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Origami Inspired Robot Wears Different Outfits

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created a  robot called Primer. The robot is a small cube that transforms by moving onto flat sheets of material.  The material is then heated to bend into specific … Continue reading ?

Envirobot Senses Out Water Pollution

An eel like robot from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne sniffs out water pollution. The robot is designed to be light, portable and autonomous. The idea is to have empty modules you can fill with different sensors.  Envirobot will then seek … Continue reading ?

A Safe Drone For Last Mile Delivery

The clever people at École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne or EPFL have created a a drone for delivering packages weighing up to 500 g. The drone features a carbon fiber safety cage around it to protect people from the spinning … Continue reading ?

Seeed Studio Introduces New Robots for The DIY Crowd

Seeed Studio in Shenzen has now introduced the new AlphaBot2.  There are 2 version of AlphaBot, the older basic model and the new AlphaBot2. The basic model is longer and AlphaBot2 comes in the popular round shape for robots like … Continue reading ?

Aquarius Your Watering Robot

2 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Although this robot cropped up a few years ago, recent other farming type robots like the Tertill The Weed Whacker got we wanting to revisit Aquarius. Aquarius is a greenhouse plant watering robot from Dorhout R&D.  Utilizing a 30 gallon … Continue reading ?

Root Robotics Teaches Coding

2 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Root Robotics is taking pre orders for Root, a hexagonal robot that teaches coding. Root has many cool features like being able to climb walls, respond to it’s environment, even draw and erase on a whiteboard. This is all thanks … Continue reading ?

BionicANTs From FESTO

2 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

FESTO has created the bionicANTs or robotic ants.  While not new, we somehow did not write about them when they came out. The ants works like real ants and can communicate and cooperate with one another. Using piezo technology, the … Continue reading ?

Sally The Salad Robot From Chowbotics

3 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Sally is also a restaurant employee who is never late, does not call in sick and cheerfully keeps your salad ingredients at the proper temperature. Sally only takes up 30? x 30 ” and produces yummy salads. Utilizing a touch … Continue reading ? One

4 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living One is an open source robot for the whole family currently on Indiegogo from Thecorpora Robotic Company. One has a variety of sensors that allow it to see, hear, speak and do facial recognition. Based on the Raspberry … Continue reading ?

Bosch Launches Plantect

4 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Bosch Corporation, a subsidiary of Bosch Group is launching into the agricultural sector with the arrival of Plantect. Using sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, sunlight, and carbon dioxide in a greenhouse, the Plantect system then transfers the data to the … Continue reading ?

Miimo From Honda

4 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Miimo is another lawn mowing robot, this time from Honda.  Honda is offering two models, the  HRM 310 model, and the  HRM 520 model. HRM 310 can mow up to.37 acres and the HRM 520 can mow up to … Continue reading ?

Dubai’s Robocop

5 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Dubai now has a real robocop. Over the next 13 years, Dubai plans on making 25% of it’s police force robots. Five feet five inches tall, the robot rolls around on wheels and currently only patrol a conference and expo … Continue reading ?

DIY Robots Need Connections

5 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Need to know how to connect setup an H-Bridge to control your motors?  Or maybe you need an LCD screen on top of your robot? The book ABC Basic Connections has got you covered. Currently on Kickstarter is the amazing book … Continue reading ?

Tertill: A Weed Whacking Roomba For Your Garden

5 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Massachusetts based Franklin robotics has created a weed killing robot named Tertill. The robot has solar panel on top and uses a weed whacker on the bottom to remove the tiny weeds.  No need to plug it or recharge it. Tetrill … Continue reading ?

Cobalt Robotics

7 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Cobalt Robotics has unveiled it’s new security robot.  Each robot has over 60 sensors including  360º day-night cameras, thermal cameras, point cloud cameras, laser scanners, a directional microphone array, long-range RFID, a badge reader, and environmental sensors including carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. … Continue reading ?

MeArm Pi – A Robot Arm Anyone Can Build

8 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Thanks to 788 backers as of this writing, MeArm Pi has been completely funded on Kickstarter with only  a few days left in the campaign. MeArm Pi is a programmable robot arm made by Mime Industries specifically for the Raspberry … Continue reading ?


8 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

In Australia, the University of Sydney has been working on a solar powered farming robot named Ladybird for several years. One of Ladybirds chief creators, Professor Salah Sukkarieh states: Ladybird focuses on broad acre agriculture and is solar-electric powered. It has … Continue reading ?

Intuition Robotics Raises $6 Million

8 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Intuition Robotics is a Jerusalem based company that make a robot called ElliQ and has just raised $6 million from iRobot and OurCrowd. The robot is an assistant for elderly people that Intuition Robotics says is an  “autonomous active aging … Continue reading ?

Cassie, A Bipedal Robot

8 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

Cassie is a bipedal robot made by Agility Robotics in Oregon. Unveiling Cassie on 2/8 at Oregon State, Agility Robotics demonstrated Cassie on stage. Cassie weighs about 60 lbs and can be folded up and put in the back of … Continue reading ?

Bat Bot

8 months agoHobbies / Robotics : Robot Living

In another case of biomimicry, scientists from Caltech and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created a flying robot called Bat Bot. Weighing only 93 grams, Bat Bot has a roughly one foot wingspan. The key here for the scientists … Continue reading ?

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