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If Someone Tries To Steal Your Car, Don't Jump On The Hood

On Tuesday, 27-year-old Melissa Smith was filling up at a petrol station in Milwaukee when a man jumped into the driver's seat of her car, trying to steal it. Smith immediately jumped on the hood, and held tight long enough that the thief eventually ran off. The media are hailing her as a hero. But, in fact, she's an idiot. No car is worth your life. More »      

The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride Exists In Its Own Unique Marvel Universe 

This week, Disney opens their first Marvel Studios theme park ride in the United States, called Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission. Breakout! Though it features many, many elements from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don't let that fool you. The ride is in a world all its own... and it's only the beginning. More »      

Texas Wants People To Hunt Feral Hogs From Hot Air Balloons

People love to complain about their cockroaches and rats and bedbugs, but deep in the heart of Texas, residents are faced with decidedly larger kinds of pests. Feral hogs have spread far and wide, and Texas has decided enough is enough. More »      

It Took Four Years Of Lying On A Riverbed For A Photographer To Capture This Shot

Paparazzi these days will do literally anything for the shot. Even go snorkelling underwater every night for four years. More »      

Geoffrey Rush Reflects On More Than A Decade Of Piracy On The Caribbean 

After five movies playing a ruthless pirate, you might think an Oscar-winning actor like Geoffrey Rush would be tired of it. He is not. He relishes playing Captain Barbossa, the longtime nemesis of Jack Sparrow, because he believes Pirates of the Caribbean is the rare franchise that stands out in a world dominated by franchises. More »      

A Sanitation Worker Learns Why You Should Never Cross A Raccoon In This Surreal Comedy Short

Video. In Alan Miller's Garbage Man, a grouchy sanitation worker makes the grave mistake of pissing off the wrong "trash panda". He's soon afflicted with a peculiar curse that turns him into the literal personification of the film's title -- and his crummy day on the job gets way stinkier before taking a surreal, weirdly uplifting final turn. More »      

Happy 40th Anniversary Star Wars

As of right now, Star Wars is officially 40 years old. Which is itself amazing in that I bet a lot of people are feeling very old right now. Equally amazing is just how many stories have been told in that universe in that time. More »      

Adorable New Elfin Toad Is Straight Out Of Middle-Earth

Far up in the Langbian Plateau in southern Vietnam, a dense, dark forest gently breathes with a passing breeze. Billowing fog continually invades and shrouds the canopy. Thick, verdant moss blankets every rock and tree, and the landscape weeps with trickling rivulets of water. Show More Summary

Watch Every Non-Eleven Stranger Things Kid Rock Out On Lip Sync Battle

Video. The latest episode of Spike's Lip Sync Battle is getting a visit from the Upside Down. The stars of the hit Netflix show, with one Eleven-sized exclusion, all show up to move their mouths and dance around in time with some of their favourite songs. And God help me, it's the cutest thing I've seen all week. More »      

NOAA Predicts More Hurricanes Than Usual This Year

Stock up on your canned beans and gumboots, folks. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook has dropped, and for the first time in years, the weather monitoring agency is predicting more hurricanes than average. More »      

Here's What Happened When Computers Tried Naming Metal Bands

Remember when metal band names were good? Names like RATT and Poison and Mötley Crüe elicited the perfect image. Slick, sweaty men licking their guitars while wearing tight leather pants and acid washed jeans, wagging their hair-sprayed manes and rocking out harder than any of us so-called millennials could even imagine. More »      

How Sneaky Hackers Altered Stolen Emails To Attack Putin's Critics

Cyber espionage operations and leaks of sensitive government and corporate data are a regular occurrence these days. In our eagerness to learn hidden truths it is also imperative that we ask ourselves whether we can trust the accuracy of information offered up by unknown actors whose intentions are obscured. Show More Summary

Injustice 2 Almost Had A Version Of Static, Milestone Media's Awesome Electric Superhero 

Damn it, we were so close to getting one of Milestone Media's best characters in the new superhero fighting game. Heroes and villains from all over the DC Comics multiverse are part of the roster in Injustice 2 but, for the most part, they come from the well-known core of characters clustered around the Justice League. Show More Summary

Coordinated Boa Attacks Are A Horror You Didn't Know Existed

As twilight descends, nocturnal bat species rouse from their daily resting places to feed, creating spectacular clouds as they pour out of caves en masse. But look closer at Jamaican fruit bat colonies as they emerge from sinkhole caves in Cuba, and you may catch a glimpse of a concurrent macabre ritual. Show More Summary

Australian Study Shows E-Cigarettes Cause Lung Damage

A recent study has shown that electronic cigarettes can cause lung damage and are definitely not a harmless alternative to cigarettes. In the first long-term study of its kind, researchers at Telethon Kids Institute compared the lung...Show More Summary

Mexican Politician Says He Meant To Use #Campaignhashtag As His Campaign Hashtag

We'll never know for sure if Mexican politician Javier Zapata intended to use "#hashtagcampaña" -- "#campaignhashtag" in English -- as an official hashtag for his run for governor, or if it was just dummy text that made it through the printers. But if he wanted to raise his profile, it's definitely working. More »      

Arrow's Fifth Season Went Out With A Bang

This week's Arrow season finale finally brought Ollie's battle with Adrian Chase to a close. It also said goodbye to the flashback story the show's been telling for five years, brought back as many characters as it could, and then... well, it wiped the slate clean in the most ridiculous of ways. More »      

NASA's Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile Of Results

There's no drama quite like space drama. And Juno's flight to Jupiter has been about as dramatic as a sci-fi thriller can get. Last October, Juno's engine system malfunctioned, causing NASA to delay the orbiter's planned approach into a 14-day "science orbit". Show More Summary

Twitter Launches Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Flag Emojis

Go to your emoji keyboard on your phone. You'll find a clown, a snowman, a taco and a turtle - but you won't find an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flag among the 253 others available for use. This is despite constant campaigning to unicode (who decides on which emojis are released) to make one available. Show More Summary

A Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening Is Predictably Upsetting Dumb-Arse Sexists

Within a matter of hours, a movie theatre in Austin, Texas sold out its first women-only screening of DC's Wonder Woman, and they're already planning at least one more showing. Unfortunately, the laws of the internet dictate that any time women get something cool, some men have to whine about it. More »      

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