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A Totally Wild Rumour About The Next Fantastic Four Film

A former Game of Thrones alum has joined the Avatar movies in a major way. Geoff Johns promises big things for DC's female heroes in their movie universe. Michael Bay teases how Transformers. The Last Knight sets up all those future spinoffs. Plus, American Horror Story recruits a former Arrow hero. Spoilers now! More »      

New Blade Runner 2049 Footage Sees Rick Deckard Taken 'Home'

Video. This weekend makes the 35th anniversary of Blade Runner -- and to mark the occasion, we've gotten an excellent new behind-the-scenes featurette about its sequel from the cast and crew, which sheds some light on the world of 2049 Los Angeles, as well as how Blade Runner 2049 is trying to set itself apart from the original. More »      

Travis Kalanick Has Resigned His Role As Uber CEO

Uber's founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned after mounting pressure from shareholders over a string of workplace scandals. Previously, he had said he would take a temporary leave of absence in the wake of an investigation into Uber's company culture, which was said to foster harassment and discrimination. More »      

The Newest Game Of Thrones Trailer Suggests Our Hopes And Fears Are All True

Video. HBO has just released its latest trailer for season seven of Game of Thrones, focusing on the war that is and the war to come. Winter is here, everyone, and while things aren't looking great for the peoples of Westeros -- particularly everyone who's dumb enough to be fighting against Daenerys -- season seven is looking utterly fantastic for us viewers. More »      

Ron Howard Is The Reported Frontrunner To Take Over The Han Solo Film

The world of Star Wars was shaken to the core yesterday when Lucasfilm announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller would no longer be directing the Han Solo standalone film. However, there's already a very famous frontrunner. Ron Howard. More »      

This Was The Futuristic Robot Chauffeur of 1911

Video. Predictions about driverless cars became incredibly popular in the 1950s and '60s. But the idea is nearly as old as the automobile itself. One example? This short film from 1911, featuring a robot chauffeur. More »      

Howard The Duck's Lea Thompson Declares Herself 'The First Queen Of Marvel'

Back before Black Widow scissor-kicked her way into our hearts, or Mary Jane upside down kissed Spider-Man, or Storm showed us what happened to a toad struck by lightning, back even before a haematologist saved a daywalking vampire in Blade, there was an actress helming a major Marvel motion picture. Show More Summary

Spider-Man's Ridiculous Spider-Mobile Returns As Hot Wheels' Comic-Con Exclusive

When you can climb walls and swing between buildings, do you really need a car? In 1974 Marvel's writers thought Spider-Man did, so they gave him a dune buggy that he could use to sit in New York traffic for hours. As weird as it was,...Show More Summary

I'm Sick Of The Damn Toe

I am so sick of this damn toe. More »      

Mixing Oil, Paint And Soap Looks Like Flying Over A Distant Alien World

Video. The next time NASA releases spectacular footage from a flyover of a distant planet or moon, you'll have good reason to wonder if what you're watching actually came from a spaceship, or from a microscope in a studio filming oil, paint and liquid soap all mixed together. More »      

Lionfish Are Eating Fish We Didn't Even Know Existed

Lionfish have very low standards and will eat anything in sight. Although they're originally from the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, these vacuum cleaners have been flopping around the Atlantic for the last 25 years, probably because people dumped them from their home aquariums. Show More Summary

Huge Collection Of Nazi Artefacts Discovered Inside Secret Room In Argentina

Federal police in Argentina recently discovered a time capsule of evil, hidden inside a house near Buenos Aires. Roughly 75 Nazi artefacts, including everything from a large knife to Nazi medical devices to a photo negative of Adolph Hitler, were uncovered in a secret room. Police are investigating when and how the items entered the South American country. More »      

The New Annabelle: Creation Trailer Offers A Reminder That Orphans Shouldn't Play With Haunted Dolls 

Video. The Conjuring universe will soon be adding a demonic nun and a Crooked Man to its firmament -- but first, we'll be getting more backstory on cinema's scariest doll since Chucky. A second trailer for Annabelle. Creation dropped today, and it elaborates on the girls-in-peril plot we glimpsed in the first spot. More »      

Dad Regrets Buying Kids Something More Interesting Than He Is

A dad in Colorado bought his tweens smartphones and now he regrets it. This is not an uncommon sentiment from parents. My mum regretted buying my brother a Nokia in 2001, buying my sister an old car in 1997, and on more than on occasion she's regretted bringing me into the world. Show More Summary

Watch George Takei, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye And Neil DeGrasse Tyson Argue Over Who Had The Best Futurama Cameo

Video. Over the seven seasons and nearly 20 years that Futurama was on the air, the series had some pretty stellar guest stars, including Lucy Liu, Al Gore, and most of the original Star Trek cast. More »      

The Biggest Problem With The Handmaid's Tale Is How It Ignores Race

In The Handmaid's Tale, women who can still have babies are used as a resource, vessels to keep the endeavour of splinter nation Gilead going. Sadly, the TV series based on Margaret Atwood's speculative fiction novel does very much the same thing with the bodies of people of colour. More »      

Watching A Banana Slug Munch A Bunch Of Salad Greens Will Soothe Your Soul

Video. Banana slugs are slow. Like, ridiculously slow. Watching them eat is tantamount to watching paint dry, which is why Canadian photographer R. Jeanette Martin wisely set her phone to record in timelapse mode when she encountered a particularly hungry mollusc in her garden. More »      

Mountain Lions Are Terrified Of Humans, And That's A Problem

We typically think of large predatory animals such as mountain lions as fearless beasts that will stop at nothing to procure a meal -- even if that meal consists of human flesh. New research suggests that this view is wrong, and that big cats don't like to bump into us any more than we like to bump into them. Show More Summary

Dracula Will Be The Next TV Show From The Creators Of Sherlock

The BBC is in the very early stages of bringing a live-action Dracula series based on Bram Stoker's novel to television with the help of Sherlock co-creators and producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. More »      

Rotting Wildebeest Carcasses Are A Force Of Nature In The Serengeti

Each year, thousands of wildebeest drown while making their annual migration through the Serengeti. New research shows how the resulting 1100 tonnes of rotting flesh performs a crucial role in maintaining the region's vibrant ecosystem. More »      

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