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Become a credible Android expert by creating 14 cool apps — learn how for only $17

Android is where the world stands today, so learn to create for the Android environment with the Complete Android Developer course, which you can get right now at over 90 percent off — just $17 — from TNW Deals.

Google admits it was serving ads on the ‘ad-free’ YouTube Red

Earlier this week, we reported that Google was purportedly serving ads on its premium YouTube Red service, which promises an ad-free watching experience across the board. The internet giant has now admitted it was indeed running ads on Red – which should be fully ad-free – blaming the erroneous occurrence on a technical issue. Show More Summary

Computer science degrees don’t always result in hefty pay bumps, but that doesn’t make them pointless

Data released by Stack Overflow earlier this morning suggests that obtaining a computer science degree only translates into a modest pay bump. Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Ecosystem report shows those with Computer Science degrees only earn £3,000 more per annum compared to those without. Show More Summary

We desperately need ethical algorithms – here’s why

Algorithms have taken over our lives. That’s not an exaggeration, nor the plot of a futuristic movie: it’s the reality. Algorithms used to be something we could use to our benefit, to automate everyday processes like buying a train ticket or to help us choose where to go on vacation. Show More Summary

Watch Microsoft’s AI suck at captioning gorgeous city landscapes on Twitter

Earlier this year, Microsoft opened up its Custom Vision framework to the public, empowering researchers and enthusiasts to effortlessly build and experiment with AI models; and it seems crafty users are already finding interesting ways to put the technology to use. Show More Summary

HTC is gearing up for a big announcement tomorrow, possibly Google acquisition

If reports from earlier this month and new developments today are anything to go by, Google is almost certainly going to acquire Taiwanese phone maker HTC this week. That’s good news for HTC, and good news for Pixel fans too. This company...Show More Summary

This Facebook group about eating chips is the last pure thing on the internet

If there is a single innovation worth saving from the wreck of modern history, it is the humble potato chip. This salty, savory delicacy, first popularized during the Industrial Revolution, is now a staple of the national diet: Americans individually eat an average of 4 pounds of chips per year, for an annual nationwide total of 1.5 billion pounds. Show More Summary

The only safe email is text-only email

It’s troubling to think that at any moment you might open an email that looks like it comes from your employer, a relative or your bank, only to fall for a phishing scam. Any one of the endless stream of innocent-looking emails you receive...Show More Summary

YotaPhone is trying to make dual screens a thing for the third time

Remember YotaPhone, the brand that attempted to solve smartphone battery woes by adding a second e-ink screen on its phones’ rear panel? It’s back again with its third handset, which brings refreshed hardware and a new design, hoping third time’s the charm. Show More Summary

Report: Amazon is working on Alexa-powered smart glasses

The Financial Times reports that Amazon is embarking on a difficult journey: it’s developing smart glasses that tether to your phone and allow you to invoke and interact with the company’s Alexa voice assistant. It isn’t clear exactly why they have to be glasses, since Alexa primarily listens for voice commands and responds vocally as well. Show More Summary

Twitter lurkers will love its new Popular Articles feature

In an effort to make its platform better for new and logged-out users – and presumably, folks who don’t tweet much – Twitter is rolling out a new feature that surfaces articles that people in your feed are talking about. BuzzFeed News...Show More Summary

How companies are innovating the world of ecommerce at a rapid pace

The tech world loves finding ‘the next big thing.’ It’s just the nature of the business. With all of the excitement surrounding innovative solutions and emerging platforms and hardware, tech developers and consumers, alike, are constantly looking ahead. Show More Summary

The best thing about iOS 11 might be this augmented reality ruler

After iOS 11 dropped today, the internet went to work dissecting its best features. And if we’re being honest, there’s a lot to like. But one of my favorite things about iOS 11 didn’t come from Apple; it’s an awesome new ruler built on its augmented reality framework: ARKit. Show More Summary

Amazon’s recommendation engine offers a shopping list for making bombs

Items on Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” recommendation could be used to create homemade explosives if actually bought together. Investigators at UK news organization Channel 4 recently uncovered the potentially worrying trend....Show More Summary

Is Blockchain the next big thing in technology?

The Blockchain technology has been the talk of the town as both Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen in their value per token in the past few months.   While others are busy earning digital money, investors are becoming interested as to how this technology can add value to their business. Show More Summary

One of the oldest AI companies is about to start selling its chat bot DNA

One of the biggest players in the chat bot space, Next IT, is now opening its libraries up commercially so businesses can create their own chat bots. According to the company this represents the largest repository of AI skills available for chat bots. Show More Summary

Uber reminds women it’s okay to take a day off from the kitchen

Uber is again under fire. This time, it’s a sexist ad campaign for uberEATS in India promoting “Wife Appreciation Day.” The ad reads:   The gaffe is just the latest in a series of sexism-related mishaps for the ride-sharing company.Show More Summary

How entrepreneurs can build their personal brand

When it comes to building a personal brand, the golden rule is to be authentic to who you truly are. Most people get caught up in trying to paint a picture of who they wish they were, instead of expressing what it is they know best.Show More Summary

Google’s new Pixel 2 designs and prices shown off in biggest leak yet

Brace yourself, team Android: A ton of new images and prices of Google’s upcoming hardware just leaked, courtesy of Droid Life. First up, there’s the smaller Pixel 2, which showed up in ‘Clearly White,’ ‘Just Black,’ and ‘Kinda Blue’ colors. Show More Summary

Twitter claims it’s removed 95% of extremist content with no one noticing

Twitter today released its biannual transparency report, one section of which detailed requests it receives from government officials around the world to remove content that violates the site’s Terms of Service. Of particular note in...Show More Summary

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