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'His Dark Materials' author tweets back at fans who can't wait for his new books

The celebrated author of His Dark Materials has announced the publication of a new trilogy which will constitute an "equel" to the series of fantasy novels that sold more than 17.5 million copies worldwide.  SEE ALSO: This 'Harry Potter'...Show More Summary

London tourist attraction is getting dragged for sexist Valentine's social media campaign

One of London's most popular tourist attractions is being dragged on social media for their "sexist and tasteless" marketing campaign for Valentine's Day.  SEE ALSO: Hillary Clinton assures 'the future is female' in inspiring video comeback The...Show More Summary

This fake Michael Flynn Twitter account is so convincing even lawmakers are confused

It seemed like Michael Flynn, the ousted White House national security adviser, wasn't going quietly after he resigned Monday night.  What appeared to be his Twitter account lit up with posts about his resignation and how Donald Trump and the country should move forward. Show More Summary

Snowden sends an unexpected Valentine's Day tweet

Even in cold and kleptocratic Russia, living with the knowledge that his home government would like to charge him with violating the Espionage Act, Edward Snowden decided to send a little Valentine's Day tweet.  How adorable. SEE ALSO:...Show More Summary

Julian Assange tweeted for the first time, as if the world needs more tweets

Julian Assange tweeted from his personal Twitter account for the first time on Tuesday. Perhaps he thought the world needed another highly partisan person tapping out 140-character blurbs to be favorited and scrolled past.  Assange —...Show More Summary

Where the hell did this head-banging purple bird meme even come from

A purple, head-banging bird is everywhere now. It's on Facebook, YouTube, in the comments on New York Times stories and even in your texts. The popular pigeon has become a meme monster.  SEE ALSO: Donald Trump holding executive orders...Show More Summary

This fake Kylie Jenner story fooled the internet

A fake resignation letter from a frustrated "journalist" sick of writing about Kylie Jenner has gone viral on social media, with people giving shout-outs to the reporter for "standing up for what is right."  SEE ALSO: No, U.S. climate...Show More Summary

Twitter just launched, and killed, a new abuse fix in 2 hours

Twitter is trying to listen to users when it comes to abuse, apparently. And that means rolling out a fix and killing it in short order. On Tuesday morning, the company announced it would no longer notify users when they were added to lists. Show More Summary

Donald Trump didn't tweet this morning and it freaked people out

So it's come to this.  In an era where how often President Donald Trump tweets has become as much of an obsession as the content of those tweets, we're all apparently way more  mystified that Trump actually didn't manage to fire offShow More Summary

Facebook message this chatbot to know how to hit on a woman with respect

Valentine's Day can certainly be empowering too. A woman in Singapore has created a feminist wingman in the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. SEE ALSO: Siri has some fresh thoughts on love just in time for Valentine's Day Message...Show More Summary

The NBA banned being jerks on Twitter, so now teams are being obnoxiously nice to each other

Trolls will be trolls, it seems.  Last week the NBA released new rules preventing teams from "mocking and/or ridiculing" each other on social media. It didn’t take long for teams to poke fun at the regulations with a little sarcasm.Show More Summary

China is censoring social media less now—but it's not freedom

China appears to be loosening its well-known vice-like grip on what can and cannot be said on Weibo (its version of Twitter), but don't be fooled — it's not easing up on censorship. A team of researchers from Hong Kong, Sweden and the U.S. Show More Summary

Writer-turned-politician amuses a nation in his quest to coin the world's shortest pangram

Shashi Tharoor has a way with words. Be it the Oxford Union debate or his non-fiction prose, the former UN official and member of India's parliament can certainly stimulate and provoke with words. On Sunday afternoon, Tharoor chose a...Show More Summary

Bill Gates joins China's most popular social network

China's most popular messaging app now has one more person it can add to its massive user base — Bill Gates.  The Microsoft founder joined WeChat on Saturday, and made his first post: a brief 30 second video in which he welcomed Chinese...Show More Summary

How sunshine is bringing radio to remote parts of South Sudan

In South Sudan, most people don't have a TV. They rely on radio to get information. But limited access to power means entire communities of are left in information darkness for days at a time, especially in remote areas. One man is turning...Show More Summary

When the trolls come at you over birth control coverage, here's what to say

If you're a woman who, on the internet, has tried to defend widely accessible and affordable birth control, you probably know all the counterarguments by heart: "Why should my tax dollars make it easy for you to have sex?" "I don't want...Show More Summary

This email newsletter is required reading for the resistance in Trump's America

After just three weeks with Donald Trump in office it's hard to keep track of his tweets, appointments, executive orders and latest conflicts of interest.  But a daily email newsletter has emerged to help keep everyone's heads from spinning off trying to keep up. Show More Summary

Even Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter shared this Facebook post about how to resist Trump

"Don't use his name." That's the first bit of advice given in a viral Facebook post listing 11 tips on how to resist the new president. SEE ALSO: One hashtag is uniting Americans in the fight against Trump It has a hopeful, positiveShow More Summary

The NBA doesn't want teams roasting each other on social media anymore

Keep those Crying Jordan memes under control, guys. In an effort to prevent the "mocking and/or ridiculing" of other teams and officials online, the NBA released a memo to all 30 teams detailing new social media conduct rules, ESPN's...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton had the best response to Trump's 'Muslim ban' defeat

Hillary Clinton delivered a devastating burn to her former presidential rival Thursday, posting a succinct tweet that was undoubtedly intended to stick it to Donald Trump after his defeat by the U.S. appeals court regarding his de facto Muslim ban. SEE ALSO: Norwegian paper publishes spectacularly viral Donald Trump burn The 9th U.S. Show More Summary

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