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Watch Ryan Coogler Break Down One Of Black Panther's Stunning Fights

Video. Amongst its other virtues, it's impressive how cleanly and beautifully shot Black Panther's fight scenes are. In a new video, director Ryan Coogler breaks down the work that went into one of the film's best. More »      

UberEats Driver Kills Customer During Delivery In Atlanta

Police in Atlanta are searching for an UberEats driver who allegedly shot and killed a 30-year-old man after delivering his food. Police have not released a description of the driver, but say that he was using a white Volkswagen to make his delivery. More »      

The Books Tied To Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Provide Crucial Connections

A list of books coming out tied to Solo. A Star Wars Story will explore Han's childhood, future wives, relationship with Lando, and his son Ben. More »      

These New Discovery Prints Capture The Grandeur Of Star Trek's Best Self

The first season of Star Trek. Discovery, whether you loved it or hated it, added new imagery to the visual language of the series. a new ship, new uniforms, and even new glimpses of old favourites. More »      

The Coolest Marvel Toys Revealed At Toy Fair This Year

Toy Fair is upon us once more, which means it's time to be hit with a deluge of cool new toys that will be tempting our wallets in the near future. Here's what's coming from Hasbro when it comes to Marvel, from Ant-Man & The Wasp to a Marvel movie anniversary celebration, to, yes... lots more Deadpool. So much Deadpool. More »      

Lego's New Hogwarts Great Hall Set Is Going To Magically Drain My Wallet

This isn't Lego's first attempt at miniaturising Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle (it's at least the sixth) and at 878-pieces it's not the largest version either. But somehow the new Hogwarts Great Hall set stands several Hagrids above all the previous versions by recreating, in wonderful detail, one of the franchise's best set-pieces. More »      

The Roswell Reboot Has Found Its Lead Actress

Roswell, everyone's favourite '90s show about hiding aliens and sexy angst, is returning to television. Now, it has a star. More »      

Report: Peter Thiel Seeks A Safe Space

Peter Thiel is reportedly leaving Silicon Valley. According to the Wall Street Journal, the venture capitalist and embattled Trump supporter is moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles and taking some of his businesses with him. He's even reportedly mused about resigning from the Facebook board. Show More Summary

This Featurette Takes A Close Look At Black Panther's Stunning Score

The music for Black Panther is something else. A synthesis of big-budget film orchestration and African-inspired instrumentation, it's as compelling a creation as the film itself. In this featurette, its composer shows the process that gave it birth. More »      

I Learned The Nerdy Cooking Secrets Of Modernist Chefs - And You Can Too

You can cook food worthy of five-star restaurants, even if you're the most inexperienced cook. You just need to throw a bit of money at your kitchen. It will be wasteful. It will be expensive as hell. But it will taste incredible. I know this because I tried it. I lived the Modernist Cuisine lifestyle. More »      

Here's Why Black Panther Didn't Include A Certain Major Marvel Connection

Black Panther is now in theatres and it's great. Like, really great. And one of the best things about it is you don't need to be super familiar with Marvel's 17 previous movies to enjoy it. It totally works on its own. However, if you are familiar with those movies, maybe you walked out of the theatre with a question. More »      

Twitter Trolls Are Posting About Fake Assaults At Black Panther Screenings

These trolls, clearly trying to ruin everyone else's fun, have claimed to be moviegoers who were assaulted at Black Panther showings for trying to see the movie while being white. More »      

These New Transformers Cyberverse Figures Are Fantastic Callbacks To The Original '80s Toys

The Transformers have been reborn again and again since the toys first hit America in 1984, including appearances in several animated series. But if you grew up with the original toys, and were left confused and disappointed when Optimus...Show More Summary

Jurassic Park Would Have Been An Even Bigger Hit If All The Dinosaurs Were Also Cars

It's probably greedy to stop and wonder what could make a movie like Jurassic Park - which made over a billion dollars at the box office - even more profitable. But then Hot Wheels went and revealed a new line of half-truck-half-dinosaur character cars for Jurassic World. Fallen Kingdom, and suddenly a whole new avenue of sequel potential has been born. More »      

Panasonic's TS200 Puts A Really Big Zoom In A Little Camera

The photos from most smartphones have gotten so good nowadays, they have basically killed the market for point-and-shoot cameras. That said sometimes you need a zoom. For people wanting to push image quality a little higher, there's still value in a small, compact camera with a (relatively) big sensor and a long reach. More »      

A Half-Remembered Retelling Makes This Star Wars Fan Film Special

There isn't a lot of writing in the Star Wars universe. Stories seem to mostly be passed along via oral culture -- one person telling a story to another, with all the foibles and forgetfulness personal retellings entail. This Star Wars fan film captures all the fun, and all the forgetfulness, of a good retelling. More »      

This Could Be The First Drone-Caused Aircraft Crash In The US

For years, there's been a growing concern from US federal agencies and aviophobics over the effect of millions of remote-controlled flying machines populating airspaces. A recent crash might be the first case that proves that drones are in fact hazards for larger flying machines that carry people. More »      

Hasbro Is Getting Into Crowdfunding With An Insane Star Wars Toy

Today, Hasbro unveiled Haslab, which promises to basically be the toymaker's answer to Kickstarter, for diehard fans of its toys. The new crowdsourcing program is kicking off with one hell of a project. a 1.22m long, 6kg intricate recreation of Jabba's Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. More »      

Iron Man's Hulkbuster Suit Is Getting The Giant Lego Set It Deserves

When the Hulkbuster made its grand debut in Age of Ultron, Lego gave us a cool, but kinda tiny version of Stark's most impressive suit. Now, ahead of the Hulkbuster's return in Infinity War, Lego's knocking it up another notch with a lavish, 23cm-tall brick behemoth. More »      

Freaky Flea-Like Robots Could One Day Flip And Tumble Inside Your Body

These tiny, flipping microbots, currently being developed by researchers at Purdue University, could one day deliver drugs directly inside the body. The magnetically propelled bots are no wider than a pinhead. More »      

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