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Larrabee is amazing

The Larrabee instruction set has been revealed and Michael Abrash gives a first look: [...] MMX, SSE and Altivec. They supported vector arithmetic, but could only read and write data from contiguous locations in memory, rather than random-access as Larrabee. Show More Summary

Serving HTTP with continuations, or how to make Twisted and Stackless Python play nice

In my neverending quest for The One True Way To Serve Web Applications I've recently become interested in the concept of continuations and how they can make single-process, asynchronous programming as easy and intuitive as simple blocking calls. Show More Summary

jQuery as a monadic language

Patrick Thomson draws a parallel between Haskell monads and jQuery method chaining. The result is the easiest introduction to the concept of monads I've ever read.  # ...

Palm Pre

This week at CES Palm finally announced its new phone, the Pre, powered by its new Linux based OS, the webOS (spanish speakers will have a laugh with this name), which is based on a HTML/JS stack for application development. Ars Technica...Show More Summary

Modular grid layouts

Excellent article on a modular grid layout by Jason Santa Maria. Grid layouts are inspired by the same rules that have been in use by print design for decades. The example (with grid) shows the extreme simplicity of the CSS framework compared to the rich visual results. Jason's homepage is also a stunning example of a grid layout.  # 

Eric Meyer on his An Event Apart HTML 5 redesign

The web site for An Event Apart was recently redesigned by Jeffrey Zeldman, with programming by Eric Meyer. In his post Eric explains how wanting to have hrefs on any element made him chose HTML 5, and the gotchas and problems he found with current browsers.  # 

Haskell for C Programmers

A very interesting introduction to Haskell for programmers used to imperative languages: Haskell for C Programmers.  # ...

Bloom filters

Ilya Grigorik has posted a very nice introduction o bloom filters in Ruby: Instead of storing the key-value pairs, as a regular hash table would, a Bloom filter will give you only one piece of information: true or false based on the presence of a key in the hash table (equivalent to Enumerable's include?() function in Ruby). Show More Summary

Rails 3 is Merb 2

Seismic event in the Ruby web development comunity: Merb and Rails are merging.  # ...

Why Git is Better than X

Git, which started has a loose collection of shell scripts, has come a long way and is being adopted by many open source projects. Why Git is Better Than X offers a comparison between Git and other popular SCM.  # ...

Android Dev Phone 1

Google is going to sell an unlocked G1-like phone for Android developers, without ROM signing and without SIM locking. It's not clear if the bundled ROM image will include all the applications of the T-Mobile G1 so it may be not usable as a normal phone, but this is a step in the right direction.  # 

The worrying state of MySQL

MySQL 5.0 has been without community releases for 4 months, and now Sun ships a "GA" version of MySQL 5.1 that, according to the original MySQL founder, is full of crashing bugs. It may be the time to seriously consider PosgreSQL and to keep an eye on Drizzle.  # 

MSA 2 public review

C. Enrique Ortiz reports on the recent public request for comments call from the MSA 2 working group. MSA 2 handsets and applications won't be anywhere near Android in terms of capabilities and above all platform integration, but it is a step in the right direction.  # 

Weekend links

Weekend links! Django 1.0.1 is out. CouchDB is really the kind of post-relational model database the web needs (via metajack). mtop: top for MySQL.  # ...

Merb is 1.0

Merb, the coolest Ruby web framework, has hit 1.0!  # ...

Fabric: Python's Capistrano

Will Larson writes about deploying Django with Fabric. Fabric is a Capistrano-like tool for remote deployment written in Python.  # ...

Gmail Mobile 2.0: goodbye Refresh button

Gmail for mobile 2.0 is out. I've been an avid user of the 1.x version for years and here is my quick review: The Good: Multiple account support, including Gmail for Domains support. Limited offline mode. The Bad: The "Refresh" softkey is gone, replaced by a "Hide" one. Show More Summary

Android source released

Android has been finally been made fully open source. Previously only a small part of Android was open source and, for example, it was impossible to build it for a new architecture.  # ...

MAMA: Opera structural search engine

Opera has announced MAMA, a new search engine that indexes the actual markup and styling information of a web page: MAMA is a structural Web-page search engine—it trawls Web pages and returns results detailing page structures, including what HTML, CSS, and script is used on it, as well as whether the HTML validates.  # 

PyPy blog: JIT and C++ bindings status

The PyPy team held recently a coding sprint and its status blog has been updated with notes on the JIT generator and C++ bindings.  # ...

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