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Encrypt your OS X email and files the easy way

GPG Mail from GPGTools protects your email from prying eyes by using public key encryption via OpenPGP. It's by far, the simplest and easiest way to encrypt email (and files) on the Mac.

My iBooks mea culpa

Back in early 2012 I wrote that iBooks would never come to OS X, but I was proven wrong when Apple announced OS X Mavericks at WWDC last week.

The little niceties of Apple's iOS interface

Badges and icons will take on a whole new, dynamic level in iOS 7, according to developers.

BMW: We won't be changing the architecture of our cars for Apple (Update: Ok, maybe)

A BMW spokesperson dissed Apple's iOS in the Car technology implying that it's own in-dash entertainment offering is superior, then corporate promptly backpedals and goes in damage control mode.

Why Apple chose iTunes Radio instead of a catalog streaming service

Apple didn't give it much time during the WWDC keynote, but Apple's iTunes Radio service is a pretty big deal. Here's why Apple decided to use the radio station model (ala Pandora) instead of the catalog model (ala Spotify).

WWDC 2013: iOS 7 and Mavericks' missing features

While the developer previews of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks showed some evolutionary new features, there are several new features that are still lacking in Apple's new operating systems.

WWDC 2013: The hardware Apple didn't announce

There's a lot of excitement over Apple's WWDC announcements yesterday, but there are a significant amount of hardware predictions that didn't make the cut.

WWDC 2013: Announcement recap (Mavericks, iOS 7, iTunes Radio, and new Macs)

Apple used its Worldwide Developer Conference to announce OS X Mavericks, iOS 7, iTunes Radio, and new MacBook Air, Mac Pro and AirPort hardware.

Apple delineates its ecosystem: The Mac's new advantage vs. Windows

It's all about the Apple Ecosystem — as if elegant industrial design, an innovative operating system, and top-end hardware weren't enough goodness to persuade Windows users to switch to the Mac. Apple's new iOS-OS X, right-left punch to WWDC attendees was really aimed directly at switchers from Windows.

Rumor: WWDC keynote address to be live streamed to iOS app

Apple has announced that it will be streaming today's WWDC keynoted address via Apple TV and but a source tells me that a live stream will also be available via Apple's free WWDC app for iOS.

Repurposing an old iMac as a monitor and server

Many Mac professionals have transitioned to a workflow based around a more mobile flavor of Mac, however, those with an older iMac in the office can take advantage of the larger screen as well as extra processing cycles.

Handicapping the potential WWDC '13 announcements

Here's a list of what Apple could announce at WWDC on Monday and the odds of each becoming a reality.

Researchers to demo iPhone hack via 30-pin dock cable

A new iPhone vulnerability targets the 30-pin dock connector found on all iPhones and iPads sold before the iPhone 5 was announced in September 2012.

Apple releases Mac OS 10.8.4, the last version of Mountain Lion?

10.8.4 includes Microsoft Exchange and Calendar compatibility improvements and a fix for iMessages displaying out of order. It's probably the last version of Mountain Lion before 10.9 is announced at WWDC next week.

WWDC '13 app includes video, is the icon a sign of things to come?

Apple's new WWDC app will include session videos which will be streamed on a daily basis. The app's icon also appears to be a harbinger of things to come in Jony Ive's new, flatter iOS 7.

First purported photo of Apple's iOS 7 home screen surfaces

While blurry, this alleged leak of Apple's iOS 7 home screen gives a sneak peek at Apple's new, flatter app icons.

A new Mac Pro debut at WWDC?

The tea leaves get a sharp look-see every year around the time of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. Many see signs of a new Mac Pro.

Apple to modify Service Certifications program in June

Later in the month, Apple will change the terms and requirements of its Service Training and Certification program.

Apple mobile devices okay for Defense Dept. work

The Defense Dept. recently approved iOS 6 devices as fit for DoD work and wants a multiplatform mobile management in place by early next year for Android, Apple and Blackberry solutions.

Picking the right Windows 8 for your Mac

Which Windows 8 version and flavor is right for your Mac workflow? It's not a simple choice.

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