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Tyrion Lannister's Letter To Jon Snow Omitted A Crucial Detail

The big question to come out of the latest episode of Game of Thrones was how the impasse between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen was going to be fixed. It turns out that divide is a hell of a lot more complicated than we thought, since a key prop suggests Tyrion Lannister is keeping one of the parties in the dark. More »      

Is Dark Tower's Short Runtime A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

All images. Sony If trailers are to be believed, the first movie based on Stephen King's massive Dark Tower series has a lot going on. Like, more than is even in one of the doorstopper books King's written. And that's why the purported 95-minute runtime has so perplexed people. More »      

This Willy Wonka Poster Is As Colourful And Manic As The Movie Itself

Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory by Tom Whalen. All Image. Dark Hall Mansion Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the most well-represented movies in pop culture art. The reason being it's such a vibrant, wide-ranging movie, it offers almost innumerable visual interpretations. Show More Summary

Wild Rabbits Caught Hitchhiking On Sheep To Escape Flood

Image. Ferg Horne/Associated Press Well here's something you don't see everyday -- wild rabbits riding on the backs of sheep to flee rising floodwaters. The remarkable scene was captured by a New Zealand farmer who said he's never witnessed anything quite like it. More »      

Wonder Woman's Big Bad Almost Looked A Lot More Intimidating

Image. DC Comics There's a lot of things to love about Wonder Woman -- but the movie's climactic battle between Diana and Ares is one of the weaker aspects of the film, with many ridiculing the God of War's mustachioed visage popping out from under his spiky helmet. It turns out that Ares could've looked a lot meaner. More »      

This Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Looks Just Like A Modern Day Cassowary

Artistic reconstruction of Corythoraptor jacobsi (Image. Zhao Chuang) As virtually every school-aged child knows, birds are descended from dinosaurs. But holy toledo, does this newly discovered oviratporid ever look like a modern cassowary -- right from the dramatic crest atop its head through to its long neck and ostrich-like shape. Show More Summary

HBO's President Regrets The 'Misguided' Way The Network Announced Confederate

Image. HBO According to HBO president of programming Casey Bloys, the network anticipated that there would be significant backlash to the announcement of its upcoming series Confederate, but they were not prepared for how swift and damning it would be. HBO, Bloys said, could have handled things better. More »      

Nissan Is Introducing Single Pedal Driving Like In An Amusement Park Car

Nissan's upcoming next-gen Leaf will introduce a new feature called the e-Pedal, which will allow for a single pedal to be used for accelleration and braking, allowing people to drive with just one pedal. Many people will already be familiar with this method, as it's just about like driving one of the Autopia cars at Disneyland. More »      

Half Of Our Galaxy Might Have Come From Other Galaxies

Image Credit. NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope; Processing. Douglas Gardner Any Carl Sagan fan knows you're made of star stuff. Protons don't decay into any other particles (as far as we can tell), so you can reliably assume that most bits of you have been around since a second after the Big Bang. Show More Summary

Here's Another Reason Why Self-Driving Tech Is Still So Expensive

Photo. Waymo Our self-driving car future may be farther away than the hype suggests. Besides Tesla, self-driving car developers depend on an expensive piece of technology called LIDAR, a laser-based radar that allows an autonomous vehicle to see the road. Show More Summary

Apparently, You Can't Say 'God' On Star Trek

Image. CBS Yes. I know. I know that makes no sense given that one of the most famous bad lines in all of Star Trek history is "What does God need with a starship?" I also know it makes no sense since Deep Space Nine's Sisko was the literal chosen one of the Bajoran god-equivalents. Show More Summary

How Vibrators Could Help Save Turtles From Extinction

Image Courtesy of Donald McKnight Turtles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, but they now are struggling to survive, with about half of all species threatened with extinction. To save them, scientists need accurate data...Show More Summary

This Homemade Evil Dead Bird Feeder Is So Damn Good

Evil Dead birdfeeder. All Images. Reddit Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy is one of those series that has almost too much merchandise, in the form of toys, props, t-shirts -- you name it, and it's probably been licensed. One thing we've never seen, though, is maybe the best of the bunch. Show More Summary

The Actor Who Plays Game Of Thrones' Hot Pie Has A Real Bakery And Sells Direwolf Bread

All images. Deliveroo On this past week's episode of Game of Thrones, we finally learned what happened to Hot Pie, the reformed bully who found his true calling as a baker and whom we last saw in season four. As fate would have it, Ben Hawkey, the actor who plays Hot Pie, has been busy in the kitchen as well. More »      

2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII Is The 'Most Silent' Car In The World

(Image Credits. Rolls-Royce) The eighth iteration of the Rolls-Royce Phantom was rolled out today with a red-carpet launch party and a suitably pompous press release proclaiming the car to have the "most silent" interior of anything on the road. Show More Summary

The Castlevania Series Versus The Castlevania Game

If you haven't seen the Castlevania series on Netflix, but you're a fan of the games, you might like to know how it stacks up. More »      

Germany Orders Porsche To Recall 22,000 SUVs Over Alleged Defeat Device

Photo. AP When all's said and done, Volkwsagen's never-ending Dieselgate saga may be seen as the tip of the iceberg, and not just an explosive revelation from an automaker that explicitly set out to cheat. Several automakers have been...Show More Summary

Researchers Just Launched A Prototype Of Humanity's First 'Interstellar Spacecraft'

Image Courtesy of Zac Manchester Last year, extraterrestrial exploration venture Breakthrough Initiatives announced an ambitious plan to send tons of tiny spacecraft to our nearest neighbouring star system, Alpha Centauri. The project, called Breakthrough Starshot, is focused on launching lightweight 'nanocraft' to the stars at rip-roaring speeds. Show More Summary

The Uncanny Sound Illusion That Creates Suspense In Christopher Nolan's Movies 

Gif source. YouTube / Vox Ever notice how Christopher Nolan's movies (Interstellar, Inception, The Prestige) feel like an anxiety attack? Well, maybe that's overstating things a bit. But the director does have a knack for creating an unnerving degree of tension. Turns out he's using a little bit of musical magic to do it. More »      

Woman Makes Video For Fiverr, Gets Framed For Fake Anthrax Packages

Image Source. Fiverr, Wikimedia Commons We all know that the gig economy is just a terrifying innovation that makes it easier for the moneyed class to exploit workers. But one Fiverr drone recently found out that it's also a perfect way to get framed for doing crimes. More »      

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