as Tam Pa … Continue reading ?

Embedded Skull In Altamura Cave, Italy Yields Oldest Neandertal DNA Sample

A nearly complete fossilized Neandertal skeleton accidentally found in 1993 in a cave near Altamura, Italy is about 128,000 to … Continue reading ?

500,000-Year-Old Tools Still Contain Traces Of Animal Fat

The discovery of a 500,000 year old flint biface hand axe and a scraper at Revadim, in southern Israel, with … Continue reading ?

130,000 Year Old Eagle Claw Jewelry From Krapina Neandertals

Krapina Neandertals may have manipulated white-tailed eagle talons to make jewelry 130,000 years ago, before the appearance of modern human … Continue reading ?

The genus Homo is older than thought…

A 2.8-million-year-old mandible with five teeth discovered atop a hill in Ledi-Geraru, Ethiopia was published today in the journal Science. … Continue reading ?

Penghu 1 – A New East Asian Fossil Hominid

Penghu 1 is a mandible with an interesting discovery; Taiwanese fishermen dredged up the jawbone off the coast of Penghu … Continue reading ?

Mapping Ötzi’s Tattoos

All 62 of Ötzi’s tattoos have been mapped. They are mostly located over joint spaces and are thought to play … Continue reading ?

430,000 Year Old Shell Engravings By Homo Erectus from Trinil, Java

The engraved shell pictured come from a freshwater mussel species that were collected in the 1890s by the Dutch paleontologist Eugène … Continue reading ?

Kostenki 14 – A 36,000 Year Old European

Just what makes a European? European genetic ancestry used to seem straightforward and in general is now understood as an admixture … Continue reading ?

The Story of Place

The Story of Place is a short film about the unprotected territory of the Greater Canyonlands. This film follows Craig … Continue reading ?

Anthropology Deciphers the Ebola Crisis

To the world outside that of the victims, The Ebola crisis is one of hazmat suits and anonymous bodies. However, … Continue reading ?

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