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Elevators Of The Future Will Move Sideways Without A Single Cable

One of the biggest engineering challenges of building a towering skyscraper isn't keeping the structure from falling over, it's moving all the people around inside of it. To improve efficiency, and facilitate the construction of even taller buildings, Germany's ThyssenKrupp has completely redesigned elevators so that they can move sideways now, too. More »      

Welcome To The Town That Is Trying To Cure Ageing

For just about his entire life, Ron Smith has been a subject of a scientific inquiry. At birth, in 1972, he was studied by scientists, and then assessed again at age three to document his physical fitness, mental health and intelligence. Show More Summary

Deals: This Stress Relief App Uses Machine Learning For Maximum Chill

Our world moves at a breakneck pace, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. That's why it's important to find time to take care of yourself -- even if you only have a few minutes here and there. Thankfully, Aura's meditation...Show More Summary

We May Eventually Find Out How The Battle Of New York Changed Peter Parker

The Battle of New York at the end of The Avengers is a crucial moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's the moment the whole world changed. And when it happened, a little boy named Peter Parker was just a few kilometres away in Queens. More »      

The Amazon Echo Show Is The Best Dumb Smart Machine In My Home

The first night the Amazon Echo Show was in my bedroom I had to carefully lay it face down on my nightstand. The display, which was cycling through my upcoming meetings, most recent news, and the weather, was simply too bright. It was like having a little super informative sun shining in my face. Show More Summary

North Korea's New Smartphone Looks An Awful Lot Like An iPhone

Behold. The Jindallae 3. Designed and manufactured locally by North Korea's Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation, the new smartphone is "versatile and multifunctional" and comes in white or black, according to state-sponsored news agency DPRK Today. It also looks just like an iPhone. More »      

The Anatomy Of A Motherboard

It's a crucial component in any laptop or desktop computer, but very few computer owners actually know what a motherboard is or what it does. There's a motherboard (often called a logic board in smaller more mobile devices) sitting in every computer system. the processor, RAM, hard drives, graphics card, and other bits and pieces all plug straight into it. More »      

Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupid

You lock yourself in a study room on the second floor of your university's library, surrounded by dusty tomes and people who just love making out, and proceed to work on your graduate thesis. Unfortunately, you didn't get rid of the biggest distraction to your studying. Show More Summary

This Gorgeous 8-bit Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Was Made On A Vintage Apple IIc

Video. Short of making it longer, there's little that you can do to make the first teaser trailer for Star Wars. The Last Jedi more intense than it already is. If you're a lover of bitmap art with a copy of Dazzle Draw and a working Apple II on hand, though, one of those things you can do is remake the whole trailer. More »      

'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Prompts Reminder To Be Respectful Of Culture

Uncharted. The Lost Legacy is set in India, and Hindu religion and culture - including temples and deities - is set to play a big role in the game's story. The President of Universal Society of Hinduism has come out to say while there...Show More Summary

Ransomware Victims Unable To Decrypt Files After Email Provider Shuts Down Attackers' Inbox

Another major cyberattack attack is quickly spreading across Europe and has now infected systems in the US as well. Researchers at Symantec and other leading security firms are confirming that ransomware is being spread via EternalBlue,...Show More Summary

Google Slapped With Record $3.6 Billion Fine In Europe For Manipulating Shopping Results

Yesterday, government regulators in Europe hit Google with a record €2.42 billion fine, roughly the equivalent of $3.5 billion. The search engine company was found to be manipulating search results to favour its own shopping service, a violation of antitrust laws. Show More Summary

Insurance Firm Dubs Drones 'A Liability Nightmare'

Drone use is increasing - not only for person use, but in real estate, tourism, insurance, mining, engineering, marketing, entertainment, sports - and one insurance company is calling out the upward trend as a "liability nightmare". More »      

Is Warner Bros. Really Considering A Live-Action Adaptation Of Superman: Red Son?

Kevin Feige still has hope for Blade's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stephen Amell wants a more socially-minded Oliver Queen on Arrow. Plus, one familiar face will not return to American Horror Story next season, and new pictures from the Doctor Who season finale. Spoilers, assemble! More »      

This Thumbnail-Sized Spider Shoots An 25-Metre-Long Web Bridge To Cross Rivers

Video. If Marvel's Spider-Man always seemed a little too far-fetched, you're going to have an even harder time wrapping your head around the Darwin's Bark spider. It's no bigger than a thumbnail, but it can shoot a web at distances up to 25m, allowing it to cross rivers and spin massive traps. More »      

Celebrate 20 Years Of Exploring Mars, In 3 Minutes

I'm not the only one that gets all teary at this sort of thing, am I? Every day, for the last 20 years, NASA has been exploring the surface of Mars. Here's the journey so far condensed into a three minute video. More »      

Another Ransomware Attack Is Rapidly Spreading Across Europe

Hackers hit Ukraine's national bank, the state power provider, an airport, and a number of other agencies and companies with a ransomware attack on Tuesday. This left top-ranking Ukrainian officials unable to access computers and an untold number of citizens unable to access their money. More »      

Iron Fist Nearly Made A Game Of Thrones Character Just Disappear

Jessica Henwick is conquering genre franchises -- she was in The Force Awakens, Game of Thrones and Marvel's Iron Fist. But that last commitment -- as Colleen Wing -- is so great it almost kept us from ever seeing her in Game of Thrones again. More »      

The Opening Of Preacher Season Two Was Completely Bananas

For Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy, day one of their search for God was not good. For audiences, though, it was freaking great. More »      

Australia, Your Netflix Just Got More Expensive

The price of a Netflix subscription in Australia is getting more expensive, as of today. New sign-ups will have to pay the higher price immediately, while existing accounts have a month's notice. Here's how much you'll pay from July onward. More »      

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