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Twitter’s first 24/7 video channel will be powered by Bloomberg

Twitter announced last week that it planned to launch 24/7 streaming video on its platform in an effort to make it become a prime destination for people who want to tune into the news. It’s now unveiled plans for its first video channel, which it’ll collaborate on with Bloomberg. Show More Summary

Samsung rolls out Bixby for Galaxy S8 users in South Korea, US could be next

Although Samsung has reason to be pleased about its slick new Galaxy S8 phone, the company wasn’t able to ship the device with arguably its most important feature when it went on sale last month: the Bixby voice-activated assistant. ZDNet reports that the feature is now live for Galaxy S8 owners in Samsung’s home market of South Korea. Show More Summary

Take your study time to warp speed with MarginNote Pro — only $24.99

Learning in the 21st century takes many forms. Thankfully, the “old school” age of spiral notebooks, highlighters and photocopies has given way to more technology-driven, hyper-individualized means of committing new knowledge to memory. Show More Summary

Atlas of Reddit’s /r/place makes sense of beautiful chaos

Reddit’s massive /r/place art experiment remains one of the most remarkable collaborative endeavors I’ve ever seen on the internet. Screw you, museums: this is really modern art. It’s dizzying to look at it and try to make sense of the many, many, different references, pictures, flags, and symbols painted into /r/place. Show More Summary

Visual effects expert sells the hell out of old Suzuki in epic YouTube video

Earlier this month, one Eugene Romanovsky posted a YouTube video showing off his 20-year-old Suzuki Vitara. Watch it and be amazed by the capabilities of a 96-horsepower engine: I hope that altered Jurassic Park footage falls under fair use. Show More Summary

Watch how Elon Musk plans to fix LA traffic with giant underground tunnels

After creating Tesla, setting the Hyperloop in motion, and trying to send more people to space, Elon Musk is now working on a boring company. And by boring, I mean creating holes in the ground. Musk has teased this new venture – literally...Show More Summary

Amazon’s latest Alexa feature makes it sound more human than ever

Amazon announced this week that it’s integrating new features into Alexa, which will allow developers of Skills to make it sound more expressive and human. Alexa now supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), which allows developers to control the tone, timing, and emotion of its voice. Show More Summary

Apple fanboys are now in the official dictionary definition of ‘sheeple’

Merriam-Webster just added the word ‘sheeple’ to its dictionary, defined as “people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced :  people likened to sheep.” You know who are often called sheeple? Apple fanboys – the ones who follow...Show More Summary

Twitter now supports emoji search, which we all absolutely needed

Emojipedia revealed on Twitter that users can now search for tweets and usernames with specific emoji. They chose to announce it by making fun of people using the fax machine emoji. ???? ? Twitter now supports emojis in ???? search. Here are...Show More Summary

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners report their phones are randomly restarting

The mysterious reddish tint might not be the only issue Samsung is experiencing with its smash-hit Galaxy S8 flagship. Numerous users are reporting their all-new handsets are randomly restarting by themselves. While it remains unclear...Show More Summary

Read and understand a bestseller in under 30 minutes with Instaread, now 90% off

You should read more. We’ve all said it to ourselves. You hear about a great new book and you think, “I should pick that up.” Then life happens. Before you know it, that book is on a list of hundreds of titles under the category, “IShow More Summary

Uber finally lets you delete your account

After being given the cold shoulder by a hashtag-using public, Uber has finally taken the hint and given users the ability to delete their own account. This new option — which should roll out in the next few weeks — comes in the wake of #DeleteUber, where dozens if not hundreds of users got rid of their accounts following numerous scandals. Show More Summary

Ed Balls is still the best argument against searching for your name on Twitter

Ed Balls is more than just a man with a funny name. He’s a walking, talking cautionary tale. Six years ago to this day, the former Labour party minister tried to search for his name on Twitter. Don’t judge – we’ve all done it. Mortifyingly, Balls mixed up the search box with the one you compose tweets in, resulting in this. Show More Summary

Facebook now lets Pages make money from people who steal their videos

Video piracy is pretty rampant on Facebook. No, not in the sense that you can download the latest episode of your favorite show, but rather that videos are shared – and ad revenue gained – without proper attribution. Facebook introduced...Show More Summary

Does anyone really need a phone that can tell what you’re eating?

It’s obvious that the craziest, most daring, most innovative smartphone manufacturers aren’t in South Korea or California, but in China, where they toil away in relative obscurity. Chinese manufacturers are risk takers, and they’re prepared to try things that their larger rivals wouldn’t dare. Show More Summary

Google and Facebook scammed out of $100M in elaborate phishing attack

Back in March, reports surfaced that a cunning Lithuanian phishing artist had purportedly scammed two unnamed US tech giants out of the hefty sum of $100 million – as it turns out, the two unsuspecting victims were none other than Google and Facebook. Show More Summary

Google teams up with Huawei for high-end Raspberry Pi rival that runs Android

Thanks to a collaboration between Google and Huawei, Android developers will no longer have to code on Intel x86 architectures – or Chromebooks – to build software for ARM-based systems. They’ll get to do it on a beefed-up Raspberry Pi-style computer that also happens to run Android. Show More Summary

Spellfucker screws up your spelling to outsmart and confuse web bots

Spellfucker is a new text obfuscating tool that changes the input text into coherent gibberish that humans can make sense of, but not computers. This means it would make it more difficult for bots to exploit information about you, for example, targeting ads based on what you type. Show More Summary

This cleverly designed $25 power bank is a charger and battery in one

Power banks are great to have around, except for the fact that they need to be charged before they can be of any use. The folks at Uiee (I just sound silly trying to pronounce that) have a smart solution: its puck-shaped power bank comes...Show More Summary

Google opens up Classroom so anyone can now become a teacher

Google is opening up its Classroom educational service to allow anyone to create and teach a class on its platform. The web-based tool works across devices and Google says it can be used to help manage classes for adult education, hobbies, and after school programs. Show More Summary

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