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Was Neanderthal Extinction Due To Human Cultural Superiority?

A couple of new papers about Neanderthals have come out in the prior two weeks that I found particularly interesting. One … Continue reading ?

Race Is A Social Construct

One of our all time most popular posts here on is a 2008 blog post, “Race as a Social … Continue reading ?

The Role of Technology & Culture On Human Evolution

Blombos Cave is an important site discovered in the ’90’s. It is about 300 km east of Cape Town, South … Continue reading ?

Earliest Evidence of Warfare

Researchers from the University of Cambridge Leverhulme Center for Human Evolutionary Studies have published the findings of the remains of … Continue reading ?

Abstract Chauvet Cave Painting Represent A 36,000 Year Old Volcano

A team of French geologists and paleontologists and led by Jean-Michel Geneste, published in PLoS One that they believe that they have … Continue reading ?

Decoding The Origins Of Ötzi’s Gut Flora

In Science this week, researchers have reported they have reconstructed the entire genome of the H. pylori that lived in Ötzi’s … Continue reading ?

Thank Your Neandertals & Denisovans For Your Allergies

Two new papers in the American Journal of Human Genetics document how we should thank archaic humans like Neandertals and Denisovans for … Continue reading ?

Between The Knots, Untying The Mystery Of Incan Khipus

Khipus are an ancient language system in the form of wool or cotton strings with knots. There is an intricate … Continue reading ?

Out of Africa’s Mutational Marks

There are many different processes that alter allele frequencies. The most commonly understood concept is Natural Selection. But others such … Continue reading ?

The Complicated Genetic Lineage of Prehistoric Ireland

A study published about two days ago in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences documents the genomes of four prehistoric Irish … Continue reading ?

No Link Between Introduction of Agriculture & Human Population Growth

Currently, the human population growth is about 1% per year. Prehistoric human population growth, from beginning of the end of … Continue reading ?

Ötzi’s Got The Oldest Known Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming ubiquitous. The art of tattooing is ancient, but when it began is unknown. Written records date the … Continue reading ?

14,000-Year-Old Bone Found in Red Deer Cave Points to Archaic Human Species

Analysis of a 14,000 year-old partial human femur found in 1989 from the Maludong (Red Deer) Cave in the Yunnan, … Continue reading ?

Ancient DNA Indicates Domesticated Dogs Descended from South East Asian Wolves 33,000 Years Ago

A new study in Cell Research,suggests dogs were domesticated in Southeast Asia. The team sequenced the entire genomes of 12 gray … Continue reading ?

Humans Sleep More Efficiently Compared To Other Primates

Researchers from Duke University have published a paper in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology. They scoured the scientific literature and compiled … Continue reading ?

6,000 Year Old Death Pit Indicates Some Neolithic People Weren’t So Egalitarian

Circular burial pits like the one shown above were common during the Neolithic period in Central and Western Europe some … Continue reading ?

300,000 Year Old Wood Tools from Schöningen

A series of detailed reports on the Paleolithic site of Schöningen in north-central Germany which is best known for the … Continue reading ?

Morphological Processes That Distinguish Neandertal & Modern Human Faces

A new open access paper in Nature Communications, “Ontogeny of the Maxilla in Neanderthals and their Ancestors,” describes for the … Continue reading ?

Bronze Age Trade Routes between Iran & Mesopotamia

Where did the black diorite and gabbro stone that ancient Mesopotamian statues come from? They aren’t found in Iraq and … Continue reading ?

Lactose Tolerance Came From Central Asia Approximately 4,000 Years Ago

That recent study published in the journal Nature, that I commented on last week, also documents that Europeans began digesting … Continue reading ?

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