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Want to find a date? Here's where Tinder says you should work.

Now that they've shared U.S. citizens' proclivity for right-swiping on pilots (for men) and on physical therapists (for women), Tinder has released data on the sexiest jobs around the world.  And the results prove that no matter where...Show More Summary

Trump discovers a whole new way to embarrass himself on Twitter

Donald Trump was quick to defend himself on Twitter after a Senate hearing over his campaign's ties to Russia.  The strange thing? He did it with an extremely awkward banner photo. That's actually one of his tweets, Photoshopped in what...Show More Summary

Senator ripped for not understanding the meaning of 'unclassified'

The Senate hearing Monday was supposed to focus on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, but many Republican senators didn't feel like talking about that.  Instead, they often focussed on why information about potential...Show More Summary

FBI director says Twitter's like a bar where everyone's 'screaming at the television'

FBI Director James Comey admitted on Monday that, yeah, he's on Twitter. And, like perhaps every person who has ever used the app, he thinks it's both "wonderful" and "depressing." "Sometimes it feels like I'm all of a sudden immediately...Show More Summary

Latest batch of lawsuits reveal new horror stories from Fyre Fest

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Twitter permanently bans 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli

If Martin Shkreli, massive Twitter troll, was actually hoping to get banned from the social media platform for life, it's time to offer him your congratulations: He has succeeded. On Wednesday, the pharma bro announced on Facebook that...Show More Summary

U.S. visa applicants may have to hand over their social media handles

If you're applying for a visa in the United States, the U.S. government may want to follow you on social media. The State Department wants more United States visa applicants to hand over their social media handles, according to Reuters.  SEE...Show More Summary

Brave Americans to Congress: 'I am a pre-existing condition'

I have a pre-existing condition.  So do millions of other Americans—and they're sharing them online in a heartbreaking act of protest.  SEE ALSO: Give Trumpcare a break: Here's all the pre-existing conditions it will cover A recent study...Show More Summary

Obama’s White House photographer at it again, but this time with a bittersweet #TBT

Whenever President Donald Trump or Republican members of Congress do something that leads to stunned and outraged headlines, the photographer of former President Barack Obama seems to have a countering image at the ready.  He was again...Show More Summary

Kendall Jenner appeared on the cover of 'Vogue India' and people had a LOT to say

So, American model Kendall Jenner appeared on the May issue of Vogue India that celebrates the magazine's tenth anniversary, and people couldn't hold their own.  They oscillated between displeased or angry to humored or wowed as Jendall's...Show More Summary

This is how that wild 'Prince Philip dead' rumour started

Britain woke up Thursday morning in the midst of feverish speculation over the health of Prince Philip.  SEE ALSO: Queen calls 'emergency meeting', everyone makes the exact same joke Overnight, the hashtag #BuckinghamPalace and the topics...Show More Summary

What Facebook must do to prepare its 3,000 new moderators for the trauma they'll face

Mark Zuckerberg did the right thing when he announced Wednesday that Facebook plans to hire 3,000 people to review reports of objectionable content, including live video that might contain horrible scenes of murder and suicide.  SEEShow More Summary

Teens are increasingly struggling with their emotions — and talking about it online

Teens and young adults often put a stark spotlight on their struggles by writing candidly about them on social media. Though plenty of critics respond to this behavior with a dramatic eye roll and accusations of narcissism, there's something...Show More Summary

Steve Bannon's master plans leaked in a White House selfie

In politics as in sports, it's probably best not to tell the other side what you plan to do.  White House Senior Advisor Steve Bannon keeps a somewhat infamous whiteboard of his master plans in his office. In an age of constant hacking,...Show More Summary

A WhatsApp group admin was arrested for sharing 'offensive' content

A WhatsApp group admin in India has courted trouble for circulating morphed images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 30-year-old man was reportedly arrested in the state of Karnataka, and later released on bail.  SEE ALSO: WhatsApp...Show More Summary

Someone threw a Pepsi can at police IRL during a protest

What happens when real-life imitates an ad that was supposed to imitate life?  And what if the ad in question already imitated another ad that (sort of) imitated life? SEE ALSO: Here are the funniest reactions to Kendall Jenner's terrible...Show More Summary

YouTube community calls out 'pranksters' DaddyOFive and police take action

There is an important update on the disturbing case of DaddyOFive, and it involves the YouTube community that mobilised itself to get the story out there. The parents behind DaddyOFive, who came under fire for making what critics describe...Show More Summary

Movie poster sparks controversy by comparing military service with childbirth pain

An Instagram post by the Singapore government has sparked outrage, after asking netizens if the process of childbirth was worse than going through military service. SEE ALSO: U.S. Military Seeks Sixth Sense Training, the Singapore...Show More Summary

Fyre Festival gets hit with a $100 million 'Hunger Games' lawsuit

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The pope is about to drop bars and the internet loves it

Sorry, Kendrick. The pope is the greatest rapper alive.  On Saturday, His Holiness was on a flight from Cairo to Rome, where he warned about the devastating effects of a war with North Korea.  A serious topic, for sure. But the internet was too distracted by the above photo to care about the message. Show More Summary

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