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Facebook’s News Feed changes are probably going to be great for fake news

Following a recent decision by its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook opted to give priority to posts from friends instead of public pages in the users’ News Feeds. The bombshell drove Facebook stock price down by five percent. This newShow More Summary

Dutch Twitter is overflowing with videos of things getting blown away by the storm

The Netherlands has declared code orange – with some parts rising the emergency to code red – as the country is currently getting blown away by winds as strong as 120 killometers per hour. Indeed, the situation is so terrifying people have taken to Twitter to share footage under the hashtag #Storm. Show More Summary

An annoying Messenger bug is preventing users from typing more than a few words at a time

A handful of Facebook Messenger users have reported experiencing an annoying bug that prevents them from writing messages that are longer than two words. The glitch sees Messenger completely lock up when the user attempts to write a comparatively longer message. Show More Summary

Google’s Gboard might soon do our texting for us

Google’s Gboard keyboard for iOS and Android packs a bunch of useful features, but it’s not flexible enough to get me to switch from SwiftKey. However, it looks like the company is working on adding a ‘Smart Reply’ feature to the keyboard, and if it happens, it’ll probably do the trick and convert me. Show More Summary

Nintendo extends Switch gameplay with its new Labo cardboard kits

Nintendo’s Switch console is getting a cute, quirky, and seemingly ingenious upgrade that will appeal to kids and the young at heart with the launch of its new Labo initiative. The idea is to use DIY cardboard kits to craft accessories for the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers and enable new modes of play, and new games as well. Show More Summary

South Korea is considering closing local cryptocurrency exchanges (again)

Reuters reports that policymakers in South Korea’s parliament said that they’re considering shutting down domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, following the steep plunge in value of major virtual currencies over the past couple of days. Show More Summary

Apple will soon let you disable iPhone performance throttling when your battery starts aging

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted in an interview that the company will update iOS with a new feature that will allow you to prevent your iPhone from automatically slowing down performance as your battery ages, after coming under fire last month for enabling that function without explicitly informing users. Show More Summary

What the NY Times got wrong about Bitcoin

It’s rare in the days following a cryptocurrency correction to find genuinely good reporting surrounding the issue. The New York Times took a stab at it yesterday, and for the most part, hit the ball out of the park. But it wasn’t without its problems. Show More Summary

Bottom-feeding asshole removes women in Star Wars recut

In what may be the stupidest cry for ‘equality,’ and the worst conflation of unrelated issues we’ve seen, a female-free recut of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is making the rounds. It’s dumb, the person who made it is misguided, and the men’s rights movement should be ashamed it exists. Show More Summary

Adobe closes its gender pay gap — now it needs to hire more women

Adobe last month announced it had reached its goal of gender pay parity for its employees in the United States, and that it would do so elsewhere by early 2018. Before now, female employees were being paid one cent less than men in the same position. Show More Summary

Hands-on: Sennheiser’s HD 820 are almost my dream headphones

Few headphones are as venerable in the audiophile world as Sennheiser’s HD 800 and its younger, more refined sibling, the HD 800S. But despite their spectacularly transparent sound, there’s one particular quality that has dissuaded me from spending the money after all thesIt’s an admirable fix to a very backwards flaw in Adobe’s system. Show More Summary

Net neutrality ruling got you down? You can always build your own ISP

It’s been just over a month since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to put an end to Obama administration net neutrality rules. After repealing Title II, the FCC ultimately put the future of the internet into the hands of internet service providers (ISPs), effectively killing the open internet. Show More Summary

Bitcoin as art: This breath-taking visualization might distract you from the dip

Tell them the tears in your eyes are from witnessing the beauty of Bitcoin as art, not because the dip below 10K has you curled into a corner crying. Symphony of Blockchains is a mesmerizing live 3D visualization and audio experience that’s not just gorgeous, but also incredibly informative. Show More Summary

How BitConnect pulled the biggest exit scheme in cryptocurrency

In a menacing turn of events yesterday, Bitcoin investment lending platform BitConnect abruptly announced it is shutting down its lending and exchange services. But while this sudden “curveball” might have come as a massive surprise for thousands of gullible investors, the writing was on the wall all along. Show More Summary

How Hawaii’s Emergency Alert System’s interface SHOULD have looked

Honolulu Civil Beat managed to get a screenshot of the system that was used to accidentally launch the wrong emergency alert. It’s an absolute mystery why such a high-impact task has an absolutely horrible interface: As a UI designer, I was stunned and embarrassed that these types of interfaces are out there. Show More Summary

Slack tests private shared channels for companies to share secrets

Slack today announced several new features coming to its new shared channels, including the ability to make them private. Shared channels, currently in beta, are channels which can exist on two different Slack workspaces, enabling different organizations to work together. Show More Summary

Why AI has to develop a personality to succeed

What’s so interesting about talking robots? From The Tin Man and C3P0 to HAL 9000, humans have long fantasized about bringing their lovable idiosyncrasies to metal and silicon. Now, as intelligent assistants and chatbots become realShow More Summary

Native Instruments new is a music-makers wet dream

Native Instruments today unveiled, an online sample bank for music production. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find the perfect snare, or wished you could just grab some loops and score your video, this might be the answer to your prayers. Show More Summary

Get these stylish wireless earbuds for just $ 39.99 today

Finding the sweet spot between awesome sound and a low price is the eternal quest of the audiophile. That’s the sweet spot where the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds live, especially with the current price drop bringing these $100 earbuds down to only $39.99 from TNW Deals.

Instagram tests new ‘Type’ feature for Stories and screenshot alerts

Instagram’s Stories are one of the most popular ways to share content on social media, but sometimes images and videos just aren’t as effective as plain old text. Instagram knows this too, so now it’s testing a new feature – simply called ‘Type’ – that puts the emphasis on written stories. Show More Summary

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