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Arrow's Return Brings With It A Big Old Problem For Oliver Queen

When we left Oliver Queen at the end of Arrow's fifth season, he was standing over the smoking ruins of pretty much everything the show had built up over its first five years. Last night's premiere mostly dealt with the fallout of said explosiveness, but, because this is Arrow, it also threw a familiar giant wrench into Ollie's life. Spoiler alert! More »      

Rumours Say Apple's iPhone X Launch Will Be Screwed By Delays -- What's Really Going On?

This week, Nikkei reported that the difficulty of producing the 3D sensors that power facial recognition in the highly anticipated iPhone X is leading to manufacturing delays. This could ultimately lead to shortages when pre-orders for the device open on October 27. If it feels like you've heard this story before, that's because you have. More »      

Beetlejuice 2 Has Taken A Step Towards Maybe Actually Happening

Karl Urban is unsure about the future of the Star Trek movies. Kevin Feige discusses bringing the style of Thor. Ragnarok to the Avengers movies. Another familiar face is coming back for X-Files. Plus, teeny new snippets of Justice League footage, and tons of new pictures from the big CW/DC crossover. Spoilers now! More »      

Magic Mushroom Chemical Appears To Physically Change Depressed Brains

Magic mushrooms are a strange drug. They're one part illegal music festival enhancer, one part promising treatment that could have important medical applications. That second use continues to look more and more promising. More »    ...

Facebook, Twitter Deleted Data Tied To Russian Accounts That Targeted 2016 US Election Voters

Data that may have proved critical to investigations into Russia-funded political ads appears to have been tossed by Facebook and Twitter into the proverbial shredder. More »      

I Think Replicants Ate Rick Deckard's Dog In Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 may open up even more questions than the original 1982 sci-fi classic, but there's only one question that really matters. what happened to Deckard's dog? Spoiler alert! More »      

What's In The Cup? Booze, Probably

Cuphead. It's a game people were excited about for a long time, and I hear it's great. But there's something that's been bothering me about the titular protagonist and his co-op buddy Mugman. what's inside their tiny cartoon heads? More »      

Intense Methane Rainstorms Carve Titan's Icy Surface

If you were soaring above the surface of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, you'd see mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, but you might also run into a monsoon-like rainstorm. Severe weather doesn't happen very often on Titan, but new research suggests than when it does, the skies unleash torrents of liquid methane that floods and carves the moon's icy surface. More »      

How Do You Even Pilot A 720km/h RC Plane?

We've seen remote control aeroplanes powered by tiny jet engines before. But what's mind-blowing about this particular RC craft is that it weighs just 8kg but can blast through the skies at an astonishing 720km/h, making you wonder how any human has the reflexes needed to keep this thing from crashing. More »      

You've Never Seen Your Favourite Pop Culture Weapons Quite Like This

Some of our favourite science fiction and fantasy franchises are defined by the weapons in them. Star Wars has its lightsabers. Zelda's Link has his Master Sword. These are the touchstones of each property, and artist Matt Ritchie is reimagining them all in a beautiful, colourful new way. More »      

An Animated Addams Family Movie Is In The Works From The Co-Director Of Sausage Party

Everyone's favourite creepy, kooky next-door neighbours, The Addams Family, are getting animated once again. More »      

Someone Accidentally Knocked Out Krysten Ritter While Filming The New Season Of Jessica Jones

Based solely on the performances of the actors who portray them, Jessica Jones is actually one of the Defenders' better fighters, but according to Krysten Ritter herself, she needs to brush up on her stunt fighting skills a bit after an accident on set left her knocked out cold. More »      

Slo-Mo Footage Of A Giant Knife Splitting A Projectile In Mid-Air

Can you really split a bullet with a sword? The Slow Mo Guys tested the logistics of such a feat, but using a safer approach that involved a giant super-sharp knife and a pellet gun firing tiny projectiles to minimise any undesired results -- like one of them getting hit, or their incredibly expensive slo-mo camera getting destroyed. More »      

This Week's Issue Of Runaways Makes Marvel Comics' Entire Timeline A Crazy Mess

The passage of time is a strange thing for superhero comics. Heroes that have been active for decades are somehow still in their mid-30s, even as years pass and timely references to our own world are made. Trying to make sense of a timeline can be futile, especially when comics like Runaways #2 show just how easy it is to make everything completely insane. More »      

Batman Vs. Two-Face Is A Perfect Tribute To The Endless Charm Of Adam West's Bright Knight

It's impossible to separate Warner Bros.' latest DC animated movie from the fact that it features Adam West in his final outing as Batman. West's tragic death just four months ago saddened fans everywhere. And while the movie can most certainly stand on its own, beyond serving as a fitting tribute, it excels in bringing us the '60s Batman at his very best. More »      

Everyone Congratulate Archie on Now Being As Traumatized As Everyone Else On Riverdale

Ahh, Riverdale. It's so good to have this show, and its complete devotion to going for it, back. We've heard that this season will have "Dark Archie." Well, if the premiere is any indication, that basically just means Archie's a dick. More »      

The First Marvel Super Hero Adventures Clip Stars A Grotesque Baby Ultron Stealing A Garbage Truck

When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there, just close your eyes and make believe that Marvel took advantage of its relationship with Disney to get the rights to the Muppet Babies theme song for its new children's series featuring creepy baby versions of the Avengers. More »      

Will The Marvel Movies Timeline Ever Make Sense?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't handled its own timeline very well, and Sony's Spider-Man. Homecoming somehow managed to convolute it even further. Now, Infinity War is on the horizon, bringing in more of the MCU characters together than ever before. Show More Summary

An US FDA Panel Just Greenlit A Breakthrough Gene Therapy To Cure Blindness

On Thursday, a US Food and Drug Administration review panel gave their stamp of approval to an experimental gene therapy for a rare inherited form of blindness. If ultimately approved by the agency, the technique would be the first gene therapy for an inherited disease approved in the United States -- and a landmark in the field of biomedicine. More »      

How Are These Masterfully-Engineered Pop-Up Books Even Possible?

You've probably never given much thought to the design of a pop-up birthday card after first opening it, but you will after watching this compilation of Peter Dahmen's creations. He somehow manages to turn sheets of paper into intricately engineered architectural masterpieces. More »      

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