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The Han Solo Movie Is Bringing A Surprising Pair Of Characters Into The New Canon

Image. Dark Horse Comics When Disney wiped the Star Wars canon clean, they meant it, and since then old characters, ideas, and settings have been introduced only slowly. But a couple of tweets from yesterday suggest that the newest addition is, well, not one anybody suspected. More »      

Fidget Spinners, But In Space

Video. We all know that fidget spinners are legit magic. (I mean, either that or a cheap steel bearing around some weighted plastic.) We also all know that space is cool. Put the two together -- fidget spinners in space -- and you have... a science lesson, courtesy of NASA? More »      

The Ladies Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Have Asked For Their Own Avengers Movie

At a recent media event, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige got a tap on his shoulder. Behind him was Tessa Thompson and several other actresses who've appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they had a request. their own Avengers movie. More »      

Electronic Frontiers Australia Elects Its First Female Leadership Team

At internet user advocacy group Electronic Frontiers Australia's latest annual general meeting over the weekend, Lyndsey Jackson was elected unopposed as the new chair of EFA and Katherine Phelps was elected as the new vice-chair. This...Show More Summary

This Designer's Sci-Fi Concept Sketches Are Right Out Of The Golden Age

Massive spacestations, chittering robots, and majestic spires stretching into the stars. All year, this artist has been posting concept art to his Instagram, and it's out of this world. More »      

Here Is A Taste Of Just Some Of The Mayhem Awaiting You On Car Vs. America

Cars. what are they? Are they just rooms we control with our hands and our feet and our hearts, or are they something... more? Furthermore, America. is it just an ideal we will never truly live up to, or an actual place, sandwiched between Canada and Mexico? No one can say. Show More Summary

Get Ready For The Final Season Of Star Wars Rebels With This Recap Video

It's almost time. On Monday, October 16th, the final season of Star Wars Rebels -- where an entire series' worth of growth and heroism comes to a head -- will begin. If you've not been an avid viewer, this recap will fill all the important bits in. More »      

Here Is When Engine Braking Can Save More Gas Than Coasting

Not only is engine braking a technique that will make you a bit safer driving down a mountain pass, the science behind it can actually save you more fuel over just coasting in neutral. More »      

Porsche Passport Is A Subscription Service For Supercars

Subscription services are all the rage these days. Netflix, Spotify, Porsche... wait, what? More »      

OnePlus Admits It Was Snooping On OxygenOS Users, Says It Will Tweak Data Collection Program

Earlier this month, software engineer Christopher Moore discovered that Shenzen, China-based phone manufacturer OnePlus was secretly collecting a trove of data about users without their consent and communicating it to company servers. Show More Summary

Here's Why Stop Signs Are Red

I know what you're thinking. What is this dummy trying to accomplish here? Of course, I know about stop signs. But maybe -- maybe! -- you didn't know this. stop signs weren't always red. We've talked about other red things before, and there's a reason we ended up with red octagons telling you to STOP. I swear it's interesting. Here's why stop signs are red. More »      

Wi-Fi's Most Popular Encryption May Have Been Cracked

Your home Wi-Fi might not be as secure as you think. WPA2 -- the de facto standard for Wi-Fi password security worldwide -- may have been compromised, with huge ramifications for almost all of the Wi-Fi networks in our homes and businesses as well as for the networking companies that build them. Show More Summary

Happy Death Day Isn't Bad, But It Is Forgettable

In Happy Death Day, a college student is forced to relive her birthday over and over again. That sounds nice, except for the fact that she's always, always, murdered at the end of it. To stop the loop, she'll have to figure out who is killing her. More »      

Mazda Seems Serious About Turning The Rotary Engine Into A 'Range Extender'

Everyone's favourite spinning triangle is coming back! Sorta. Mazda seems intent on bringing back the compact and powerful engine for possible use as a range extender for an EV or hybrid vehicle, Automotive News reports. More »     ...

Roku Streaming Stick+: The Gizmodo Review

It feels like we're leaving the world of set-top boxes as we know them behind. For one, few people own a TV big enough that you could actually put a box on top of it -- that's been true for a long time. The box itself has also dwindled down to a dongle, a handy little thing that disappears behind the screen. Show More Summary

DxOMark Smartphone Ratings Explained

Video. DxOMark scores are being plastered all over the internet right now as a way for smartphone manufacturers to brag about their phone cameras. What is a DxOMark score? More »      

A Brief History Of Bat-Marriage

Image. DC Comics. Batman #79 art by Dick Sprang and Charles Paris. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are engaged, and wedding bells on the horizon promise one of the most fundamental changes to the Bat-canon we've ever seen. Or it should be, if this wasn't an idea DC has plumbed since the earliest days of the Dark Knight. Show More Summary

Become A Video Editing Wizard With This KVM Sharing Switch

Video editing is tough. Editing photography is tough. It's processor intensive, time intensive and resource intensive and if you're working to tight deadlines across multiple different projects sometimes one laptop or one desktop isn't enough. Show More Summary

Cops In Dubai Are Getting Real, Very Dangerous Looking Hoverbikes

Police in Dubai may soon have access to functional hoverbikes, according to AutoBlog, which reported the Dubai Police unveiled the new technology in conjunction with Russian company Hoversurf at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition last week. More »      

Lenovo Yoga 920: The Gizmodo Review

People have been forecasting the death of the PC for years, and while all that noise is clearly overblown, there is one segment of the computing world that should probably go away. the traditional clamshell laptop. Now I'm not saying...Show More Summary

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