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Our First Look At Beyond Good & Evil 2's In-Game Engine

As you're no doubt already aware, Ubisoft showed off a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3. No gameplay footage was shown, leaving most of us wondering what the hell this video game would actually look like in the flesh. In this video Creative Director Michel Ancel answers some of those questions. More »      


So Alex's sneaky ScribbleTaku from yesterday was actually Golden Axe. Props to Welbot for guessing it so quickly! Good luck with today's effort! More »      

Deals: Here, Have A Shatter-Proof iPhone Case

Shopping for iPhone cases usually involves choosing between a product that's durable but bulky, or another that's slim but not quite as sturdy. However, the Mous Limitless Ultra-Slim iPhone Case is here to bring you the best of both worlds, and it's on sale for nearly half-off. More »      

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Yes I am still playing The Legend of Zelda. Breath of the Wild. Anyone got a good reason why I should stop? What are you all playing this weekend? More »      

Mark's Picks From The Steam Summer Sale

Okay so I'm not your Dad or whatever, but the Steam Sale is up and running. I have some picks and recommendations. More »      

While You Were Sleeping

Hello, today is Friday. Here are some news things. Blizzard Says It's 'Drastically' Reducing Overwatch Loot Box Dupes • The 2017 Steam Summer Sale Is Now Live • Pillars Of Eternity Comes To PS4 And Xbox One • Next Yakuza Game Asks Famous Gangster To Chase A Roomba • Looks Like The Hand Of Fate Board Game Did OK. More »      

EB's Latest Sale Has Dishonored 2 And Deus Ex For Bugger All

Deus Ex. Mankind Divided for $19. LEGO Star Wars for $19. Dishonored 2 for $23. These are just some of the bargains you can grab at EB Games now, if you move quickly. More »      

Get Ready, The Next Steam Sale Is Coming

Were you looking forward to saving some money? I'm sorry. Now isn't the time to do that - and that's because the next Steam sale is kicking off tomorrow morning. More »      

When Duck Hunt Meets VR

While mucking around with mechanics for a project they were working on, one team of developers decided to try something. bringing the NES classic Duck Hunt into VR. More »      

Kogan Gets Into Mobile Broadband, Starts From 8GB/$29.90 A Month

If you're looking for a new mobile broadband plan and don't mind piggybacking onto the Vodafone network, Kogan has just reopened their offerings - and the prices aren't too bad. More »      

Looks Like The Hand Of Fate Board Game Did OK

Hand of Fate raised plenty of money on Kickstarter, and last time we checked in with the board game that was doing well on Kickstarter too. The campaign has since come to a close. Have a guess how well you think it did. More »      


Ruthan and r3sin finally got the latest ScribbleTaku - it was the original Dungeon Keeper, released by Bullfrog in the 90's. That was back when the Molyneux name was synonymous with vision and quality. How times have changed. Anyway, new day, new game. Let's see how you all go. More »      

What Retro Games Would You Want Remade For Phones?

So SEGA is bringing some of their classics back to mobiles every two weeks. It's a neat idea, and it begs the question. It's not technically complicated to get games like Golden Axe or Sonic going on your phones, given how far they've come, so what else from your childhood would you like to return? More »      

Augmented Reality Mario Is A Living Nightmare

Abhishek Singh is a madman. He did it. He found a way to transport Mario into the real world. And it's a Lynchian nightmare from which we'll never wake. More »      

SEGA Forever Is Basically Old SEGA Games On Your Phone, For Free

Remember that Sony executive who came out and questioned why people would want to play old games? Fortunately, SEGA has a completely different view on retro gaming. More »      

While You Were Sleeping

Almost at the end of the week. But if you read some stories, maybe your brain will think the day is going by faster. Greg Pak Will Uncover John Wick’s Origin Story In A New Comic Series • The New Kingsman Comic Sequel Will Delve Into Both Sides Of Eggsy’s Spy-Life • Pokemon GO Starts Giving Cheaters Marks Of Shame • Nice Cosplay, Texas More »      

Team Fortress 2 Is Getting Some Major Balance Changes

It's not the long-awaited competitive matchmaking that has been talked about for literally years, but Valve is still shoring up the game in other ways. The free-to-play shooter is getting a major patch soon, and it's going to make some major changes to the game's balance. More »      

ProtonVPN Is Now Available For Free

As governments around the world continue to whine about how encryption is hampering law enforcement, it's good to see there are lots of options for protecting our online communications. ProtonVPN, made by the same CERN and MIT team that created the secure email service ProtonMail, is now available to everyone following a beta testing period. More »      

The Futurama Mobile RPG Comes Out Next Week

If the prospect of playing a Futurama mobile RPG with turn-based combat sounds alright to you, good news. Futurama. Worlds of Tomorrow is coming out next week. More »      

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