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St Vincent Will Direct A Female-Focused Adaptation Of The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, about a man who stays young thanks to a magical portrait that does the ageing for him, has been adapted countless times since it was first published in 1890. There's yet another version in the works, and though its gender-swapping twist isn't a first, it still sounds mighty intriguing. More »      

I Survived A Trip Through The Neibolt Street House From Stephen King's It

Hollywood and Vine is one of the most famous intersections in the world. It's a place packed with crazy Los Angeles characters, but even Hollywood and Vine doesn't feel ready for Pennywise. From now until September 10, the corner sports a terrifying addition. The Neibolt Street house from It. More »      

N.K. Jemisin's Hugo-Winning The Fifth Season Is Being Adapted For TV

It's a great time to be a fan of sci-fi-fantasy author N.K. Jemisin. Her latest book, The Stone Sky, just came out this week. The previous novel in her Broken Earth series, The Obelisk Gate, won a Hugo last week. And the first book in the series, The Fifth Season (which won the 2016 Hugo), is being adapted into a TV series. More »      

Borrowing A Clever Trick From Birds, This Smart Glider Could One Day Fly Forever Without A Motor

While scouring large swaths of land for prey, predators such as hawks and eagles will often take advantage of rising thermals to stay airborne and glide for extended periods with minimal effort. Humans have copied this approach which...Show More Summary

Why NASA Is Launching Massive Balloons Of Bacteria During The Eclipse

Next week's total solar eclipse will provide some much-needed wholesome enjoyment for everyone in the United States. To make things even sweeter, NASA -- in collaboration with researchers at Montana State University -- will be seizing the opportunity to launch some giant balloons during the event. More »      

Ancient Carnivorous Dread-Possum Is Upending The History Of Mammals

During the 65 million years following the extinction of the dinosaurs, the success story of the mammals has been more than a little imbalanced. Eutherians (placental mammals like dogs, horses, you and I) had an evolutionary rager, exploding in diversity and filling vacant ecological roles across the Northern Hemisphere. Show More Summary

New Tick Clip Shows What Hurts The Big Blue Superhero

Video. In past iterations, Ben Edlund's imposing antennaed superhero has referred to himself as nigh-invulnerable. It generally seems like not very much can hurt him. But he's feeling the pain in this fresh teaser for the upcoming Amazon series. More »      

Groundbreaking Observation Confirms An Important Prediction Of Quantum Physics

Particle accelerators have a lot of important jobs, such as looking for new stuff by slamming beams of old stuff together. But a new particle accelerator observation has managed to be important while doing almost precisely the opposite of what we'd expect. Physicists have found evidence for hard-to-detect stuff by, well, not slamming particles together. More »      

Fish Are Eating Small Bits Of Plastic Because It Smells Delicious

Each year, our civilisation pours around 7.3 million tonnes of plastic into the ocean, a portion of which ends up in the bellies of fish, and by consequence, our dinner plates. New research suggests that at least one species of fish isn't ingesting this plastic debris by chance -- they're actually attracted to the smell. More »      

What Can Scientists Actually Do With An Eclipse?

Solar eclipses are certainly one of the most striking astrophysical phenomena. The most important light of the day, the Sun, gets blacked out by the most important light of the night. But there's actually nothing weird or surprisingShow More Summary

Facebook Shut Down A Conservative 'FB Anon' Group Employees Used For Harassment

Today, Facebook CEO and much-rumoured presidential hopeful Mark Zuckerberg posted to his personal page explaining why the company would renew efforts to crack down on hate speech across the site, citing the terrible violence that transpired at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. More »      

Pauline Hanson Is Wearing A Burqa In The Senate [Update: It's Off]

Image. Twitter (ABC PoliPics) Right now, the Senate is busy trying to work out whether Pauline Hanson is allowed to wear a burqa in the Federal Senate. More »      

Teddy Ruxpin: The Gizmodo Review

By today's standards the original Teddy Ruxpin, essentially a stuffed toy bear wrapped around a cassette player, borders on archaic, but in 1985 few toys incorporated any kind of technology, and the bear felt as futuristic to a seven-year-old version of me as the original iPhone did a decade ago. Show More Summary

Can Trauma Experienced By Your Great-Great-Grandparents Be Passed On To You?

Our families pass on pieces of themselves to us in more than one way. Your eye colour may be thanks to genetic inheritance, but not everything we inherit is encoded in the letters of our DNA. An affinity for Russian literature mightShow More Summary

Headphones Explained: What Different Kinds Can You Buy?

Shopping for new heaphones isn't simple -- there are thousands of different options out there, and not all of us are completely sure what we're after. Consider this your jumping off point. we're going to break down the most common types on the market, and what they're best suited for. More »      

The New Razer Blade Stealth Laptop: Australian Review

The new Razer Blade Stealth is an unusual beast, in a good way. It exists as a product manufactured by a company that proudly states on the cardboard box that it ships in they are “For Gamers, By Gamers” but, like the previous model,...Show More Summary

Maybe Apple's One Billion Dollar Original Content Push Will Actually Be Good

So far, Apple's original video content has been the least Apple-style product that Apple has produced in modern times. The few shows that the company has produced have committed a sin that's even worse than being bad -- they're lame....Show More Summary

The 12 Best Recent TV Shows Based On Movies 

Here's a look at all the best recent TV shows -- from the last five years, so hold the "Where's Battlestar/Buffy?" comments -- that have been based on sci-fi, fantasy or horror movies. More »      

The Nokia 8 Is A Tantalising Peek At A Smartphone Future That Could've Been

Every once and a while, we get the chance to peek into an alternate timeline and see how things could have played out if a single decision had gone a different way. And with the new Nokia 8, that's exactly what we're getting. More »      

Australian Scientists Just Found 400 Million Year Old Fish With Human-Like Jaws

A new study from The Australian National University on a 400 million year old fish fossil has found a jaw structure that is part of the evolutionary lineage linked to humans, because of course it has. More »      

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