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Gorgeous Nintendo Games Are Coming To Nvidia Shield, But Not In The West Because Someone Hates Me

If you live in China and own an Nvidia Shield, you can now play great Wii games such as The Legend of Zelda. Twilight Princess - no need to own a Switch, a 3DS, or even the console that Twilight Princess originally appeared on. All you need to enjoy one of the best games Nintendo has ever made is a game console not actually built by Nintendo. More »      

Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five Is Coming To TV

One of the minds behind Syfy's brain-bending comics adaptation Happy! is bringing another weird tale to television. Kurt Vonnegut's iconic, time-twisting satire Slaughterhouse-Five. More »      

We Have Some Serious Questions About These Star Wars-Themed Aussie Sex Toys

Have you ever watched the Star Wars movies and thought about how you'd like to morph the various characters into sex toys for your masturbatory pleasures? If so, boy, should you be excited, because a company in Brisbane, Australia is making a whole slew of vibrators, dildos, bondage gear and more, all "inspired" by the films, and, uh... Show More Summary

I Want To Replace My Entire Keyboard With Fidget Spinner Keys

2017 was poised to be one of the most disappointing years in history, filled with a non-stop barrage of depressing developments and defeats. But then, with a last-minute, game-winning buzzer-beater, a company called Hammer revealed a series of replaceable fidget spinner key caps for your keyboard and partially redeemed 2017. More »      

Strong Girl Bong-Soon Is A Weird And Wonderful Take On The Love Life Of A Superhero

With The Punisher out on Netflix and Runaways currently on the air at Hulu, what's been a hell of a year for superhero streaming shows is nearing its end. But if you're still itching for superhero fun but want something a bit different, there's a quirky Korean rom-com currently on Netflix that's a strong contender for what you should watch next. Show More Summary

Rian Johnson Almost Accidentally Killed Off Captain Phasma In The Last Jedi

Captain Phasma's exit in The Force Awakens is one of the movie's most questionable scenes. If you'll recall, Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca dumped her into one of Starkiller Base's trash chutes, and then destroyed the planet. It was an ignominious moment for Phasma, and one that Last Jedi director Rian Johnson nearly made much worse. More »      

Astronomers Have Discovered The Most Distant Quasar Yet

This discovery should speak for itself. Scientists have discovered a crazy example of a crazy thing at a crazy distance. We're talking about the furthest quasar yet - the incredibly bright light from a supermassive black hole 800 million times the mass of the Sun, from just 690 million years after the Big Bang. More »      

Vine Founder Teases Vine 2.0 Or Possibly Some Kind Of Pretzel

Earlier today, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann tweeted the above image captioned only with the letters "v2". Mirroring the logo of the dearly departed mini-video service, the pretzel-y picture seemed to reinforce what Hofmann hinted at last week. Vine might be making a comeback. More »      

Encrypting Your Emails Just Got Stupid-Easy With ProtonMail's New Bridge Tool

ProtonMail, an email service favoured among privacy advocates due to its automatic use of end-to-end encryption, has launched a new product aimed at bringing that same level of privacy to the most popular desktop email clients. More »      

Amazon Prime Video Lands On Apple TV

While Google and Amazon continue to bicker back and forth about which company's services will be available for what platforms, it seems as though Apple has its act together, with Amazon Prime Video now available on the Apple TV. More »      

Freaky New Dinosaur Was Part Duck, Part Raptor

The last few years have yielded some truly bizarre dinosaur discoveries. From rhino-like animals with massive heads and stubby spines, to beaked mishmashes of every dinosaur in the book, there's been a cavalcade of incredible additions. Show More Summary

This Temporary Tattoo Is Made From Living Cells

It's a little more high-tech than the tattoos you might remember fishing out of the bottom of a cereal box as a kid. More »      

Relatable Uber Hacker Was Just Trying To Pay His Bills

Uber revealed last month that it paid a hacker $US100,000 ($131,857) to keep quiet about the fact that he stole personal data on 57 million users. Now, details about the hacker's identity are starting to come out - he is a 20-year-old from Florida who lives with his mother and wanted to help pay the bills, Reuters reports. More »      

Worst Psychic Reading Ever: Predictions In CyberSecurity For 2018

What does the future hold? According to security firm ProofPoint, attackers will continue to exploit us fragile and fallible humans to install malware, transfer funds, and steal information. Happy new year! More »      

Here's All The Data Collected From You As You Browse The Web

Unless you protect yourself, as soon as you open up an internet browser, you begin to leave digital footprints behind you that the sites you visit can use to track your activities and recognise who you are. We're not talking about some crazy government data mining operation. Show More Summary

'Black Mirror' Season Four: Here's The Release Date (And All Seven Trailers)

Well, I know what I'm binge-watching these holidays. The fourth season of Black Mirror kicks off on Netflix December 29, and there's a whole new trailer to celebrate. More »      

Australian Scientists Are Finding Out How Tobacco Can Save Your Life

Queensland University of Technology researchers are sequencing the genome of the Pitjuri plant - an Australian native tobacco plant. Why? Well they are partnering with 17 other research teams from around the world for Newcotiana - aShow More Summary

Ryan Reynolds Is Your Detective Pikachu

For reasons that I can't even begin to understand, Danny DeVito has not been cast as Detective Pikachu's titular gumshoe. That honour belongs instead to one Ryan Reynolds. More »      

Christmas Gifts For People Who Like Exercising

Hi, I am a person who likes exercising. I am also a person who likes to receive exercise related gifts. So if you're looking to buy gifts (expensive or cheap) for someone who is into exercise, this might be a good place to start. More »      

Stannis Baratheon Had No Clue What Was Happening On Game Of Thrones

Stannis Baratheon might have been a major contender for the Iron Throne, but Stephen Dillane (the actor playing him) had no idea what was going on in Westeros. So, much like his character, Dillane was forced to rely on his second-in-command to explain things. More »      

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